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anyone interested in participating in a weekly SW:RPG... set in classic era? On the underworld/fringe side of things?

that or an imperial army military campaign set in the events of Dark Empire?

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mabybe. You GMing?

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>implying that there is anything to Star Wars apart from the movie series

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Dark Empire? Yes.

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>implying there are movies that matter

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han shot first

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>implying that the extended universe isn't full of shit

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yeah, I'd sort of like to run a COMPForce Assault campaign, and some other buttfutz as a lead up and jump into Operation Shadow Hand. Imperial Civil War etc. Maybe win at Mon Calamari? Who knows.

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>Implying implying the Lucas-written canon isn't even shittier

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Dark Empire is Star Wars injected with 40k levels of absurdity and grimdark.

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>Implying George Lucas wrote anything other than some basic and heavily edited (by others) ideas in Episodes 4 and 5.

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Bump in the name of the Emperor.

No, not that one.

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