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Are any ppl from Germany/Austria on /tg/?

one of those threads turned into a a meetup of some 40kers so, why not try this.

for me

I am from Austria

I hate to need a pic for first post

Would be great to meet /tg/ers sometimes

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German here.
I'd never want to meet anybody through /tg/.

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kill yourself scum

reported to kingdom FUCK

>> No.13864719

So why not ?

Germa here, too. NRW.

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well I doubt that those guys here are more disgusting than your random LGS bum

and probably have less chances of meeting "That Guys" than joining random groups

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How are the drop bears doing?

>> No.13864754

wtf are drop bears?

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Euro /tg/ is creepy as hell compared to what goes on when the majority of Americans are online.
I simply don't want to meet somebody who has the brilliant idea to introduce a "trap" character to a p&p rpg in real life or whatever fetish is en vogue here these days.

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well, matters the kind of setting, just being a trap because he/she thinks its cool, I wont let that happen as a GM .. or would make the traps live hell and give him the trait STD almost dead

This bad luck you also can have with random groups

I mean, how the fuck do ppl find players if they are afraid of ending up with creepy/filthy/douchy players? I have hard time allready to find RPG interested ppl. Most of them think its a waste of their precious time/money :-/

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/tg/ never do meet up

we never leave our basement

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well for that there are a LOT of ppl claiming they played with humans ;D

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That's not Leman Russ....

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Fa/tg/uys in a few country already meet each other.

>> No.13864902

like where?

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Another German here.

oh wait, captcha says
>sterby time
well, captcha's German is all right for a self-educated AI, but I don't like the message

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America, Canada and Russia.

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Just fucking die already Kraut!

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than lets continue with Germany and Austria too :D

I probably will be at the Throne of Skulls tournament in Düsseldorf (WHF and WH40k) maybe some of you too :)

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source on op picture?

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found on a sculpting thread on /tg/ from Scriptarius, not sure if I remembered his name right

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better quality

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