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Can we have a gigantic creature dump?

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Yes, we can.

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I would like to add some more to my collection.

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inb4 picture of an enormous pile of shit.

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did anyone say giantess thread ?

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Ahhh valentine's day.

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>you'll never swing a greatsword against a hammerheaddragonshark

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Im pretty sure this is how you summon DLFG now.

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anyone have the pics with the descriptions?
one is a giant shrimp that lives in the arctic, that is all I can remember.

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It's Cthulhu, I'm sure it counts.

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Here's the shrimp couldn't find one with the description though.

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Just kidding, thanks for the pic at least.

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>blue/orange contrast

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Is there any more to this series?

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Oh boy, this will be great for my homebrew setting with all the large monsters

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No idea. I hope so, because they're really cool, but if there are I don't have them.

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ive always been meaning to write rules for a "being a giant monster" game, but i never get round to it. goddamn real life

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DlFG, youre my favorite trip on all of 4chan.
just how much space do fantasy (tg-friendly) pics do you have? ballpark

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Across my Character Art, Landscapes, Technology, and Monsters folders? 6184. When general /tg/ stuff and /tg/-related reaction images are thrown in that goes up to over 8000.

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>so I don't "need" it
Regardless of likes, Males prepuberty need meat, a type complex protein found only in meat is necessary for the proper development of male reproduction organs.

Atop of this, the human body cannot maintain a healty level of muscle mass with complex proteins. Proteins not found in even nuts and beans, the primary replacement vegetarians use for protein.

You are malnourished.

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is that...gigs? or quantity?

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>The Swedish government recently amended the constitution to cede legislative power to the european parliment
Source please.

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Well, that's partially true. If I don't rein myself in, I tend to go overboard. But I do hold those ideals as virtues. Even if only because they kept me out of trouble for a long time now. And you can't be a Hedonist if you are constantly denying yourself pleasure. That's the opposite, that's masochism.

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Quantity. I don't have that much in the grand scheme of things.

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I'm 23 years old, weight 220 odd pounds at 18% fat. I haven't ate meat since I was 12. I'm an Amateur powerlifter, kayaker and mountaineer.
My dick works fine to.

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Because it's fun? Admittedly I don't drink often because I have a bit of a problem with drink (hey, look at that discipline), I like to take care of my body and stay in shape (woah, excercise!) and I treat the women I take to my bed like queens (hooray for responsibility).

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If that was gigs, I was done.

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And I'm done.

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loli on a bed

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so everyone says, I dont believe them. they ramble around puking in the street and make a damned fool out of themselves and cant remember anything in the morning. no, that is not for me.
I have fun hanging out with friends, gaming and DM'ing.

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manga of a naked lolis backside

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I really don't enjoy sex without love. Can't get into it. I stay away from drink or I go overboard. It's no fun to wake up some place with no idea where you are, bruised and fucked up. Or getting into fights you have no business being in. Drinking is shit. I keep away from it.

On the body... so do I, but I like to take it to extremes. Like running bare chested in the snow and starving myself. Test of will.

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I have fun doing those same things too. Like I said, I don't drink often and when I do I know when to stop and I always take great care, especially when I've had a drink not to make a fool of myself.

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Not OP, but I've been trying to gather large Monster images too. Thanks to you, I'm at 67 of theme. I think all of the ones I have, have been posted here, though,

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you just always have a dump ready.
im on a public computer or else i'd contribute.

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Not a problem, I'm glad to help. Don't obsess too much over building a collection - just hang around /tg/ whenever you can and save stuff that catches your eye. Your collection will grow steadily over time.

Mmm. It's a pain when you see a thread you know you should be able to contribute to, but can't because of work or whatever.

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It's not really just to have a large amount of pictures, so much as I just like large monsters. I want to make a homebrew game of sorts based around being a Hunter of large creatures (Preferably based off of the game Monster Hunter)

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I'll show YOU large monster...
hey oh!

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rolled 16 = 16

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All those jaws are so redundant! No organism would evolve such an infective mechanism.

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I have a ton of pictures, I just dont have them organized. How do you organize so well? I just have everything, mostly, in one big folder, it kinda sucks. Any suggestions? I want to contribute, too!

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Sure it would. To bite things THREE TIMES HARDER.

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