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/tg/, I just had the most wonderful idea.

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Too imprecise. There are lots of words that could describe one emotion, and you'd have to either program it to accept all of them, or just turn this place into an empty wasteland.

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your idea is to require the typically socially-inept users of 4chan to identify emotions in order to post...
empty wasteland it is!

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I think its a great idea.

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It wouldn't be impossible to put in all the synonyms for a given emotional state, it's still a finite number.

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So is that face happy? Relaxed? Neutral? Amused?

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I don't even have any fucking clue how I would describe the face in OP's pic. Happy? Neutral? Indifferent? Sorry OP I don't think it would work very well.

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IIRC, social ineptitude is just about social cues and whatnot, from lack of practice.
You need to be further down the way to full retard to not recognize emotions, that whole thing is probably hardwired instead of acquired.

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>Both include "happy" and "neutral" , which are two valid interpretations

Real faces are easier to read than drawings, of course, so the full system would use those.

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So this guy is upset? bored? disgusted? shocked? Bemused? Asleep?

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It's a blank expression. It's my browsing face.

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He looks slightly optimistic, but not terribly engaged with what he's seeing.

>World ogestme
Don't worry, captcha. We're not all against you.

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On the surface, it's a good idea. But, then you'd either have to include a variety of synonyms for one emotion or have the face shown have a ton of small subtleties to distinguish, say, happiness from joy. That would get confusing.

Then, you run into the issue of having the website being blind-friendly. How will text-to-audio conversion software convert the face image? Problem.

I mean, it's possible the idea could work. I wouldn't abandon it. I'm just saying there are some details that get caught in snags.

Also, sage for /t/ related shit or something like that.

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Looks like 'mild amusement' to me.

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... but it's an imageboard.

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This might be a problem if your mind only labels things as "that thing", "that other thing" and "that other other thing".

Thinking in words is for the weak minded.

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>You are now aware that the numbers on drive-through ATMs are also written in braille.

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>Then, you run into the issue of having the website being blind-friendly.

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Wait, what?

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I even sort of get that. If you have a friend drive you to the ATM, but he's not a good enough friend to be trusted with your PIN and whatnot.
But how would that concept translate to 4chan?

"Yeah, it's a picture of a guy, and he's... stretching his rectum, really far, you can actually see inside, and ... oh God I hate you for making me describe all this vile shit. DUDE ARE YOU MASTURBATING UNDER THE TABLE?"

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YOU are now aware that they simply use the same fucking buttons for all ATM machines regardless of placement.

The only possible reason that they'd manufacture and install specifically braille-free buttons for drive-through ATM's is stop self-absorbed twats from making that same stupid joke/observation and preening about it like they're clever for thinking of it.

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Great idea OP.

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> YOU are now aware that they simply use the same fucking buttons for all ATM machines regardless of placement.
> ATM machines
> Automatic Teller Machine machines

Congratulations, you're officially fucking retarded.

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Really? It's taken this long for someone to post this?

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Hahaha, yes.

It's funny because it insults the viewer, claiming that he is an aspie! I love it.

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>Can't argue with his logic
>insult his grammar, spelling, punctuation, anything to make the big bad man stop being right :(

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The face in the image is messed up and it isnt easy to decipher the emotion on it because its so poorly drawn, so when you are asked to identify the emotion you are unable to, thus, the image implies that the face is infact normal and you, the viewer, are an aspie and cannot sense the emotion on the face.

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No, it's... Haggard. It's a /tg/ meme.

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>ITT: Inferior maggots who don't see Captcha's Audio Challenge to post

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So, she's giving advice on drawing while producing furfaggotry?


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Oooh, test subjects!

Quick, identify these!

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Great idea. Depends on how specific it is. Is OP's pic amused? Would that let me post?

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All three are Aang, obviously.

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Displeasure, slight anger

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1> sad

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1> avatar the last airbender
2> avatar the second to last airbender
3> avatar the last picked for basketball airbender

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Alternate version- People have to type in the degree of trustworthiness of the character, on a scale of 1 (wouldn't trust at all) to 7 (very trustworthy).

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While I agree that OPs idea is fucking pants on head retarded I think that some of the arguments being presented here are pretty weak. The captcha wouldnt take random images from google images it would use pre-approved images where the emotion is extremely easy to read. This would of course have the problem of having to hire people to verify each face and then the further problem that these people would read emotion differently from each other so you would have to get lots of people to verify each image and take the mean thus increasing man power need and therfore cost. Of course you could train an AI to read the emotions for you but then what's to stop spammers doing the same?

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You people do realise healthy humans recognise emotions from static images correctly only 85% of the time? In comparison machines do so 82% of the time. Furthermore it took me a whole whooping three days to make an A.I. scoring 80% on that problem. (This is of course assuming the use of the more diverse scientific classifications of emotions.)

Great idea OP, this is true verification!

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Better idea: use reaction faces or >mfw-s instead.

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>No more spambots, and no more autists on 4chan.


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I'm not sure I've ever seen that whole thing. I wonder what ribbonfag's up to these days.

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1. Direct confrontation of something profoundly troubling, with a posture towards reception and observation rather than engagement
2. Avoidance in the face of something troubling, with a posture towards thinking/making sense of/formulating a response or escape.
3. Some anger (i.e. not rage,) a direct confrontation of something troubling, with a posture towards engagement or intervention.

Would my fellow fa/tg/uys say these are accurate?

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You haven't heard? Ribbonfag wrote this.


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I think this is a really great idea. We should implement it somewhere on 4chan.

Like on /r9k/ or something.

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Am I the only person who feels slightly smarter when I look at the art from Lackadaisy?

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Wait what. How do we know it was him?

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I just wanted to say that I am a diagnosed ass pie. After all the time I spent with my neurologist studying facial experssion flashcards, I'm finding this thread hilarious.

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Ribbonfag admitted to it.

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This sure is a traditional game.

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Sir, Do you say "The Bible" about Bible? Suspect you do. In fact using words or grammatical functions already included in a borrowed word or abbreviation is not only to be expected, but quite necessary to not break the flow of speech of the language spoken.
You all do it, all the time. No basis to call someone retarded on.

(Bible = Latin for "The Book")

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Yeah, it's like people who draw cartoon animals shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves artists!

I mean it's not like they have any REAL TALENT or anything, they just draw some crude tits on a badly drawn cat or something and call it a day!

And fuck all those guys that worked for Disney and Warner Brothers too. HAHA, TALENTLESS FURFAG HACKS! WHAT DO THEY KNOW ABOUT CONVEYING EMOTIONS IN DRAWINGS!

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I can't read any of these, this girl's 'normal' face makes it hard to pick out her features

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>According to page derived from biblia, (book)
>mfw -e (as in bible) is the grammatical marker for determined form. The equivalent of which in english would be "The".

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What's next? You're gonna tell me you play a lot of "RPG games"?

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Exept that in English, -e is not a grammatical marker. The word "the" is. Hell, in Latin, it's not even the correct marker, and in the words where it is, it dosn't translate as "the".
Go die in a fire.

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all of those faces lack the actual emotion that would be causing them, hence they come across as fake as they are.

pic related, it's her "deep hatred" face.

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Like a third of those are wrong and a lot of the descriptions don't even match up to the expression.

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oh subjectivity...
Many people are unable to get beyond their initial thought, "anchoring" their thought process. It's a documented psychological phenomenon. That's the only flaw i see in this idea: subjective interpretation of a vague emotional display than is incorrect. However, as long as you could get a new one like re captcha, you'd be fine.

PS - I tried the audio challenge. not bad. kinda fun. too bad it the told me not to use it.

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You mean like "m" isn't a word meaning "mechanical contraption" in english, whilst "machine" is?

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How about under the face there's a word bank of options to choose. Only one option is correct.

That would make this work.

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So, I didn't read the entire thread but by the look of things I'd say you all discussed things like the subjectivity of the test and how 4chan would become empty due to all the autists.

I argue that the test fails on a much, much more basic level. Quite simply a user just has to try a single emotion like sad on every single face that comes up, when one that corresponds to sad lets him through he can document it and use the refresh button to come back to that face every time.

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but full-retard aspies are the best aspies.

they help cut out the sociopaths who can read emotions.

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I show you that your analogy was horseshit, and your reply is that because it's horseshit, you're right?
The "M" in ATM means "machine".
The "e" in bible doesn't mean "the"
This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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You're really fucking grasping for straws, why can't you make a mistake? There is no fucking way of justifying that you didn't make this mistake, and there's actually a word for this kind of mistake that I can't think of right now. You use the three letters ATM in place of three words, so when you say ATM Machine you're saying Automated Teller Machine Machine. This is a fucking mistake. No matter what else you try to draw attention to, the fact you said Automated Teller Machine Machine is a mistake.

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No. Studies have shown that even the best judges of emotion can't tell much about the emotions of others. Yes it would cut out autistic people, but it would also cut out all normal people.

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>why can't you make a mistake

Meant you say why can't you ADMIT you made a mistake.

But seriously, it's not that big of a deal dude. It's not going to ruin your reputation forever to say you've made a mistake, doubly so considering you're fucking anonymous.

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it will damage his widdle babby self-esteem. He is right you are wrong BAWWW.
Also, ATM Machine guy, get out of here Nick.

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>Best judge of emotion
>can't tell the emotions of others
>>Question of how one would judge emotions without judging others
So let me get this straight. They asked people to judge their own emotions thus getting a 100% and concluded that they couldn't judge the emotions of others through mental gymnastics. Sounding pretty asspie there.

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works until a computer is given the screenshots of all the faces used.

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ATM has become divorced from Automated Teller Machine. Maybe for now it's still a "mistake" in English, but it is rapidly becoming NOT a mistake. ATM is taking on it's own meaning.

Also, OP's idea is dumb. Spambots would just guess "happy, sad, mad, etc" in order. There aren't that many basic emotions, and if you use non-basic emotions, people won't be able to pass it...

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