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What is the CR for an average god? Like...random god from a pantheon, not the realm's greatest god. 3.x rules. Stats or link if possible.


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Bump. I know you guys have all those crazy books. Come on.

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We do. They're on /rs/. You should go download them.

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Taking a stab here. I'd say 30-50.

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lesser diety? like...hermes? about 25.
zeus? about 70, because greater deities roll perfect 20s for every roll. thats right. crits. always crits.

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Most greater deities have about 60 HD, so work with that.

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Wow. OK.
Second question; for five level 30 characters with a lot of very, very prime gear, what is an appropriate CR for the end of the campaign BBEG?

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tough call. depends almost entirely on the composition.
>cleric, wizard, druid, blackguard, wizard?
CR >9000
>samurai, bard, fighter, bard, assassin?
CR of about 20 should be hard enough.

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Incarnate, artificer, rogue, samurai, ranger.

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Orcus or Asmodeus.

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CR 35? maybe 40?
check with the special abilities and try to balance them against your PCs. you dont want a guy who's gonna do too much damage because that party can't really handle a need for massive healing. make it a mind-fuck. a god like Mars or Thor will rape the shit out of your party, whereas a god like Athena or maybe Hestia or even Hades (done right) could be a challenge without specifically harping on the weaknesses of that PC party.

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if youre looking for DnD gods, maybe try Tiamat, Vecna, or Olidammara.
but again, cater to your party, and dont specifically try to kill them. or with that composition it will be all too easy.

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