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Would it be possible to run an adventure in Dark Heresy of the players trying to escape from the Comorragh gladiator pits?

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Yes, but... expect to go through a LOT of characters. Combat is lethal.

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Yes, though some deus ex machina will be required for them to make it out of Comorrogh alive. Fortunately timed astartes attack, daemonic incursion and so on. Maybe Craftworld Eldar snatching them up for some fated purpose, though that's dead railroady.

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Only if it ends in their death before ever making it out.

Seriously, Comorragh is a deathtrap for battlehardened DE raiders who know all the tricks and aren't being hunted simply because of what they are. A few acolytes are fucked. Probably literally, before and after death.

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Comorragh? Those guys are completely fucked short of DM fiat if you know anything about Comorragh.

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Would it be plausible? Sure.

Would the party survive? Hell no. Unless Khan (the designated DMPC) shows up.

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Hmm...Mayhaps I should revise my plan.

Would SPEHSS MEHREENS via Deathwatch be more suitable?

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Not even SPESS MEREENS would make it out without fiat.

Yes, Comorragh is that deadly.

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Space marines are more likely to make it out without improbable plot bullshit. Still a virtually impossible task, but not utterly impossible.

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But Space Marines ARE improbable plot bullshit.

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The only reason the Marines who canonically broke into and out of Comorragh (with hideous losses, mind you) managed it was because Vect was using them in his plans, personally, and shielded them from 90% of the shit that they would have had to deal with.

They still were mostly butchered.

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Vect wants them to escape for some future grand plan.

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Okay, so Comorragh isn't quite "Fantastic Gladiatorial Combat Interlude with Side of Introduction to New Threat" so much as "IMMEDIATE MURDER DEATH MAIMING."

Would Dark Eldar have gladiatorial matches in other, more plausible to escape settings? Like in a colony recently ravaged, just digging a hole and throwing prisoners in for the lulz? Though that doesn't seem particularly epic. Sorry for being stuck on the fight to the death nonsense so much, just saw Gladiator again, and for some reason the old Star Trek episode with the fight to the death that Kirk had to get out of.

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Yeah, but an entire chapter got it's shit rammed trying to break into Commoragh once.

SMs are badass but you just don't run a campaign on the dark eldar homeworld and expect anyone to survive.

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Who is this guy in the power armour and with axe?

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Yes, that's much more likely. DE do that kind of shit all the time. Mind you, they will still have to fight through an entire strike force of some of the most horrifying and badass motherfuckers around, but some of them could survive.

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Kommander Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher of Khardov, from Warmachine.

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Why not simply have them all be part of some archons plan to kill another archon? As such he screens them from a lot of shit helping them get the jump on the archon he wants dead.

By the time he stops screening them they've learnt and adapted to Commorragh

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Sure, why not? Maybe they want to enjoy the spoils before going back home and having 90% of it stolen by Vect? I did something similar in an RT game of mine recently.

The Dark Eldar were butchering and toying with some isolated biodome on a non-Imperial world. The void-mistress, infiltrating said world, ran into them, got captured, spent 15 minutes hanging from a tree having information extracted from her as a warp beast tried to bite her head off. She was cut down just before an army of angry locals arrived to find out who had butchered all their comrades. She was left with a sword, a single bolt in her gun and a few cheerful parting words from the xenos before they skipped off and left her to deal with the shit they'd stirred up.

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Any suggestions on how to make it particularly interesting/Dark Eldar flavored? Would they throw in Warpbeasts, or have some variety of freaks jumping in on it or something? Would they have especial sets ready to add to the entertainments, or would they just content themselves with agonizing collars to control their prisoners?

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Keep in mind that one unexceptional vanilla Dark Eldar warrior could slaughter the fuck out of an IG batallion by his lonesome in the fluff. A few dozen of them locked down and ravaged a planet in Brotherhood of the Snake.

Fluff eldar, dark or not, are nothing you want to be playing with. Shurkien and splinter weapons, basic issue, punch through vehicle armor and the warriors themselves can move faster than normal human eyes can follow.

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Figure out what sort of enemies would troll your players the most. Beyond that use stuff that inflicts lasting and debilitating effects on them.

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>By the time he stops screening them they've learnt and adapted to Commorragh
My face when.

You know that DE who grew up there and are streetwise as all fuck with 100+ years experience get slaughtered in the streets all the time, right?

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Even space marines would have no chance. If would be fun to see how far your PCs got though.

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in case you arent trolling, thats a warmachine mini. the steam coming out the back of him in the drawing should give it away.

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>A few dozen of them
Butchered by one spess mehreen. :3

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you'll have to be one of these niggas if you want to escape from said Comorragh gladiator pits.

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and make it back home in one piece

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And there are trillions in Commoragh. See where we are going with this?

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You don`t need Dark Eldar for gladiatorial combat. Fighting pits can be found in the less wealthy parts of most Imperial hives.

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It's an RPG you do what you want (even though it sounds MUCH more RT, or DW, than DH)

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What do you expect? It was a marine book. In the same book ten normal marines killed a few hundred Chaos Marines and lost like two men. That's some supreme bullshit right there.

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Also, most low-tech non-death worlds in the galaxy.

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> :3

Die. Kill yourself. In a fire. Now.

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there's a DH campaign that starts in a blood game pit, aint there?

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U mad? :3

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Yeah, but I wanted to make part of the point to introduce a new threat to the area.

We've been going on a year in this game, and the players managed to successfully stop a Nurgle plague, and are on the cusp of getting to Ascended. So, I figured a challenge would be good for them. And something less pus and boils and more blood and poison.

If it matters, a priest, a guardsman, and a techpriest. Priest is going melee crazy, guardsman loves explosions, and the techpriest is finding himself uncomfortably becoming the talker/utility. Though he has a mean chainaxe that's miiiiiight be heretical.

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Yes but humans learn faster that elfdar

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Honestly if you want to have Eldar (of any flavor) as foes you should really move on into RT rather than DH.

In DH a single Eldar Guardian can be a TPK if they try to handle it themselves.

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Yup, a rank 5+ adventure. Despite the somewhat jarring intro (or because of it, perhaps) it's rather good. It's less a gladiatorial pit and more "get the fuck out before those xeno-beasts eat your face off."

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You might want to take a look at the Beast House entry in Servants of the Dark Gods. If you don`t have the book you can find it at /rs/.

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Dark Eldar like to throw all sorts of things into the arenas, ranging from warp beasts to tyranids to SPESS MAHREENS. There will also be the occasional battle with a Wych (or higher-rank) versus some beast or humanoid opponent. These particular battles are really just the Wych slowly killing the opponent for the crowd's entertainment, and will rarely be won by the opponent.


Various twisted humans and xenos have managed to carve out livings in the lower levels of Commoragh, mainly by becoming as backstabby as the Dark Eldar and showing proper respect to their Dark Eldar overlords (by this I mean ANY DE). While it's true most die before this happens, it does still happen. Don't expect PCs to accomplish it though.

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No they don't. Eldar have hyperaccelerated biology, learning rate, emotions, logical processing, whatever. It's like moving in bullet-time constantly.

Also they are plants. And shit crystals.

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Now I imagine Dark City, with the PC's traversing a city-sized arena of death, only to discover they're on a space station.

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I keep being reminded of the Gladiator level in Painkiller...

Heck, give your guys a pain and that shotgun (or rather, disguised battlecannon) and let ´em at it. Nothing more cathartic then mass genocide on the Xenos.

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It's easy to defeat a Dark Eldar; just assert your dominance by raping it first. As we all know, human penises far outclass elf penises, and any eldar seeing the size of your hyper weapon will cringe and become submissive.

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Actually, no they don't. In the 40k setting, Elfdar live FAST. This is not D&D where they ponce around for a few millenia first. The Eldar think faster, learn faster, feel faster, move faster. And they do it for thousands of years.

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Ofcourse humans learn faster. As evidenced by all of the Fluff, eldar never ever fucking learn. Pic fucking related. Fuck a god of rape into existence? Change our behaviour? Fuck no! Letting humans help you and clarify the differences between Eldar and DE so they won´t commit Genocide on you anymore? Screw those inferior Monkeigh!

As all evidence shows, Eldar are immune to common sense, logic or experience. Therefore, they do not learn.

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So, what I'm getting from you guys is that Dark Eldar would mean instant death for my party, barring deus ex machina or fluff rape.

Oh well. I guess just having some decadent nobility pulling the strings to screw the players over will work just as well. Though that leaves me the question of what the New Big Threat should be, and how to introduce it in a properly traumatic manner.

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True, but that's far less than .0001% of all the slaves who have ever escaped, which is less than 1% of the slaves put into arenas.

There are still quite a few living down there, but when the DE bring in slaves on the order of billions per year, at least, it's to be expected that a few fell through the cracks. Also, they're a convenient source of labor and soul-food instead of trying to escape. If they started a riot or trying to get to the upper levels and use a port out... I doubt they would last more than a fraction of a second.

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No no, sending the PCs to Comorrogh is instant-rapedeath. Dark Eldar elsewhere are survivable, especially for rank 8 acolytes.

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Yeah, sorry dude. Fighting Eldar is stuff you send actual Inquisitors to do, and even then you expect only pyrrhic victories and lots of dead inquisitors/inquisitor retinues.

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I was merely remarking upon Eldar fluff having some inconsistencies... in a joking fashion... Where do you infer my love of SM´s from? I prefer IG and Arbites myself really. Fluffwise, sisters are more interesting.

So... fuck your hypocrisy you labeling fucktard.

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Your party sounds high enough on the totem pole that they could, survive an encounter with some Dark Eldar who have business elsewhere and don't really want to bring the heavy guns to bear or stick around to fight a bunch of uninteresting humans.

Don't expect to survive meeting a drugged up wych or raiding squad of trueborn or something, though.

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Saying anything positive about marines or anything negative about anyone else makes you a Wardian fanboy of the highest order. Surely you understand this by now?

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Fighting Eldar isn´t that bad. I mean, it´s impossible to win on their own ground, like Commoragh or a Craftworld, but one on one? An acolyte wit a stubber and grenades stands a good chance... Your exaggerations are rather huge.

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Trouble is that the Eldar have shuriken/splinter weapons and plasma grenades themselves and are almost certainly going to get the drop on you.

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A Sister of Battle Seraphim escaped commagorah in the old comics. Though even that needed some help from an eldar prisoner.

>> No.13758759

Oh yes, I forgot. Hurr Durr! Ultramarines is da best! Check out Tigerius beating the Shadow in the warp! One Ultramarine can defeat a craftworld!


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She was more or less a living saint and the Eldar led her straight to a webway gate out of there. Also, comic protagonist plot armour to an extent. Which can apply to PCs, of course.

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You forgot to proclaim your eternal and entirely platonic love for your Spiritual Liege.

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My character personally killed an Eldar with a knife.
An ordinary knife.

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Not really, man. An acolyte with a stubber will get absolutely asploded by a lone eldar of any type. A coordinated team at the level of OP's party could take a few down, but it's very probable they would either lose a couple guys or get some virulently poisoned shrapnel in their wounds and die a horrible death afterward.

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You are referring to Ephrael Stern right? Fuck man, she was a Living saint, or, at the very least, had the power of a full company of battle sisters imprisoned within her. She took on a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh and everything.

Not a good example.

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I'm going to out and out say, no. If you're taken as far into Commoragh as the gladatorial arenas you're pretty much fucked. Even if you DO manage to escape the arenas you're lost in a city that's mind-bendingly huge and full of lethal alien killers, with no supplies beyond what you can scavenge and no allies to help you out beyond anyone else you can free.

If you want to run a game where the PC's are taken to Commoragh and then escape, then you're probably not going to be able to bring them any deeper into the Dark City than the ports at which slaves are unloaded.

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you read 'Hell Break' OP?

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Short Answer: NO:
Long answer: Body armor, heard of it? And DE weapons aren´t meant to kill, so take a feel no pain feat and bye Eldar. And then: Grenades, stubber and cover. And Eldar is good, but an Acolyte over lv5 can take him out by his lonesome. Larger actions is a different story though.

>> No.13758813

I don't think anyone ever said they were immune to a shank in the ribs. Just that hitting them will be next to impossible with how fast and skilled even the average eldar mook is. Sure, if you catch one asleep you can cut its throat no problem and it will die just like any hive ganger. In a battle situation with full armor/kit on them? You best hope the Emperor is with you, because the chances of survival are not so good.

>> No.13758824


Good point. This is the same girl who beat down half a dozen witches when unarmed and unarmoured.

She was insanely powerful.

>> No.13758829

Depends largely on the Eldar in question. You get a phenomenally huge range of skill in those xenos. Guardians are just superior. Aspect Warriors are deadly. Exarchs go toe to toe with space marines without the benefit of supernatural toughness and win.

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>And DE weapons aren´t meant to kill

Nope. Splinter weaponry is designed to kill the target. It does so in an exceedingly painful manner, leaving the target in agony for several seconds before expiring, but it is most certainly lethal.

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Wasn't asleep. I'm an assassin with 45 Ag, rolled a natural 1, neatly slit its throat.

>> No.13758845

Damn it. Right, I suck ultramarine cock. I mean... I suck spiritual liege cock. Wait... I do so *platonicaly* wit no weird homosexual overtones.


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That´s not what I heard... Far as I know, splinter weaponry causes immense pain but doesn´t kill, allowing DE to take more slaves.

>> No.13758875

"Splinter weapons fire shards of splintered crystal using a powerful magno-electric pulse. These shards are covered in incredibly virulent and fast-acting toxins the better to ensure a painful death."

Codex: Dark Eldar, page 58.

>> No.13758880

The new one? I´m starting to dislike this new DE codex and it´s retouching of minor fluff points less and less...

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>> No.13758900

that weapon seems like spess marhine level faggotry. Tbh more races need to be spess marhine level faggotry.

>> No.13758901

No, really?

>> No.13758903

I'm sure they can change the toxins they use to cause pain/hallucination/horrible death as they see fit.

>> No.13758911

that's why i added "on..on 4chan." to highlight the sarcasm.

Unless u r the troll?

>> No.13758914

Correct, the new one. Dark Eldar no longer try and take slaves during combat against other armies - they will if they get the chance, but the primary objective is to slaughter centers of armed resistance so they can enslave civilians and whatnot.

>> No.13758922

Splinter weapons being not meant to kill was stupid anyway, if humans could take a feel no pain feat and survive, Orks, nids and daemons, not to mention Necrons, would be utterly immune.

>> No.13758925

that aint much of a diffrence. More effective slave capturing.

>> No.13758936

No, really? I didn´t notice.

>> No.13758950

why so sarcy?

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this changes nothing.

>> No.13758959

Grendel killed a greater daemon with a knife

>> No.13758966

>it´s impossible to win on their own ground, like Commoragh or a Craftworld

Invaders Chapter did it so I don't see how some innocent band of acolytes can walk into Cammorragh and escape it. Easily.

>> No.13758973

Oh well, A stubber is still a stubber, and will tear through Eldar armor. Fuck, at level 5 I´ll just take bulging biceps and an Autocannon. Eldar you say?

Alternatively, play Assassin. Sneaking you say? I outsneak you.

>> No.13758979

he means if humans can get feel no pain on some charchters. It should make sense that Necrons would all have feel no pain because robots. So they would feel no pain like pain immune humans.

>> No.13758990

Commoragh is instant-death for your party because it's the Dark Eldar's playground and it's FUCKING MASSIVE. Like it's the size of a few solar systems.

>> No.13758994

but they failed the emparah

>> No.13758995

>comparing half a dozen of acolytes with a chapter of Space Marines
>how retarded are you?

This retarded. See pic.

>> No.13759005

Please tell me you're trolling.

There's a difference between the bulk of a Chapter assaulting one Craftworld that had recently come out of a war against a Tyranid hive fleet, and a bunch of Acolytes lost in a City so huge that entire Craftworlds could fit within it.

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>> No.13759009

To provide a similar scenario; it's like a small band of xenos trying to infiltrate Terra.

>> No.13759018

They died in the process. An entire chapter.

>> No.13759019

If it was nids. they could get enough biomass to overwhelem terra just from the sheer amount of people. Thats pretty fucked up.

>> No.13759023

I imagine you have more chance to infiltrate Terra, irstly because it´s easier to get to (I mean, who has access to a webway anyway) And there aren´t murderous Mandrakes everywhere. Heck, disguise yourself as a pilgrim and you have a good chance to make it to Terra. It´s a lot easier.

>> No.13759029

If you want to do Dark Eldar gladiator shit, then best make it so the PCs are prisoners of a raid and forced to fight in a pit in the DE camp. No way in hell they would make it out of Comorragh.

>> No.13759031

Actually, no. He didn't. The author later came and said that the whole thing was made up. Grendel never existed outside this dude's asspie imagination.

>> No.13759035

I have no image reaction for this, although someone repeatedly slamming their face into the keyboard would be a good start.

>> No.13759036


That's not very hard actually, billions of pilgrims arrive yearly just for the honor of dying on the underhives of Terra. The hard thing is getting into any place important.

Similarly, Commoragh's ports and lower districts are full of various alien mercenaries and slaves, there actually *are* limited possibilities for Acolytes to do stuff in Commoragh.

>> No.13759037

No, they didn't. They still exist, too.

>> No.13759039

I suspect hive world terra would have more surviallience systems flying about than 1984. Probs with xeno scanners and all sorst of dickery AND YOU AINT NEVER GETTING TO PALACE!

>> No.13759045

Yeah. Cypher is gonna pull it off, and he's a space marine.

>> No.13759047


Shame if that's true. Regardless, it's still an entertaining story.

>> No.13759048

Like all great myths it doesn't actually matter if it happened or not. Only that it was canonised. By FFG in this case.

>> No.13759065

Every single pilgrim is screened.
Because they otherwise will tell you to fuck off which happens all the time. Yes, pilgrims go on a multi-generational pilgrimage to Terra and are turned away.

>> No.13759072

There are regular pilgrimages to Terra. A genestealer infected (like a Magos) who looks completely human could pull it off. I mean really, it´s not that implausible.

>> No.13759080

Through the TORN webway with DAEMONS crawling all over it? Because that's the only portal.

>> No.13759085

Functional gene scanning technology? With my Adeptus Mechanicus? It´s less likely than you think!

>> No.13759088

[citation needed]

I will continue to maintain that getting onto Terra isn't the issue, it's getting anywhere worth going once you're there.

>> No.13759092


>eldar pirate party trying to infiltrate earth
>que mission impossible music

>> No.13759107

I meant it´s difficulter to get to Commoragh because you need to get access to the webway, and it´s very hard to get to without exctracting the info from the Eldar. I wasn´t referring to the webway on Terra.

>> No.13759114

it's kinda rage inducing though that one genstealer who looked really human could hurr sneak through then net and get to the homeworld of humans. It don't make no sense. Everyone would be screened by massive scanners anyway. Terra is the most heavily guarded thing in 40k. Fuck it has primarch level guards as a whole chapter. Imagine the fucking guardsmen/security forces on there.

>> No.13759118

It might be now non canon, but there was a slave rebellion lead by a commissar once. They all died, but the took down the cabal with them I think. I think also in the black library books torturers and poisoners who have worked with the dark eldar exist. But if you are getting out of their grasp you have probably sold yourself to someone, worked the system and would not be coming out of Comorragh a loyal imperial citizen.

>> No.13759121

Where are your facts? I´d like to see your proof, as there isn´t a SINGLE SCRAP OF EVIDENCE supporting gene scanning technology on pilgrims. That there are tight searches and that everyone is monitored closely, that there is, but NO MORE! PROOF MOTHERFUCKER!

>> No.13759123

If there is going to be a single world where the Imperium is even more ridiculously paranoid about keeping safe then it's going to be Terra. Otherwise someone would have snuck a bomb down there and fucked stuff up. Or some hideous alien threat would have snuck planetside.

>> No.13759128

>he still thinks Custodes are on par with primarchs!

>> No.13759130

They problay have it and it be a bit "hurr durr" if terra was taken down by one nid.

I mean they would have a shit ton of xeno scanners. The only function ones probs.

>> No.13759135

As a previous poster said. If Cypher is going to infiltrate terra, anybody can. There is no way they can check everybody.

>> No.13759142

say that on terra motherfucker.
Also your chapter is ruled over by a fucking emo.
>Laughing space marines.jpg

>> No.13759148

Cypher could paint his armor black and pretend to be a dark templar on pilgrimage or something.

>> No.13759149

I wonder what my players will say when they visit Commoragh...

>> No.13759154

Hurr Durr is the cremé de la cremé of warhammer 40,000 though. It´d be really appropriate that the Whole of Terra is actually infected with genestealers. There isn´t a single human on Terra. They´re al Xenos or Necron Pariahs.

>> No.13759157

Well, since the galaxy is CRAWLING with dozens and dozens of shapeshifting xenos, all who are hostile to the Imperium, and Terra being the most well defended location in the 40k galaxy, it's very likely there are genetic scanners on Terra.

For your info, every Imperial (Space Marine) bolter has a genetic scanner on it. Every one.

>> No.13759160


>> No.13759164

If they know the fluff, they'll probably say, "The hell we're going there!"

>> No.13759171


>> No.13759172

‘He will come with us, my lord,’ Amon insisted.
Dorn nodded.
‘An object lesson in determination and loyalty, eh, Archamus?’ he said. ‘Indeed, my lord,’ replied the commander of the huscarls. ‘They would fight six Astartes and a primarch in order to ac- complish their duty,’ Dorn said. ‘My lord,’ Amon said, ‘please stand aside.’ ‘I’m half-tempted to let you attempt to go through me,’ said Dorn. ‘I would, of course, hurt you both.’
‘You would try,’ replied Haedo. ‘My lord,’ he added.

>> No.13759186

Don't some of the aliens have high ranking body guard jobs becuase you can trust an alien to keep its word?

>> No.13759189

>say that on terra motherfucker.

Didn't ADB mention in an interview that the Custodes aren't that much more powerful than the Space Marines? They're more advanced in terms of biology and genetic makeup, but in terms of combat ability are roughly on-par with the regular Astartes?

>> No.13759197


Too bad they won't have much of a choice.

When the Captain makes an open-ended bargain with an Archon, well, perhaps it may be in their best interest to hear them out.

>Correction: There is ALWAYS a choice. The question becomes whether or not it has been decided for you...

>> No.13759204

IF AUSPEXES DID THAT, INQUISTORS WOULD HAVE A REALLY EASY JOB! Really, I think that they didn´t think the implications of every bolter having a gene scanner through. This would mean gene stealer cults are about as difficult to find as biscuits in a tea parlor.

>> No.13759205

Not sure what your post is on about. But logar went crying like a baby to a tower when the emperor told him to stop being a religous fuckbad. That's when he slit his wrists and went to chaos.

seems less bad than the fucking custodians.

>> No.13759210


That's correct. Also the "Blood Games" short HH story states:

"In arming chambers on the lower levels of the House of Wea- pons, servitors and slaves were ritually plating a squad of proud Astartes of the Imperial Fists, anointing them with oils and whispers as they locked each piece of armour in place. The squad was preparing for a long patrol shift on the southern ramparts.

Such was the custom of most Astartes: the ritual, the gloving, the blessing. They were beings wrought for war, their mindsets particular. Ritual aided their singularity of focus. It refined their purpose.

They were not like custodes at all. Like cousins, perhaps, like kin from the same bloodline, the custodes and the Astartes were similar but distinct. The custodes were the product of an older, formative process, a process, some said, that had been refined and simplified to produce the Astartes en masse. Generally, cus- todes were larger and more powerful than Astartes, but the dif- ferences were only noticeably significant in a few specific cases. No one would be foolish enough to predict the outcome of a con- test between an Astartes and a custodes.

The greatest differences lay in the mind. Though custodes shared a familial bond through the circles of their order, it was nothing like the keen brotherhood that cemented the Legions of the Astartes. Custodes were far more solitary beings: sentinels, watchmen, destined to stand forever, alone. "

Forever Custodes.

>> No.13759214

Two custodes.
Facing six space marines and Rogal Dorn.
They don't give a fuck.

>> No.13759215

WELL IT'S BEEN A FEW YEARS SINCE I PLAYED 40K OR READ ABOUT AUSPEXS I JUST KNEW THEY DEDICATED STUFF!! also if spess marhine bolt guns have casualy emplaced gentic scanners then you know terra will have some serious shit.

>> No.13759220

Correct. Some Archons employ alien mercenaries to act as bodyguards because they're too paranoid that other Dark Eldar will stab them in the back and take their job.

>> No.13759221

Yeah, ADB and Abnett have pretty much written them as being better than spehss maroons only in the sense that they aren't mass-produced and are on average way better at the OPERATORS OPERATING OPERATIONALLY thing.

>> No.13759223



>> No.13759224


>> No.13759231

They're not ALL on Primarch level. But well beyond Space Marine levels.

Just imagine taking a Space Marine codex, and switching everyone's stats with a higher ranking one.

All tactical marines become sergeants. Sergeants become dudes with Terminator Honours. Dudes with Terminator Honours become HQ, HQ become Primarchs. Replace the Primarch with the Head of all the Custodes, and make him more powerful than a Primarch.


>> No.13759233

The post shows that Two custodes can take on a primarch and 6 Astartes. That´s what it shows.

>> No.13759234

No fucking way. They'll get gene-scanned and purged.

>> No.13759237

I remember that story, didn't the Commissar wind up in the same cell he started in by the end of the story. Across from a newly ex-Archon. And ended the tale by laughing his ass off because anything they did to some lowly Monkeigh was going to be like heaven compared to what they do to ex-Archons.

^^^ That is victory on Comorragh!

Well they should have been Macs!

>> No.13759251

DORN STEPPED FORWARDS, through the ranks of his Astartes.
‘Put up your weapons,’ he said gently.
The Imperial Fists smartly raised the boltguns to their shoul-
‘I meant everyone,’ added Dorn, looking at the custodes.
Amon and Haedo kept their spears aimed at the canopied

‘My lord, Pherom Sichar is a traitor and spy,’ replied Amon carefully. ‘He is using the networks of his extensive mercantile empire to communicate with the Warmaster and his benighted rebels. We have just cause and evidence enough to hold him and interrogate him. He will come with us.’

‘Or?’ asked Dorn with a soft, almost amused smile.
‘He will come with us, my lord,’ Amon insisted.
Dorn nodded.
‘An object lesson in determination and loyalty, eh, Archamus?’
he said.
‘Indeed, my lord,’ replied the commander of the huscarls.
‘They would fight six Astartes and a primarch in order to ac-
complish their duty,’ Dorn said.
‘My lord,’ Amon said, ‘please stand aside.’
‘I’m half-tempted to let you attempt to go through me,’ said

Dorn. ‘I would, of course, hurt you both.’
‘You would try,’ replied Haedo. ‘My lord,’ he added.
‘Enough,’ said Dorn. ‘Archamus?’
The retinue commander stepped forwards.

More complete story, next Dorn reveals that the guy Custodes captured was actually a double agent and commends them. The point is that Custodes can beat Dorn (they can't, it is not even implied), it's that they're loyal to Emperor alone and would go against even the leader of Terra's defences if duty demanded regardless of their chances.

>> No.13759254



>> No.13759265

>forever, alone. "

They are only diffrent because they don't have brotherhood

>> No.13759267

WELL THAT`S NOT MY PROBLEM; IS IT? And I think the bolters all having gene scanners is a little retarded. I mean, it would turn genestealers into non-threats, and muties and chaos infected could easily be picked out.

It´s the Catholic space Nazis gene purists´s wet dream.

>> No.13759271

‘Lord Sichar of Hy Brasil is a spy,’ he announced, quite matter-
of-factly. ‘Lord Sichar of Hy Brasil has been in regular communication with Horus Lupercal, and has exchanged with the traitor a
great deal of intelligence.’
‘You admit it?’ asked Amon.
‘He’s our spy,’ said Dorn. The primarch came up to Amon face
to face. They were the tallest beings in the room.

‘I am fortifying Terra as best I can for the coming war,’ said Dorn. ‘That means more than walls and shields and gun plat- forms. That means information. Viable, solid data. Proper intelli- gence. Lord Sichar is as loyal as you or I, but his reputation as an opponent of Imperial policy made him a credible defector to the traitor’s camp. Horus thinks he has friends on Terra, friends and allies, who will rise up and turn to fight with him when his host arrives.’
‘I see,’ said Amon.
‘Sadly,’ said Dorn, ‘this great fuss may have compromised him.
I may have to develop other spies now.’

‘My lord,’ said Amon, ‘we are custodes. We guard Terra and the Emperor as surely as you. Would it not have made sense to tell us of Lord Sichar’s involvement?’
Dorn exhaled and did not reply.
‘Do you know what a blood game is, my lord?’ asked Haedo.

‘Of course,’ replied Dorn. ‘You hounds play wolves and test the Emperor’s defences for the slightest flaw or vulnerability. I have reviewed many of your reports, and accommodated their find- ings into my reinforcements.’

‘Then perhaps,’ suggested Amon, ‘we could consider this a blood game? The weakness revealed being that all those who seek to serve and protect the Emperor must work with unified purpose and shared information.’

Rest of the scene.

>> No.13759285

WELL THIS IS 40K WHERE EVERYTHING IS FUCKING BATSHIT YOU DICK! I see your point but spessmarhine are meant to have some sort of super tech. As would Terra. I doubt though the average guardsman has it thus you get genstealer infestations.

>> No.13759315

thanks bro

>> No.13759340

WELL THAT IS INDEED QUITE PLAUSIBLE AND YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT! And the inquisition has bolters, as do vets and Commisars... Sisters of Battle... They´re a little ubiquitous to be so bloody useful, don´t you think? So the only reason genestealer cults aren´t wiped out yet is because the AdMech probably forgot where the "on" button is again.

>> No.13759341

>And I think the bolters all having gene scanners is a little retarded. I mean, it would turn genestealers into non-threats, and muties and chaos infected could easily be picked out.

Pic related. Me giving a fuck.

>> No.13759354


You could potentially have one DE pulling the strings of the corrupt nobility. Eventually the PCs come across him dressed just in fancy noble robes and armed with maybe a splinter pistol, he still might be a pretty big challenge.

>> No.13759358

Or Imperial forces DON'T run around with their bolter out ready to scan every civilian in the area.

>> No.13759378

If by scan, you mean shoot, yes they do.

>> No.13759383

But that would be stupid, because half the organizations who use them (Sisters, Arbites, Inquisition) have as their job to ensure the purity and safety of the population. And the others are all fucking paranoid shell shocked veterans, so they don´t have an excuse.

Not being paranoid in warhammer is just being stupid.

>> No.13759395

> Would it be possible to run an adventure in Dark Heresy of the players trying to escape from the Comorragh gladiator pits?

> Would it be possible to run an adventure

> run an adventure

Seems to happen all the time, bro.

>> No.13759450

YOU ABOUSLUTE PRICK GOD DAMN DON'T YOU KNOW THE IMPERIUM IS UNDERSUPPLIED YOU FUCKSHIT! yeah admech can't spam that shit. Every the most a world will get is some high tech stuff and maybe some scanners but only specailist karksins squads would have them. It wouldn't be on a police level persay

>> No.13759462

>Not being paranoid in warhammer is just being stupid.

Warhammer has always been stupid

>> No.13759478

You´d think Inquisitors and Arbiter Senioris would get them. It´d really help. But noooo, that´s make too much sense.

>> No.13759497

I never said 40k made any sense

>> No.13759517

Yeah, but why do Marines get them, who really don´t have much use for them since they tend to kill everything they see, as opposed to the internal security forces? It´s plain stupid...

>> No.13759540

Every bolter having a genetic scanner is ridiculous.

Holy Terra itself having access to them isn't.

>> No.13759579


Made a Dark Eldar once, made the DH group shit themselves. Had this big mind-fucking build to their climactic encounter.

They shot him up like a fucking gang-banger.

>> No.13759587

I LIKE SCREAMING AT COMPLETE STRANGERS. Just wanted to add this. Proceed with your conversation.

>> No.13759588

It's meant to be like. Bad organsiation in the imperium. Fuck hive world terra central magment has been know to destroy worlds by mistake when ticking boxes and shit.

>> No.13759606

HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU FUCKING PRICK YOU ARE MIGHT MAKE RAGE SO HARD KHRONE IS CREATED! A nice observation. I should seek help. Thanks for letting us proceed.

>> No.13759644

LET ME HELP YOU! IT´S CALLED TOURETTES SYNDROME! EVERONE ON /TG/ HAS IT! I know because fact cat told me, and fact cat knows all.

>> No.13759645

Open the Third Edition Space Marine Codex.

Open it one one of the first few pages, with a detailed view of a bolter.

GENETIC SCANNER. The Imperium puts genetic scanners on their bolters. Your move.

>> No.13759686

Not really. It's like the sanctum of a Warp God in terms of danger.
It could be done in Exalted, but DH is pretty far from Exalted in terms of theme and Pc ability.

>> No.13760049


>> No.13760065

I swear, if I have to GM an Exalted game one more time, it'll feature the-villain-who-can't-be-defeated.

Fuck I hate everyone who plays that game.

>> No.13760066


>> No.13760089

A Solar Exalt could beat up one of the Chaos Gods.

>> No.13760102

Say it to my real face, and I might just care.

>> No.13761583

why must /tg/ get into arguments and not answer questions

>> No.13762566

. . . The PCs?

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