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Mechanical question: how much of the model (in your opinion, /tg/) has to be covered in red for a vehicle to fairly be considered as having a "red paint job"?

I've always assumed that (e.g.) a Bad Moons battlewagon painted yellow has a "red paint job" as long as there's some effort at making flames (be they red or orange, as long as they're discernible from the yellow of the vehicle) but I've heard of TFG's complaining about that, and advocating a full-bore Evil Suns paint job for it to count as an RPJ.

Pic un-related.

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Uh, vehicles count as having "Red paint job" by investing 50 points more in them or something like that.

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5 points and yes, I know you have to spend the points. My question is a WYSIWYG, modeling question not a game-play question.

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I'd say that red has to be the primary color used. Flames don't count for instance, because they're a decal.

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As long as there's a noticeable amount of red detailing I wouldn't bitch about it, can't speak for spergy tourney types though.

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I try to make something on each side have red, so there are no questions as to it having rpj.

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How about grots with red paint cans, painting red flames on the battlewagon (think: Red Dwarf opening credits)?

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So long as there's enough red on it to tell it apart from any non-RPJ vehicles in your army, you're good to go. Hell, so long as you've done SOMETHING to make it visibly different, you're fine - RPJ could be counts-as'ed for a bigger engine, or a stripped-down, streamlined chassis, or whatever.

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It's up to player discretion really. I'd easily accept flames or go faster stripes as a red paint job, as it could be argued the orks view this as having the same effect. But other people may want the main painting of the entire model to be red.

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Do it

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>>Implying you should ever field a non-RPJ ork vehicle


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