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Well fuck me, big spider things and Grey Knights and shitloads of other awesome stuff on the radar.
I swear I have never lost my will to work on an army this fast before. Just a few days ago I was all for getting my Black Templars back on track and now BOOM. Troop GK Terminators.
So yeah, to remedy that, let's try something a bit more silly and a lot more pointless that will hopefully show me that yes, making Black Templars is the better idea even if the Grey Knights will make a comeback soon.

I will make one model for every faction of 40k, and depending on what you chaps vote on, either make them nice little individual display pieces or construct a single bigass diorama out of all of them.
-Everyone gets to throw around ideas and vote on them. I'll make the ones that get the most votes.
-Name a faction, model/unit, wargear and pose.
-Vehicles are acceptable
-Only one model from each faction. All Space Marines count as a single faction.

>Pic unrelated

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Scripty, the Ogre Mammoth we discussed earlier needs to happen, even if I need to mail you tons of GS.

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You need to do Killboy. Oh god so bad.

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Ah yes that. Yeah I can make that as soon as I get my hands on enough GS.
I'm always open for donations if you're serious about that.
I only have a vague recollection of what he looks like from some pages I've seen on /tg/ over the years. Mind posting a pic or short description?

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A death jester. Without any more input from anyone else, I'd just like to see your own take on one.

Not exactly the iconic Eldar, and the temptation to have you remake a phoenix lord is dire, but I'm interested. Besides, I'd want the full cast if I started pushing you for remade phoenix lords.

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Can you do a Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer, but make him looks as jolly as possible?

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Ollanius Pius for the Guards!

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Crazy as fuck ork with more bionik bitz than ork. Wears a commissar hat. Hard to get a decent pic cause the comic is only lined.

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I would say Emp's champ, but seeing as how you're a BT fan, I'd imagine you have one kicking about somewhere.

Instead, Techmarine with servoharness. God I love them.

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Fucking this.

>> No.13839537

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Two Dark Eldar on a jetbike, the second one holding splinter pistol akimbo, doing a driveby.

Technically one model.

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Sorcerer riding on a Disk of Tzeentch, holding an Ether Lance. He is in a dynamic pose, like he was diving, just about to impale someone with the lance.

This. Manly charge filled with righteous fury. Bayonet > Power Armour!

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Dorn carrying the Emperor's broken body in his arms.

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Do not forget the shot up looted commissar hat

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Rynn's Might was a Land Raider of the Crimson Fists. When the Chapter's Fortress Monastery was destroyed the tank was remarkably thrown clear and survived the explosion and the impact. Operated by its Machine Spirit alone the battle tank blasted its way through every Ork patrol it could find until it encountered a full Ork warband. The Land Raider fought until its lascannons fused solid and its heavy bolters were out of ammunition and even then the tank continued to crush Orks underneath its tracks. When at last the Orks crippled the tank's tracks and brought it grinding to a halt Rynn's Might still fought on. Opening its hatches to allow the Ork Warlord and his bodyguard to enter Rynn's Might slammed its doors shut and overloaded its engines, frying the Ork Warboss and his bodyguard. Chapter Master Kantor ordered the remains of the tank carefully recorded and stationed a guard over the ruined warmachine so that in time its machine spirit could be recovered and put back to service in a new body to fight the Emperor's foes with such zeal once more.

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Death Jesters were the Harlequin heavy weapon guys, right?
I don't have the Eldar codex on me so my knowledge is a bit rusty.
Oh, and I'd love to try Phoenix Lords.
Should be doable
Indeed I do. Techmarine would be neat though.
Thanks chaps

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Thunderwolf Cavlary/ Canis Wolfborn

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>Pic unrelated

Speaking of that pic, did your fine work end up in White Dwarf?

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For Chaos, I'd like to see a huge-ass Iron Warriors Lord or Daemon Prince. Would work well for you, since you kitbash and they're all about the machines.


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bumping thread

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You mean this guy?

>> No.13839683

Close, but no cigar, heavy weapon guys are Dark Reapers. Jesters are from the harlequins. Pic related. They ooze style.

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For Daemonhunters, a Vindicare Assassin hiding in a ruined building, lining up a shot with his Exitus rifle.

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Does anyone know why they discontinued the Inquisitor Vindicare model? I always wanted one of those.

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They've not, it's just website order only.

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Slaanesh Lord wielding a power guitar-axe.

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Ah. I haven't seen them listed on the GW site, but I haven't really liked it that much since they did the format change a while ago. I'll have to search for it again.

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40k armies > Daemonhunter > Elites

There are 2 variants.

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While this sounds badass on many levels, let's try to not get too technical on the "one model" thing or someone will get creative and I'll have to accept IG Voltron made out of Forgeworld tanks as a single model.
Sounds pretty good, let's see what people say about it.
Oh dear god another Emperor model. That'd be my... 6th I think.
Of course I wont
Holy shit that's one hardcore tank. I might have to give it a diorama of it's own one day.
Un-derping him would be quite the challenge, yes.
Not yet, but don't they make WDs like 6 months before they are printed anyway? I'm guessing we wouldn't see it before June or something anyway even if it did get in.
Mite b cool, and a nice way to test some ideas I have.

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They're also extra grimdark, their armor adorned with the bones of their predecessor, and their souls doomed to be consumed by Slaanesh.

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IG: Lord Commissar
Codex Space Marines: Terminator Chaplain
Blood Angels: Death Company
Space Wolves: Bjorn
WH: Penitent Engine or Karamazov
DH: Grey Knights Terminator
Eldar: Farseer with Spear or Striking Scorpion Exarch
Dark Eldar: Incubus, Reaver, or Hellion
Tau: XV25 Stealth Suit
Chaos Space Marines: Terminator Lord or Sorceror, or Thousand Sons Sorceror
Daemons: Kairos Fateweaver or The Masque
Tyranids: Carnifex or Hive Tyrant
Orks: Battlewagon or Stormboy
Necrons: Nightbringer or Flayed One

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It should rather be a Rogal Dorn model, heart-broken for having failed his duty.

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Dark Angels: Azrael
Black Templars: Emperor's Champion

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Necrons: Deceiver with his arms crossed, and laughing his head head thrown back.

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Techmarine, dr. octopus style servo harness, wielding a huge thunder hammer - or the good old-fashioned two-handed energy axe - in a dynamic pose.

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An orc war boss.

Made entirely of grots.

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Do Chaos Space Marines count as separate? If so, how 'bout a Night Lord? Those guys are cool.

For the normal Space Marine, maybe that new /tg/ chapter? I don't know much about them, but somebody probably does.

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An Ork Warboss with four boyz stitched to his arm.

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tyranid harpy or tervigon

>> No.13839914

I wish I had a larger resolution of this, because it is fucking amazing. I noticed a few days ago your thread about making a Daemon Prince... would another disrupt your plans? Or you could incorporate some parts of this one into the current one.

>> No.13839921

I'm voting for Grand Magos Octopus

>> No.13839930

For Tyranids, a decent-looking Biovore. The existing model is shit.

>> No.13839938

The nightbringer eating the soul of either a space marine or a sister of battle. Have him towering over the body which is either floating in mid air or impaled on his scythe. Scarabs crawling around the base, and other fallen sisters or brothers there. Bonus points if ultramarines.
Captcha: the lowngion
Close to the legion which is bad ass.

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Seconding Harpy.

>> No.13840005


The blade on the shuriken cannon appears to be quite gay compared to that of the old Maugan Ra mini, say. Also, his shoulderplates were cooler than this head because they looked less comic style, but that is personal taste I guess.

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Another vote for Killboy.

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For the 'one from each faction' thing, you should set them all up in a diorama with them all at each others throats.

For example, you could have an Imperial Guard Commissar or something blasting away at a charging Ork Warboss while failing to notice the Tau Stealth armour preparing to shoot him in the back.

...Who has in turn failed to notice the Space Marine scout about to shoot him first.

...Who didn't see the Eldar Ranger with a gun to the back of his head.

...Who missed the Lictor dropping down from the branches of the tree they're all standing under.

Actually, forget the Commissar and the Warboss, you should just make the whole thing a massive stealth-off between the infiltrating units of each faction.

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>Holy shit this thread got a lot more popular than I expected!

Ah yes, I got one and made him into an IG officer
Cool, I always did want to make a Vindicare
Could work
That's a nice chunk of ideas (even if I did day only one Marine...). What do you think folks? Any secondings?
Again, could work well. I'll just need to make up my mind on what Dorn should look like.
I do have a Deceiver model somewhere so this could work well
I like it, I like it a lot!
One Marine, one Chaos marine.
I haven't looked at The Emperor's Nightmare too much, might be the colour scheme that's putting me off.
Good and orky, but again pushing it on "one model"...
Actually, why the hell not.
I agree on that, but I don't have any ideas right off the bat on how to make it better either.
Yeah I'll make another 4 Daemon Princes as a separate project, but more on that one later.
I actually got a pretty neat idea on what this could look like, with a second marine model being sort of torn out of the first one, representing the soul.

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That's because it's not Maugan Ra. It's a harlequin death jester.

>> No.13840071

You can make more marines after everyone else gets a go! You're getting distracted already.

>> No.13840092

This or the deceiver one.

>> No.13840109

For the Tau; WE NEED BETTER KROOTOX MODEL. The existing model just stands there like a dumbass, and has no character.

>Captcha: one-third ainvic

>> No.13840140

>Compilation time
>There are the ideas I like best right now. Feel free to call NO U, suggest others and tell me to learn 1st grade math for not counting the votes right
>Fucking awesome FabGen art unrelated but greatly appreciated.

Space Marines - Techmarine (Dr. Octopus)
Chaos Space Marines - Jolly Nurgle Sorcerer
Imperial Guard - Ollanius Pius
Daemonhunters - Vindicare lining up a shot
Witch Hunters - Penitent Engine
Eldar - Phoenix Lord
Dark Eldar - Incubus/Drazhar (most votes) / Decapitator (my pick)
Tyranids - Harpy
Necrons - Nightbringer eating a soul
Tau - Stealth suuit (most votes) / Farsight (my pick)
Daemons - Masque
Orks - Killboy

>> No.13840149


I second, with the one marine being the Termie Chaplain.

>> No.13840165

An Ork-made Dolorian from back to the future

>> No.13840201

I was aware of that... But the weapon is the same as Maugan Ra's (Shuriken Cannon + blade) and the skull-helmet looks very similar to the old Maugan mini's shoulderpads, only less awesome.

>> No.13840207

I agree with this point. I seem to be working exclusively on marines these days
Actually, I think I like this better than any other Tau suggestion. A dynamic Krootox would be really fun to work on.
Not too sure about that over Killboy. Perhaps later.

>> No.13840265

Just to keep Killboy right up at the front, I'm voting for Killboy. I'm actually gonna be working on making my own Killboy model too, but it will probably look like shit compared to what you'd make.

>> No.13840320


Space Marines - Techmarine (Dr. Octopus)
Chaos Space Marines - Jolly Nurgle Sorcerer
Orks - Killboy

I second these choices.

The only thing I'd suggest different for would be Tyranids. I'd like to see a Trygon sized Red Terror.

>> No.13840479

techmarine ftw
btw, I've seen a few of your threads now and you're a complete fucking badass. I dream of having the money to do what you do...

>> No.13840547

The rest of us just dream of Script.

>> No.13840618

Tau, a single Fire Warrior on his back, as if knocked over, firing his pulse pistol into the face of a charging Ork Boy which causes greenskin brains to fly out the back.

>> No.13840643


A diorama of Sanguinius at the Siege of Terra, where he alone held the Eternity Gate for an entire day against Daemons and Traitors alike, maybe breaking the back of the Bloodthirster whose name I forget over his knee.

>> No.13840714

are your models on this thread? can you show us some if they are not? do you just do conversions or sculpt stuff?

>> No.13840772

You havn't seen plenty of his work before?
That's not a single model bro.

>> No.13840787


He said Diorama. And it can be just Sanguinius, standing all stoic and heroic in front of the gate, maybe some Daemon blood and a few dead marines or something. IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Pic related.

>> No.13840866


no i'm not here often at all

>> No.13840919

He said he'd make a diorama at the end out of all the models. Requesting he make the eternity gate defence would either result in not doing it justice, or requiring a helluva lot more resources than anything else.

>> No.13840934


> Tyranids - Harpy

Harpies are Flying Trygons, for the most part, for anyone that isn't sure.

>> No.13840958

THESE. Especially the first. IRON WITHIN! IRON WITHOUT!

>> No.13841031

anyone ever think the swarmlord doesn't look badass enough?

we need the most badass swarmlord ever

>> No.13841043

The only problem I have with this is Nightbringer eating a soul. Fluff reasons, of course.

>> No.13841099

Get a hold of/custom make a squat model somehow and have him be an easter egg hidden somewhere in the diorama.

>> No.13841167

YES, we need the General Grievous of 40k done justice.


>> No.13841194


because GW cannot capture the pure fucking awesome that is the SWARMLORD

>> No.13841217


You know what the rules in the game capture relatively well?

Abaddon tearing the Swarmlord to tiny little bits.

>> No.13841268

b...but, instant killing 4+ inv save!

PS I know nothing of Abaddon's stats or abilities

>> No.13841338


> Paroxism

> Abaddon has WS 1

> Tyrant Guard (Because nobody takes Tyrants or Swarmlord these days without them) with Lash Whips

> Abaddon strikes at I1

> Bonesabres causing instant death and Invulnerable save rerolls

I think Abaddon would die, actually.

>> No.13841365

Thanks bro
I will haunt yours tonight.
Not a single model, but maybe I'll make that at some point too.
I don't sculpt. Here's some and a few more (most of them old) can be found here http://assberryfaggot.deviantart.com/gallery/26304111
Swarmlord might be cool too
I have been thinking about making a squat... hmmmm....

>> No.13841369

Surely Abaddon has eternal warrior or some shit?

>> No.13841391



>> No.13841396


lol no.....

infact add some extra no.....abbobbobbodon doesn't instant kill from what I know and doesn't have the math hammer to kill swarmlord who hits on same initiative has a 4+ inv and instant death shit....

also stop trolling

>> No.13841510

lookig at those stats...

it would be a close battle, I don't think you could really call it before the battle began.

Keep in mind though that abaddon is often surrounded by Terminators and Swarmlord often has Tyrant Guard

>> No.13841621


> abaddon is often surrounded by Terminators

Doesn't matter, being an Independent Character he can be picked out in close combat. Paroxism will kick him and his squad in the dick if they're within 12", Leach Life too, possibly. It would be an interesting fight, though.

>> No.13841659

Leech Essence?

not likely, a strength 3 Ap - attack will not stop terminators. Paroxysm will fuck him up bad though

>> No.13841793


It's S3 AP2.

>> No.13841805


what i'm saying is look at the equip and powers

swarmlord on a charge gets 5 ID PW I6 that inv saves must be rerolled in sucessfully saved on with either rerolls to hit or +1 S and I(which would mean he attacks first). Has 5 wounds ws 9 and 4+ inv save and psychic powers that can reduce Initiative values.

abbobbbobbodon on a charge gets 5 s8 rerolled "wounds" at I6 (they attack at the same time) has a 5+ inv save ws 7 and is immune to ID

retinues asides swarmlord has higher ws (he'll need 3s to hit where abb needs 4s)rerolls on thos hits if wanted, but losses the wound hits battle (because he'll need 3s where abb will need 2s) also has both a psychic power and an ability to hit before abbo and has more wounds to last longer in the fight.

abbbbbbbbbbodon will not last as long in a fight vs swarmlord because of the lack of wound and rerolling hits on his part.

>> No.13841839


i'm sorry Paroxysm reduces WS and BS not initiative

so he gives himself furious and paroxysm's abbo he has a retardedly good chance to kill abbo before anything happens

>> No.13841857



>> No.13841860

Hey Scripty, did you ever finish that big daemon prince pit beast thing?

I had to leave halfway through that thread, but it looked awesome and I want to see what became of it.

>> No.13841888

If you take a tyrant guard with lashwhip, chances are anything you assault will be taken to I1 anyway.

>> No.13841922

you're assuming the swarmlord has gotten the jump on abaddon, and that he is alone.

>> No.13841924


i was trying to make it mono-a-mono anything else just puts it ridiculously in SWARMLORDs favor

>> No.13841928


Everyone does.

If you don't take Abaddon in a Land Raider, you're doing it wrong.

Also, everyone here seems to forget that Abaddon is kind of immune to Instant Death.

>> No.13841933

For space marines you should do a sort of Space Marine Moe-Tron. A space marine that combines some aspect of all the major chapters.

>> No.13841962


actually i wrote it so that both are getting their 5 attacks....

and like i said i wrote it mono-a-mono....guard with whips don't worry about charging my guys will hit first always and you can't pick out SWARMLORD.

also if i attack your squad I get ID on all your squad guys with swarmlord which means of abbobbobbobbodon is the only one left we won't kill SWARMLORD because SWARMLORD has 6 wounds not to mention a beefy 4+ inv and abbo will only have 5 attacks on the charge

>> No.13841984


no i wrote "abbobbbobbodon on a charge gets 5 s8 rerolled "wounds" at I6 (they attack at the same time) has a 5+ inv save ws 7 and is immune to ID" here:


swarm has better options,stats, attacks, and close combat ability then generic space marine with buffs

>> No.13841999


here here for rainbow marine!

>> No.13842078

Swarmlord or a Tyrannofex. Not many people seem to even try doing the Tyrannofex (for various reasons), so it'd be pretty interesting what you could come up with.

>> No.13842106

A vote for this.

>> No.13842162

he has a 4++

>> No.13842210


Even this mad abomination of space marine fluff recognizes Rowboat Girlyman as it's spiritual liege. Do it Script!

>> No.13842224

Mark of Chaos Ascendant makes him immune to instant death.
Also he has 4 +d6 attacks that re-roll to hit at strength 5.and invuln 4+

>> No.13842258


>Scriptarius in 8 years.jpg

>> No.13842281

Ironhand fighting a killa kan or something, make the Iron hand have a thunderhammer and look really techy.

>> No.13842383

I feel that Ahriman needs a buff.

>> No.13842394

In my opinion, for a race with a GOD of MAGIC, their psyker spells lack variety.

>> No.13842418

Yep, here

>> No.13842460

This thing is beautiful and I need one.

>> No.13842464

While a stealth off would be full of lols, I definitely have to throw my support behind Ollanius.

Also, I think it would be hilarious if you made it Golden Daemon quality and entered it, just to see what GW would do.

>> No.13842474

>golden daemon quality
>Fabricator-General "Can't Paint To Tabletop Quality" Scriptarius

>> No.13842616

Some odds and ends aside, it's a Hellpit Abomnation, a Daemon Prince and a Juggernaut thrown together.
I'd have to outsource the paintjob, like >>13842474 pointed out. And GW would still jsut call it "Imperial Guardsman" like they did with Mortarion in one GD (it was just presented as "Chaos Lord")

>> No.13842637

Lies, script would be FAR cuter.
>God of magic
Just because Tzeentch is associated with psychers and wizards, doesn't mean he's the god of damn magic.

>> No.13842672


rerolls wounds

and has to reroll sucessful inv saves

will be at I1 in most cases

SL has better WS and abbadan has to charge or else SWARMLORD gets an extra +1s, +1I(or rerolls to hit) and abbo is at ws1.

and if i'm correct for the extra d6 attacks if abbo rolls a 1 he forfeits all his attacks for the round

>> No.13843141

That kinda depends on whether I start exercising more or not

>> No.13843267

Another vote for Ollanius Pius, a Techmarine and a jovial Nurgle-r.

Also, twin Sisters of Battle?

>> No.13843319


>Tzeentch is a God of Chaos who represents the vitality and volatility of change. Tzeentch is closely associated with sorcery and magic, as well as dynamic mutation, and grand, convoluted scheming.
>closely associated with sorcery and magic
>sorcery and magic

You know nothing of me or my work.

>> No.13843411


If Scriptarius is still here, maybe do the infamous stare-down between Pius and Horus.

>> No.13843418


Or, even better, this.

>> No.13843450

I could always make the Ollanius and Horus models so that I can pose them together for that mini-diorama

>> No.13843940

OK, thread seems to be losing steam so here's the list.
Still time to change things around, but right now this stands.

Space Marines - Techmarine (Dr. Octopus)
Chaos Space Marines - Jolly Nurgle Sorcerer
Imperial Guard - Ollanius Pius
Daemonhunters - Vindicare lining up a shot
Witch Hunters - Penitent Engine
Eldar - Phoenix Lord
Dark Eldar - Incubus
Tyranids - Swarmlord
Necrons - Nightbringer eating a soul
Tau - Krootox
Daemons - Masque
Orks - Killboy

>> No.13844010

Daemons has to be Skulltaker in combat, all dynamic and slicing through three people's heads and shit. Or lopping the head off a Trygon.

>> No.13844164

Hey Scriptarius, which Emperor's Nightmare scheme are you not liking? the garish yellow-purple or the original stealth schemes from the first thread?

>> No.13844515

The quartered purple/yellow one, because I hate halved/quartered schemes with a passion.

>> No.13845919


WTF, I know GW has a lot of idiots in it, but why would they do this?

>> No.13846184

Might be just standard GD procedure to present all models under their unit name.

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