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You come across an eldar loli.
What do?

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I hide thread

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do not be afraid
my sparkling Twilight of the Blood Angels will save you

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I help her find her parents.

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Play pretend of course.
And get paid for it later.

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I ask her if she wants to star in the next sidereal giga blockbuster film.

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will the director be Uwe Boll?

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I stop making bad threads.

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Fuck an, eat eldar, sell loli.

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That's a good question...

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You sure you wanna do An? She's a real hot mess.

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OI! Quit muckin about you gits! Kill dat Eldar!

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Help find her parents. If impossible, adopt.

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Sage, Report, and Hide is the only option. All others are part of the cancer that is killing /tg/

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No, the Blood Angels won't allow that

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did someone say Blood Angels?

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Watch how she gets tortured, how her eyes burst and how a fat drooling slaaneshi Farseer takes her away after the ordeal.

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You humies fink you can stop da WAAAAAAAAGGH?! Don't make me laff!

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Goto, I will fuck you in the ass with a rake.

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Make her a sidekick.

Together we'll fight crime!

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How about just Hide.
By the way, I saw the sages you left on the Middle Earth general thread. You really need to stop. Unless you're the janitor or a mod, your opinions don't mean shit on /tg/ and you're just shitting up the place worse than any troll.

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Blood Angels
Have you forsaken me?

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Don't be afraid; the space wolves will protect you

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Do not ask, "Why kill the alien?" rather, ask "Why not?"

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Depends. On the one hand I might be able to sell/exchange it for a great deal of wealth or a favour, either with criminals, the Inquisition or the Eldar themselves.

On the other hand I'd more or less be a dead man walking for stealing a living Eldar.

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Treat as if she were an elf.

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Grab my multilaser and shoot it in the kidneys.

(If Eldar even have kidneys)

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Apply [gun] to [head] of [loli]

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I find the OP and stuff DE minis up his ass.

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A variation of "Elf Slave, Wat Do?" is in no way a good thread. Go eat a bag of AIDS and Herpes infected dicks.

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Attempt to return it to it's legal guardian.


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I'd travel far to see 'er

>> No.13741199

thanks Anon

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Your autism is showing. Don't bother posting again.

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What do I do? I sage and report this thread.

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I'd warp her spider

OK that was just needless quasi-sexual imagery.

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I turn it over to the first craftworld eldar I find, but not before teaching it a valuable lesson about friendship and cooperation, meaning it will be completely unable to function in the grim darkness of the far future.

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Autism... whats that supposed to mean?

First question; what caste is it from.
2nd question; can it speak gothic or understand me.

I'd return it to the nearest eldar settlment on the planet. I'd possibly take it to a dissused webway gate and see if it knew how to use it... allthough that could be dangerous.
Also, i'd put my IG helmet over its ears spock style, then it'd look like a normal human right?

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I nearly burst out laughing in class.

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Take her and try to raise her to be a commissar. Purge her if she commits treason.. unless love has bloomed.

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What's an Eldar doing here? Eh, whatever, take care of the squirt.

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>Taldeer stood bolt upright with her hands pressed against the lintel and her feet braced against the floor. The sinewy muscles in her slender limbs were taut and bulging with exertion. Her neck was knotted with protruding veins and her mouth was stretched into a contorted, rigid and unnatural cave. But
it was her eyes that commanded the scene: they had gone. In their place there were simply two gaping cavities, rimmed with a thick, bloody ichor.
>She was screaming.

>After a sudden, gurgling pause in her screams, Taldeer yelled something incoherent in a tongue that Gabriel did not know. Her voice was shrill and wracked with pain, but there was a new quality to the sound that even Gabriel could recognize. She had been shot.
>As the psychic screaming commenced, slightly weaker than before, Gabriel ripped his chainsword into life and whirled it around his head, clearing a moment of clarity in the mists of Chaos for him to assess the situation. A gaping wound had appeared in the side of the alien's abdomen, as though she had been shot at close range by a bolter. Judging from the position of the wound, Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys.

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