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just had a killer 40k night. rocked the nids, rocked the chaos, fuck yo obliterators and your zoanthropes!

New list is winning! tell me what do you think
5xassault squad (power fist, melta)
5xrazorback (extra armor, las/plasma)
1x librarian (shield sanuinus, might)
1xlibrarian furiouso (shiled, bonus attacks)
2xsanguinary priests (powerswords)
1xstorm raven (las, melta, extra armor)

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oh yeah and
5x termies *4xstorm shiels/hammers

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>BA beating Chaos and Nids
You act like this is some big accomplishment on your part.

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Nice job playing scrubs with your shitty netlist I guess.

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Why the Reclusiarch? Looks decent, not great. Singlemelta units are bleh, especially with fists. You have no reliable long-range anti-infantry also...

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nice netlist bro.

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It's the first fucking game I've won since i dropped vanilla mahreens...
3 years of bashing my head against a wall playing that suck ass shit.
picked up BA like 2 months ago and finally got a list worth a damn!

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>storm raven
Enjoy your squelchy shitbox, cock goblin.

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Not sure if trolling.

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ah you players be hating on the bloodie mahreens!

I'm starting an orc list next with the shit ton of fucking crap i have from all those crummy aobr boxes. suggestions welcome.

and it aint a net list...but it is now thanks for the endorsement of it's superior performance I will post it on dakka or heresy
oh yeah pic is my home made (out of resin) dreadnaught!

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Cool story. You abandoned a good, non-gay (except for Wardian fluff) codex, for a top-tier gay-ass codex.

No one is impressed. No one cares. Real men stick with their codex and learn to win with it, rather than jumping the noob train to win town.

If this was i thread about Tau beating CSMs and Nids...i MIGHT care.

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tau are rocking...if you got the creds for their shit. Those hammerheads and the broadsides are fucking expensive. also those 4finger fags with the markerlights.

and i agree you are right I did abandon my beloved ultramarines. I tried I tried. 60 scout army (all knock offs) 6 dread list (with the motfucker) the vindicator spam. all of it...I have like 6k points worth of shit in a box here...Just couldn't make a winning list or find one. all the tournaments show that vanilla don't win (with the exception of one salamander player in 26 tournies)

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Tau have *one* list. It's made of rape. That's how playing glass cannons goes, hrm?

Incidentally, I'd be relieved taking my Orks against this list. Once the Stormraven is Loota'd, it's mostly a Kan run to victory.

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I'll agree, there is only one list for tau. they do need a new dex badly. but compared to vanilla they have one more than 0.

Orcs! I wants me some fleshy nubs with spikie shootie bits stickin out o'em.
are these killer can's a must?

now...need aoe ore something huh? what would you ad or take away? drop pods with 4flamer honour guard? death company ? fix me!

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Dunno where to start really as there are ateast several areas you could work on fixing the list. As a rule, most of your melta units should be double-or-nothing as rolling a 1-2 means leaving a unit out to dry...either the Infernus Pistol sergeant works for this, or even doing combat-squadded Tacmarines (AT hangs in back), with a Flamerback (you don't really benefit from Fast Rhinos).

The Reclusiarch is a pointsink, as is the EA upgrades. Dump them, you get a pair of Typhoon Speeders. Or BA Devestators. Blast away.

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THANK YOU. I use a five year old codex and do win games with it, even against new armies. I use sub-par units that fit my theme, or run expensive squads and characters that either wreck shit or fail spectacularly. Am I competing in tournaments to win at all costs? No, I'm there to see how I do, and meet some bros.
I can't stand 40K players who treat the game like Magic, or some kind of CCG. Do you even take the time to paint your armies, and if you do, are they more than three colors? Do you really LIKE the army you play? Do you convert things simply becasue they look cool?

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>couldn't win with nilla marines
Y'know, that says a lot about your ability to wield tactics on the table.
Stock marines need that, almost more than the army composition.

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If I had one wish, it would be that all hobbyists were like you and I.

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>Couldn't win with Codex Marines, picked up Blood Angels instead
Needed the training wheels, I take it?

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One local guy started playing Marines couple years ago. Painted them as Salamanders and mostly played Vulcan + CC termies & melta spam.
Some time after that, they became "green dragon-wolf warriors" played by SW dex.
Guess what's he playing now?

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