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Shit just got real.

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.....be gentle

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More shitty quests?

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I can't believe you guys did that.

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Blizzard + GW?


Nobody has EVER been this clever!

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I'm satisfied with this outcome. Y'all just buttangered.

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I am not sure what to think of this.

Except that she still looks too human.

>scientific tityq

Quite right, Captcha, her tits are not scientific.

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Eldar now look like this.

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Wait, is that Alextraza?
Or just Deathwing in a human form?

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No, just Tau Quest. The current tau bitch is turning into some sort of tyranid monstrosity.

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Deathwing's human form looks more like a 40k ork made from volcanic rock.

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>The current tau bitch is turning into some sort of tyranid monstrosity.

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And Deathwing's elf form, well...

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Awww hell naw, the queen of swarms?

We need to contact the rangers or harlequins

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>implying Blizzard are capable of doing something sexy

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You should browse some of their concept art.

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Pic related.

I have the feeling this is turning into some sort of petty revenge against the robosexuals that made Tau Quest so infamous.

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Requesting Sylvanas/Taldeer fusion!

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The hell is sylvana?

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So now we get Tau-Nid. Well what's next? Tau-Ork? Tau-Eldar?

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Probably something boring as always.

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Something weird. There are chances that Xeno will appear at some point. Not sure this will make it all better.

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Damn you concept artists... I know the game will never look that delicious, but that doesn't stop them trying to tempt me.

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>Dark Elf Necromancer using a bow.

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She was a high elf that got killed, resurrected as a Banshee - then rebelled when she got her own soul back or what not. So she's a dead elf.

I only know this because of actually playing fucking Warcraft III though, not trawling through the insane amount of Blizzfluff

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who is a Slaanesh cultist
so 4 boobs a dick , two kilos of coke 4 arms with swords

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This is how I marry sue.

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Don't forget his giant loli form.

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...And /tg/ actually gets off on this?

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She was the Ranger General of Silvermoon before she was ever undead.

And she's more of a political leader than an actual necromancer. She can summon a few skeletons but any actual necromancy is done by her minions.

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Tau muscle girl?

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Oh god

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I got banned for two weeks for posting a goblin and now everyone is back to fucking musclegirls everywhere =/

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I am okay with this.

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Not all of /tg/

Ah, didn't have the time to post this last time.

That was how the last thread ended.

I just hope Xeno/whoever will fix it.

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As others have said, she was a High Ranger General before Arthas pseudo-raped her.

Technically, her class is "Dark Ranger", which switches any and all nature magic-based Ranger abilities with necromantic-based skills. Also, she's a Banshee. Take that as you will.

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I am suddenly very much reminded of this page.

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/tg/ would get off a brick if it had the right clothes on.

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Hmm, delicious Tau-brick

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True enough, I read this page about one week ago and it did inspire me.

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On the bright side, now Sar'a and Drone have more in common, both being bug-like in appearance.

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We don't know yet how far the mtation went. She did mutate but we don't know how much.

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You... you... DOUBLE SCARAB!

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<-- Sar'a's final form

>> No.13886974

Now it's triple-heresy!

Hey, guise, how about this:
The upper part of her body becomes tauranid, and the lower part becomes taucron?

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Both quests are/were shit.
She is a collection of words, not your waifu.

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Yes, she is mai waifu, the dice gods decided so.

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Or the author started fucking DLFG during the break

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But that would be lesbian sex, and DLFG wants a ribbed cock, not a pussy!

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Maybe Shas'o IS Death Leaper's Fan Girl

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Maybe this time we'll be allowed to evolve extra arms.

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That explains everything!

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Then Xeno/whoever should better be tolerant and not screw up everything, because we won't be able to find a shelter anywhere else after this.

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She's an undead elf ranger who leads a nation of Undead.

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This is actually WORSE than it was with Ruby Quest.
At least Ruby Quest had SOME redeeming features.

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Says you.

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>Not screwing up everything

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It's not Tau Quest unless /tg/ derps.

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