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Nurgle passed his eye over me and now I'm stuck in bed with the flu. In an attempt to appease him and ward away the plague daemons that are undoubtedly attracted to my sickly warp presence, I propose a Nurgle thread.

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So if everyone in my house is sick and I'm trying to make them better, does that mean I'm an agent of the EMPRAH?

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What is /tg/'s favourite Nurgle themed chapter? Death Guard are all well and good but I personally like the Cleaved. Oil-like blood dripping out of every joint? Hell yea. These guys are well known for a high pain tolerance among PLAGUE MARINES. Let that sink in a bit.

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Papa Nurgle is dissapoint.

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I could understand going after knowledge or pleasures or killing just for the fun of it all.

But disease and death? WHY?

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I just realized that /tg/ still hasn't put a Nurgle spin on the old "Son, I am dissapoint" meme.

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As I understand it, it's less about disease and death and more about deadening your nerves to take away all pain and suffering. Disease is just a means to an end. Disturbingly, grandfather Nurgle actually cares deeply about all of his followers.

But then again I'm not sure. Slaanesh devotee here. Hope the whole "no pain" thing works for you. I'm off to a BDSM orgy.

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But Papa Nurgle is never disappoint!

He loves all his children and wants them to be happy.

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After reading Fulgrim and realizing that Slaanesh is not just a crazy coked up rock and roll party all the time(sometimes it is) I've been really turned off by the idea. The way the book progresses as the Emperor's Children and their remembrancers fall deeper and deeper into corruption becomes really disturbing. I'm sure if a daemon of Slaanesh popped out of nowhere I'd be sucking it's dick in an instant because I am but a mortal, but the idea of Slaanesh is much more unappealing to me now.

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The actual followers of Nurgle don't feel the pain of the disease. In fact, they are often-times immune to the actual negative effects of the disease too. Nurgle simply wants to bring all of humanity into his warm embrace, and free them forever from the fear of pain and death.

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I agree there was something that really ate at me in that book. The worst was the end dialog between Fulgrim and the demon. I would also really like to see a book like that for the Death Guard.

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A sort of Epicurean hedonism taken to a gross extreme through absurd means, then? Not all that different from Slaanesh then, I suppose.

I find antihistamines and zanamivir are a much more effective treatment for flu than pagan germ-worship, but you do what works for you. Next year, just get the damn shot. It's not even a pain in the ass like IVs are, it's intramuscular, so there's no excuse.

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God damn. That fucks me up every time.

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Some small spoilers following. It's a good book, go read it.

Yea, when I think it started when everyone was obsessing over the xenos temple to Slaanesh. And when the painter was unsatisfied with all her colours until she mixed her blood, shit, piss, and any other bodily fluid she could use into her paints.

Slaanesh is really about every sensation, and overloading them excessively. Emperor's Children don't fuck, that's /tg/ fanwank. There was a huge orgy of blood and sex at the end of the book and the marines were just concerned that the ear-shattering music stopped for a second so they picked up some soundblasters and decided "hey! we can make our own band!"

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Flu shot? That's only for old and sick people where I live. Everyone else has to pay for it, and me being a poor-ass fucker can't afford to ditch one seventh of a month's income on not being bedridden for four days.

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I'm not going to try to defend that kind of crap, because obviously it's completely batshit. But to be fair, a lot of the knuckledraggers on those sites are just indulging in fantasies, the events don't really happen. There are some nut cases out there who really do that kind of crap, but they're much less common, much like how people who enjoy vore porn don't go out trying to force themselves down a tiger's throat; or why guro fans don't vivisect nearby children to get off.

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I laugh at your shitty country and relative poverty!

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Yeah it was just creepy how that entire scene played out.
Spoiler alert again.

Also when Horus finally speaks with "Fulgrim" I thought that it was interesting that that was the first time Horus was disturbed by what had happened to his brother.

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I did this one a while back.

You picked the same image.

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Nurgle dump commencing.

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I would post all my nurglette, but that induces mod rage. Mostly due to nipples. And the others are color inverts of kneesocks.

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Heh heh. Nurgle dump.

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Puns and innuendos.
Puns and innuendos everywhere.

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Nurgle wont take away the flu, he'l make you immune the discomfort it creates so you may spread it in his name.

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> plague judswin


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This is an avatar, but I'm not usin' it so don't shoot.

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>ak47 in fantasy

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Forgot to mention that is official art.

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Is it wrong to think that the Nurgle girl in the back is kinda cute?

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Kill it with fire.

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Kill it with pus.

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No, with fire.

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The Custodes are with you.

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Kill it with neglect.

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For every one you slay a thousand will take its place.

From your very ranks.

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Kill with blessed atomics.

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Searing the land and glassing everything is just fast forwarding the result nurgle aims for. All afflicted die eventually.

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Even sergals are of no exception.

Be sure to haunt sergalfag with this one I asked to be made.

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Fire kills everything.

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here is a little something something.

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pheremones made from disease.
Having said that, what do you think nurgle's thoughts are on STDs?

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Marriage vows.

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Last one I am allowed to dump on a blue board...

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Come on dude, it's 1 AM and the mods are probably asleep.
If not, continue on another board and link?

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What's the deal with this image? Notice how it's all grainy? I notice that all of the new images from recent books are like that. Skaven, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, all have grainy images. Did GW change the paper content?

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while I want to support your claims, we can't make exceptions. Slippery slope and all that.
We want people punished for breaking the rules, not punished for getting caught.

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You want to take porn out of /tg/, eh?
I bet you also want all the fun threads removed from /v/.

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