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When did eldar helmets get to be so pope-like?

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Since release. So about 1987

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Almost all cultures have measured status by hat size and fanciness.

Pic related. Issyk (Khazakhstan-era people, ~400 BC) warrior-priestess' ceremonal garb.

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So is this just an Eldar general thread?
If so, how would one make Eldar cool again, without turning it into a self-congratulatory wankfest?

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Dem too

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I'd drop the pretense and just call them space elfs and give them space bows and laser swords.

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make them all the aspects overpriced, and super effective aginst one type of unit. also bring back craftworlds.

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I think it would be better to play up the fatalistic aspects of their culture. Have every craftworld be in the same state as Iyanden, or worse. Really turn it into a civilization on the cusp of extinction, with wraithguards as the bulk of their fighting force. Even the living eldar have given up hope, just clinging at the edges of the galaxy for the sake of their souls, and their history. Basically, living eldar should cease to be the focus at all. Their focus should be entirely on their dead, and on the infinity engines.

TLDR = Instead of Elves in space, they should be Ghosts in space.

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On one hand I feel kinda bad for the Eldar. On the other they are really arrogant bastards.

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That's going to Necron territory though, especially seeing how they're playing up the personality of Necrons themselves in 5th edition.

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There's a rather large difference of tone. Necrons are slaves, betrayed by their gods in ancient times.

The eldar are martyrs, their lives subsumed to fuel the birth of a new god.

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Well, arrogance was like their shtick.
"Their arrogance is match only by their firepower." is their backcover codex quote, after all.
The problem is that their firepower, well, doesn't match up. So they just come off as egomaniac assholes.
But we can't fix their firepower by just making them have stronger guns, since that is the Tau's shtick, and they can't get more tanks since that is IG's thing. Heavy Weapon Platforms could be decent if they weren't T3 5+ and they cannot move and shoot.

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You can feel sorry for DE. The girls just wanna have fun but some douchebag of a god is harassing them.

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With the likes of Silent King, omission of C'tan mentions, and bits from the main rulebook itself such as "The Necron Lords are the driving force behind this awakening", they're diminishing the slavery angle.

Necron background is getting a large revamp, 3e cron dex was actually "Codex: C'tan" when it came to fluff. Not so with the new book.

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Lets get some more pics in here!

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>Codex Ctan

Christ yes. "Hey guys guess what, everything in the 40k universe was set up by these new guys, who are totally not mary sues."

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At least they should get BS4 tanks. DE vehicles are all BS4, why not Craftworld eldar, who do the whole "I'll be so good at something I don't even have to try", compared to DE's "loldrugswhoresandviolence".

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what kind of eldar is that?

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Arrogance does not equal competence, just look at Dragonlance elves.

Eldar have always been arrogant dicks, but their egos don't match their actual capabilities. Aspect Warriors are in comparison to Space Marines equally skilled, physically weaker and less resilient but faster. Guardians should have lesser skills than Aspect Warriors.

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IG player here.
What I want the Eldar to have in their next codex:
1) BS4 tanks.
2) S9 weapons available to more than one unit.
3) S4 Banshees
4) Cheaper transports. Wave serpents could perhaps have that force field as a purchaseable upgrade.
5) Stronger avatar. Capable of taking on stuff like greater demons, C'tan, monoliths, and finally, hordes. It's ridiculous 20 guardsmen can hold an avatar of the god of war in deadlock for 3 turns.
6) Make the shining spears a useful unit.
7) Give the Wraithlord an inv. save. Or regeneration or something. Feel no pain. Whatever. Ridiculously easy to kill.
8) Some helmets that don't look like butt-plugs.

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Indeed. Equal to a spehs muhreen. Which have a BS of...

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To make the Avatar useful, you'd have to move away from it being a melee beatstick and being able to give proper support to the Eldar army. Because given the choice between:
"Has a 50% chance to stop any enemy psyker power. Lets units reroll to hit, save, or wound. Optionally, can snipe models out of their units, or let part of your army redeploy"
"Makes non-meched infantry in range of him fearless...punches stuff that gets too close."
One does more than the other.

On another note, the current force-organization slot is pretty terrible for Aspects. Even something simple like "Buy 1 or more of this aspect, to let you take 1 more such aspect as a Troop Choice" would give more flexibility in list-building.

Other thoughts:
-"Relay." Whenever you cast a psyker power on a unit with a Warlock, one unit within 6" of said warlock may additionally benefit from this power. You cannot relay a power twice.
-Allowing Guardian units to double their options at double squad-size. Buy 20 Guardians, take 2 Warlocks...
-Allow Wraithguard to be taken as Troops. No ifs-ands-or-buts. Make them T4/FNP/3+, objective-holders of the first degree (relay+fortune), as well as mobile cover for the larger stuff. Optionally, allow the unit to push enemy units out of assault, similar to Etheric Tempest. Call it the repulsorfield, or imagine the shieldwall and bashing from 300. It'd give them a minor tactical niche aside.
-Actually, just build in general bonuses/buffs/support powers into aspect warriors too. If tracing fire through a unit of Warp Spiders, you have -1 BS to hit enemy units behind them (aggressive defense system). It'd play up the whole interdependency shtick or at least let one give second thought to such a list, rather than MECHBIKEDAR!

Really, there are a lot of things one could do.

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>S4 banshees

HAH. No. If my incubi don't get S4, then the howling banshees sure as hell won't.

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Taking Avatar should allow a Command Squad/Honour Guard style squad of Exarchs be taken, with good wargear options, and Avatar should be able to join them.

That and make Avatar fleet and EW, no other changes really needed.

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Not all vehicles are piloted by Aspect Warriors, and they are the only ones with BS4.

Guardians pilot stuff like War Walkers.

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>If my Incubi don't get Strength 4.
They do...reread your codex. Heck, 2 tokens and they're S5 on the charge.

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There was the Ulthwe Strike Force in the Eye of Terror Codex, where Black Guardians piloted most of the stuff. This lead to BS 4 Vypers/Walkers.

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With the Klaive, yes.

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How are those S5 power attacks treatin' ya, cheesemonger.

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>and they are the only ones with BS4
That isn't true at all. Both Rangers and Fire Prism gunners have BS4, neither of which are Aspect Warriors.

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True. Rangers are understandible as their long rifles are something they practically train as hard with as aspects or kabalites with their weapons.

Fire Prism should be dropped to BS3, like Falcons and Wave Serpents.

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Why, exactly?
I don't think the tank crews are some casuals like rank and file Guardians. They might actually know how to best use their weapons.

And don't give me any of that game balance crap. DE have BS4. And more guns.

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Dark Eldar also will never have more than three vehicles (because no one will take Dais even if it was 5k point game) with better AV than 10 Open Topped. Even then, AV11 is as good as it gets.

Because Dark Eldar die easier, they should shoot harder. If they're equal or less firepower than CW Eldar and more fragile to boot, there indeed is an issue with game balance.

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Even Guardians, for their current points, should have either WS or BS 4, depending on whether or not they are Storms or Defenders, respectively. The codex even says the the majority of Eldar go down one of the warrior paths in their lives (which nets both WS and BS 4), and Path of the Warrior has Eldar being able to recall the skills they learned on earlier paths, to a legitimate degree (and given that Eldar get really hopped up on War, this should be even easier).
And Defenders will still suck in melee, and Storms in shoot-outs, keeping the "specific role" balance.

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>If they're equal or less firepower than CW Eldar and more fragile to boot, there indeed is an issue with game balance

Unless they're cheaper, or come with better heavy weapon options, or are better at melee, or faster, or harder to hit...

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Then there's the fact that Craftworld Eldar will augment their army's firepower with Farseers.

Dark Eldar firepower doesn't get better than it is when they're bought.

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But Dark Eldar firepower is great by itself, *and* the entire unit gets better as it kills things. For an extra point per model.
Farseers should not need to baby sit every unit to make them "good". They also cost 75 points minimum to, again, make one unit good at what it is supposed to do in the first place.

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