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Dear /tg/ I have long been a 40k fan. I read the books, played the games and even painted a few Grey Knights. Recently a hobby shop in town opened and there is a small dedicated 40k player base. I would really like to start an army and am thinking of buying some units each paycheck. No I dont really want Space Marines. I was looking into either Orks, Chaos marines or IG. What are your suggestions since Im new to the tabletop arena.

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I will tell you what I always tell people who ask for advice.


btw, I may play orks and have a bias

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Go with whatever faction you like the most.
Be warned though, the game is unbalanced as hell.

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This was kind of what I was worried about, I would hate to put time and effort into a race that would always get down and make me not want to play it.

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Orkz, all the way.

pic related, one of my KFF Big Mekz

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Impressive good sir. Yeah I really like the Orks, between them and the IG I really see the characters come out

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I'd say CSM. Orks if you're buying them off eBay since the AoBR Orks are dirt cheap. IG is expensive no matter how you spin it.

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Exactly, thats why you should pick your favorite faction. Don't pick one just because its more powerful, you won't enjoy putting time and effort into a faction that you don't really like.

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Yeah I hear ya. Theres no way I could play Eldar or Necrons. Im pretty much at a tie between CSM and Orks since IG is looking pricey

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Me again.

Orkz are the way to go if you love converting, looting other people's stuff, and having a funny and potentially random army that makes everyone smile.

I love it when someone asks me to explain a rule to them, because it's always something weird like "Well, I feed d3 grotz to the squighound and I get to re-roll my morale test, because they're afraid of being fed to the squighound." or "First I gotta roll 'Don't Press Dat' to see if one of the boyz in the looted wagon presses the big red button. If he does, they zoom forward their full speed and can't fire."

Once, in a large game, my first turn had me move a looted wagon with burna boyz in it behind an allied Landraider. Second turn, they pressed the button and bumped into the back of the Landraider. I rationalized it as "They saw a big red button. What would YOU do if you saw a big red button." Third turn, I failed "Don't Press Dat" again. I rationalized it with "Well, it was so much fun the first time..."

Mirth to be had all around.

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Spees Mehreens are easiest to pick up and play though... Plus they're GW's butt-baby.

In the long run, Orks will be your best bet. I play CSM and IG, and IG are definitely expensive no matter what the hell you do because there's either 200+ troops you gotta spam or 400$ of fecking tanks / chimeras you gotta get to template spam the shit out of your enemy.
CSM are a mixed bag somewhere around OK and not so great. Don't get me wrong, they're a good fun army but they can't hold their own unless you know what the hell you're doing vs. the newer, more recently not fucked over army codexes.

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Looks like Orks it will be guys. I appreciate everyone who posted. If you have any tips or things that a beginner to Orks should know, I would love to hear.

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Hey there,

Me again. Here are a couple of resources for you.
First, my BLAAAGH! with useful tips on organizing your mob colors, magnetizing your special optional weapons, and other nifty stuff.
Second, the link to the best Ork message board on the internet. I'm Boss Gobbstompa on there.

Thirdly, a quick, relatively cheap, and easy way to get started in the game is to get this
And two of the Ork Battle Force boxes from an online discount store like The Warstore. This will give you
Two warbosses
10 Nobz
40 Slugga Boyz
40 Slugga or Shoota Boyz
2 Trukkz
6 Bikes
6 Deffkoptaz (Easily converted into rokkit buggies for less than a dollar a piece, there's a thread on The WAAAGH! showing how)

The mini rulebook, the templates, and all that good stuff. With this force, you could put together a dead-killy WAAAGH! that would make any player begin to shit himself, and you can do it for $216 (US) +shipping.

Download the codex or pick it up for, like, $25 and you're golden.

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Many thanks to you my friend, you have set me upon the path to WAAGH! I'm excited to pour over this new material.

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May Gork and Mork watch over you.

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Sounds like you're well on your way, OP. Enjoy da WAAAGH. I do hope the Orks get a new codex soon, not that they really need one, since they're still competitive as is. :)

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I'd be happy with Weird Boyz being Elite choices, along with Flash Gitz, Lootaz being Heavy Support, and Looted Wagons either being dedicated transports or replaced by either a big trakk or ACTUAL tanks looted from other armies.

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