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Can we have a WH40K comic thread? I haven't seen one in a bit.

In the mean time, enjoy some OC my friend drew last night.

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Your friend is a great man.

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I know, he's the only one with artistic talent in our group of friends, so we have him draw our ideas from time to time. Also, he's lurking this thread.

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Clearly he needs to start drawing more for us.

He does want his internet dollars and cult following, right?

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When i asked if we wanted a cult, he laughed it off, but kinda maniacally, so that's a yes. I'll see if I can get anymore from him soon.

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I don't have anything new so have something terribly old.

I doubt 90% of you will get it though.

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comunnity service space marines are the best space marines

particularly when they get stuck in the warp and go to the wrong world, and because they are so feeled with the spirit of the emprah, they must help xenos with their problems.

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Bumpin dat shit, bumpin it all day long.

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Nah, you'll only get cred for naming or explaining the story the Grey Knight is referencing.

By the way have the original Love Can Bloom comic made by that miko artist.

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I looked right at it~

I nearly pissed myself. Squad morale restored indeed!

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well, that was OC, and awesome.
looking foward for more.

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Oh right and this thread should have the pic of the REAL Cata-chan.


I fucking hate /tg/ sometimes.

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Now go read the rest!

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I owned that book.
Then it got damaged and lost.

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I liked it OP!

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heh yeah. I remember this. Wasn't too crazy about sisters. Then my friend told me to "Read the first 4 pages! You'll be hooked!"

and I was

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What comic is tankred from?

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...my squad morale was restored.

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>pinky out while holding sword

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someone post the rest of the comic!

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Damnation Crusade. It's all about the Black Templars.

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You want it a little bit more "Restored?"

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Picked it up from 4chan. That's all of it.

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I wanna make a guardsmen comic but I never find the time...
pluss, my jokes suck :/

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I'd vote for him.

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That art is horrible

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I'd take Slaanesh's hard cock up my ass. Slow and carefully it would slide in, the keeper of pleasures most divine knowing my needs. I'd take it doggy style, her breasts slowing rubbing my back as her thrusts become ever faster, bringing us both to a climax.

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who has the translation?

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cultist-chan is the best.
No really, the best.

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someone I haven't heard from for a long time...

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But her cum is actually blood, a nipples are razor sharp, and she is pulling out your innards.

And you are loving every moment of it.


The best, The best, The best, The best, The best.

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Yay Boone.

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oh god.


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This thread needs more carnifexes trying to hug things.

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One more from me.

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this thread needs mor 'fexes, period;
oh, and to Goto if ur trolling tg and c this....
ther, that should keep any creeps out

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I have the translated version, just gimmie a sec to find it...

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Here it is...

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"I feared, though, that he may be lonely up on high. With no one to talk to, you see."

there is something sad about that statement.

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I want a Fallout: New Vegas mod that replaces Boone with Boone.

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He just looks like he's thinking that it's awwwwright.

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*tears up drawing*
fukken hate drawing uniforms! cant amanage the same thing twice! rar!

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was a character portraid I did for someones DH game.
his uniform is based on my designs for some IG stormtroops

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What the fuck is this shit. Cowardice!!! Execute for cowardice!!! oh... wimps!

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we need new comics...

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I'll make some more and post some soon.

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just to bore people, here is the initial sketch for the uniform.

Since I have nothing fun to contriboot with

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I always wanted to see more of the Tau war reporter girl.

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storm troops

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>dem mustaches

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Zap Xenokfucker!

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I suppose I should finish designing the commissars... whats that /tg? commissars or bed?

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I laffed.
oh, and I found this lying around

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Good lord, I would watch the hell out of 'Ork Gear'

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Very much reminds me of Cobra Commander.

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thank you

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Oh hey. I remember that picture.

The Guardsmen in my Dark heresy group requested it

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aye? hope you all liked it

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*Clang clang clang*

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Dat visual pun.

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I don't get it.

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Look at the dad's neck.

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Look at the back of the dads neck. He's got the mark of chaos on him.

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Heretic detected.

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Right ladys and gents.

It's two thirty in the morning, im going to get some sleep, night all.

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Ah. So the little shit copped his old man.

>> No.13856935

There's a chaos star on the dad's neck

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Yes I realize that.

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So what about doing the right thing makes him a 'little shit', then?

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>he still believes in the emperor

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Oh gods -- the look on his face.
That's just crying out to be used as a reaction image.

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It's not even about that. It's about when you get down to it, you can be at the mercy of the brutal, capricious Imperium, or at the mercy of the far MORE brutal and capricious forces of Chaos. It's like taking your finger out of an electric socket to stick your dick in a blender. Not really a better choice.

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Well now I'm depressed. Grimdark at its finest.

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oh! thank you!

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It's actually about how he just ratted out the one person that might actually give a fuck about him in the entire galaxy.

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Now that's comedy!

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>Cared about him.

Unless his dad was going to go Nuglite, that wouldn't have lasted long. And God fucking Emprah help him if the old man went Slaaneshi.

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If he gave a fuck about him, he wouldn't have peddled himself to the Ruinous powers and tried to talk his kid out of being a good citizen. Even if the entire hive world rebelled, it's a surefire way of getting his kid killed or worse. I'd take a lonely bad end over a well populated worse end any day.

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The look that says.

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I don't think that chaos cultists are necessarily anti-family. The dad would probably have tried to indoctrinate his son into his cult when the time came.

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That's exactly what he's saying. Is he going to make the child murder someone? Drink their blood? How about learn magic and mutate? Or is he just going to drug him up and pass him around to all the other Slaaneshi initiates? NONE OF THESE ARE GOOD FOR FAMILY VALUES.

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I think we're forgetting who drew that comic.

It basicly invalidates any point it tries to make

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who drew that comic?

>> No.13857286


You don't want to know.

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Unless he's going to go Undivided and become a Chaos Republican or follow Nurgle the kid is likely to be beheaded, torn to pieces to summon a flammer which with then melt his I.G. Joes, or meet the Pedo bear fanclub.

But if he was Nurglite then he'd love his son just the way he is for his maggoty, pustule ridden self. Assuming his son converted, otherwise he'd endure days of agony as he slowly rotted into Transformers bedsheets and his soul was transformed into a Plaguebearer.

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"But what do you mean there is no blood"

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Can someone explain that pic? I don't get it.

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Now I must know who drew this.

>> No.13857315

I forget the artist's name, but they're some chaos loving retard who drew the picture as an intended insult to the Imperium.

>> No.13857319

>melt his I.G. Joes
>I.G. Joes

Drawfag! I need a Drawfag!

>> No.13857322


Anyone have the other comic/s by this artist? I remember there's another one where an Angry Marine and his commander are walking up a hill and get bitched at by the Nurgle-Marine.

>> No.13857327


[looks at site]
oh....oh wow....

>favorite authors: A. Hitler

>> No.13857350

>> No.13857363

They also made a shitty self insert chaos cultist character and was presumably a neo-nazi.

>> No.13857385

>Interests: politics, gore, ero-guro, serial killers, biomechanics, cyberpunk, warhammer, national-socialism


I know regret asking who drew this >>13856798

>> No.13857391

Just got this one, but its pretty great.

>> No.13857394

>flammer which with then
>slowly rotted into Transformers bedsheets and his soul was transformed into a Plaguebearer.

>> No.13857399

It's funny because the (I actually thought it was his older brother not his dad) is Admech, Arbites can't do shit, so she used the wrong faction for the oppression.

Of course the Admech would still servitorize the bastard, but yeah.

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>> No.13857405

Not presumably, he flat out says he is.

>> No.13857424

Harpoon lighting chain/power fists.

>> No.13857428

That was one of her rare good works.
She's just a fucking troll.

Dumb cunt claims to be an anarchist too.

Just ignore her an enjoy the drawings without words.

>> No.13857454

It's a shame she's batshit fucking crazy, because there's some legitimately awesome art on that page. Y'know, between all the reverent pictures of Nazis and serial killers.

>> No.13857455

wouldn't that make them love the whole imperium thing?

I mean that's why it's so popular with the stormfront crowd.

>> No.13857463


Holy fuck, that dude is barking mad.

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>> No.13857478

Poor little Loli D hasn't been popular since 2008. Khârn saw it coming.

Artist is Gannadene. He's still around, sometimes.

>> No.13857482

It's a chick.

A Russian chick claiming to be a Scandinavian dude.

>> No.13857495


Why in the hell would a RUSSIAN chick praise Hitler?

>> No.13857501



>> No.13857507

Russia and all of east Europe had a swarm of Neo-Nazis

>> No.13857508

He is a fucktard, but he makes some good 40k art.

>> No.13857518

>> No.13857520

She want's to be edgy and cool I guess.

"lol look at me, I'm a Russian girl and I like Hitler."

>> No.13857526

>some chaos loving retard who drew the picture as an intended insult to the Imperium.
>Doesn't like the Imperium of Man
>Pick one
This guy is retarded. The IoM are a bunch of Catholic space Nazis.

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>> No.13857543

Sorry about that I was starting my weekend early with my friends Walker and Beam.

What I meant to say is his dad would either cut him open as a sacrifice to summon a Flamer, which would then in turn melt his IG Joe action figures, because Tzeetch is dick like that.

Or if he was lucky enough to have a nurglite dad, he would get Nurgle's Rot. Which then gives the kid the choice to either worship Nurgle and live as a Zombie, or slowly disintegrate over a week into a soupy mess that would then soak into his Transformers bedsheets and have his soul become a Plaguebearer in the warp. The more he resists as he dies the stronger the resulting daemon is.

>> No.13857555

Hitler is totally slaanesh territory though

>hey scripty.........

>> No.13857596

Note: Hive Scum gangers are not actually this cool.

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>> No.13857610

I think the guy's doing it for shits and giggles honestly.

Hell, he even has the words "META-TROLL"underneath his username.

>> No.13857618

For those who like their translations to make complete sense... the smoking bit at the start is actually:
'I thought you'd smoked the last of them ages ago'
'This is all that I saved- so there's none left for you Commissar'

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>> No.13857655

>> No.13857704

>> No.13857725

His art is pretty good.
Supposedly this was drawn as a speed-sketch challenge.

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>> No.13857760

>> No.13857786

>> No.13857821

Part of a defurnistration comic.

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>> No.13857839


>> No.13857844

So many well drawn pictures, ruined.


>> No.13857850

You forgot to mention the tribute image to Timothy McVeigh, and the anti-Semitic rant about Egypt's revolution.

>> No.13857860


Its like 2001 a space odyssey all over again.

Its to deep for me to understand.

>> No.13857879

The predisposition to the homosex at all is present in 0.5-5% of the population usually said to be about 1-2%. So why the fuck are their so many gay mutants?

>> No.13857929

I nearly wet myself becasue I laughed too hard

And you know what?
It'S funny because it's true.

>> No.13857949

Why would a Russian claim to be a scandinavian?
What the fuck you gonna achieve?
The Scandinavians haven't done anything awesome the last 200 years.

>> No.13857956



>> No.13857990

>> No.13858000

becuase, she wants to be A SUPER SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE.

I have to say, its not her goddman neo-nazi fetish or retarded political ideals that ruin the art for me, its her goddamn IM SUPER SPECIAL, BUT IN A SPECIAL DARK WAY,


that pisses me off.

>iilects reanalyses
whatever you say captcha

>> No.13858013

Are you insane?

What was even remotely anti-semitic about that?

>> No.13858034

>> No.13858046

Torture-device has made it very clear that she is Russian, she just claims to live in Norway.

The Russian nazis hate her guts because she's an "anarchist nazi", and most Russian nazis root for the totalitarian model more traditional to this political view.

>> No.13858050


>So why are their so many gay mutants?

>> No.13858051

If Deathleaper's Fangirl is still around she'll tell you the tale behind this one.

But I sure won't.

>> No.13858070

>Deathleaper's Fangirl
Oh, Tyranid Rape.

>> No.13858079

But not the way one would think ...

>> No.13858081

Drawfaggotry that goes with a little bit of Rogue Trader/Hormagaunt erofic. Not a lot to tell, really.

>> No.13858082


When did she grow so many arms?

>> No.13858093

This thread

>> No.13858095

upon a reanalysis, it seems to me to be more than one personality at play.

Sometimes there is a normal, rational thinker, who has a great creative process and insight.


>> No.13858111

where did you get these comics?

>> No.13858112

Where would I read this fic?

>> No.13858124

"anarchist nazi"

Poor grammar, on my internets?

>> No.13858132

Yep, that's Torture Device. Intelligent and talented, but crazy and creepy as fuck.

>> No.13858158

Russian Nazi anarchist


Anyway, let's keep up with the humorous 40k pics and comics.

>> No.13858164

Deathleaper's Fangirl, could I read this fic?

>> No.13858169

>National-Anarchism is a radical, anti-capitalist, anti-statist, right-wing political and cultural ideology which emphasizes ethnic tribalism. As a prelude to a racial civil war and the collapse of the capitalist system, National-Anarchists seek to establish völkisch autonomous village-communities, which have seceded from the state’s economy, as no-go areas for unwelcomed ethnic groups and state authorities.

Basically something close to this. I'd think many americans are familiar with the concept, ideas like these are what made many Stormfronters support Ron Paul.

>> No.13858180


>> No.13858193


>> No.13858236

I'm ok with crazy and creepy, but there seems to be an attentionwhore kinda thing going on with her "beliefs"

as one of her critiques said, "No room is left for interpretation, the viewer need not bring any past experiences or thoughts with them. Right away it's obvious that we're being given the finger. Just as obvious is that the artist never matured beyond the age of thirteen"

>> No.13858279

There is no "seems to be" attentionwhore kinda thing going on, there is an attentionwhere thing going on.

>> No.13858281

That too.

>> No.13858295

>> No.13858316

>> No.13858330

>> No.13858335

>> No.13858341


No, comedy would been if the chaos mark was actually fake. A facsimile the kid drew while his old man was sleeping.

And all because his dad won't let him watch the burnings.

>> No.13858355

>> No.13858376


looked at what? slannesh?

>> No.13858392

Yeah a kid should be holding a marker behind his back.

"Lord Sergeant, this it's even a real tattoo."

"Fucking lick and stick cultists!"

>> No.13858428

>> No.13858447

Requesting that Dark Heresy CSI-themed meme, with the IG putting on shades at the end. (If it hasn't been posted)

>> No.13858448

>> No.13858497


Isn't >>13858355 the one you mean?

>> No.13858501


>> No.13858507

he sold out his dad... FOR THE EMPEROR!

>> No.13858529

No, I think it goes, "Dark Heresy? Good thing I have...my flashlight." Also, it has it's own unique art style.

>> No.13858596

Ask, and you shall receive.

>> No.13858618


Thank you very much good sir.

>> No.13858961

I don't even..

>> No.13859062

Don't suppose I could request a link for the second part, I seem to recall another one being written.

>> No.13859092


>> No.13859112

canwe get some more cultist chan

>> No.13859147

>> No.13859376

>> No.13859454

>> No.13859504


>> No.13859561

got a few for you if you want

>> No.13859587

Ugh, somehow the comic manages to be bad as the fan fic itself.

>> No.13859597

You shut your face that fic was awesome. At least until they got to the demon part.

>> No.13859607

another rare one not posted

>> No.13859640

another good one

>> No.13859645

It might of been an interesting idea, even though it was cliche and corny, but the writing was executed very poorly.

>> No.13859662

>> No.13859703


>> No.13859707

The numbers are so.... low.

>> No.13859832

I kinda miss Warpuppet threads. Hadn't seen one in a while.

>> No.13859853

Some old Mod banned trollplays, the new mod has not commented on the topic, so most people are scared to post them.

>> No.13859865

You don't see much of little e anymore.

Can't tell if that's a good thing or not, but I've always enjoyed them.

>> No.13859898

Aww shit, the oldfags are drowning in nostalgia again.

>> No.13859916

Post some comics with the Emperor's Nightmare in them and then we'll talk.

>group ssinsen

this group is in deep ssinsen.
bring out the Redeemer.

>> No.13860020

Heresy, in MY /tg/?
Bring on the Bolter Bitches

>> No.13860092

That dude for all his insanity, draws hands down the best chaos (Or Khorne at least) art i have ever seen. But then maybe it takes a crazy mind to create good chaos shit.

>> No.13860102

Russia is full of Neo Nazi's, their government even has one in a high seat of power. Hitlers birthday has dozens of murders of immigrants a year in Russia.

And the dude is a dude, he says so right on his profile.

>> No.13860896


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