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How do I play a Krieg Guardsman in Dark Heresy? Enlighten me.

Pic related.

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Dig trenches.

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play guardsman, duh

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dont talk, just dig

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Always attack the enemy with complete disregard for your life. I completing your mission objective means dying, then you do so without batting an eye. Party members who balk will get shot for cowardice and heresy, and you don't shit from anyone.

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Meant "don't take shit from anyone."

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unless they're a superior officer
then you back the fuck off

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Guardsman, take some starting packages from IH, gas mask, hellgun, role-play.

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When I said "play", I mean stats.

Also, does anyone have that gun a beginning Acolyte could get that was ridiculously overpowered but really cheap

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A lasgun

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Dug up some relevant copypasta:

Okay okay. Imagine WWI, right? In the future. Now hold on, I'm getting somewhere with this. In this future WWI, there are Orks and Elves and such. Right? Now imagine these Elves being PSYCHIC SPACE GYPSIES and the Orks being SCOTTISH MARAUDERS.

Okay, so you got this in your head? Right? Right? Well hold on, this is where it gets crazy. Instead of using FUCKING SPACE SHIPS to do stuff. They send these guys to ground. Yes. To fight MONSTERS FROM OUTER SPACE.

Now hold up. I'm going somewhere with this. Now imagine Jesus as their lord, and Hitler being their commander. He orders them to DIG IN. So they do right? SO THEY DO.







But wait, there is more!

These guys aren't content with digging in and holding their ground. OH NO. They dig EVERYWHERE. See that mountain? THEY’RE IN IT. IT’S A FORTRESS OF TUNNELS. DWARVES ARE SCARED. THEY KNOW WHATS IN THERE. FUCKING DWARVES.

So, they go everywhere, and fuck shit up. Digging in. Digging around. Digging through. You catch them digging? They cave your skull in with a shovel. FUCK. YEAH.

Alright, now hold on, I'm going somewhere with this entire thing.

Now, the logistics and networking of these tunnels and overlapping breastworks would be a NIGHTMARE. Tzeentch spits tea out every time he sees a Krieger. He knows he's met his match in madness. So, these guys have a specialized bunch of dudes, who are SO GOOD AT DIGGING. SO GOOD. THAT THEY CAN CALL THEMSELVES ENGINEERS. IN A FUCKING ARMY OF CLONES.




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>Also, does anyone have that gun a beginning Acolyte could get that was ridiculously overpowered but really cheap
Poor quality weapons. Half-price, one step more available. Your starting money can be used to buy something huge and unreliable.

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Kriegers have executed Commisars for cowardice before.

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I guess you only use a kreig to commander kriegers then.

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And then the GM makes it explode when you really don't want it to explode, or the Psyker makes the machine spirit pissy, or other lolfuckedover situations.

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Read it.

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Don't forget that it should be autofire

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That's /tg/ fluff.

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No, Commissars Execute Kriegers for heedlessly charging and wasting bodies.

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So buy a gasmask, and a shovel. Make up a Talent to use said shovel as a melee weapon.

Do Kriegs use flamers? What about gas?

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Drop your fellowship as low as possible. AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.
Your WS with strength is your primary. Beat their heads in with an entrenchment tool. Bayonet them. Club them with the butt of your hellgun.
BS secondary.
WP and Logic should be good. You're a tough motherfucker, and you blow shit up. That's what happens.

Use grenades and explosives. All the time anytime.

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I'm not sure if they're fond of gas after destroying their entire planet in a civil war, on the other hand, they're also possibly too loyal to give a damn.

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Yeah, they use flamers. They're excellent for trench warfare. Look up the hand flamers called "Destroyers". That, or just use a Heavy Flamer. It's what you use when you're fucking people up.

Longcoat on top of guard issue armor. Gas mask. Helmet. All day every day.

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Helmet is like a Pickelhaube too not a a cadian helmet.

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With less fellowship than a techpriest.

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Gas? Shit yeah, they use chemical weaponry. War crimes? There is no crime you can commit against the traitor or the heretic. Use hallucinogen grenades. Fuck heretics. Acquire Faith in the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind.

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Do Krieger actually talk?
In the Love and Krieg write faggotry the Krieg girlfriend was silent as fuck.

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Funny, that's how I play chemist in Space Station 13

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I played a Krieger once. I managed to convince the GM that digging a tunnel is just like digging a trench, but SIDEWAYS. I used this to actually dig through a collapsed corridor in a space hulk. My shovel broke (only after I'd completed the tunnel through the chunks of plasteel). I played the character as normal, but slipped just a little bit of despair into my tone every time I spoke. Every supply cupboard we passed was checked for a new shovel.

Eventually, we were attacked by some Chaos-corrupted creatures of some sort, I forget what. But there were three of them, two much larger than the other. I set up my position away from the rest of the party, behind better cover. The two big ones legged it at me, leaving the little one to go for everyone else. I took a serious blow, and was almost certainly going to die. I pulled one of the krak grenades from my belt, pulled the pin and threw it at the ground so hard I actually lodged it in the deck (critted the roll).

It went off with disappointing results - one was stunned, the other took some damage. Until someone else pointed out the other grenades would have gone off too. Another krak and a frag. Foom. I died, but I saved the rest of the party.

Aww yeah. That's how you kill a Krieger.

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Only when necessary. Usually to answer questions n shit like that

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My krieger character started of normal
then he got a personality and it got crazy from there

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Looking at it, Mind-Cleansed Guardsman seems to fit best. Thoughts?

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Bump for Kriegy goodness.

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I did a search on the thread and found 0 references for "clone".


I am proud.

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I don't get it.

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some mention in the fluff is that Krieg has access to perfected clone vats, and that is how they make so many IG and were able to out fight a waaagh, or was it a hive fleet?

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/tg/ took a cantina rumor amongst non-Krieg guardsmen that the Krieg were clones and utilizing forbidden technology to bolster their numbers, and that this was why they always wore their masks.

Despite how retarded and Star Wars-y the clone idea was, a huge chunk of /tg/ seemed to love it, and ran with it.

Then there was a bunch of butthurt and nerdrage when a novel ABOUT Krieg confirmed that this was not, in fact, true.

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"It should be noted that Krieg raises an unusually large number of regiments for a devastated planet. This is attributed to the use of the "Vitae Womb" birthing technique, which Krieg has been granted special dispensation to use as the result of their famous steel, determination and unswerving loyalty to the Emperor. Use of this technique is largely unknown and generally seen as dangerous and abhorrent by the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis."

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Outdated and erroneous Lexicanum (which is the wikipedia of 40k, only with even more heresay) entry.

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That... Makes sense, if you think about it.

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Sigh... here we go again.

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That doesn't sound like "clones" though, just an artificial womb with artificial insemination.

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So for a Krieger, what Homeworld?

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I really want to debate this with you, but I just realized that I only have the Apocalypse Imperial Armour books.

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/tg/ still assumed that all of Krieg's army was a bunch of clones and made it part of /tg/ fluff, which normally I like but I think the clone shit is just retarded. It totally peels away the "doomed humanity holding the line" aspect of the Guard.

Anyone that's watched the Red Letter Media review of Episode III knows what I'm talking about.


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Imperial World, War Zone?

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personally, I think it is more like test tube babies. I get this image of the all in glass vessels, the parents looking at the batches of babies, knowing only perhaps 1 out of 10 will live and that they only get to choose one from the entire batch to raise as their own. When the Kriegs die, if their bodies are reclaimed, they are cremated and their ashes interred in the same glass vessel they gestated in.

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Could also be considered a Death World since the whole planet is basically a nuclear wasteland.

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They actually called a planet "war" in german?

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This is Warhammer 40k. Why are you surprised?

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There's a Planet in a perpetual state of war named Armageddon, why would you expect anything less?

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>knowing only perhaps 1 out of 10 will live

Those are worse odds than we have today. And this process is trying to mass produce soldiers.

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I'm rather fond of the idea of Krieg as clones. The technology is present in the setting and the explanation makes sense. I don't see why it's really that retarded.

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you dont, you play rogue trader instead

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They're not "clones".

They're grown in nats or whatever they are called though.

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Because unless you're a Space Marine player, everyone thinks clone armies are retarded.

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In DH I remember them describing Dead Worlds as more like barren asteroids and such, but considering there's not stat change, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

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I didn't mean live as in grow up, I meant live as in not get killed fighting in the IG, though they ARE in a post-apocalyptic irradiated death planet constantly in a state of war, so it would make sense that their odds would be low.

In fact they might have HAD to use the metal womb tech to reproduce since babies born the natural way are all mutated or miscarry.

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Why? How is it anymore retarded than the IG as a whole?

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>me, my self, and i

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>doesn't understand the point of the IG
>expects to argue that a clone army isn't a retarded idea with "why is it retarded"

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Ladies and gentlemen, Space Marine fans.

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death worlds are different from dead worlds, dead worlds are world barren of life, death worlds are worlds filled with life that wants to kill anything humanoid.

A deathworld in the broader sense is any planet that is lethal to unprotected humans via plant or animal life or any atmospheric anomaly.

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There is no point to IG aside from providing an army that's suitable for a metal song. That's the point of 40k in general. I really don't see how this even remotely detracts from anything in 40k.

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Sure is badwrongfun in here.

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Ah, sorry, misread, disregard what I said, I suck cocks etc.

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Death Worlds are for RT, I thought.

What book are they for DH?

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>There is no point to IG aside from providing an army that's suitable for a metal song. That's the point of 40k in general. I really don't see how this even remotely detracts from anything in 40k.
You're an idiot, IG are the "normal man" fighting army.

In a universe of power armor, monsters, super soldiers, Daemons, and bigger and stronger hordes, the IG are the normal guy armed with a flashlight.

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How is it retarded? In a war like 40k, you want as many troops as possible as quickly as possible. Also, you want them to be as suited for fighting as possible. Find some good soldiers and clone them.

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I'm going to humor you because in my imagination based off of one line of text, you're a nice, naive kid.

The Imperial Guard appeal to different sorts of people for different sorts of reasons, but the most common reasons are "They're closer to a real military force than Space Marines", "I'm a history/real warfare enthusiast that finds them to serve as a nice outlet for my love of anachronistic uniforms and dated tank designs", and "they're humans doing their best while being severely outclassed by everything, as opposed to human offshoots doing their best while severely outclassing everything".

Basically, if you make Krieg into clones, you remove the "humanity" aspect of them because these aren't just humans with families and lives and hopes and dreams thrown into a savage meatgrinder by the millions... their utterly disposable simulacrums of humans.

Hence, while not EVERYONE would give a shit, those that like the Guard for being what they are... ie, "just human", would give a shit.

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Really? Because last I checked, the IG are quite varied, with many varieties that really don't qualify as normal. Unless you count the mutant rambos of Catachan as normal. The idea that IG are somehow meant to be a "normal guy" army is /tg/ wank.

>> No.13795243

>ou want them to be as suited for fighting as possible
>Find some good soldiers and clone them
Like the primarchs, amirite?

>> No.13795249

Then play a different variety of guard. It's a big universe.

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The Emperor would be a better pick.

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>missed the point
>missed the point
>missed the po-
You know what? Just, fuck it.

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>Look sir, people that disagree with me.


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What you're not understanding, is that there are a million different flavors of Guard, everything from Elite Airborne soldiers to Regiments of Rambo-like badasses, to Space Muslims that specialize in CAVALRY RAIDS.

Let a guy imagine that his favorite army is needed in such desperation that they have to use cloning vats to raise their numbers to substantial proportions. It's not that big of a stretch.

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Exactly. Only, don't clone them 1 million times. Clone them several hundred million times each.

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There is no fucking point. Your perception of what you want IG to be is not the only possible perception.

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>Really? Because last I checked, the IG are quite varied, with many varieties that really don't qualify as normal. Unless you count the mutant rambos of Catachan as normal. The idea that IG are somehow meant to be a "normal guy" army is /tg/ wank.
Oh really, cause the Imperial guard codex says, and I quote:

"The soldiers of the Imperial Guard are but normal men facing a galaxy of superhuman warriors and lethal alien predators."

Page 3, Paragraph 2

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It's generally been proven that anyone that prefers the Star Wars prequels to the original trilogy is a mouthbreathing moron that is easily impressed by shiny things and flashing lights.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, you try and figure it out.

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They are not CLONES they use womb tech to boost their numbers.

>> No.13795297

So men that are as tough and strong as space marines are normal now?

I detest starwars period. It's nearly as unoriginal and derivative as 40k, but it plays it with a straight face.

>> No.13795299

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that nowhere does it say "Imperial Guard are clones of the most skilled soldier to come from their respective planets".

Hence I'd say my perception is a little closer to the mark than yours.

Sure, you can run a Kroot army as "counts as Imperial Guard", but would that make it a valid representation of what all the canon regiments represent in 40k?


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That's not relevant to my point bro.

>> No.13795301

OP here, what the fuck happened.

Are there Death World rules for DH?

>> No.13795306

How so? Kroot could easily represent a regiment from a savage world.

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>So men that are as tough and strong as space marines are normal now?
You're spouting fan wank.

>> No.13795312

You're an idiot. Chaos is the sorcery army.

In a universe of power armor, monsters, super soldiers, normal humans, and bigger and stronger hordes, Chaos Daemons are the glass cannons.

>> No.13795314

Reading comprehension. Learn it, love it.

>> No.13795318

Man, I still find 40k fans to be the funniest motherfuckers on the planet. Whenever someone starts criticizing the retarded aspects of their setting, they immediately start yammering on about how big a setting it is and how ANYTHING could exist in there. But the second someone proposes anything that goes against what they want the setting to be, they promptly flip their shit.

>> No.13795319

I actually thought the clone bit was mentioned in the Imperial Armour books, I'm too lazy to acquire the books to actually look them up of course, but that's what I always assumed the Clone thing came from.

>> No.13795320

I think Imperial world covers death/dead worlds, which is pretty cool imo, and should work with your idea of a Krieger, OP.

Also these people don't realize what cloning is and what a birth-boosting machine is.

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Really, because catachan do have stats at space marine level.

>> No.13795327

Catachans have the same S and T as normal humans.

Just because they're modeled with more muscles doesn't mean they break the "superhuman" barrier.

>> No.13795329


40k is satire. It's not supposed to be original.

Also, men the size of space marines are quite common, as are those who are as strong. For instance, anyone from a high gravity world will be as strong as your average space marine, and quite a few forge dregs get to be their size naturally. Then there's muscle grafts and growth stims...

>> No.13795333

>unoriginal and derivative

Hey now. Don't be that guy. Being derivative is not a bad thing. There's nothing new under the sun.

>> No.13795343

If Krieg can be clones with prohibited archeotech I don't see why Space Marines can't be women with prohibited archeotech.

>> No.13795346

Starwars plays it in a particularly obvious fashion while putting absolutely no interesting spin on it.

>> No.13795349

>Really, because catachan do have stats at space marine level.
No they don't.

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I really don't see why space marines can't be women. It's not like it's hard science backing the idea that they can't. Just the bullshit of some writer. It's not exactly holy writ that needs to be defended.

>> No.13795361

I think in the feral world background there is a deathworld, it doesn't change any of the numbers, but it is a background.

>> No.13795364

Yeah, what makes the marines exceptional is the SUM OF ALL THEIR PARTS.

Their toughness, their equipment, their training, their implants, their strength, etc.

It all comes together to make a Space Marine.

Can you get people that live longer? Yes. Stronger? Definitely. Faster/as skilled/as well-equipped? All yes.

All of these at the same time?

Not bloody likely.

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Here's the stats in the DH corebook. Dead Worlds and War Zones are included under "Imperial Worlds"

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Just accept it for fucks sake.

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>> No.13795397

There's a difference there. Orks are genderless as their very nature. Space marines are just fucking humans with some implants.

>> No.13795399


>> No.13795402

Aren't the ork fungus?

>halp mourgy

>> No.13795403

Well, women do tend to produce fewer natural steroids, have worse cardiovascular systems and worse spatial awareness. Of course, most men tend not to have two hearts.

>> No.13795406

Just wondering, do you have a problem with male Adepta Sororitas?

>> No.13795411



>> No.13795414

I have a problem with adepta sororitas.

>> No.13795418

The Emperor wasn't white, that's for sure.

PS - making up a highly exaggerated and laughably improbable scenario to belittle a much more believable one, contrary to what you may have picked up from comedy flicks, is not a valid way to argue a point.

>> No.13795420

If I'd make a Krieger though, I'd probably go with the Schola Progenium homeworld from Inquisitor's Handbook, but personally I think that or Imperial World would do likewise good, but if you want to stick to a more fluff-level homeworld, I suppose Imperial World makes more sense. Perhaps discuss the situation with your DM to give you more Kreiglike stats and flaws and so on.

>> No.13795421

Normal Catachans don't have Space Marine stats.

Gunnery Sergeant Harker however does have Space Marine strength, Feel No Pain and is strong enough to both be Relentless with his heavy bolter *and* fluffwise strong enough to snap a Ravener's spine with his bare hands. That's an example of Space Marine strength from an unaugmented Catachan.

Colonel Straken is much stronger than a Space Marine, as tough, and has performed feats like strangling a Chaos Lord and dragging a Warboss into the path of a rampaging squiggoth, and surviving the stomping while the Warboss did not. However, he's the "man of adamantium", and augmented Marines like Cassius and Vaylund Cal equal him in ridiculous statlines.

>> No.13795422

Female warrior monks is hardly a ridiculous antic.

>> No.13795427

Adepta Sororitas = / = Space Marines.

They shouldn't even be in the argument.

Space Marines are MARINES. Only one chapter even really acts like a group of monks. The rest are meant to be an intentional secular organization of warriors based on knights...

And funnily enough, there were militant orders with female knights.

>> No.13795429

I think you mean the Space Wolves.

>> No.13795432

Women have wombs.

They´re in the way for the extra implants.

That´s WHY.jpg

>> No.13795449

Men have dicks.

They´re in the way for the extra implants.

That´s WHY.jpg

>inb4 dicks aren't inside you

>> No.13795450

In a world where thousands upon thousands of humans die daily I believe its better to have more woman ready to have children then out shooting xenos.

>> No.13795457

Babies aren't born in people in 40k.

>> No.13795462

Most of the worlds in the Imperium wont see any of the major warfronts for thousands of years.

>> No.13795470

Also billions die daily, not thousands.

But billions more are born daily.

>> No.13795472

As far as I can tell, Marines are kind of bodged together Primarch clones, and in turn the Primarchs were supersized partial EMPRAH clones.

Everything is thus based on the EMPRAH's male physiology and DNA, and can only be implanted safely into males.

>> No.13795478

GAH, How many times does this come up?

Games Workshop did not include female space marines, because when the game originally came out the space marines basically looked like steroid abusing bikers.
GW wanted to avoid the muscle girl image so as to avoid negative publicity.

How hard is this concept to grasp? They spelled this out in an interview!

>> No.13795481

And yet Imperial dogma totally disagrees!

Funny how you're just one guy with an opinion that doesn't match up with fluff, huh?

>> No.13795482


The Space Marines were a "FUCK! Lost the Primarchs, can't make more....I KNOW!" with the Emperor getting the left over crap from making the primarchs and stuffing it into a bunch of guys. Thus space marines were created.

They eventually replaced his old set of genetically engineered goons as the results were superior.

>> No.13795486

If only they knew how many nerds like strong women.

Also I never got the impression from official art that Marines were supposed to be bodybuilders. They look like normal, fit humans that are just bigger. This is how they've been illustrated out of armor since Rogue Trader.

>> No.13795490

Well I was going to say that if someone had a problem with male SoBs because of the whole "no men at arms" loophole that led to their foundation, that's as valid an in-universe explanation to abide by as "space marine augmentations do not work on women".

>> No.13795493

>implying that small amount of tubing can compare with the womb, as well as the mammary glands.

>> No.13795494

>GW didn't want to release butch biker bitches.
>That's exactly the words to describe all their female models.

>> No.13795496

That makes no sense.

You can make a female clone from male DNA.

>> No.13795500

Lack of bodies is the least of Imperium's concerns.

The limiting factor in Imperium's war machine is and has always been logistics. You can have a hive word with 300 billion people, but warp-capable transports and equipment necessary to create functional regiments are what decides the limits the number of guardsmen it can produce.

The rest who want to join the military are given stubbers and put into the world's PDF, never seeing off-world action.

>> No.13795515

Let me give you a different perspective.
600 years ago, females were considered "inferior" to men. That was history and that's how it'll always be. Now WH40k is medieval times in space/future. There, nuns have to fight for their purty and men have to fight, well, because they just happened to be chosen. Also, because their leader (Jesus, Emperor, w/e) was man. Now it's known that Jesus was alive, but it is a mystery if he ever did his miracles. Now, note this fact too that Jesus was also a man, which gives the males of our past and even today society a slight edge on the matters of authority since back in the days when these stories were created everyone were Misogynists. And that idea has carried on to the modern day and to the future.

Now we aren't misogynists and I doubt the creators were too, but I have a feeling they wanted the 'grimdark' feeling of the medieval times to take place in the future. That includes the misogynism.
Now carry on and an hero yourself.

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>Small amount of tubing.
Maybe on you son.

>> No.13795527


>want to join the military




>implying Imperial forces are not conscripts.

>> No.13795536

Cool story, Misogynist.

>> No.13795538

>Implying that it isn't canonically stated that Imperium is all too happy to have women as soldiers.

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>it is a mystery if he ever did his miracles.

Mystery solved.

>> No.13795547

Nice comeback. I think you're in the wrong board. Or in the wrong site.

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People who argue "women shouldn't be in the IG because it's much more necessary for them to be birthing babies" are fucking retarded. Do they even realize a majority of Guard regiments are only made up of a mere TENTH of what a world can provide? They literally tithe their people. There are MORE THAN ENOUGH BODIES FOR THE WAR MACHINE ALREADY.

This is why ALL humans are a disposable resource.

I think the only exceptions to this are Cadia, Catachan, and Krieg.

This is because their worlds REALLY SUCK.

And in those cases the women fight anyway, because literally everyone there is a fucking soldier.

>> No.13795549

The imperium is to utilitarian to be sexist. They send children out fight, some women wants to enlist? No one cares.

>> No.13795550

>>implying Imperial forces are not conscripts.
They aren't.

Conscripts are a completely different unit type with lower stats.

And Kriegers are volunteers in an attempt to atone for their people's past mistakes.

>> No.13795551
File: 488 KB, 1313x1750, heinrik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm actually playing one. Despite the assumption that Kriegers have no personalities, it's his emotionally vacant, no-nonsense demeanor that has gotten the party into some hilarious shenanigans and great RP moments. I've tried playing the Krieger spyche to a T, which meant a lot of tanking and crazy shit with a high chance of death, only for the dice gods to keep that stubborn bastard alive. In fact, he's outlived most of his original party. Emperorspeed on your gasmask-filled endeavors.

>> No.13795560

>Say "now an hero"
>Accuse someone else of being on wrong board.
/b/tards are adorable.

>> No.13795563

Everything you just said?

Total bullshit.

Try reading up on the setting instead of transplanting your Gorean fantasies into my 40k, asshole.

>> No.13795569

Don't many of the hive worlds have too many people as it is and that is why they ship people out? Culling the population so the system doesn't fall apart.

>> No.13795574

>Death corps of Kreig, taken from chapter approved
>Iron dicipline
>Hereditary Officers
>Hate of Heretics (they destryed there world for it)

>> No.13795580

Last I checked this wasn't the He-Man Woman Haters Club Online Forum.

>> No.13795583

Are you fucking retarded?

>balls not needed to survive

>entire fucking womb not needed to survive

I hope you like derping while you're herping.

>> No.13795584


Guard regiments are pulled from the PDF and general populace. Munitorium shows up, demands X amount of regiments equipped and manned, planetary governor pulls a bunch out of the PDF and then does a general conscription spree to pad the numbers so the world doesn't have most of its PDF taken away. After that the conscripts are trained en route to the battlefield by the PDF forces and any guard instructors who may happen to be there.

Conscripts in the boardgame sense are more likely to be people who haven't been trained yet.

>> No.13795592

The idea that the guard is just average men all the time is wrong, you have battalions of super drug hopped up freaks, gland warriors, cyborgs and clones of the greatest imperial heroes running around too.

>> No.13795601

Except they're not.

Being in the Guard is a noble profession for many, many Emperor fearing worlds and if they find out you're shystering them on able bodies they just might initiate a hostile change of head honchos.

A good number of Guard regiments are made up only of the BEST OF THE BEST but then results DO vary from world to world.

>> No.13795603

>Implying womb is necessary.
I have a three step plan for you.

1) Google "Hysterectomy: Surgical removal of the uterus"
2) Read.
3) Feel fucking stupid.

>> No.13795604

They're not taken from the general populace, only in dire cases.

They're always taken from the PDF, and the tithe is always smaller than the PDF size.

Seeing the Guardsman tithes scared me.

The Imperium is not so grimdark after all. And at this rate, the Imperium can keep sending Guardsmen around for a looooong looooooooong time.

>> No.13795617

PDF is a standing army of a planet.

>> No.13795618

Techpriests tend to replace lots of their "survival necessary" parts with more efficient machinery.

>implying a woman can't because damn do we really need another babymaker in a universe of untold numbers

>> No.13795622


It depends on the writer really. Sometimes in guard novels it's referenced that there's a draft in response to a call for troops and other times it's just said they're all former PDF

>> No.13795626

I don't need to google it because I know you're a shitty troll who wants everyone to stop having BADFUN because WORHOMMOR IS DOMB SHOT FOR STOOPOD BROTS!

>> No.13795632

Unless the entire world is engulfed by Chaos, devoured by Nids, stripped of life by Necrons, made Orky, etc.

>> No.13795641

... you got all that from the guy knowing more about human biology and medical science than you?

>> No.13795650

I don't personally interpret the "Vitae Womb" cloning thing like Star Wars clone troops, like being grown in the thousands or millions from a single DNA source, or being combat ready and fully grown at like age 10, and shit.

I personally picture it meaning that everyone is grown in-vitro, and fertility shit is used so all pregnancies produce a lot of twins. It's probably necessary to grow them in test tubes since all the radiation would make crazy amounts of miscarriages or something. So they're not produced as assembly-line clones for the sole purpose of being killed, but a step below that. They are born and grow at a normal rate and live a normal life–just that a "normal life" for a Krieger means they will wind up fighting. So basically their lives would be no less normal than anyone from a war-zone planet (oh, and also any planet where everyone is stoic and wears a gas-mask).

>> No.13795654

Men: instant ready for Space Marine initiation
Women: need additional surgery before Space Marine initiation as well as artificially changed hormone levels

>herpaderp im an animefaggot and i want my gayass loli characters with retardedly huge guns

Go watch Fist of the North Star, and grow up kid.

>> No.13795655

How did you stat him?

>> No.13795659

This sounds a lot cooler and more interesting than


>> No.13795666

Chaos fully enables him to have his gayass loli characters with retardedly huge guns, stop hassling the guy.

>> No.13795697

>Fist of the North Star
>guys running around shirtless, punching people into bloodsplosions
>one-dimensional characters with one-dimensional plot
>eye candy token female fighting with yo-yos
>imply he'll grow up by watching it
Is that what you've been lying to yourself with all these years?

>> No.13795717
File: 13 KB, 234x282, mjq0zp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking women and wanting to see more of them in a setting you enjoy is "gay"

>> No.13795725
File: 93 KB, 496x602, 1296157899406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread started off so well...

>> No.13795745

- Not when there played by men
- Not when there animae fakewomen.

>> No.13795751

>liking women
>huge things in body-encasing armour with no distinguishable features with huge guns killing things
>implying that's female

Yeah, if you have a gun fetish, /k/ can cater to that wish.

>> No.13795762 [DELETED] 

Nigga you gay.

>> No.13795782

...and I still don't know how to stat a Krieg.

>> No.13795806
File: 28 KB, 500x375, candy wrapper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You trollin.

>> No.13795832


>> No.13795868

Hang on. This makes sense. Because Krieg is a radioactive shithole, then ideally you'd want your soldiers kept as far away from it as possible. Hence the Vitae-Wombs, eliminating the chance of direct biological contact.
But after a while, the population adapts to this clean life, and can't sustain out of it.
Oh shit, I think I just made Kriegers trench fighting Quarians.

>> No.13795970

When they do talk (which is rare) would they be audible? Or would it be like Pyro?

And do they ALWAYS wear the mask? In "Love & Krieg" they don't.

>> No.13796011

I always imagined it would be like talking through a radio, or through a gasmask, ala the Helghast. Look up some vids on youtube, they might have ideas

>> No.13796038

shall we archive this?

>> No.13796041
File: 150 KB, 1280x1024, 1273427163374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

join chaos
be a female space marine

>> No.13796106

Please don't. I don't want my lasting contribution to sup/tg/ to be proving Kriegers are badass trench obessed Quarians

>> No.13796137
File: 54 KB, 428x600, 1295643142206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God fucking damnit /tg/ why are you so easily trolled, it's quite simple, I know we've been through this but here we go again I guess.

Step 1: See the troll - there is the troll, oh my... now that's not right.

Step 2: Think about replying - someone is wrong, ON THE INTERNET, I should do something

Step 3: Realise that's stupid - because I remembered the next step

Step 4: Don't feed the troll - no seriously, DON'T FEED THE TROLL

Also regardless of how they make this shit up, be it clones or mechanical lady parts, it's the end result which is awesome, and thus, UNIMPORTANT. Shall we continue discussing Krieg in DH?

>> No.13796143

Someone kind of did that in Storm of Iron.

>> No.13796157

But you didn't. You suggested they were.

I think you're wrong, by the way. You suggested they would keep children away from the outside, but that wouldn't stop person to person contact. Hence, diseases could still spread.

>> No.13796168

Man, you'd think that considering how much /tg/ loves Krieg (hell, so do I!), there would be Krieg players out the wazoo!

>> No.13796169

Indeed, we shall.
OP, your first port of call should be a lasgun with a bayonet. This is absolutely mandatory. Perhaps more so than the shovel.

>> No.13796191

But all Kriegers wear the masks at all, as a matter of normality.
In fact, can someone who has read Dead Men Walking tell us if Kriegers do take off their masks in that?

>> No.13796225

Kriegers can take their masks off, they're just so used to wearing them that they usually don't.

>> No.13796233

Then they would never be exposed to poisonous gasses.

Like you.

>> No.13796261

I think they mainly talk trough their gasmask (like Pyro) and via micro-beads. If and when they take their mask off (and yes, even when wearing them) they aren't socially impaired nor are they anyway different than what you might think a soldier of that time is. They talk, chit-chat, joke just like all of us. It isn't anywhere in the fluff said that they are impaired in the skills of fellowship.

Also ofcourse they take their mask off. Every human needs to maintain their hygienie every now and then. There is a point where human can withstand the dirt and gravel but after that we have to wash.
Also as I said before they most likely will be social since human nature is oriented towards being social. Maybe then they might take their helmets and gasmasks off, even if they are extremely paranoid and careful about that.

>> No.13796269

what is the difference between Kriegers and Armageddonians? Like, they both wear gas masks, trenchcoats and are gray germans from WWI and brown WWII respectively, but whats the differences in personality? I'd assume the Steel Legionaries would be more Blitzkrieg-esque, but what could their personality be when the Imperium in general is already pretty nazi-esque.

>> No.13796273

>It isn't anywhere in the fluff said that they are impaired in the skills of fellowship.
Except that they're the Death Death of Death and their modus operandi is that they're hardcore motherfuckers who do nothing but prepare themselves to die in service to the emperor and they're all faceless semi-clones who blah blah blah the DKoK are the worst.

>> No.13796286

Dead Men Walking says otherwise. It actually explicitly says that they rarely ever talk to one another, make friends or do anything but exercise and train for the next deployment. The commissar describes them as an "army of strangers" or something like that. The most emotion he ever saw form his company was them murmuring amongst each other when presented with a relic of one of Colonel Jurten's bones. And that was an extreme case.

>> No.13796307

>they most likely will be social since human nature is oriented towards being social.


>> No.13796311

I always thought the colonel had set up the hostage situation to kill that Commissar off.

>> No.13796321

The Kriegers are absolutely serious, no-nonsense, complete hardline cold as ice troopers, willing to anything and everything for victory. In Imperial Armour they were ordered to engage the enemy with a battle plan of trading casualities two for one for twelve years, and they did it without question.
Armageddon legionnaires on the other hand tend to be well trained PDF elite, or barely trained but experienced hive gangers

>> No.13796329

It was his last mission. Either way, he would have been rid of him the next day.

>> No.13796338

I had talked about that with a GW selled and yeah, you're right, slipped my mind that one

>> No.13796353

Maybe thats because he's a Commissar? Commissars attached to the Krieg are trained to act as moderating elements on their command structure, not a control element for the troops.
And he's an outsider. For people who live most of their lives behind masks, a man walking among you without one would be weird.

>> No.13796359

What does that have to do with whether or not Krigers chit-chat?

>> No.13796382

Before we start messing with crunch, let's take a moment to begin by covering Kriegers in general. If you haven't read Dead Men Walking, you should. If you have, you can skip this part.
Kriegers have little-to-no sense of individuality. They are tools. They are willing to do anything in oder to atone for the sins of their ancestors, and attempt to reach perfection in order to do so. That means following regulation and order to the letter. That means sacrificing yourself for a small advantage for your comrades. That means holding the line. That does not mean recklessly throwing your life away. That would be a waste. You need to die in the service of the Emperor. Your death must have meaning. Otherwise, you are doing nothing more than spitting in the Emperor's face.
As a Krieger, you must follow some simple guidelines: Rarely, if ever, should you speak. Instead, hand signals, nodding, and saluting are your main methods of communication. Always wear your gasmask. Always.

To make our Kriger, let's start with the Dark Heresy Core, at the suggested 400xp, then take a look at the Inquisitor's Handbook for some Advanced Character Creation options. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the equipment we have, and how we can suppliment it with more Krieg-like gear.T

>> No.13796384

No, they were born fine, just not FAST ENOUGH,

>> No.13796396

First off, Homeworld. Feral World seems to best approximate the harsh living conditions of Krieg, but someone earlier pointed out that Imperial World includes War Worlds and Dead Worlds, and I noticed that the Feral Worlder traits don't really fit what we're trying to do here. So we're going to go with Imperial World. That will give us the following starting stats (to which you will need to add 2d10):
[WS]: 20 {Med-Low Priority}
[BS]: 20 {High Priority}
[S]: 20 {Low Prioity}
[T]: 20 {Med-High Priority}
[Ag]: 20 {Med-Low Prioity}
[Int]: 20 {Low Prioity}
[Per]: 20 {Med-Low Priority}
[WP]: 20 {Med Prioity}
[Fel]: 20 {Lowest Prioity Ever}

We'll also be starting with the following Traits for that homeworld:
Blessed Ignorance (-5 to Forbiddon Lore tests.)
Hagiography (Common Lores (Imperium, Imperial Creed, War) are all treated as basic skills. This does not mean that you have them.)
Litigurical Familiarity (The above, but for Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic).)
Superior Origins (WP+3)

>> No.13796405

Regiments in general don't trust commissars. Insular ones like the Krieg doubly so. I'm not saying that they talk all the time when no one is around, but maybe just talk a bit more

>> No.13796418

Next, the Career Path. Obviously, we will be making a Guardsman. That means we have Starting Rank: Conscript, along with:
[Starting Skills]:
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag) {Chosen over Swim.}

[Starting Talents]:
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapons Training (Las)
Basic Weapons Training (Las)
Basic Weapons Training (SP)

[Starting Gear]:
Sword/Axe/Hammer {Get the axe, it's worth the most when you sell it.}
Las pistol, 1 charge pack
Lasgun, 1 charge pack
Guard Flak Armor
1 week Rations
Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
Starting Wealth: 1d10+70

Now, for the rest of our character attributes:
Wounds: 1d5+9
Fate Points: 1d10 - if it's 5 or above, you get 2, otehrwise just 1.
Monthly Income: 50 throne
I'll let you figure out how to use the gender/age/appearence tables on your own.
You can either roll your own Imperial Divination, or use "The only true fear is dying with your duty not done." Which increases your wounds by 2, and seems very Krieg-ish to me.

>> No.13796420

He had been with the company for 30 years!! And this is backed up by several characters throughout the book. I'm sorry man, but Kriegers are not the chit-chatty type. Hard barely even have individual personalities. It's basically an army of Kurt Russels when he was in the movie Soldier.

>> No.13796435

Now we get to start spending experience and money. As for Advances, I would suggest BS+5, Sound Constitutionx2, and Awareness, each at 100 XP - leaving you with 0 XP left.

If you're playing in a more advanced game, your GM might let you look at the Inquisitor's Handbook, sell back your starting gear, start with extra XP, etc. So first, lets look at some of the advanced career options of the Inquisitor's Handbook. Guardsmen have three possible background packages.
First, the Mara Landing Massacre. At 300 XP, it's kind of expensive, and other than the possible role-playing fluff, grants little that could be seen as beneficial to our little Krieger. Moreover, it doesn't really fit the feel of a Krieger very well.
Next, the Soldier of the Margin Crusade. 200 XP is a bit more affordable, but is still stretching our experiece wallet a bit. The fluff is decent, and the effects fit nicely with the Krieger theme, especially that Unshakable Faith talent.
Lastly, the Tranch War Veteran. 100 XP may be a bargin, and as useful as Search and Light Sleeper could be, the fluff just makes this one undesireable for our purposes, as far as I see.
So let's go with the Margin Crusade.
-200 XP {300 remaining}
Toughness -3
Awareness (Per) {This means you won't have to buy it.}
Survival (Int) {A very Krieg-ish skill.}
Unshakable Faith {This is the most Krieger trait, ever, and well worth the XP.}

Now that we've spent 300 Xp, let's spend the remainder. I suggest BS+5, and Sound Constitution.
Now that we've spent our experience, we should look ahead to see what looks good in the next character rank tier. I personally like Heavy Weapons Training, but you might consider going after more Sound Constitutions, especially if you rolled poorly for wounds.

>> No.13796442

I never said they were chatty. Your post seemed to be saying Kriegers never said anything at all apart from giving directions to fight in. My bad for reading the post wrong I guess

>> No.13796457

Now that we've got our experience squared away, it's time for us to look at equipment. We already have:
Guard Flak Armor.
1 Basic Charge Pack
Uplifting Primer
1 Week Rations
We're going to hold onto that, sell everything else, and buy:
Gasmask - 25 Throne
Backpack - 10 Throne
Microbead - 20 Throne {Even if you're not a jabbermouth, microbeads are priceless.}
That's 55 throne out of our initial 1d10+70 spent. So let's assume we have ~20 throne left. If you can sell the lasgun, laspistol and laspistol chargepack, and axe (worth the most, of the three melee weapon starting options), you should be able to get 175 throne. Still 5 short of our precious hellgun. Sell the knife to make up the difference.
Now you can add Hellgun to your armory. Spend your next 20 throne on a Basic Melee Attachment (i.e. a goddamn bayonette). If you want, you could forget the microbead in favor of a metal stabby for your gun (counts as spear) - it depends on how your GM runs things, and how your group plays.

And that's how you make a Krieger in DH.

/touhoufag attempt

>> No.13796464

"Soldier" is pretty much the perfect example, not just for Kriegers but for Space Marines too. People have personalities because of their backgrounds. If you shape a person EXCLUSIVELY for war, they're going to act like it, they're not going to be snarky quippers.


I think that link is pretty relevant.

>> No.13796488

>In the movie "Soldier", Kurt Russell plays a human weapon: socially isolated, emotionally deadened, shaped into nothing more than a tool for killing. Throughout the movie, this is actually reflected fairly well: he doesn't function in a social setting, and even though the people he helps appreciate his ability, they're also scared of him because they don't know what he's capable of or how he will act. He's visually blank, socially maladjusted, and entirely accustomed to the horrors of the battlefield. He repays his debts, which makes him technically a good person, but he's not particularly nice or endearing - he's just a weapon that happens to be on their side. It's an important part of his character that all the things that most people spent their life building, like social skills and moral compasses, are simply not present in him.


>> No.13796495


Well can't that just be conveniently ignored?
I mean yeah they're grim and awesome, but if they barely talk at all even to each other what's the point? Just picture them as hardcore WWI soldier's who speak tersely with one another. Trench warfare would give them an awful lot of time with nothing to do but talk. Sure, they'd also be cleaning their weapons and peeking at the surface with binoculars, but if they don't ever talk they'd be LESS "normal" than SW Clone Troopers, since they at least are totally cool with and joke about how they're just flash cloned cannon fodder with absolutely no individual worth.

>> No.13796517

>Well can't that just be conveniently ignored?
Or you could actually, you know, try to roleplay that. It seems kind of counter-intuitive to want to be a guy who's shaped his entire life about being a warrior and then go "okay well let's take away the one unique thing about him".

>> No.13796533

What about Spartans from Halo? Anyone read the Halo books? They're bred to be living weapons, and they're socially decent, at least with one another. But yes, when with outsiders and authority figures not in their squad, they pipe down. Being social with one another to an extent would just improve their combat effectiveness

>captcha iesterig social

>> No.13796556

Kriegers can talk, but pretty much everything they say has to have a purpose. So no wise-cracks or complaining or anything spontaneous. If they feel they need to give input, they will. If they have to communicate, they will. But rarely do Kriegers ever talk for the sake of talking.

The emotionless soldier trope might seem boring, but if your party is good at RPing, it can actually lead to some interesting moments.
For instance, my Krieger was invited by the Inquisitor to a Emperor's Day ball. The Inquisitor ordered him to "relax and have some wine." The Krieger chugged the whole glass in a few seconds and responded flatly, "Objective completed. Awaiting orders, honored Inquisitor." and then our female assassin tried to get him to dance with her. Hilarity ensued.

>> No.13796568

From what I gathered when playing Reach, Kriegers are not really like Spartans. Spartans at least seem to have emotion and social skills.

>> No.13796588


How does one drink with a gas mask on?

And what happened? Did he dance really stiffly, or did he have a mental null pointer exception and pass out?

>> No.13796597

Believability's something that is important in every work of fiction.

>> No.13796666

He wasn't wearing the mask. He was explicitly ordered by the Inquisitor to be fitted for a suit, since the DKoK doesn't seem to have a formal uniform. The suit ended up being very early 1800s-looking, like a Napoleonic officer.
And yeah, he ended up more or less stiffly walking about, instead of dancing, much to the assassin's frustration.

>> No.13796707

Nice quads, one should also note that they do use alot of stimulants to keep themselves very battle effective so wine shouldn't be that strong of a deal... But then again, wine with the past experiance of stimulants might be something that no one would expect.

>> No.13796731
File: 494 KB, 160x186, shepardshuffle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should've done the Shepard Shuffle, except super stiff.

>> No.13796776

I don't think one glass of wine is gonna fuck anyone up.

>> No.13797468

Reach is an abomination.

>> No.13797496

Do you mean in general, or "an abomination to Halo"? Because I hate to break it to you, but Halo's depiction of press-ganged super-augmented child soldiers was never totally accurate.

>> No.13797516

Reach was just plain bad, it was a "Meh" overall, but it invalidated the much better "Fall of Reach" book.

>> No.13798726

It always bothers me when veteran characters aren't portrayed well. I mean, yeah, different people have different reactions to combat, but there should be SOME influence by their environment and their lifestyles. A Krieger should be emotionally deadened in every possible way. So should a Space Marine. Why do Space Marines have different personalities when they get 30 whole minutes of free time per day (if the Chapter Master is lenient)?

>> No.13798813

Think of the largest loudmouth jock or gangbanger teenager, grab him and then give him super powers.
They have lives on their own until mid puberty and they were the best of the best up until then.

>> No.13798838

>Think of the largest loudmouth jock or gangbanger teenager, grab him and then give him super powers.
...and forced 24/7 indoctrination into a theocratic fascist super-government

i don't see how your point applies at all

>> No.13798872

Marines compete with each other inside the chapter and have a monstrous ego cultivated about the value of the chapter and of themselves where as kreigers seem like more forced autism and conditioned for a complete disregard of their own worth.

>> No.13798901

Fuck canon. This: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Love_and_Krieg is better.

Dammit I hope Chaos intervenes to save the planet

>> No.13800090

>/tg/ lightens something up so they can put their dicks in it without feeling bad about real-life war or whatever
>what a fucking shocker

>> No.13800934

>they'd be LESS "normal" than SW Clone Troopers, since they at least are totally cool with and joke about how they're just flash cloned cannon fodder with absolutely no individual worth.
Clone troopers were awful, I mean Plinkett's Ep.3 review pointed out why a lot but every attempt to "humanize" them just made it worse. Why do they have "personalities" when they're programmed humans? Why are we supposed to care when so many of them die so easily? If you're making an army of clones, why would you allow them to feel doubt or fear? WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE NEW ZEALAND ACCENTS. YOU CAN'T CLONE THAT SHIT

>> No.13801083

spartans were kidnapped children who had shit lives but that doesn't mean they're anywhere on the crazy scale of kriegers who live on a planet of shit, dig trenches erryday, and need to wear gas masks all the time.

>> No.13801112

>Why are we supposed to care when so many of them die so easily?
You cold bastard...

>> No.13801190

Because they are taught Common by a guy with an accent?

>> No.13801201

Backup character sheets.

>> No.13801241

Anyone have a .pdf uploaded of Dead Men Walking? As a hardcore Krieg fan, I am totally ashamed of not having heard of this before.

>> No.13801258


Also, only the rank and file Clone Troopers have the New Zealand accent because they were all taught by Jango himself. The Clone Commandos have different accents (play Republic Commando to hear them.)

>> No.13801260

do not question orders
always obey orders of your superiors
always think and act as if there's going to be a fight any moment
if you loose your gun use a melee weapon
if you loose your meele weapon punch and choke
if you loose your hands and arms bite

requesting this pic without the text

>> No.13801311
File: 459 KB, 1194x1544, KRIEG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13801337


any more of those?

>> No.13801355


Download/Buy (lol) the Siege of Vraks Imperial Armour books from Forge World. It's pretty much Codex: Death Korps of Krieg

>> No.13801357

I don't have ony of the individual pics, but if you can find stuff like that all the way through the Imperial Armour siege of vraks series, if that helps

>> No.13801369
File: 221 KB, 500x834, 1293300568631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The other one I got. /tg/booru might have more but their image collection is still small.

>> No.13801412

So it's suicide black?

>> No.13801428


>> No.13804182

1) Literally EVERY SINGLE CLONE TROOPER was taught by Jango himself? Jesus, he must have been busy, and they must have been impressionable.
2) Why would they develop different voices if they were all raised in tubes? Wouldn't they tend to sound, if anything, like the Kaminoans who raised them?

>> No.13804203

Maybe it would be easier to accept them being worthy of our giving-a-shit if they didn't STAND OUT IN THE OPEN FIRING FULL-AUTO.

>> No.13804235


go here:

lot's of awsome 40k art
including many death korps of krieg ones

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