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Hey /tg/, aspiring ca/tg/irl here and I have a question!

I want to get into an Ork army for 40K, but my friends who are getting me into it are telling me it's not 'girly'. I think they want me to get Sisters for various reasons (they keep saying that they are tactical and will suit me more although this may be them angling me), but I don't like them. Besides, we don't have an Ork player in our friends and I just want to get stuck in with the boys!

What are the pros and cons of each? Is there something I am mising here seeing I'm new? Which is the better army for a beginner out of the two?

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Orks is better for beginners. But fuck those guys. Play Warhammer Fantasy. You're a ca/tg/irl. Make them work for the presence of your not-dudeness.

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How much do you trust your friends? Not I didn't say like, just trust. They could know your play style, or be completely wrong. Off hand, it sounds like they are assuming that as a girl you should have a girly army. That's pretty low brow.

Either A: your friends think you'll only be interested in girly things, or B: they think it will be a convincing selling point for the army they want you to get. Neither is a good thing. I advise proxying both and playtesting them to get an idea of what you like.

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- Orks are what you want
- They're green, and pretty awesome.

-Sisters use an obsolete book, and are extra expensive.
-Your friends think you need to be defined by your gender

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Sisters are horribly outdated at this point, go with the orks and have fun krumping on them.

Are you going to be playing at your LGS or are you just playing with your friends?

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You -will not- win a game with sisters, it's as simple as that.

It's pretty much impossible for a seasoned 40k veteran to make a sisters army that works in the slightest.

Orks however are a very fun race, that are easy to learn, and moderatly difficult to master. There's loads of different builds you can go for - Masses and masses of ork boys and warbosses, entire armies of orks on souped up motorcycles with guns on the side, masses of trucks with mekboys to fix them up on the fly...

I could go on.

Go with Orks, have fun.

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So they just want me to get a girl army because 'it makes sense'? But I don't want one for a dumb reason like that. I like Orks and how non-serious they seem compared to other armies. I mean, at least that's the impression I've gotten after reading a little material...

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the orkz are awesome, plain and simple. you cannot go wrong with just throwing more boyz down the field. This tactic is valid and battle tested. That said, it's a bitch to get an entire army of them painted and looking decent. Course I'm obsessive about only playing painted models, but that's me.

I rarely see the sisters, but they are expensive to get into in an already expensive hobby, as barely any of their models are in plastic. They are very ranged firepower based, emphasis on fire.

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It's quite funny. I know someone who had the opposite problem.

The Voidmaster in my Pimps in Space game wanted to start 40k, but wasn't sure what race to go. I told her to be manly and play Orks. She's got a Warboss and some boyz now. And the universe reached cosmic balance.

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Well, they do play at a gaming store, so I assume both at each other's houses and there as well. Is this a factor in which army I should be getting? I mean, it sounds like I was on the right track but still don't want to get off prematurely, you know?

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I'd recommend the Dark Eldar. Their new models look really good, and their recently-updated codex has made then nicely powerful.

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considering how you feel the need to introduce yourself as a female and to use an animu avatar, I think that you deserve such a treatment.

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But aren't the Dark Eldar just whorish space elves? I don't really like elves in much. Legolas was such a fairy.

Sorry to rant, BTW.

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Seriously. I've played both armies, and Orks=the most fun I've had outside of the ridiculously dickish Daemonhunters army I ran like 3 years ago, while the Sisters army wasn't very fun. Plus, Sisters require a serious amount of taktiks and money, while I put together my WAAAGH for about half the amount.

The Ork codex is also the most fun to read. Ever. And I will fight anyone who denies this.

tl;dr GO GREEN!

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Well, what's your playstyle? The dark eldar are pretty much SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED and all that shit.

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Depends on how you play them: wyches and whores, or Mengele and his pets, or a full-male kabal, and so on...

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Orks are a completely serious group. For serious players

When they take a planet, they stay there. It's like trying to get rid of all the weeds on a planet. They're a race of war hungry super powerful manly men who keep coming. The biggest WAAGH has actually developed into an Ork nation. They have a powerful pseudo-psyker presence, that feuls their technology, strengthens the leaders, and can effect humans if it gets big enough.

Also, related. Because I can't keep a straight face now

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Absolutely not. Dark Eldar are elves, yes, but they're more like the, "We're better than you because we know we are, we'll capture your strongest warriors and make you fight in our arena, and our technology is so advanced we have a virus that turns people to glass and orbs that suck out your soul and heal the user."

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forgot my picture

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it's ok, we hate elves here.

I mean, on the /tg/ wiki, try looking up 'gay.' Redirects right to the elf page.

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If you pick dark eldar you will be classified as a bondage loving sex obsessed cat girl.

Go with Orks, case closed.

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If you want to play orks, play orks. End of discussion. Nobody's gonna shoot you for not playing something you don't like.

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> Full-male kabal

Heh, that could be entertaining... but no, I think I'd still prefer the Orks over that.

But I suppose I should ask about the other armies that aren't taken. How are Tau, Necrons and Tyranids? Anything I should be looking into over Orks?

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Oh hell no. Murderous would be a more apt description. Heinously cruel, unimaginably malevolent, seething with arrogance, more than a little bit insane, and on eleven kinds of drugs as they pillage and terrorize the galaxy.

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If you were going to play an Inquisition army you'd be better off with Daemonhunters anyway.

Of course I say that mostly becuase that's MY army.

But orks are better than sisters at any rate.

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> I want to get into an Ork army for 40K, but my friends who are getting me into it are telling me it's not 'girly'.
Your friends don't want you to pick the army you like because you're feminine (being female) and Orks are not? Are you really girly? Is this 1993?

I say read up on the fluff of the armies and see which one you like the best. Picking an army you will have fun with is the most important part of this hobby, anyone who says otherwise is doing it wrong. Defiantly don't play Sisters of Battle if they don't appeal to you. Orks are good and adaptable too, they're a real easy start for beginners; the other easiest is Marines.

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Dark Eldar are more fun, and I doubt anyone would openly insult her for it even if it gets in the back of their heads.

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Well, if you're just playing with friends, a less competitive list is fine.

It depends what you want out of it, personally I'm more into just building armies the way I want, but if your local gaming store is primarily heavy players you might want to consider building something competitive.

Also, if you want to go cheap with orks, find someone else who is new to the game, and ask them if they want to go halves on two Assualt on black reach games.

Each box is about the price of a battleforce, and comes with the rule book and all the dice needed to play, along with one small ork army and one small space marine army.

By buying with someone else, you just take the two lots of orks for the same price, and you both get a copy of the rules (a must have, the stand alone version is quite a bit more expensive).

That will put you at around 900 points, 1000 being quite a common game cost.

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If you want something that will have no connexion to your gender whatsoever, since that's what you're looking for: go for nids.

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Fuckit I take that back, that's what I get for not reading the OP.

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>I want to get into an Ork army for 40K, but my friends who are getting me into it are telling me it's not 'girly'.

>But aren't the Dark Eldar just whorish space elves? I don't really like elves in much. Legolas was such a fairy.

...I like you. Go for it and play Ork. Your friends are just forcing you to play SoBs because they're sexists. Don't listen to them and the morons in this thread telling you otherwise.

Also, don't forget to have fun.

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>avatarfagging with animu
>attention whoring with "HEY I'M A GIRL AND I PLAY GAMES"

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She is using a cutesy anime avatar. She couldn't be any girlier if she hosted tea parties in her pink dress.

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Necron's new 'dex is far enough away that your gaming-group won't accuse you of "jumping the bandwagon" for going with them, and they're still really fun to play - my local gaming group house-ruled out Phase Out, actually, because it made the games more fun and not a game of "count the necron at the end of every turn".

Tyranid have been out for a while, now, and have a few fun list builds, but the overall consensus is they got kind of jipped.

Tau are sorely in need of a new 'dex, because unlike Necron - who can still hold objectives fairly well - Tau really have to either hope to kill the enemy's scoring units before turn 5-7, or go for last-turn tank-shocks.

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rolled 36 = 36

Likely to berate you or mock you for not playing the army that they like.

"I totally have this awesome White Scars space marine army, i get it to around 14k now. My dad's a great artist so i have him paint all my dreadnoughts but you should see the immaculate paint job i've done for the HQ. I custom made power rollerblades for her, it's all his this homebrewed list i made."

Generally, you can ignore them.

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Orks are awesome and easy to play. Pick orks.

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>implying that girls who play 'Nids don't want to get rammed by twenty kinds of giant xeno cock

But no, that's just my wishful thinking, perhaps because my female friend plays 'Nids. Again, OP, play what you want, playing any army other than the one you want the most will be a very painful and costly mistake.

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> Calls OP a troll
I'm having a hard time believing we've got such a young (or unsocial) blossoming ca/tg/irl here too bro. However, as long as OP keeps asking questions, i'll keep giving answers until it becomes obvious that it's just some guy trolling.

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>quite clearly engineered to be the perfect /tg/ tabletop gamer waifu
Fuck off, faggot.

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OP, get orkz. Errbody loves orkz. Boyz like orkz. Guys like it when girls play orkz. It makes em gurly.

ork it up baby. Ork it upppppp

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IG is fun to play and has some similarities to Orkz in terms of tactics (Hundredz of boyz and a few big nobz or wartucks is one way to play Orkz, and filling the table up with Imperial Guard infantry and a few tanks/artillery is the default way to play IG).

Tau are the opposite of orks. Never get into melee. Always stay far away and use your high damage and range (but sadly low WS) to pick the enemy off. Heavy reliance on tanks and mech-suits with comparably weak default units.

Can't speak for 'Nid or 'Cron.

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No stop bumping this thread you pathetic fucking virgin.

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Interestingly enough, female 40k players I know of (all 3 of them) play 'nids, and despise SoBs. Can't imagine why. /sarcasm

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I got my start playing Tau, a little before their codex came out.

I, personally, like them a lot. However, I wish that the Orks were my first army. They were a lot more playable and friendly. Plus, WAAAGH.

'nuff said.

I haven't played Necrons or Nids, but, from what I've heard, they aren't too easy to pick up.


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I don't want to be seen as some closet-Dom.


Two of my friends who play have Marines (Space Wolves and Ultramarines), so no more. Besides, they seem... overused I suppose.


Already planned doing that, and I've been eyeing off the Battlewagon at the store. I think the veterans in the box can use it (forget the term, it was Nob or something, sorry).

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Fortunately, DLFG is a unique specimen.

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Tau are almost as horrible competitively as Sororitas, and also have the weeaboo stigma. Although their mechanized units are actually pretty awesome.

Necrons... I hear they can get horribly expensive, even for GW stuff.

Nids are fun to play, but lack the zillion customization options the Orks have.

Just saying. Fuck what your friends tell you to play, just look at the armies by yourself and choose whatever you want to play.

Want to play Demiurg auxiliary? An army that is just the Deceiver on the field? A group of 5 Titans painted like Gundams? Do it. It's your stuff, you pick what you play.

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so, do you remind people that you're a girl this much in everything you do, or just girl-short hobbies such as this one? are you the only girl in your gaming group and do you use that to your advantage? honestly, you seem like a "that girl" type who has to be the center of attention. idk, it may just be the fact that you're trying to use a "sooo cute!" picture for every post, but im a bit disgusted.
also, OT, orks are a much more forgiving army with cheaper, less essential individual units and models, meaning mistakes are less game-ending. even perfectly played, though, sisters often come up short, meaning that it's orks in this case. they also allow for more types of armies, meaning you can try out horde, transport spam, walker walls, and other types of armies without buying 5 different army books. go with orks on this one.

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>356 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

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>500 posts and 134 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

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Well, what are the others playing?
Orkz can be horrendously effective against only one type of army at a time.

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well fuck me...

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Looks like all the sage fags are butthurt about this. Normally I would just ignore this thread but I feel like bumping it just to spite the idiots who think saging in this thread is going to do anything. This thing is going to get bumped more than you sage. It's a pointless battle. Just give up and sage bomb some different persons thread.

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So, do you masturbate to all this attention, or is it just habitual?

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Actually, Necron are pretty cheap - and their battleforce is a complete steal.

Monoliths and solo-destroyers are fucking expensive, along with Immortals, Flayed Ones, and Pariahs, but of those, only Immortals are actually decent, and can be easily converted from warriors.

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Please play orkz. orkz iz dah best, cuz da boss told me so.


pic related, ork 'umor, wit some of dem umies.

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Replymind, indeed.
Sup, OP?

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>This thing is going to get bumped more than you sage. It's a pointless battle.

Implying that we give a shit. It's the internet. It's ALL pointless. But fuck you buddy, I'm having fun being a dick.

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>/tg/ is the best board on 4chan, you guise!
Are you people ACTUALLY this pathetic?

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Pre-made Battlewagons make Gork and Mork cry.

>> No.13895257 [DELETED] 


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You should feel bad, OP.

>> No.13895262

If troll, then gtfo.
Otherwise, go ork, raep everyone in you group.

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Image choice suspiciously connected. Suggest that you continue to answer queries, continue to gather data. Insufficient information for proper conclusions

>> No.13895276

I feel like I'm the only one whose reaction wasn't "OMG GAMER GIRL <3 <3 <3" or "SAGE AND RAEG"

But "SWEET! A chance to get another Ork player!"


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>this thread
>exactly like that fat camwhore that had white knighting so intense I thought I was on stickam

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forgot sage

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Wtf /tg/ i come back after two weeks to find this?!!

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Okay, just grabbed my codex out.

450 points in the black reach set, so with two of them that give you 900 points. Battlewagon is 90 points, so with some wargear that will even you out.

Battlewagon can carry up to 20 units, so for a smaller game that would be very effective as your transport option, though personally I usually like to have more.

that will give you a few good matches, then you can build on from there.

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what else is new

>> No.13895294

White knights AND twelve-year-olds! /tg/ is truly cblessed.

>> No.13895300

Well didn't this turn into a fine mess.

Thanks to all of you who helped me out. I've decided to tell them to shove it, I'm gonna play who I'm gonna play. Tomorrow I'm going to spend a few hours down the FLGS looking through the public codexes and make a decision. I hope if I have any more questions that you guys will be jsut as helpful.

As for everyone else? You all seem awful mad. Check in on that, might be a symptom of something worse. Just saying.

Later everyone.

>> No.13895314

Person with the black reach advice here.

I've given no bias towards her being female personally, I would give the same advice to a male player.

Being helpful doesn't make you a white knight, it just means you're not an asshole.

>> No.13895324

Why the fuck do your pictures have red eyes? And why are they worse drawn than half the drawfaggotry?

>> No.13895325

>Person asks for 40k army suggestion
>/tg/ helps
>OP is a female

Anyway, Orks can be hella fun, and as an IG player I suggest looking at IG as well. See if anyone at your FLGS will play with proxy units, where you use stuff to represent units (I used a jar of pennies for infantry, dimes for commissars, and pieces of paper for everything else). /rs/ the various codexes and try out some armies and see which one fits best.

>> No.13895327

Hey, not all white knights drool over attention whores on the internet. I just white knight irl because i have morals, unless shes a bitch.

>> No.13895339

I was IN that thread.
That is Photoshopped to show the only responses that were not typical "sex slave" or "I keep the Titian 'cos skirts that play games are crazy and unattractive".
It's a stupid picture unrepresentative of /tg/'s frequenters an you should feel bad for posting it.

>> No.13895340

Overtuned troldars everywhere.

Who gives a shit if it's a troll, people are replying of their own choice.

If they are getting trolled it's their loss, or maybe they don't give a fuck and it is nobody's loss.

The only ones being trolled are the ones who let it under their skin.

>> No.13895348

My wife plays Freebooterz as her main army and has just started a small Red Corsairs force.

If anyone tells you gender should dictate what you play say fuck them.

>> No.13895365

Pic related.

>> No.13895371

>quite clearly engineered to be the perfect /tg/ tabletop gamer waifu

> Not asking for IG tips

>> No.13895376


And so you've chased her off. I bet you feel proud of yourselves, trolls.

How are you trolls spending Valentine's Day?

>> No.13895389

dude, I was just saying that I just generally try to encourage new people to play Orks. And that I think it's silly how much fanboy squee and raeg this thread has gotten, when people should be talking about how badass orks are.

Also, I've never quite understood why smilies elicited such immediate condescension. It's true that they're often used by preteens sneaking onto 4chan for lulz, but I often find situations where I feel that putting one in does not detract from a post.

Although, yes. The way I used one before was just silly, and I apologize.

>> No.13895391

No attention whore here, no siree. This is actually WORSE than Deathleaper's Attention Whore.
You are forgetting that /tg/ is a collection of kissless virgins that whiteknight everything that may or may not have a pulse and a pair of tits.
Your picture is a case in point. There were such gems in that thread as "rape is WORSE than dying a horrific death".

>> No.13895407

>Implying OP wasn't a troll
>Implying I'm a troll

I'm hanging out we my two fuck buddies, how about you?

>> No.13895421

> I just white knight irl because i have morals
Hello brother.

Everyone else, see image.

>> No.13895423


>And so you've chased her off.
Oh noes. The girl won't be around to give us attention! SHIT. WHY DID I NOT THINK!? SHE MIGHT HAVE HAD INTERNET SEX WITH US!

>How are you trolls spending Valentine's Day?
The usual way. Down at the pub with my other single bro's. I don't care about being single on valentines day, it's being single every other day of the year that hurts.

>> No.13895427


Hey fuck you! OP was a troll, same team bro!

>> No.13895436

> And so you've chased her off. I bet you feel proud of yourselves, trolls.

She, or he, just left bro. It got the advice it needed and left.

>> No.13895447

Oh I forgot.

A little thing to say thanks to the people who were actually helpful.

Byeee /tg/

>> No.13895448

Picture related.

>> No.13895450

NOT chasing after an attention whore that was clearly male on the Web. What a freak I am, huh?
>implying /tg/ doesn't fap over orks all the fucking time

>> No.13895468

Hey, I owe about a third of all the character art on my laptop to threads with DFG in them. And she normally has good images, too.

She's ok in my book.

>> No.13895474 [DELETED] 

Go wit da Orkz OP! Gork an Mork want YOU!

Seriously, orks are great. They're cheap for one thing, especially because once you get the hang of modeling you can build your own vehicles out of scrap and odd bitz and have it fit perfectly fine, because that's what da boyz do anyway. That and they're just fucking fun to play as.

>> No.13895475


2/10. Beyond obvious.

>> No.13895478


And she loves to suck cock and has crazy alien dildos.

That's awesome

>> No.13895481

>How are you trolls spending Valentine's Day?

Either toying with the emotions of the chick and gay guy who are vying for my attentions, or painting my Obliterators. Depends on if i decide to give a damn that day.

>> No.13895488

>exif DATA
>2010:11:16 22:32:57
>2 months, 26 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes, 8 seconds ago
Go masturbate to this shit elsewhere.

>> No.13895491


I wonder what sort of life you sagefags have.

All you do is whine on /tg/ 24/7

Anything good is trolling. Anything bad is trolling. Only bitter ronery is good.

>> No.13895500


>> No.13895507


Well, it IS our /tg/.

>> No.13895514

Bump because I love to see nerds rage over insignificant bullshit.

>> No.13895516

So, you fap to an attention whore that allegedly wants to suck the cock of a guy with a "ladder of piercings" (tee hee!). This is exactly like RAWK LOBSTER. Point in fucking case.

>> No.13895525

>it's not 'girly'. I think they want me to get Sisters for various reasons

Haven't been following the discussion in this thread, but honestly, screw what they think you should play.

If you're taking an army you don't enjoy painting, then chances are, you won't enjoy playing them, either.

The only thing to note is that orks are painting intensive since individual models are low point cost.

Some games are more about the game than the art, but 40K is more about the art than the game. As such, you might as well get whatever you think looks the coolest, because it's your army.

>> No.13895526



>> No.13895541


I'm on a medical pension so I have way to much free time. I spend it on a mix of video games, reading and posting on here. Depending on my mood I run anywhere from helpful friendly anon to "that guy".

>> No.13895543

OH MAI GAWD ME TOO!! She's just a STRONG woman that knows what she wants! Just because that's having a train ran on her doesn't make her a whore!!!


>> No.13895558

>want to have talk about armies for starting players
>OP is girl
>/tg/ called white knight faggots

>> No.13895578

The Alpha and Omega of sluts. Used to post all the time. Always devolved to her talking about the slutty things she allegedly did and all but having internet sex with anons. Used to be an extremely popular poster.

>> No.13895579

I'm calling troll or incurable prude. Not sure which.

Also, for your consideration: Single men who fuck lots of different women aren't viewed negatively. Single women who fuck lots of different men are viewed as whores. Discuss.

>> No.13895587

Key that fits many locks is a good key, lock that can take many keys is a shitty lock, yada yada yada.

>> No.13895593

You are both ignoring the fact that DLFG regularly posts more on topic material than both of you ever have likely done combined.
Yea, sometimes personal shit gets brought up. Scroll past. But she has brought more than enough for me to ignore such petty shit. Fuck, she helped me beat the local nid fucktard, so I have no harsh words for her.

>> No.13895595

>this entire thread

>> No.13895605

I don't know about you, but my junk is a little bit larger than a key hole, just saying.


>> No.13895606

Regular men don't derail threads talking about how this one tome they totally sucked the dicks of an shitload of guys at a game session.

>> No.13895607

>Single men who fuck lots of different women aren't viewed negatively.

Like fuck they aren't nowadays.

>> No.13895613

Key that fits many locks spreads Herpes to many locks. Key then falls off.

>> No.13895615


Some of us guys won't stick our dick where over a 2 dozen dicks have been before.

>> No.13895620

Not even gonna both discussing that you faggot. I have fembros that have had multiple partners, there's a difference between that and attention whoring on the net saying you want a fucking train ran on you etc.

You colossal faggot.

>> No.13895625

>bringing back a terrible comparison from /adv/ and r/9k and it's terrible alpha beta bullshit
You can fuck off.

>> No.13895629

I've read that post before.

>> No.13895634


Key is criminally retarded if it doesn't use a condom with a lock it doesn't know is clean.... I think this metaphor is getting a little too overworked.

>> No.13895639

By that, you mean image dumps. Which are done for attention.
Image dumps do not make you a USEFUL CONTRIBUTOR, especially if you immediately derail joke threads about dildos making good capillary towers with your totally interesting fetishes.

>> No.13895643

>implying explicitly that it's a terrible comparison


From a biological perspective, it's pretty standard for a woman to only bear the child of one man at a given time. On the other side of the coin, a man is perfectly equipped to impregnate multiple women with his seed at one time.

>> No.13895644


Don't I know it.

You know what? Next time I play 40k I'm gonna do a play by play and post it here.

>> No.13895657

None of the armies are serious. The silliness of the orks is just more blatant.

>> No.13895669

>Image dumps do not make you a USEFUL CONTRIBUTOR

It does when people say "Hey, I need images of X" and you can supply the demand entirely by yourself.
Oh god, I'm actually defending a namefag... I feel dirty.

>> No.13895672

>Also, for your consideration: Single men who fuck lots of different women aren't viewed negatively.

Morons who can look forward to alimony, child support, gonorrhea, etc.

>Single women who fuck lots of different men are viewed as whores. Discuss.

In your opinion.

>> No.13895682

I've noticed this too. Girls really like playing 'nids.

People like you need to fuck off back to /b/.

>> No.13895684

>in your opinion

No, that is not my opinion. That was sorta the point of the post.

>> No.13895685

Namefag vs. Sagefag. Just pick what you think is the lesser of two evils.

It's a difficult decision at times.

>> No.13895706

>Single women who fuck lots of different men are viewed as whores. Discuss.
>In your opinion.

Please, that's praised nowadays.

>> No.13895719

I like sluts.
At least they don't try and use sex as a weapon, like most women.

>> No.13895734

If this is *was* a troll who gives a shit?

I really could care less, it took all of 30 seconds to type my response pic an image, and type my captcha.

If I responded to a fake post I don't give a shit, I gave the advice out to anyone who may have wanted it.

>> No.13895747

>a post lacking aspie-rage, white knight faggotry, and/or general trolling


>> No.13895754

Nobody gives a fuck about what you think, you already posted saying nearly the same thing.

>> No.13895756


She image dumps and... well occasionally she talks about 40k. That's pretty much what everyone on /tg/ does and none of us need a trip that draws attention to our gender for no reason.

>> No.13895768

Nobody gives a fuck about what you think, you already posted saying nearly the same thing.

>> No.13895775

>I could really care less

>> No.13895779


Try me buddy. Ask for something /tg/ related and I'll dump my entire folder or until the thread reaches the image limit. Whichever comes first.

>> No.13895792

Medieval weaponry of various sorts

>> No.13895802

The threads that usually get into sex advice were usually pretty silly/off-topic in the first place, they were usually going to go nowhere anyway.

>> No.13895804


You have signed your death warrant.

>> No.13895805

I feel that I should point out that Tyranids are pretty popular amongst women. But most of the girls who play them also want to fuck them.

>> No.13895814

Gender AND sexual fetish.

>> No.13895816


Okay, I badly need anything and everything paranoia related especially from XP.

>> No.13895823


That is of course assuming my internet doesn't shit all over me like I'm Deathleapersfangirl on game night.


>> No.13895839

Why, oh why, are all the women on /tg/ attention whores?

>> No.13895841

Well she seems to know her shit about 40k, so I don't see her doing too poorly at the gametable.

>> No.13895846

Ooo! Ooo! Post some War Scythes next!

>> No.13895851

That's because she fucks her entire LGS.

>> No.13895853


I want to play a game that is straight-up medieval roleplay. No magic, just medieval.

>> No.13895854

Her advice is mediocre at best.

>> No.13895855

>completely normal thread

>suddenly: HURR! SAGE! TROLL!

Gynephobia general.

>> No.13895860


Because the internet is gender neutral or assumed male. Saying "I'm a woman" for any reason is going to be labeled attention whoring.

>> No.13895864


I'm just going down the list I don't have time to dig around.

>> No.13895873


bitch gets more pussy than you, bro

deal with it

>> No.13895886

I'm sure she does, you see i only have one girlfriend.

>> No.13895888

Hey, not all women on /tg/ are attention whores.

For example, I'm pretty damn sure Scared of Shadows and Cynderfag weren't women. Or JP. Or Edward. And we've seen PROOF that Wasteland Warrior isn't one.

>> No.13895894

You shitpost AND find time to white knight on the side? What a gem you are.

>> No.13895897

>implying all this stems from a FEAR of women


>> No.13895898


I think it's best for everyone if we just leave gender out of the discussion. It colors peoples responses and is almost never relevant to any given discussion. Don't do it. I could be a girl, or maybe not. It doesn't matter so long as I keep posting museum pieces does it?

>> No.13895904


She will smack you for that.

DLFG loves to get as much cock as she can

>> No.13895906


Same fa/tg/uy here.

WHRP, how magic intensive is it?

>> No.13895909


Well if you're hosting museum pieces you're obviously that girl that was posting museum pieces from earlier.

>> No.13895917

All tripfags are attention whores.
All known women are attention whores, for obvious reasons.
This still does not imply causation, but your logic is also very faulty indeed.

>> No.13895921


>Hey, not all attention whores on /tg/ are women

Fixed that for you.

>> No.13895931

>somebody asks for help
>/tg/ helps
This is going down exactly as it would were it a male. Prior to this post, anyway.
You are a faggot.

Not really. Most chicks that play nids are like that.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually. I remember a thread on New Years. She was drunk and lonely and the only dick she gets is artificial. I doubt much has changed.

>> No.13895962

>All tripfags are attention whores.
>All known women are attention whores, for obvious reasons.
Nice assumptions, there.

>> No.13895970

And how do you know he is allegedly a girl? I'm sure this would be totally relevant to the aforementioned discussion.

>> No.13895971

I was in that thread too, she was talking about her fetishes and getting advice on how to get guys from her LGS to DP her.

That thread was fucking pathetic, nothing but ronery neckbeards and white knights trying to get her to cyber with them over skype or some other program.

>> No.13895980


I could be. Again though, doesn't much matter does it? I could be Andrew W.K. slumming it here after trolling /mu/ too.

A little Renaissance to keep things interesting.

As a side note my internet is herping so hard its durping. 4Chan Won't let me post my images it just keeps updating the fucking index.

>> No.13895991


Trying for pic...

>> No.13895997

ITT: welcome to the /soc/ annex.

>> No.13896004

Oh good sirs, do I spy a discussion on Deathleaper's Fangirl?

Its all very elementary, that poster in question has gender insecurity issues on /tg/. It's the very reason why "she" never misses the beat, diligently and very willingly giving out advice or any service inquired on her part to complete for this wondrous community.

I believe the first thread Deathleaper's Fangirl ever started on this board was a meta troll thread detailing "her" exact gender and "her" wish to avoid being labeled as a stereotypical attention craving gamer girl.

So if there is any devious gentleman willing to try their hand at silencing her posts, just bring up the before mentioned simple point, and which "her" squirm and struggle to avoiding the abhorrent scrutiny.

>> No.13896006

A few people near the end tried to get her on IRC, at least two just said it was good for games, at least two wanted her to ERP with them.

>> No.13896009

All tripfags are attention whores to some degree. This is natural, as there is no reason to tripfag other than for the sake of attention.
Generally speaking, if we know someone's a woman, it's due to attention whoring. The OP of this thread is actually an exception to this one, as her gender was relevant to the discussion.

>> No.13896030

Link that thread on easymodo, then. Otherwise, your assertions are baseless.

>> No.13896035

Take this with you; it will ward away logical arguments.

>> No.13896038

Go read the Shokk Attack Gun rules, you'll wanna play Orks.
Orks are fun. You'll lose a lot, but you'll enjoy Orky shinanigans.

>> No.13896044


Alright fuck this shit /tg/ doesn't want me to post any images tonight.

Perhaps /tg/ itself is the biggest troll of all...

>> No.13896050

There was nobody trying to cyber with her in the thread, though. So that's something at least. And I thought it was nice to discuss fetishes and things of that nature for once. I though threads like that were shit in the old days when we had them all the time, but having just one of them in each couple of months is actually interesting and rather enjoyable.

>> No.13896060


>as her gender was relevant to the discussion.


>> No.13896064 [DELETED] 

You have been banned from /tg/ for the following reason:


Your ban was filed on February 14th, 2011, and expires on February 17th, 2011, which is 3 days from now.

>> No.13896066


>fetish thread
>can't post porn without instant ban/delete

Yeah loads of fun. Keep it in /d/.

>> No.13896067

>nobody trying to cyber with her


>> No.13896071

I think the most hilarious thing about this thread is that, even if OP was a "troll", they were entirely harmless. They just asked straight forward questions about Orks. Even if it was a guy pretending to be a girl, there would have been ostensibly nothing to even worry about and yet people feel the need to jump all over them like retards baying for attention (ironically, claiming OP was baying for attention).

Like, even if they were totally right, it wouldn't have harmed anyone anyway but Trolls gonna Troll I suppose.

/tg/ I am not even white knighting when I say how disappointing I am in your egocentric stupidity.

>> No.13896075

It was discussion.

Perhaps I missed it, but all I saw was people trying to get her to go cyber in IRC with her.

>> No.13896080


Trying for a permaban for evasion?

>> No.13896081

O Sergalfag, He Who Heralds The Death Of Threads

>> No.13896086

80 hats? But that's eight tens!

>> No.13896092


Yes that's right children, we can't be racist anymore even ironically. /new/ gets canned because it was attracting all the racists but then /soc/ gets made to get rid of all the face book kiddies. Some serious shit if you ask me.

>FREEDOM topei

Holy shit captcha! Not only are you sentient but you understand advanced concepts!

>> No.13896095 [DELETED] 

>implying mods can ban me
>implying i want to stay on a board where i can be banned for racism

>> No.13896104


I think we should try to promote a gender neutral basis on this board as much as possible if only to prevent bullshit like what we've seen in this thread.

>> No.13896105


>/tg/ I am not even white knighting when I say how disappointing I am in your egocentric stupidity.

Like anyone gives a shit about your opinions you egocentric knobend.

>> No.13896108

People tried to get her on the IRC with them to cyber.

Nobody started cybering right there in the chat.

>> No.13896112

And yet you stayed on the board long enough to post yet again.

>I'm leaving now. Seriously. I'm going! Yep, not going to return ever again. I'm departing right now. I'm gone. Disappearing from here imminently. Yep, won't be here anymore. No sirree. Will no longer be here etc.

>> No.13896117



>> No.13896119

No shit, there's a reason /soc/ was created. 4chan will be dead soon enough in favour of that new facebookish site.

>> No.13896121

Yeah, there's some bullshit policies going on now.

I guess moot hates that people of ethnicities tend to be physically different. He's probably just upset that persons of African American descent have on average greater muscle mass than persons of Caucasian descent.

>> No.13896132


I come here to avoid the PC bullshit of the real world man. Are we really going to have to start sucking moderator cock like this is the gamespot forums or something? CAPTCHA DEMANDS FREEDOM!

>> No.13896139

When "racism" is not tolerated, that's adverse to discussion of actual racial issues or genetic or cultural differences. As with anything else, increased moderation decreases the utility of the board.

>> No.13896141


>> No.13896145


>> No.13896146

I never said they cybered in the thread, how the fuck would that even work.

>> No.13896148 [DELETED] 

>implying i said i was leaving

>> No.13896154

Or maybe "Hurdur nigger" just got old.

Or maybe it's some new top-down trolling along the lines of PUDDI /b/lack or Cotton Eye Joe

>> No.13896165


There is no reason that /new/ should have been removed yet /b/ is allowed to remain. I guess I'm like the ACLU in that I feel even Nazis have a right to state their beliefs. If we just ignore them it gives credit to everything they believe. Also fuck the mods for deleting that guys post.

>> No.13896177

I was clarifying what I think the other guy was saying.

>> No.13896183

Hey Sergalfag, DLFG only started using a tripcode back in august (http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/tg?search_tripcode=!!YD%2Ft8%2BiuFvd&task=search2&

Before then, no trip. There's no way to verify if anything earlier than that was actually her.

>> No.13896184 [DELETED] 

Notice how the kike mod deleted my post?

Too bad for him it's as easy as pushing a button to get unbanned.

He is doing this because his Jew owners lehmen brothers have decided they want to make 4chan more mainstream before it can get more ad revenue. Soon enough they'll delete the more extreme porn boards.

>> No.13896188

>I never said they cybered in the thread,
You directly contradicted someone who said they didn't.
>how the fuck would that even work.
Like trollplaying but with sex, presumably. Let's hope we never have to find out for certain, though.

>> No.13896191

I hate you, dude. So much it is unreal.
But if this is true, it's incredible news to me. I'm so confused.
Wasn't she a namefag originally?

>> No.13896193

>He is doing this because his Jew owners lehmen brothers have decided they want to make 4chan more mainstream before it can get more ad revenue. Soon enough they'll delete the more extreme porn boards.

Oh the conspiracy theories, gotta love them.

>> No.13896196


Ha. Jews only make smart investments. 4chan is not a smart investment.

>> No.13896202

Oh GOD DAMMIT, /tg/, shut the fuck up.

Does it matter if it was a girl or not? Advice was asked. Advice was given. Gaming advice. No harm was done. The OP didn't ask for any special favors of /tg/. Who cares what the gender was.

Don't make me drag out the MY LITTLE PONY reaction images. I'll fucking do it.

>> No.13896205

>Or maybe "Hurdur nigger" just got old.
Okay, that's true. I suppose we don't know what that fag posted. It could have been retarded shit that deserved a ban.

But discussing racial differences should not be banned for its own sake.

>> No.13896222

Then perhaps good sir, the next time our lady friend shows herself, one of us might want to confront her about such slanderous allegations and put my words to the test?

>> No.13896226 [DELETED] 

NO! If you did that this would feel way to much like /b/!

>> No.13896229


Do you think I'd get banned if I started a thread about integrating house rules for being black in D&D?

>> No.13896231 [DELETED] 

It's not a conspiracy theory when as soon as he gets a deal with them for a new site, he deletes the 2 boards that happen to contain misogyny and racism respectively.

>> No.13896243 [DELETED] 

I made such a thread here.

It will probably get deleted though.

>> No.13896253


/b/ is also moderated by the CIA/FBI which is why moot didn't allow any applications for janitoring /b/. I'd dig out the thread that explains it but I'll be damned if I could find it.

>> No.13896254

What new site?

>> No.13896263


Two boards that everyone barring the denizens of those boards agreed should not exist. When even /b/ can look down of you, you're doing something really wrong.

>> No.13896273

Okay, you're clearly a fag who deserves to be banned.

/b/ is allowed to remain because it still does interesting things. /new/ was shit all around.
Also, /b/ prevents /b/tards from coming here.

We're done talking about that now.

I would be interested in finding out.

Fuck your shit. It'll be deleted for discussing moderation. And that'll poison potential results in the near future.

You fail at science.


>> No.13896275

Too late!


>> No.13896283

But he's not owned by Lehman Brothers.

His investors are, amusingly enough, anonymous.

>> No.13896287


I was not aware that such a consensus was reached. Personally I appreciate /new/ for what it did (IE give racist/hateful/political discussions their own board.) /b/ is still just as bad in my opinion, moot doesn't take that board down even though its still the #1 place to get CP.

>> No.13896299

>implying ponies aren't a /co/ thing

>> No.13896302 [DELETED] 


>> No.13896306


canv.ASS is the worst thing moot has created since /b/.

>> No.13896312

>We're done talking about that now.

Well, stop being 'tards in general, then. You will regret the day you were born.

>> No.13896316

canv.as facebook type shit. 4chan will be all but gone soon.

>> No.13896323

*shrug* her oldest non-trip post is here.


I'm not going through the 35,000 posts she's made since early august last year, but if you want to find something feel free. I still don't get your point.

>> No.13896326

It's more like "4chan with a paint widget".

Except you need to have an account to use it.

>> No.13896329


>I was not aware that such a consensus was reached

Probably because you never pulled your head out of your ass long enough to look at any other board but /stormfront/

>> No.13896339

Wanna fight about it?

Come at me, Brony!

>> No.13896345

>monster porn
>monster porn
>discussion of fetish

>> No.13896351

mods are awake, report for trolling

>> No.13896356

Alright, I'm stopping before I actually cause trouble.

Just try to keep your nose clean, /tg/. I worry about you sometimes.

>> No.13896358


Looks to me like those first few posts were indeed her introducing herself as a girl with some weird kinks. If that's not attention whoring I don't know what is.

>> No.13896365

>I've never been with more than one person before so there's >simple curisoity, and I find myself oddly attracted to the idea of >being to focus of so many male forms and attentions, of being >the 'star or the show'

See, attention whore.

>> No.13896368

Don't worry you'll probably be banned soon for trolling with pony images and then /tg/ won't concern you for a while.
when you get back, leave that shit on /co/ and /b/ where it belongs, please.

>> No.13896372


Oh noes. A ponyfag is worried about us. Tis a sign of the apocalypse.

>> No.13896373

I am posting this link every time someone tries to say she is not an attention whore.
>my face

>> No.13896388

You know what, I was thinking about actually engaging in a discussion about racism on a private website but ya know what, fuck it. Fuckers aren't even worth it.

Have a good night guys.

>> No.13896389


No, more likely I never actually went there other than when it was first made and because we aren't allowed to discuss other boards on /tg/ for fear of meta accusations. This is really the only board I got to other than /a/ and /v/.

It's also the best.

>you blewt

Yes he is captcha. A big nasty bletw who is clearly... mad.

>> No.13896399

Hey, I liked /new/. Ignoring the racism and stormfags and constant trolling wasn't as hard as people make it out to be. There was fertile ground for political and current affairs discussion between it all and it kept that kind of stuff of better boards like /tg/.

>> No.13896404

i think it's fairly obvious, just slap those niggers with +4 str -4 int

>> No.13896420


I ain't mad. I'm fucking furious. You vapid cunt.

>> No.13896423

My point is very a simple one good sir, if a person spends such vast amount of his/her time on the internet for such a long period of time.

Then that person in question obviously has issues.

Although my creditability is dubious, I know for certain that Deathleaper's Fangirl went with the stereotypical attention whoring approach, before rebranding herself as the poster we all know today.

>> No.13896431

Wanting to be the center of an orgy is rather different from wanting to be the center of /tg/.

>> No.13896437

Then female niggers just get an INT penalty.
>I don't. I have MSN, but I'm afraid after a couple of bad experiences, these days it's reserved for close friends.
>after a couple of bad experiences
>read, she cybered a bunch and got burned

>> No.13896442

Try not to get yourself banned for abusing the report function, brony. Is this really what has become of you, /tg/? You need to scream no no bad touch with everything that even slightly disagrees with your specific perception and opinion?


/tg/ has been my home for years now. /tg/ is pretty cool when we don't have our heads up our asses. Of course I am worried.

It would be sad if you guys suddenly went insane. Where else would I waste my entire life if that happened?

>> No.13896448


I don't know. Being at the centre of /tg/ means being surrounded by hundreds of dicks.

>> No.13896450


Is moot or the mods your waifu or something? You gotta relax brother man.

>> No.13896459

i'm a dude, and i kinda want to play sisters, because FIRE FIRE FIRE sounds like a fun strategy.

I'd be too tempted to make them all look like pyros from tf2 though.

On second thought, that would be a pretty awesome army.

>> No.13896463

Not really.

>> No.13896464

I still don't see kinkiness as attention whoring.

>> No.13896477

>You need to scream no no bad touch with everything that even slightly disagrees with your specific perception and opinion?
Ain't our grorious reader mods great?

>> No.13896480

Tell them to stop muckin' around and bring down the largest WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH you can muster, Missy!

>> No.13896496


Then you are clearly blind and I am left to wonder how you are managing to post here.

>> No.13896506

>Although my creditability is dubious

Yep Sergalbro, you posted constantly back in the day before the mods got stricter on this kind of thing. You're hardly innocent of attention trolling/whoring.

Did you miss DLFG's more recent posts about how she'd stick her toys on the table as "tyranid terrain"? She hasn't really tried to rebrand herself, /tg/ is just whiteknighting as usual.

>> No.13896508

Wellllll, >>13896448 makes your point rather nicely...

>> No.13896513


>> No.13896532

She admitted doing it once with a playgroup she would not see again to her prediction.

I think that this may be a new sergalfag, they tend to "Pass the mantel."

>> No.13896541

So you're implying I'm a dick? Fine, you're just white knighting for her anyway. Not like a care what you think, remember to link her this thread and maybe you'll get a reward.

>> No.13896564

Why are you all such horrible people?

>> No.13896568




>> No.13896577

Because we post on 4chan.

>> No.13896585

And they were still "warm and moist" (tee hee!) and yes, she loved them and had lots (tee hee!).
Really, you can't see it.

>> No.13896595

Rule 40.

>> No.13896600

Where has white knighting lead us good sir?

Its because of white knighting that we lost Jeanstealer to her own vanity and ego.

And its white knighting that turned Cultist-chan and her creator into the center of the subject of much cruel debate, and it is white knighting that brought much loathing to this board as traps freely walked among us, posting their freakish bodies careless of our disdain.

>> No.13896611


I don't feel horrible...

>> No.13896612

>And they were still "warm and moist" (tee hee!)

I'm pretty sure that never happened. As I recall she said she'd cleaned the thing recently, actually.

>and yes, she loved them and had lots
That's true though.

>> No.13896616

>For me at least, not really. Certainly I identify them as male and daydream about them having cocks (albeit weird, non-human ones), not just oviposters/phallus-like tubes, etc.
>the other half being the no strings attached implications.
You made it worse.
The first was her with a picture of Deathleaper.
PROTIP: she attention whores on /d/ and tgchan, too, and has a court of sycophants on both, as well.

>> No.13896625

I remember with crystalline clarity she said they were still warm.

>> No.13896629

Seems like the same one to me.

Similar things could be said of anti-white knights though. Black knights, if you will.

>> No.13896639


>I'm pretty sure that never happened. As I recall she said she'd cleaned the thing recently, actually.


>> No.13896642

ready for roll-up season, wyrm-thing?

>> No.13896652

What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

Seriously, is it issues, or just general assholery?

>> No.13896658

Yeah Ive seen her whoring /d/ and tgchan up.

>> No.13896661

I don't know about /d/, I don't go there any more.

She doesn't attention whore on tgchan. She was in /draw/ very briefly (presumably looking for porn) and discussed a couple images. I've not seen her there since.

>> No.13896662

>Implying it's not a handful of samefagging trolls.

>> No.13896664

White knighting lost us (let's list) all the good writefags, all the good drawfags, interesting content, freedom to post porn, the odd bit of funny off-topic content...
And we're still stuck with you. The gods are truly cruel and sadistic beings. As flies to wanton boys are we to them.

>> No.13896670


That's not a real reason.
I was a horrible person long before I started posting here and I will continue to be horrible long after I've grown sick of your collective bullshit and left for good.
But this?
This is like bobbing for apples in a bag of wet dicks.
A bag with no water, and no apples. No apples at all. You told me there would be apples, /tg/. But no, there's no apples and no bobbing, I'm just shoving my blindfolded face into a canvas bag full of cold wet dicks.

>> No.13896674


>implying it's US that are wrong.

Also, if you think even 1/10th of the people in this thread are not trolls you're delusional. /tg/: trolls trolling trolls.

>> No.13896691

Actually, no I just thought the guy made a good joke...

You seem to be taking things quite personally, that may be your problem, try to ease back and stop giving a fuck, it's really quite enjoyable, water off a duck's back and all that shit.

>> No.13896706

She's been in threads DEVOTED TO PORN OF HER IN PARTICULAR on tgchan.
How's all those rescued maidens rewarding ya?
And you. We are stuck with you. The irritating otherkin furfag that is most tainted of all the wyrm-things.
Why can't we have nice things?

>> No.13896710

Oh, goody, is it time for another round of "make shit up about females"? I love that game.

I hear DMchan is sleeping with her physics professor.

>> No.13896711

I wasn't trying to say that it's not a stupid thing to do, or anything like that. I was just correcting some misinformation.

>> No.13896715

>>they keep saying that they are tactical
As in, you'll never win a single game until you are a god-damn expert at everything and only then you'll win if the opponent is having an off day or didn't think to even employ the most basic of tactics.

Sisters are for all intents and purpose, squatted, at this point in time and until we even know if GW even plans to update them then I wouldn't even suggest vaguely considering them as an option unless you have a spare several thousand to throw away or happen to get a full army off ebay for a few spare dollars.

>> No.13896721

>aspiring catgirl
>not fat yet but on the way

>> No.13896725


>> No.13896726


The definition of an idiot: Some one who continues to do that same thing over and over and expects different results.

>> No.13896729


>> No.13896733

>mfw this thread

>> No.13896735

I'm having trouble telling which ones of those are good and which ones bad. Jean was never memorable.

Sup Scaredy. This thread is garbage, can you at least sage?

>> No.13896741

Buddy, you have no idea what you just walked into.

Run while you still have your sanity.

>> No.13896744

I hear "DMchan" is a fat attention whore that the virgins of /tg/ of course white knight to an absurd extent.

>> No.13896745

I heard that chick that wants to fuck her brother wants to fuck her brother.


>> No.13896746

anon's been good lately, yeah?

lies drip from your tongue, and you call me wyrm-tainted?

>> No.13896753

I'm not taking it personal, it's just beyond me when people claim she isn't an attention whore. It's fine when they've only seen her post ontopic, but the ones that have seen her attention whoring yet still defend her piss me off.

Maybe i wouldn't mind it if she didn't try/ didn't mention gender, i don't know. But her shit always fucks over threads, be it white knights or fags like me getting pissed.

>> No.13896756

Truth be told good sir, I am but a shadow of my formal self.

It is not my presence that cause the grief and misery suffered by this board, but by the incompetence of its inhabitants to scrutinize and moderate themselves.

Perhaps /tg/ might be cleansed and redeemed of all of its wrong doings by the penalty of eternal summer?

>> No.13896772

I hear she's a decent chick with no willpower whatsoever, and thus is generally well-loved by the most pathetic scum 4chan has to offer.

>> No.13896773

>other people flip out when she posts
>blame her

"look at what she was wearing, she was asking for it"

>> No.13896777


I'm kinda glad you posted this. Did a search for my own name, and the first post is


How embarrassing.

In fact, the first few posts there make it look like I have a spider fetish or something...

>> No.13896778

Maybe we should be cleansed of you. That'd be a good start.
The only wyrm-thing here is you, furfag. The blood of the Wyrm itself pumps through your veins.

>> No.13896779


A trip code is unnecessary for what she does. That argument does not hold up.

>> No.13896780

I will give you slut, but I still don't really see attention-whoring.

>> No.13896782

Wow, everyone bumping this thread needs to be banned from /tg/ ASAP. The board would be great after that. Haven't seen such a collection of shitposters in forever.

>> No.13896786



>> No.13896788

Hmm... I probably should have clicked refresh before I made a reply to a thread that has been open on my desktop for the past few hours.

>> No.13896801

>first posts, ever, were about her fetish
>NOT an attention whore

>> No.13896803


Can 4chan be displayed in brail? Because there is no other explanation for how so many blind people continue to post here.

>> No.13896808

Fuck off back to /v/ and stop ruining this board you faggots.

>> No.13896809

You know, ordinarily I'd go and dump touhou until every retard in this thread went off to do something else, but it seems we're only about ten posts away from the bump limit anyway

I just want everyone involved in this shit storm over OP's gender to know that you are everything that is wrong with /tg/. Please die in a fire. This board would be better off without you

>> No.13896817

It seems like it's a result of more relaxed moderation. That means we get a wider variety in thread quality, with shit like this, but also better threads.

>> No.13896819


>I used my dragon dildos as nid terrain tee hee
>I want a train ran on me tee hee etc

Ofcourse she's asking for it you tard!

>> No.13896821

The strange cosmic justice and irony do really strike me as funny.

But then the things that tend to get /tg/ in a ruffle don't tend to phase me. So I can just laugh as everyone brings their own doom on themselves. Let the trolls troll. Let the knights knight. Let the bitches bitch.

I'll just sit here lurking and enjoying it all.

>> No.13896823

If you want to play Orks, then you should play Orks. This really shouldn't even be a question. Personally, I really don't like orks. But I'm not a fan of Sisters of Battle, either.

But to tell the truth, anything is better than another Space Marineer.

And yes, OP, Eldars are just space-elves and Orks are by far the least serious race. If that appeals to you, that's great. But in a nutshell, I also feel that this makes them very shallow. On the other hand, I really don't care for the 40k wargame anyway. I'm in it all for the fluff and rp potential.

>implying everyone isn't defined by their gender

>> No.13896825

Actually they use screen readers. There's at least one blind guy that regularly browses /tg/.

>> No.13896828

We have /tg/ - My Fetish threads ALL THE TIME.

God forbid girls reveal they have fetishes, too.

>> No.13896836

Answering questions that people ask is not attention whoring.

>> No.13896838

We can't troll anymore, remember? No fun allowed whatsoever.
>Shitspammer calling others pathetic

>> No.13896843

Oh no good sir, perhaps the worst moment in /tg/ history was probably on the release day of 4th edition of Dungeons of Dragon.

For almost the first five pages of the board was filled with nothing but cruel unbridled anger and hatred towards that book and its content. And the ensuring shit storms lasted weeks, and even months on end before dissipating.

>> No.13896848


It's all good so long as she doesn't reveal shes a girl. I can say I want to be fucked by nids but hell I could just be gay. You'll never know. I also don't name fag when I do.

>> No.13896856

>implying it's fully dissipated now

>> No.13896864

As I said, I give you "Kinky Slut."

But I don't personally see it as attention whoring.

>> No.13896865



>> No.13896874

>girls have to hide their identity, because we just can't help ourselves around them
Should they also wear burkas, you fucking islamofascist?

>> No.13896877


So how do those screen reader things work anyway? I suppose suggesting you use brail is a little silly.

>> No.13896885

>gangbang fantasies

Jesus christ, "slut" doesn't even MEAN anything anymore, does it? It's like "mary sue" or "weeaboo".

>> No.13896892

I agree, the opening shots of the edition wars were unforgettable.

>> No.13896894

The dragon dildoes comment WAS NOT ASEKED OF HER, and came from a vaguely related joke thread.
The thread was then all about her fetish and her.
She posted Deathleaper and a <3.
Her fetish is in her motherfucking name. That is taking it to a whole 'nother fucking level. For instance, most would call Trap a shitposter. Same fucking name theme.

>> No.13896897


Nope, just don't bring it up here where it doesn't matter. If anything I'm suggesting the opposite of what you are. I want us all to be on an even playing field and not draw any attention to something that might color peoples opinions one way or another.

>> No.13896913

So much the better that I've become so oldfag enough to no longer enjoy posting myself. I've reached poster zen and can just sit back and be. No need to post. Just watch the board go by and smile.

Know that Fuuka is still with you. Out there. Watching you post.

And fap.

>> No.13896917

>fetish IN HER NAME
>no attention whoring here
What's it like being blind, deaf, mute, and mildly retarded?

>> No.13896922

>Her fetish is in her motherfucking name
"Fangirl" is not inherently fetishistic, bro.

>I want us all to be on an even playing field
More like you just want to be able to pretend everyone is a heterosexual cisgendered white male, which is always your default assumption. And you barely even notice when someone identifies themselves as one of those categories, but god forbid they differ.

This is hilarious. "We react poorly to different people. Fuck learning to deal, they need to hide!"

>> No.13896928

You weren't even a good troll, Fuuka.
Go away.

>> No.13896953


>> No.13896965

"Fanboy" and "Fangirl" are not fetishistic, no. Jesus christ, do star wars fanboys jack off to Darth Vader?

...don't answer that.

>> No.13896968

That's because I was never trying to be a troll.

I'm just an idiot. There is a difference.

>> No.13896978


>heterosexual cisgendered white male

You're going full retard on me bro, time to take it back a notch. You seemed to have assumed that's what I am, perhaps its you that is actually constantly jumping to conclusions and not me? Who you are, as an anonymous poster doesn't matter. You have no presence here so there is no real point to defining your identity when it is just going to be gone in the next thread you post in. The possibilities for who an anonymous poster could be are limitless and so you might as well be no one at all or anything you can imagine.

>> No.13896992


I have to though, because really you just answered your own question. It also doesn't help that the first time someone asked if she wanted to get fucked by deathleaper she didn't hesitate to say yes.

>> No.13897001

I think I'm going to follow this trend.

But worse.

>> No.13897002

>implying that 99% of posters don't just assume everyone is a straight white guy until something indicates otherwise
I wonder why nobody bats an eye any time someone makes a comment that identifies them as male or heterosexual, then...?

>> No.13897003

As the guy who said slut, I don't even consider it an insult.

Maybe it's just the group I hung with, it was always no more than a descriptive term.

>> No.13897023

>descriptive term
Descriptive OF WHAT?

It apparently means anything from a woman who has sexual fantasies to a prostitute.

It doesn't describe anything. It's just a generic filler word.

>> No.13897024

Yes, you were. You were just poor at it.
That would be her SECOND post ever.

>> No.13897025

I agree about the fangirl/fanboy part, but she has SAID she wants to get fucked by a deathleaper.

>> No.13897033

Actually I make assumptions based on demographics.

For example, in Homestuck threads, I assume everyone is female or gay.

>> No.13897044

Actually it would be her second post WITH THE NAME ever.

>> No.13897056

She wishes to be a slut.
No, I am not extrapolating this from comments, she almost literally said that.

>> No.13897066

I do believe she posted before on /hc/ and /d/. Maybe just /d/.
I could be wrong.

>> No.13897067

Man, DFLG really is great at attention whoring. Look at all the attention she's getting here.
And we know this attention is all entirely her doing, it's not randomly heaped on her by the faggotry of /tg/.
Just like when she actually is around.

>> No.13897068


You keep making assumptions. That sort of information is always potentially derailing for whatever reason. It should just be avoided out of courtesy for whatever discussion is currently at hand as I can guarantee is will not be on topic. I don't even know what to say anymore other than, u mad.

>Wagner ignlytA

Indeed captcha, let's listen to some Wanger.

>> No.13897074

And I fantasize about having a harem of tied-up women I can fuck and beat, that doesn't mean I want to make it a reality, jesus christ. Fantasies are fantasies.

>> No.13897088

>That sort of information is always potentially derailing for whatever reason.
But it's NOT. Nobody gives a shit that Salamnder's Fanbro or whoever identifies as male. Or when people post hot ladies and drool over them.

>> No.13897106


You have the incredible ability to sound as though you are making an argument without actually doing so.

>> No.13897114


Bullshit, trip fagging for whatever reason is enough to derail a thread.

>> No.13897116

>Yes, you were. You were just poor at it.

No.. no..

Pretty sure I am just stupid.

>> No.13897142

And she doesn't just guzzle it down like the nonsensical sperm of insects in her fantasies at all, right?

>> No.13897159

It would be fine if she talked about her fetishes in fetishes threads only and without a trip. But she doesn't hence she's an attention whore.

>> No.13897163

She's not even here, dude.

Look at this. People are sperging about her, for a whole thread. She's not even here. She's not posting. She's not reading.

And yet, I bet somehow, it's still her fault. "I don't have any willpower! Blame the filthy whores!"

>> No.13897170

I was there at your first post.
Nobody acts that stupid purposely without being twelve or female.
You are not ACTUALLY that stupid because your grammar's pretty good.

>> No.13897177


Personally I only kept posting because I was glad to see I was the only one who was also sick of her bullshit.

>> No.13897178

It's always easier to blame someone else for your own idiocy.

>> No.13897187

Same here.

>> No.13897194

Descriptive of a high sex drive, no more, no less.

Hell between some of us it was a term of endearment.

>> No.13897195

Willpower? I have never ASKED about her fetishes, EVER.
I don't WANT to fucking know about them. But the CONSTANT THREADS REVOLVING AROUND HER FETISH FOR THE LONGEST TIME AFTER SHE FIRST SHOWED UP being ON THE FRONT PAGE AT ALL TIMES makes one a little bitter. She is literally RAWK LOBSTER the Second.

>> No.13897196

Actually, I have derailed a thread with my masculinity before.

It was a shit thread anyway, though.

>> No.13897201

What was my first post again?

>> No.13897209

>descriptive of a high sex drive
So, like every other guy is a slut.

That's a stupid definition that has nothing to do with common usage.

My bad. "Other guys have no willpower! Blame the whores!"

>> No.13897214

Good to see you pal.

No wonder we couldn't find you.

>> No.13897221

I must have started it, then. Wasn't really a good thread to begin with, so nothing of value was lost.
All I did was refer to "Deathleaper's Attention Whore", if I recall. Then sergalfag made a comment about her whoring. Then this.

>> No.13897232

The fuck should I remember? You think I remember Exalted's early posts, either?
I'm not saying you were as faggotrocious as him, but you get the point.

>> No.13897244

Yes, yes we are.

You see I know my definition is different than most, I was "Giving" him ground by saying "sure she's a slut" you ruined my plan by making me explain what I meant by slut!

>internet. esoot
Fucking Captcha...

>> No.13897256

I thought Exalted was female...

>> No.13897261

If you can't remember it, how are you so sure that I was trying to troll?

I'm confused.

Are we calling not being 100% serious 100% of the time trolling?

>> No.13897262

Uh, yeah, it kind of is, though they, too, are faggots. She does all she can to attract attention and when ANY is given, WHOOSH, off she goes.
I remember a certain shit thread about dragon dildoes being started and quickly janitor deleted.
Guess who was the THIRD comment and the FIRST serious one?

>> No.13897274

So he says. He, regardless, is gender neutral.

>> No.13897284

Because you never made an actually constructive post?

>> No.13897288

>she posts in threads related to her interests, and about things that she knows about
>she's an attention whore

>> No.13897312

I have seen Fuuka make a few good posts,a lot of sarcasm, and some intentional trolling, but most of it was for the entertainment of the masses.

>> No.13897333

She posts in shit threads for attention.
That was the point. She has never done ANYTHING that is neither not for attention nor unrelated to her fetishes.

>> No.13897357

>That was the point. She has never done ANYTHING that is neither not for attention nor unrelated to her fetishes.
She's consistently helpful and dumps shittons of images in related threads and on request.

I'm pretty sure that you'd need to define literally anything she does as "attention whoring" to--


I get it.

>> No.13897425

I, too, dump images. You may now know me as my tripcode and lavish attention upon me.

>> No.13897435

>she's an attention whore because all tripfags are intentionally attention whores; ANON IS LEEJUN!!!!!

Buddy, if you become a consistently helpful poster and a dumper as quality as DLFG, I welcome you.

>> No.13897473

Checking DLFG's recent posts on easymodo

Recent few pages are... a bunch of WHFB advice, some pictures, WH40K advice, images... images... more images...

Yeah, what a shitposter.

>> No.13897479

Indeed, my mediocre Warhammer advice and somewhat frequent image dumps are totally worthy of notice and shall become known in the annals of 4chan, like our mutual friend.
Who attention whored on fucking /b/. More than once.

>> No.13897484

You're so getting laid.

>> No.13897490

Check before the mods. She can't really do it on this particular board anymore.

>> No.13897515

So why do I give a fuck?

Chief, /b/ is thataway. Come back when you've grown up a little, mmkay?

>> No.13897521

Why do people bother posting something like that? Nobody actually believes it.

>> No.13897559

Yes, projecting an exaggerated character trait on me truly makes me look the fool. Alas, I am undone by your wit. I shall crawl back to /b/ which I CLEARLY frequent because I do not white knight attention whores while crying big tears all over my Slipknot T-shirt and getting Cheeto dust on my neckbeard. Then I will call my mother and ask for more Hot Pockets.

>> No.13897620

I fucking love you.

Also >>13897515


You know he's tripfag right?

>> No.13897633

This is the pot calling the kettle a hypocrite.

>> No.13897720

You DO know that tripcode has been used a total of three times, ever?
I threw it on to prove a point.

>> No.13897729

I meant that you were castigating him for projecting an imagined trait onto you, and then doing the same back.

>> No.13897748

What do you mean, exactly?
I was not implying HE was a pathetic neckbeard, I was sarcastically projecting exaggerated character traits upon myself.

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