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Hey, do you guys know anything about mutants and masterminds?

I know saves vs. powers are capped at the power level of the campaign, but are the alternate effects capped as well?

for example, am I limited to flight 10 at level 10, and the various other progression distance shit?

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Also, I have a quartet of villians called thought-crime, identity-theft, domestic violence, and time crime.

But I am having troubles thinking of appropriate death traps for them to use, any suggestions would be great, they hole up with their minions in a 20 story hotel they own.

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No. The cap limit only applies to those powers that might force a save, such as Damage or Mind Control. There is no upper limit to, say, how fast you can make your speedster run, as long as you have the points to pay for it and don't mind skimping off other areas.

This is in fact what inspired me to dump all my power points into the Additional Limbs power and create Ball Of Arms Man, the handiest superhero in the world!

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>thought crime
>identity theft

Both of these make me think some elaborate brain-fuck that causes the target to lose their minds and kill themselves. Then identity crime-guy takes over the identity of the dead person?

>domestic violence

How can a supervillain be themed around "domestic violence"?
Uh, I guess he takes couples and forces them to fight to the death to "prove their love"?

>time crime

Some kind of labyrinth they have to get to the end of. They've been injected with a lethal poison that will kill them in minutes, but the antidote is at the other end of the maze.

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You have a supervillain themed around domestic violence?

Is his master plan to push his girlfriend down the stairs so that when people ask what happens and she says "I fell down the stairs", it's true?

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