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Goddammit Eliphas, people die whey then are killed.

Can chaos really bring people back from the dead? Seems like bullshit to me, the gods could just bring back Horus again and again until the Imperium got rolled.

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DoW is way better than DoW2

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why cant they bring back SINDRIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

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Horus's soul got destroyed. No really, it literally got destroyed by the Emperor.
So yeah.

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It seems almost uncanny that the devs would create such a giant plot hole as this.

An inconsistency of this magnitude would require some kind of tactical geniu-


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They said destroyed.

I prefer to imagine "Absorbed."

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That Slaanesh special character is all about reincarnations. I forget his name. They don't just bring back anyone though - Eliphas had to whore out to Nurgle after dying to Khorne in spectacular fashion. /tg/'s own (seemingly forgotten) Cultist-chan also runs on the reincarnation 'blessing'.

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That is EXTRA heretical.

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Damnit Eliphas, you kinda stopped being Eliphas in Chaos Rising. Where was the subtle brilliance, Eliphas? The cool, calm composure? All I saw was SINDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

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Yeah, the Chaos gods can bring just about anyone back from the dead. How do you think they still have veterans from the Heresy left after all these millennia?

Except for Horus. Emps owned him so completely that his soul was destroyed. There's nothing left to resurrect.

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because power demands sacrifice

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It's Chaos.
We ain't gotta explain shit!

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IIRC his name is Lucius and he likes to duel people.

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Lets see you keep your composure after I shove your soul in an ethereal room filled with the demonic spirits of Nurgle as part of a traditional ritual to share Grandfather's love with a new disciple. In the ass.

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he managed to sacrifice a whole world for some hurr ultimate daemon who never does anything.

what did eliphas do? epicfail at cronus and run away to a new legion.

probably tzeentch: just as planned

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If I am not mistaken the Chaos gods bringing dudes back to life is not unprecedented.

As to Horus yeah the emprah was so mad when he found out that Ollanius Pius was retconed that he erased Horus's soul from existance.

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Kharn died during the Siege of the Imperial Palace, collapsed on a mound of Loyalist dead but the World Eaters dragged his corpse back to their ships, the only body they recovered.
The Apothecaries were sure he was dead on Terra, but they discovered he yet breathed after the WE escaped.
Khorne brought The Betrayer back to life, to spill more blood for the Lord of Skulls.

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Kharn was actually brought back on account of what a swell guy he was. Khorne couldn't bear the thought of leaving the Materium without such a paragon of decency and good humour.

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To be fair, Eliphas in Chaos Rising did manage to kill a Black Legion champion and steal his warband.

That's a lot more scheming than say, Lord Crull

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Yeah a soul is a form of energy, and Science will tell you that it can't be destroyed outright, it just transfers to another state.

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that's the price for the rarely seen triple heresy

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We don't talk about what Soulstorm did to the Alpha Legion. Reduced from some of the most impressive non-Tzeentchian, non-what-a-dick-Eldrad justasplanned.tifing about to METAL BAWKSES! THE COWARDS! THE FEWWWWWWLS!...uuuugh.

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That karn, Pretty cool guy.

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>he brings science into this

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goddamn it, you've tempted me to work towards finishing one of the two Dark Crusade campaigns I haven't completed (lol Tau, lol Eldar) rather than the sacred rites of activation on my new Land Raider.

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Well Eliphas lost his army after Cronus and own Nurgle big time for the resurrection thing. So Chaos Rising was basically about him sucking dicks to gain back some of his power. First it was Araghast, then Ulkair and finally Abaddon.

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>invoking science
>implying souls exist in the same sentence

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First Khorne, then Tzeentch at some point, who then sent him over to Nurgle to fuck up his plan for that ice planet. I predict he'll have two more appearances in DoW lore - one after his inevitable defeat with the Black Legion, and his last being with Slaanesh before his soul is consumed by the Tower of Rape for all time.

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They tried to clone Horus, but Abaddon burned his corpse.

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Don't forget Malal! So that's at least two more humiliating failures he can achieve.

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He's called Malice now, get your shit straight.

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But... I thought Abbadon was a clone of Horus.

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I refuse to believe that the Eliphas in DoW 2 was the original one.

Actually, I believe the real Eliphas is somewhere suffering in the warp. To add up to his suffering, they send up an impostor to destroy his image (in other words, real Eliphas has witnessed the whole DoW 2 affair).

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Eliphas had tox trade his sexy voice to the dark gods in order to be reborn

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Maybe Eliphas is a title?

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I thought the Inheritor is his title. Bob the Eliphas?

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Maybe Eliphas is a title and the 'title' at the end of it is the way they distinguish between the Eliphas'. So it would be:

'Eliphas the Almost competent'
'Eliphas the Disappointing'
'Eliphas the Reckless'
'Eliphas the Inheritor'
'Eliphas the smells-like-cheese'

That sort of thing.

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So he still has his shit-tier voice in Retribution? Cocks.

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Guess that could work. But why would they gain the title of Eliphas?

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I just don't understand how they're all like 'He Black Legion now.' Eliphas was clearly one of those Word Bearer chaplain-dudes, he wouldn't hop legions, and it's not like the Black Legion would accept him as one of their own, as he doesn't have Horus's gene-seed. They'd accept his authority by virtue of asskicking, but they certainly wouldn't accept him into the Legion.

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What the deal with Dark Apostles anyway? Eliphas seem to prefer sorcery over guns or hand to hand combat. Are they just shitter sorcerers?

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Horus can't be brought back due to his soul being obliterated by the Empz. But yeah they can do mostly what they like. But, they don't tend to bring many people back. Well, if they failed you why should they?

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Killed ?
I thought the deamon-prince send him back to that prison when he failed in Dark Crusade

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>horus soul killed
But it was alive before! And chaos has time travel!

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nope, the Basilica of Torments is reserved for those who can redeem themselves

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You know what I would like to see, a DoW game where Blood Raven have to fight Thousand Sons where Thousand Sons constantly troll them by wearing their all red pre-Heresy armour and calling them brothers.

Failing that a rape marines chaos campaign.

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And they said Tau wasn't going to be in the game

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Thugnaught on-line

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Emprah Lenin disapproves.

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I loled heartily

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Now I'm confused. Is this Warhammer or some unholy combination of Star Wars and C&C?

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...and 2000AD. You can't forget that.

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The Imperial Guard is based on the stereotype of the Red Army crushing the enemy with their numbers, "motivated" by Commissars, so that is actually quite fitting.

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Is every unit this customizable for color schemes? Like how easy would it be to make a traitor Guard army to play online?

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C-can't it be both?

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Can someone dump a few badges? Looking for the SS-badge in particular for maximum overdrive Guardsmen.

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I can imagine that butthurt when somebody decides to use swastika as his army badge.

Not that I have anything against swastikas, but...

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Curse the fact we can't have decals or patterns because these guys with a % or $ flag would be awesome

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just claim you're Buddhist

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>playing war game
Does not compute.

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It's no worse than claiming they're Amish.

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Or a Finn.

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Horus' soul was destroyed so utterly that it's impossible to time travel to a time where Horus existed

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The Emperor himself. See that one episode of Futurama where Fry freezes himself. It's kind of like that.

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No SS badge, sorry. I know somebody did one last night though. All I have is the old Space Sharks one and one I did myself of the Star Phantoms from IA10.

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Because of the blue/white/black, I saw the Fantastic Four logo at first.

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Can anybody help me out? I'm trying to get a Blue mountain state badge for my orks, and I don't know how to make it the proper size, etc

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U angry?

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Would this be good enough?

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>the gods could just bring back Horus again

Wasn't it said in the fluff that Horus' soil was destroyed with such fierceness by the Emprah that even the 4 chaos gods were terrified?

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Could someone do me a favour? I suck with image editing, and I'd like the marker symbol in the middle here as a badge. I got the full pic, since I thought that might be better quality for you gents to work with.

Thanks in advance!

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I'll try it out now, thanks

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yes but abaddon is a clone in the sense of boba fett, No accelerated growth shit, raised by his "father" etc. (OH GOD I ACTUALLY USED SOMETHING FROM EPISODES 1-3 in a meaningful fashion)

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Now he'll never grow plants again.

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Like this?

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How is everyone using the new army painter? I haven't really kept up with DoW2 or /tg/ lately.

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What do you mean? Eliphas was never killed.

In Dark Crusade, he was seized by daemons and tortured for his mistakes. In Chaos Rising, he escaped before facing death.

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Oh my lord.

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The Black Legion accepts any old scrub, they collect ex-loyalists and Chaos marines who've ditched other legions all the time.

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A little fat, but PERFECT for this purpose! (It might be too small if skinny)

Thank you so much! Fractal Heuristic Replicating Crystal Chaos Marines are go!

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How's it now?

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What are these screenshots from? It seems like an army painter program but I've never seen one before (new to /tg/)

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Huh, I guess I was wrong! It looks even better!

Thank you so much, STALKER!

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Dawn of war 2: Retribution

Video Game being releaced 11th of march. pics are from the beta

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It's from Dawn of War 2: Retribution.
Glad I could help.

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Oh okay. I initially thought it was DoW but the Army Painter stuff confused me. Thanks guys.

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Wait, did they actually say they wont make a Tau expansion!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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It is... beautiful

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Havent been paying attention to the fluff I see.

Yes, Chaos can and will bring back those it deems worthy/ amusing to be reincarnated.
Lucius the Eternal for example, best swordsman since dawn of Great Crusade, but finally met his end by (insert name for I dont remember it), Slaanesh was like "meh this new champion doesn't have enough character" so he made Lucius reborn inside that new guy taking over his body and soul.

Emperor used his last strenght aboard Vengeful Spirit to completely incinerate Horus and Horus' soul just to stop Chaos ever use Horus as their Champion again.

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Lucius reincarnates in the body of anyone that kills him and takes joy from it.

He would have to die to a Necron.

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No, they don't. In order to be in any of the Legions you have to have had the gene-seed of their primarch, full stop. No-one's ever jumped from chapter to chapter; some have split off on their own like Fabius Bile or been formed into new chapters, but it's literally never happened before.

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Uhh, yes they do. How do you think their numbers have swelled? It even has pictures in the god-damned codex of Khorne Berzerkers (where it says they're from the World Eater's Legion) painted in Black Legion colors, except for a few parts of their old color scheme showing through.

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Not all berzerkers come from the World Eaters; the Black Legion is specifically noted as having some, along with some plague marines and noise marines.

>> No.13780768


But the examples listed in the codex specifically list them as saying that they're from the World Eaters.

Hell, there are even Thousand Sons painted in BL colors - and Rubric Marines only come from one place.

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Then someone fucked up. Wouldn't be the first time.

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>I don't like that fluff so it's not true.

It's Chaos, man. Change, mutability, and treachery are pretty important components of that. People flock to and swear allegiance to the most powerful Warmasters quite a lot. That includes joining more powerful/influential Legions - it happens more often with Renegade Space Marines than those of the original traitors, but it happens nonetheless.

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46th weeaboo

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This is only in the most recent codex, which is all about 'renegades hurr durr.' Excuse me if I assume the Legions work the way they did for decades previously.

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But where in the fluff did it say that that was the way the Traitor Legions worked? I've been playing 40k for a long time, and it seems to me that the name of the game has always been "follow the coolest leader".

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They'll follow the coolest leader, to be sure, but that doesn't mean they'll change legions or that they'd be interested in other CSM joining their legions. Remember, these guys rebelled because their loyalty to their legions was stronger than their loyalty to the Imperium; their loyalty to their Legion is certainly stronger than their loyalty to the 'cause' of Chaos.

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