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>space marines

LOL enjoy never being able to achieve greater good because you're bunch of fucking pussy ass close minded zealots

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>calling someone close minded

what the fuck am I reading?!?

Bow down to master race

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>organic creatures

lol, enjoy being our snack, faggots

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.... ... ......... ...

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chew on my metal dick

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>ALL organic creatures

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++so speaks the organic filth++

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enjoying the best of both world


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Wut a buncha gits...

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Ev'ry one knowz, Orkz iz da best!

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don't make me rape your ass

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You were saying, Xenos and traitors to humanity?

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Why so mad, rest of the galaxy?

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Suddenly, Necronmind

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>Bow down to master race
>master race


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enjoy dieing a slow painless death

you're not worth anybodies time

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Enjoy never knowing the touch of a woman, losers. Don't mind me, I'm just crusing around the cosmos with a ship larger then most solar systems.

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We was callin' yah gits, yah gits. Many WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH! about it?

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Thanks for the idea. You still have those recto blades, right?
Soulstones taste like screaming, did you know that?

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I don't know even know who is trolling who anymore.

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Feeling particularly unpreoccupied about it, Xenos filth.

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Enjoy your lack of beards and hitting your heads on doorframes, losers!

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You want some?

well you aint getting it :3

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You all jelly because the only thing that could defeat eldar in the good'ol times, was the eldar themselves.

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You do not exist. =I=

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bitch please

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>all that dakka
Also, nice double-doubles

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And GW has been over-compensating for that 2nd ed Codex ever since.

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"With an explosion of emerald light, the stones seemed to detonate, spraying themselves into shrapnel and jagged shards that ricocheted around the polished, wraithbone walls of her inner sanctum. A hail of razor-sharp projectiles, like the tiny shruikens used in eldar firearms, lashed into Macha's body, lacerating the psychic shields and armoured plates with microscopic ease. Before she could rise to her feet or even let out a cry, Macha slumped forwards onto the circular tablet, unconscious and bleeding from thousands of tiny incisions."

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Bitch please
My infinity circuit brings all the soulstones to the yard, and damn right, its better than yours.

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How many Eldar does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, for in their DARKest hour, the Sanguinor appears, striking down the alien Avatar and driving the surviving Eldar to flight.

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Then the Sanguinor will light up the night with his radiant golden nipples.

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Alas, poor Yarrick. I slew him well...

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Ill be with you as soon as im done wiping out the remains of a hive fleet.

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Things you will never see... ever!

Tau giving you high five

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An Eversor Assassin just tore your face off. You are dead. Does not compute.

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The Eldar arrived at Orar's Sepulchre to find it held against them, and they struck hard at the main gate. Aspect Warriors and Guardians darted forward as Falcon grav-tanks and artillery engines battered the defenders, yet the Eldar could not bring their heaviest weaponry to bear, for to do so would be to risk destroying the Galaxian Sceptre within. The Ultramarines sheltered from the Eldar firestorm in their crudely prepared defences, holding position behind weathered marble until the first assault wave was on the uppermost steps. On Calgar's command, the Ultramarines emerged from cover. Heedless of the shuriken and plasma that screamed all around them, the defenders scoured the invaders from their sight with bolter, missile and grenade. Held at bay at the main gates, the Eldar attack wave now broke apart and sought gaps in Calgar's defences, only to find their own flanks assailed by roving bands of Ultramarines.

Calgar had fought the Eldar many times, and knew that no fixed defence could long endure against their fluid and precise strikes. Accordingly, Calgar's battle plan had been to divide his Chapter. The main taskforce, under his direct command and comprising five full companies of Ultramarines, garrisoned Orar's Sepulchre and defended the Galaxian Sceptre therein. The remainder of the Chapter was further subdivided into a dozen mobile strikeforces consisting of between fifty and one hundred Space Marines who had lain concealed in the surrounding valley and now engaged the Eldar in hit-and-run attacks. Moment-to-moment command of each strikeforce lay with the captain or sergeant at its head, but it was Calgar, and Calgar alone, who directed the overall strategy. Yet he never once yielded his position at the gates to better command the wider battle. Even as Calgar's armoured gauntlets cast the foe from the steps of the sepulchre, his voice directed the Chapter with every iota of strategic and tactical experience his august mind possessed.

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that wasn't yarrick...

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So deftly did Calgar direct the Ultramarines that the Eldar were opposed by equal force wherever they struck. Fire Prism grav-tanks seized vantage points on the scrubland north of the sepulchre, yet were assailed by fast-moving Tactical squads before they could fire so much as a shot on Calgar's position. To the west, bellowing guns of Predator battle tanks drove Warp Spiders scuttling into the dead forests and ambush at the hands of Ultramarines Scouts. Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies, cannon and missile searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings. Bike squads of the 6th Company prowled hill and crag, percussive bursts of bolter fire hammering Eldar Vyper squadrons.

A lesser man would have been unable to direct such spiralling chaos, but Calgar's will prevailed in every corner of the battle. A word here, and a strikeforce manoeuvred clear of an incoming Eldar assault wave. A command there, and Ultramarines on the far side of the battlefield intercepted and crushed an isolated Eldar force. Never once did the strain show upon Calgar's face, not for a moment did he let up from his personal battle at the sepulchre's gate. The battle for the sepulchre lasted all day and into the night. Shells and energy blasts gouged stone walls and statuary, sending shards tearing through Space Marine and Eldar alike and great gouts of acrid mist roiling through the sepulchre. Through it all the Ultramarines stood firm, stalking through the smoke-clogged rubble like vengeful nightmares. The Eldar mustered every arcane science at their command, yet their impossible technology counted for little in the face of the Ultramarines' determination. Shuriken and plasmabolt, fusion gun and wraithsword - these things could and did slay the Ultramarines but, whilst Calgar lived, not one of his Battle-Brothers contemplated defeat.

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Bowling his opponents clear with one mighty sweep of his armoured gauntlets, Calgar moved to challenge the Avatar himself. Many Eldar stood between the Master of the Ultramarines and his target, but Calgar would not be stayed - those his gauntlets did not crush were smashed aside by the sheer bulk of his Terminator armour.

So it was that Calgar fell upon the Avatar before the other was aware of his presence, and smote the creature a dolorous and terrible blow. Bellowing with fury, the Avatar turned to face its new attacker. Its first strike missed the Chapter Master by a hair's breadth. The second tore a great wound from Calgar's armour. A third drove deep into his shoulder, cleaving the pauldron and driving the Chapter Master to one knee. But the fourth, intended as the coup de grace to sever Calgar's head from his shoulders, slammed into the armoured palm of Calgar's left hand. The armoured glove charred and warped as Calgar closed his grasp about the blade. No other gauntlet could have withstood that mighty blow nor the furious heat behind. But the fabled Gauntlets of Ultramar were of older and sterner make, crafted with skill and technology long lost to the race of Man. For a moment, mortal and god strove for control of the incandescent sword, and in that moment the Avatar was defenceless. Rising up, Calgar struck with all his strength, bringing his other gauntlet around in a mighty arc. The Avatar roared in pain and fury as the power fist punched clean through the molten ichor of its torso. With a final bellow, the Avatar exploded in a white-hot flash that showered cinders and molten metal all around.

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>Five full companies on defense, 500 marines
>Twelve mobile taskforces ranging in size from 50 to 100 marines, minimum 650 marines.
>over 1000 marines

So even ultrasmurfs don't follow their precious codex? Why should we then?

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Oh god that looks shitty for Torquemeda...

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You missed a single Ork spore while burning the battlefield. You leave and a month later a billion orks spring up.

You lose, good day sir.

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Yes, but you, the Fist of Gork and Mork, is dead. No matter how many boys rise up, you are still DEAD. And then the War for Armageddon was easily won.

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Is that jean luc picard as an inquisitor lord?


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It says Torquemada Coteaz, an established 40k character, at the bottom of the image....

Fucking trekkies.

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Lol. Because Orks totally fear death, ammirite?

Stupid zoggin hummies, got no undastandin uf Ork philosophee.

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Dawn of War and a sizeable amount of lore says otherwise faggot.

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Truly, a force to be feared.

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... you seem to miss the point that (insert his name here because I can´t remember) is the Only ork capable of uniting such an enormous Waaagh! As existed in the 2nd and 3rd wars for Armageddon. It´s not if he fears death or not, it´s that his death is worth that of a million Boyz, thousands of Gargants. If he wasn´t there, the Orks would fall into dissaray.

Some say that he might even be the only one who could unite the Entire Ork race in an enormous Waagh! trough the galaxy.

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Lulz. You know nothing of the Ork mind. If we legs it, we can always come back for annuver go, see?

Sorry 'bout ur primitive C'Tan-inspired fear of death, squishy pink bro.

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>If we legs it, we can always come back for annuver go, see?

That´s only one Clan who says that, and they are considered very UnOrky by other Clans. A proper Ork dies fighting. Or gets shot by a Nob for trying to retreat. Go read some of the comics sometime. Or even the Clan´s backstories.

Fine warlord you make, not even knowing your own ethos.

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You think the most popular Ork quote ever, the "Commonly held Ork view of warfare" was said by a Blood Axe? Lulz.

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Again, read the comics, read the novel 15 hours and if tha's too much, read the Lexicanum, especially Ork quotes.


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Orkz believe in reincarnation, if I remember correctly. Gork and Mork replant the Boyz into new Orkz, fightin' an' winnin' for all eternity.

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I'm sorry, heretics and xenos, I can't hear you over the sound of my ELEVEN BARRELS OF HELL!

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... that's /tg/ fannon... Provide me with one source that says that and isn't fanfiction.
Cause see, if it was, those 200 foot tall warbossess from the great Crusade Era would be rampaging across the Imperium in Gigantic Waaghs! by now.

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That quote's been around since at least the 2nd edition, and it wasn't attributed to anything more specific than Orks. Fuck your damn comics.

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Sorry, can't hear you over the noise of my Skullhamma.

The machine spirit cried like a bitch when we reformatted it.

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>if tha's too much, read the Lexicanum, especially Ork quotes.

>First entry
>Commonly held Ork view of warfare
>Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!

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No, no I don't mean their bodies get duplicated. Their thinky bitz, as much as the Orkz are aware of them, put in a new body to fight an' win. It's why Orkz treat death so flippantly.

It might not be actually what happens, but it's what they think. At least, I think that's what they think. I am damn sure it was once in the fluff but it may be outdated now.

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>>AdMech priest: Omnissiah! What have they done to that Leviathan? *Shoots self*

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Quick google, in Codex Imperalis and Ork mentions he's not afraid of death 'cause Gork [email protected] Mork'll beltch his soul into another body.

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Codex Imperialis, page 61.

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Right lads, up and at 'em! For the Emperor!

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Calgar was more impressive when he romped around in power armour. Termi suit is for pussies

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>>Up and at them

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