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You see this badass motherfucker on the left of the text? That's Ciaphas Cain, motherfucking Hero of Imperium.

This guy is the Blackadder of the Imperial guard. He is a goddamn cunning commissar who accidentally fights hundreds of soldiers with Jurgen.

He was literally raised on a Hive world. A fucking huge ass Hive world with underground cities. He can maneuver around tunnels like nobody else.

He is made of pure awesomesauce. He drinks tea. He slays orks and eldar with a chainsword. He kicked space Hitler's ass. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

He's one of the only commissar who doesn't execute his troops. Why? Because Cain knows that if he acts kind towards the guardsmen, they'll fight for him to the death.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider mary sues like Commissar Gaunt cooler than this guy?

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>describes how "totally badass" cain is
>uses the term "mary sue" to describe anyone else

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Becuase Gaunt kills chaos marines by himself.

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Because Dan Abnett books get more attention from GW than Mitchell, and therefore Gaunt is more well-known than Cain.

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Does...anybody consider Gaunt cooler than Cain?

(And if Cain is a mary-sue, then so is Flashman. And if you call Flashman a mary-sue I will hunt you down and eat you.)

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You mean Harry Paget Flashman.
He also fucked a women of every institution in the Imperium, including a techpriestess, an Inquisitor and probably a Navigator.

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>And if you call Flashman a mary-sue I will hunt you down and eat you.
Cain is Flashman but lacking all the unpleasant parts of his personality (not actually a coward, no rape or wanton murder). Yes, that makes him a Mary Sue.

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They all are from 40k and therefore are total shit. Whether one is diarrhea and the other is shit with bits of corn in it is immaterial.

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Sandy Mitchell has stated that BOTH Blackadder and Flashman inspired Cain, you realize.

I mean, hell. Jurgen is Baldrick with psychic black hole powers and a meltagun.

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Is this copypasta? I know I've seen something like this before.

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Aye. Few Months old copypasta.

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>fucked a Navigator


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warhammer characters are, as a rule, all mary sues

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Except for teh Eldar!

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Does this seem like typical Mary-Sue behavior?

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I always used Yarick.

Problem, crisis suit?

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He's a mary sue. Winning against a pair of world eaters with at least 20,000 combined years of experience at killing guys just like him? Taking on a ork warboss and winning? Managing to kill a greater daemon with his chainsword? Totally beloved by his troops and not feared at all? And his aide is a super special psyker black hole? Total mary sue. Hell I'm fairly sure hes just the twilight style fan fic character of that inquisitor chick.

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wat, cain is a coward, half of his novels is him trying not to die

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>Hell I'm fairly sure hes just the twilight style fan fic character of that inquisitor chick.

He is.

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>Winning against a pair of world eaters with at least 20,000 combined years of experience...

Fail troll is fail.

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I wish the last panel was big enough to make a "fuck this shit" image-macro out of.

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He didn't killed two CSM.
He just parried two attacks from the first one while Jurgen aimed the Melta (Meltas are famous for killing SM)
And the second one was higly wounded, without weapons and without half the armour.

Just happens people says he was the Marine killer.
And he is loved cause he is a cunning rascal and pays amasec for the best squad in the training.

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are there any good warhammer comics?

I tried to read the one with the dude who's head is on fire but it was unbearable

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He just act brave to get the best room in the Hotel/barracks/prison and ambull bisteks.

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Why do people fight over this shit?

Jo blow is a 1000000000 year old demon from the death sector which btw is where god comes from and he was friends with god and was actually a bit stronger

He can fly and punch time and I give up already.

The moment you're listing feats that didn't involve any random chance, but exist entirely because the author decided his character was arbitrarily better than everyone else and outside the rules of everyone else you've ended into mary sue. They're special because reality just bends to them in a way that doesn't really match the "metaphysics" of the world.

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lol, is there more of this?

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And that's why Cain's problematic. Every single aspect of his "badass" nature comes not from logical development of the universe and probability but because the author wanted him to do something totally awesome.

Everything that's wrong with Matt Ward is also wrong with Sandy Mitchell.

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Character development?
He was a low-average student in the Schola Progenium and he was just good at figthing.
He also employs a "shit, he's gonna kill me" pragmatic style than "the storm of the thousand winds in the night sky" crazy moves style. That's why he survives
His traits are the hive city scum guy.
Which other aspect do you find badass?
Not being a saint-eater, sunday-mass worshipper?
He is not a genius, and he gets more chicks for being cool than from being pretty.

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a solid 75% of his victories come from trying to run the fuck away, his survival rating comes from a solid use of tactics and the 'human shield technique'. his victories against things he shouldn't have won against are normally because Jurgen saves his ass. Blanks, never leave home without one.




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>a solid use of tactics

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