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Let's continue our talk from here >>13702009

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you rock

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Needs more Carchodons pages.

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This has been posted in the other thread though.

How to proxy Tyberos and the Carcharodons if IA is not allowed? Blood Angels without jump packs?

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Do Seth give any similar bonuses?

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So, is this a discussion thread. Or can we request more pages for scanning. Cos other than the entire book, I'd love more info on Sons of Medusa.

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Could we have some of the chapter text for various chapters please? Pretty much any of them would do.

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Seth has a S8 rending chainsword but doesn't boost the army, he just does whirlwind attacks and hits back if someone rolls 1's to hit against him.

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I'll start taking pics of the chapter text pages. I'll post more pics of the Mantis Warriors and Salamanders first, though, since I have those.

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Thanks, you're really making my day here.

I was thinking of buying the two books, they sell only from FW right?

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>Chain Axe

Now there's something you don't see loyalists using everyday.
Man, I wonder who exactly these guys are successors to.

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They actually sell them at most GWs now too. It's just that they share the same casual disregard for exchange rates as the REST of GW product.

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The only ones that come to mind are the Flesh Tearers.

I believe that in the DW RPG, axes are better for being aggressive and swords can obviously parry. Maybe the Codex proscribe one weapon over the other?

That doesn't make sense though, since marines are meant to be aggressive and really don't have the need for a defensive edge,,,

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So how's the legality of the characters? Any IA game or campaign only?

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Case in point, they seem to think that the GBP is still twice the value of the Canadian dollar. When it hasn't been for YEARS.

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I haven't seen anything indicating that you can't use them in a normal IA game.

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If I recally correctly from my holiday in Holland, the Euro get's it worse. It's value is almost equal to that of the pound at the moment, but GW's prices are as if it was still only half to 60%.

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Oh yeah. The Carcharodons don't have full confirmation, but "share geneseed markers with the Raven Guard", and they look like albinos with black eyes.

Kamen Rider Marines, however, are White Scars.

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I think that GW doesn't really care somehow, they just want to make cool and interesting stuff.

Which causes friction with many gamers as I'm sure many know.

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>Kamen Rider marines

But, Mantises are never riders! Only Kaijuu!

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Now I want a chapter master with a dramaticly modelled scarf and bike...

They have some sort of precog skill right?

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Er, no. They just want to make short term profit.

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Owch. That sounds ALMOST as bad as Australia. Apparently, they can get things more than half off (INCLUDING shipping) by just ordering from the UK rather than buying locally.
Taking Chapter Text pictures now, going through sequentially.

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I would say that about GW, but FW?

And of course they want to make money, but what's your issue with it?

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One theory that went around when information about IA10 started leaking was that the Carcharodons are descended from the most successful surviving results of Corax' experiments on marine creation. They were sent to crusade beyond the Imperium because keeping them in close proximity to Imperial citizens was too risky.

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Yeah "The Battle Haze". Well, assuming that's still canon after this anyway.
It's precognition so much as Max Payne/GoW/Vanquish style bullet time slowdown.

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I'm not pretending to be smartass, but maybe it'll be easier to determine which pages you'll photograph ana make them continuosly not randomly

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Considering I was posting things that people were asking for in the order they were asking for them at first...

And how I said I was going to be posting the chapter fluff ones sequentially...

Shut the fuck up.

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Shut the fuck up yourself, bro. Take it easy.

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For the Emperor!

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That's a pretty sweet animal to name yourself after.

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This size of text is still OK with people, right? Not too small or anything? It's the same size as the other ones I've posted, and on the same scale as the IA9 ones someone else posted.

Order of the book is:
Mantis Warriors
Sons of Medusa
Star Phantoms

I'll post the entire fluff section for the chapters, and any photos I've not posted for them already. I'll link to the holes in sections from the painting scheme plates as required.

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Can read it with no difficulty.

Thanks gain for doing this!

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If you don't like how I do things, buy the book yourself. Don't criticize someone for A) Doing things for free, and B) Doing things in the order people wanted,

Also, C) Still going to do things in the way you recommended, because it's what I was going to do ANYWAYS.

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So White Scars are infertile.

Nice move to make more Ultramarines chapters GW.

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>I'm not pretending to be smartass

You're doing a good job of it anyways. Don't annoy the guy giving stuff to us, jackhole.

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I like how that whole page was basically FW going

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Mantis Warriors page 3

(I decided to get a big chunk done, rather than do them and post them, so you guys get them faster.)

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Pg 4, after a long line of Captchas that couldn't be typed due to not having a greek OR musical keyboard.

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And why the heck did my name drop off? Ah well.

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Pg 6, last of the fluff.

Subsequent pages are >>13715087 and >>13715108

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Self-righteous douchebag on /tg/? That's unheard of.

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Just type the most clear captcha and then a single letter for the other one.

As in my own which was:

iremeno provided became:

iremeno p

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Next, vehicles. Just two pages of these.

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>last lines

Wait, so that means that each captain can basically have a specific bug as his heraldic?
So that means that you can make a commander whose emblem is a grasshopper?


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An entire company of Kamen riders, acually!

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And, the Thunderhawk.

I'll post the Salamander stuff in a sec, just need to get them resized and everything too.

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Cry more, your failed troll tears are delicious.

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Projecting is the most adorable defense mechanism there is.

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Please stop feeding each other. Take it to another thread if you need to.

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>Ahazra Redth


so delightful...

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>Elsewhere, hidden in the dune-seas of the deep deserts, two Cobra Class destroyers, buried more than seven months previously, shook off the covering shrouds of sand from their sunken prows and fired their torpedoes at point blank range into the bellies of the dark eldar ships high above.

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I would like to say, OP, thank you for your time and effort in bringing this to us. Will continue to monitor this thread.

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shut up op

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Honeslty though. Seven months in advance? They buried not one, but TWO Cobra class destroyers in seven months, unseen?
You'd have to be some kind of a tactical genius to...

CREEEEEEEEEEEEEED! (The Mantis Warrior years)

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Protip: I'm not the OP. He could still delete this entire thread if he wanted to.

And now, onto the Salamanders!

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Page 2

>> No.13715498

Page 3

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Well, thank you then and OP, you can keep my thanks for creating the thread anyway.

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Page 4

Info on the Promethean Cult, too.

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Page 5

No problem!

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Page 6. Next pages are >>13715065 and >>13715075 .

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Salamanders Caestus Ram (Doesn't count for Vulkan Upgrades)

>> No.13715540

Aaaand, Salamanders Rhino and Siege Dreadnought.

Next up, Executioners.

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These are awesome, thanks Spreadsheetguy.
BTW were the same guy that made the army list spreadsheet thing?

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Could you post more Space shark stuff? the text in OP picture is to small for me to read.

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They'll come in a bit, after the Executioners, Sons of Medusa, and Minotaurs. The OP quality is bad, because it's just a preview page from Forgeworld.

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Thanks comrade, My DW GM promised me to homebrew space sharks if I could find some official fluff on them to base it on.

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Rites of Battle just came out with the custom Chapter creation rules as well, you might want to badger him into getting it.

We have a thread on the subject knocking about somewhere at the moment.
(On Rites of Battle, not badgering your GM.)

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They like skulls.

Page 2 is >>13710568

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You're the geatest. Those spreadsheets have made life so much easier.

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Oop, that old thread just 404'd.

Reposting Mantis Warrior and Salamander stuff first, then. Page 7 of Mantis Warriors.

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Some of them are a fair bit out of date, unfortunately. I think the last 5th ed one I did was Imp Guard. The Orks, Tau, and Eldar ones are still valid, though (Along with 5e Space Marines, and the IG).

Page 8 of Mantis Warriors

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derp, here it is.

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Wait. I'm a massive pile of derp.

I really need coffee it seems, those are the ones from THIS thread, at the top. It was the Executioner ones that needed the reposting.

This *is* somewhat deserved for doing things out of order, though. Sorry for any confusion.

Here's the second Executioner page.

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Page 3

>> No.13715717

Page 4, with Ven Dread covered in skulls.

>> No.13715725

Page 5

>> No.13715729

Page 6

>> No.13715737

Page 7

>> No.13715741

Page 8

>> No.13715745

What book is this?

>> No.13715748

Page 9

>> No.13715760

Imperial Armour 10: Badab War Part 2.

Last page of the Executioners. Going to take more pictures now, so back in a bit.

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>the attackers were a nightmarish xenos species of worm-ridden, writhing charnel-feasters never before encountered

So the Slaugth sometimes directly attack Imperium's military assets instead of subversion tactics and raids on soft targets.

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>Deathspeaker Klarkash

So much HPL references, so much win

>> No.13715852

"out of corruption horrid life springs, and the dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous to plague it. Great holes secretly are digged where earth's pores ought to suffice, and things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl."

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>lascannon and heavy bolters
what is this I don't even

>> No.13715886


Ever heard of Predator Annihilator?

>> No.13715887


To be honest, from the sounds of things they don't really use tanks all that much anyway. So they probably just think that sounds cool, and then leave it in the garage on their asteroid moonbase all the time.

>> No.13715894

I'm missing the significance of the problem here. Would anyone care to explain?

>> No.13715905

Back, with Sons of Medusa!

Picture quality has hopefully gone up, due to better lighting.

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It has nothing to do with any of that. The White Scars gene seed has always been rarely used. This was first mentioned in their Index Astartes IIRC. Basically White Scars seem to display abnormal aggression (the example given is the Red Highway Massacre) and since the Admech can't figure out why (the gene seed apears pure, so they blame the steppe culture, which also doesn't make sense to other Admech and so on) they simply don't use the gene seed very often.

Don't worry though, as /tg/ canon has long established, White Scars remain among the most erm... fertile of marines.

>> No.13715913

Page 2

A LOT of Terminators in this set.

>> No.13715918

Pg 3

>> No.13715923

Page 4

>> No.13715926

Page 5

>> No.13715933

Page 6

Fluff on the Warclans, so you can make them even MORE like an Iron Hands counts-as.

>> No.13715937

You have to shoot all your guns at the same thing. Lascannons are anti-vehicle; heavy bolters are anti-infantry. No matter what you're shooting at, the other set of guns is largely wasted. Or totally wasted if you're shooting at any vehicle with an Armor of 12+.

You always go for the lascannon sponson for the Predator Annihilator (twin-linked lascannon turret), or the heavy bolter sponsons for the Predator Destructor (autocannon turret).

>> No.13715946

Page 7

It looks like they change the Chapter Icon based on the clans.

>> No.13715958

Page 8

I wonder how long before Forgeworld releases Terminator Bionics kits?

>> No.13715966

Page 9

>> No.13715971

Page 10.


>> No.13715986


Twin-linked lascannon+HB sponsons is good for Blood Angels preds. Being fast, they can move up to 12'' and still fire one weapon (and be hit on 6's in CC), and this means you want your sole anti-tank weapon that will be used for sideshot be powerful.

AC+las sponson is more expensive, moving at cruising speed has worse performance against mech and light infantry, so to get the full benefits out of fast, TL las/HB is the best. For stationary gun platforms that vanilla preds are, other options are better.

>> No.13715992

Where are the special rules for the Mantis Warriors to have Pulse Lasers and Termiantor Sergeants with Cyclone rocket launchers?

>> No.13716012

Ok, the Sons of Medusa are pretty cool.

>> No.13716021

Minotaurs time!
Page 1

>> No.13716022



>> No.13716032

Page 2

Many will be happy to see that they don't have bright yellow with red triangles for colours now.

>> No.13716036

Page 3

>> No.13716040

page 4

>> No.13716059

Page 5

I wonder how many people are actually paint the 'corrosion' at the joints?

>> No.13716066

Page 6, last of their fluff.

>> No.13716073

Page 7, with custom Storm Shield and Thunder Hammers.

>> No.13716087

Page 8

While they show the TH/SS... they have a lot of terminators that use lightning claws, it seems.

>> No.13716098

Page 9

>> No.13716104

Sons of Medusa were my favourite chapter way back when I first picked up a copy of the 3rd Edition Codex: Space Marines. I loved their colour scheme and name even if they didn't really have any fluff back then. I've followed their slow rise through the fluff since then and I liked the "devastators with sniper rifles" and desert combat squad fluff they got for that campaign a few years ago... forget what it was called.

Anyway reading this I'm pleased to see that they have been very well fleshed out (figuratively speaking lol bionics joke) by Forge World and that they are finally an official Iron Hands successor.

I especially like the note about how they can make their own dreadnoughts. Gonna make me an emerald green all dreadnought army using the BA 'dex. (the Death Company even have Feel No Pain so it actually all works pretty cleanly without much refluffing at all)

I'm a happy Mori... morian... moridia... whatever.

>> No.13716109

And, page 10.


>> No.13716120

Page 1

>> No.13716132

Page 2

These pictures don't really do justice to the detailing and Maori designs on these guys.

>> No.13716140

Page 3

>> No.13716148

Page 4

>> No.13716158

Page 5

>> No.13716162

Page 6

>> No.13716179

Page 7
I think Forgeworld will get a lot more sales, just from these guys.

>> No.13716188

I'd pretty happily buy books from Forge World where they just fluff Chapters.

>> No.13716193

Page 8

>> No.13716206

Page 9
I love how the dread is DRENCHED in blood.

>> No.13716220

Page 10

Next up, the Exorcists. They only have 8 pages, for whatever reason.

>> No.13716225


Did you see the Sons of Medusa special character in the last thread? He was goddamn amazing. Not least because all Devestators in his army get feel no pain. Although they lose the ability to run. But when has THAT been a problem?

>> No.13716238

Exorcists page 1.

They don't SEEM to be the Grey Knight successor chapter that they had been fluffed as before (it was mentioned in a short story, or something), but they're damned good at killing daemons.

>> No.13716245

Page 2

>> No.13716252

Page 3

>> No.13716261

Page 4

>> No.13716269

Page 5.

On the next page, you'll see the secret to the Exorcists daemon hunting abilities.

>> No.13716290

Look at the forehead of the beakie in the upper right.

They have accepted Roboute Guilliman as their spiritual liege.

>> No.13716298

Page 7

>> No.13716304

They were never meant to be Grey Knight successors. /tg/ just pulled that out of our collective ass.

All they are is a chapter that was created with the destruction of a single enemy in mind. In this case Daemons. Just as many chapters have been created and mono-tasked with destroying orks or eldar for their first ten centuries. It's pretty common when you think about it, just not specifically for daemons. Usually the chapters that only deal with one enemy are given the task of ork culls and the like to keep populations under control.

>> No.13716311

Page 8

Next up, Star Phantoms!

>> No.13716328

I thought that was some sort of weird dreadnought chainsword from the thumbnail

>> No.13716332

Not /tg/. A Black Library author. Specifically, in Headhunted by Steve Parker.


>> No.13716337

What exactly makes them expert daemon-killers? Do they get psycannons or some shit?

>> No.13716338


'The Burning Anger', eh?

Exorcists --> Angry Marines

>> No.13716345

Page 1 of the Star Phantoms.

>> No.13716367


Possible possession and excorcism of initiates and a lot of occult knowledge and fancy gear.

>> No.13716370

Page 2

Their Captain has a master crafted thunder hammer that auto-wounds Daemons and anything with psychic powers.

>> No.13716384

Page 3

>> No.13716392

Page 4

>> No.13716398

Page 5

>> No.13716401

Which is funny because I see a distinct lack of Chapter Tactics

>> No.13716407

They also seem to deploy easier than the Grey Knights.

I can imagine that Grey Knights only come knocking when an important Inquisitor requests their presence. Exorcists showed up to help out a single planet from Tyranids.

>> No.13716411

Page 6. I think Forgeworld wants us to buy Caestus Rams.

No special Chapter Tactics, no, but EVERYTHING gets to reroll failed pinning checks, without losing Chapter Tactics.

>> No.13716418

So, rules-wise, that's it? They get an HQ that wounds automatically? He might kill daemon troops on his own that way, but I was expecting more. Are there any more Exorcist rules pages?

>> No.13716423

>Chapter quote is the last words of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2.


>> No.13716429

Page 7

>> No.13716432

So did I miss out on the Lamenters?

>> No.13716434

Any chance of getting a pdf of all of this?

>> No.13716440

Page 8

>> No.13716448

Page 9

Not really; these 8 are the only chapters fluffed out further in IA10. Lamenters were in IA9 I think, though. Should be a pdf on /rs/ already.

>> No.13716459

And, page 10.

I'm going to go grab some lunch. If anyone has the Characters from the last thread saved, fell free to post 'em.

>> No.13716470

Aw crap really? Apart from Goto (obviously) I think this is the first time I've ever been annoyed at myself for considering all of Black Library to be generally canon.

I don't know why it bugs me for the Grey Knights to have a successor it just does. It feels... counter intuitive to what the Knights are.

A chapter founded with killing one enemy in mind. Sure. That happens all the time. But an actual successor chapter to the grey knights? Kinda dilutes the purpose of the knights. And I'm not even a big fan of the boys in silver. AND I like the Exorcists.

But I don't like this. Weird.

>> No.13716506

I missed the first thread, so I would appreciate if anyone posted the special characters.

>> No.13716526

>> No.13716536

>> No.13716555

>> No.13716568

>> No.13716579

>> No.13716586

>> No.13716597

>> No.13716608

Thanks much.

>> No.13716663

IT really steps on the grey knights toes.

WHY did they need a successor chapter? By all rights there probably isn't enough Grey Knights to fill their OWN chapter.

>> No.13716679

I haven't read the story, but I think it's about a Deathwatch unit. So, it could be an Exorcist seconded to the DW THINKING that his parent-chapter is the Knights.

>> No.13716691

Here's the Venerable Ironclad Dreadnought with Living Metal, two heavy flamers, and a whirlwind-type attack.

>> No.13716703


Am I just silly, or does the configuration of the Space Shark's land raider here remind anyone else of the original style Land Raider from 1st edition?

And damn, they do use a lot of old equipment, only one of those guys has a Mk VII Aquila helmet.

>> No.13716705


It's probably an Inquisitorial experiment to see if replicating GK gene-seed alone is enough to efficiently create marines that can fill their role without the need to recruit from only psykers and to have the rituals of detestation.

Probably failed too, save for abilities bestowed by training and special gear Exorcists have no extra proficiency in fighting daemons. So making new chapters with GK gene-seed is a waste of time.

>> No.13716768

It is. Essentially, they've been patrolling beyond the edge of the galaxy for the past several millenia, so have a lot of ancient suits.

I think they loot equipment too, if the stuff they have breaks down.

>> No.13716858

Grey Knight gene seed isn't anything super special for fighting daemons though. It's just boring old loyalist Death Guard gene seed.

Even if it was golden Emperor sperm I dunno how helpful it would be. The gene seed isn't what makes a grey knight special. Sure it's super-duper pure but that's nothing special. Every special snowflake chapter and their cat has pure gene seed. The stuff you mention: being psykers, the rituals of detestation, the silver runes carved on the bones, the advanced training. THAT is what makes Grey Knights so good at what they do.

>> No.13716883


I've heard the new audiobooks suggest GK Geneseed is a combination of Psyker Geneseed from all Legions, Loyalist and Traitor.

>> No.13716889

My God.

I am an imperial guard die hard. I love the imperial guard. The closest things I like but don't field space-marines related are Salamanders for the bro and Night Lords for the psy-ops fun and getting straight into the enemy, what with the jump-troops and drop pods and all that. Also: Baby screams played on amps set to eleven for two weeks at a sieged city before any actual attack is waged.

But my god.

I think I'm going to run Space Sharks.

Please, good sir- awesome deliverer of /tg/- could you post/repost ANY stuff with mechanics, chapter doctrines, squad layout, division of troops with fast attack/heavy support/whatnot, and anything crunch or mechanics related for Space Sharks?

>> No.13716905


I think the fluff pages above are it.

>> No.13716929


What's in this thread is about it.

>> No.13716954


>>13714972 is their Special Character stats and info,
and starting at >>13716120 is the fluff on them. There's more info scattered throughout the IA10 book, probably.

>> No.13716971


Yup, before that, the Space Sharks were just a footnote chapter in the old Badab War listing (itself a footnote with little fluff). They didn't really have any fluff, though their name and iconography made them favorites of some.

>> No.13716982

Also, TYBEROS THE RED WAKE (so much blood...)

>> No.13716996

Other old Badab war chapters listing page. witness the original paintscheme of the Salamanders, which was very Salamandery.

>> No.13717138

I hate how they made the Badab war Imperium vs Rebels instead of a domestic conflict between different loyal factions that arose out of the Marine's freedom and lack of accountability.

That was far more interesting.

>> No.13717181


Also hate how they made is LOLCHAOS instead of just rival marines fighting due to alliances.

>> No.13717184


Didn't change that much IMO, other than the Claws secretly being eeeevil.

>> No.13717278

If you read IA9 or 10 at all, you'd know that Chaos actually has NOTHING to do with it, until the very end. And even then, it's just that Huron fell to chaos rather than any of the Secessionist chapters falling.

>> No.13717435


At least they brought back the true spirit of the marines in this fluff.

Maybe it's just that pic. 'First in, last out' > 'spess mahreens'

Also arabic numbers over latin

>> No.13717464


Space Sharks have been renamed into Carcharodons.

Probably the result of a lost bet.

>> No.13717481


That Razorback pic is fan art, or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean.

Gotta love those intricate patterns on the Sharks though.

>> No.13717562

I found the rage on BoLS hilarious. Some chapters, like the Star Phantoms, did not conform to their fan-dex, and oh did they cry.

>> No.13717585

They haven't been renamed. Otherwise the Carcharodon fluff would say they replaced the Space Sharks.

Carcharodons, do they even use red? I think not.

>> No.13717614

The Carcharodons are the space sharks.

That's why they talk about in >>13716120 about the chapter also being referred to as Carcharodon Astra, and "low gothic derivations"

The Low Gothic derivation of Carcharodon Astra is Space Shark.

>> No.13717640



Guess what "Charcharodons Astra" roughly translates to in Low Gothic? Also, several other Badab chapters go their paint schemes modified (Minotaurs anyone?), the Sharks losing their red stripe is unsurprising but a bit sad. It was just an old Rogue Trader era rank marking anyways, many chapters used that stripe.

>> No.13718115

Speaking as someone who's played Space Sharks for a while before this was announced, my guys are keeping the stripe.

>> No.13718321

Alright guys, this is the guardsman to Carcharadons Astra speaking. I'm going to post a theory list in a bit- now, I've only run guard unless using friend's models for the entirety of my 4th-5th edition playing, so I'd like your help if any space marines players can help me out. I'm looking for fluffy and useful stuff. I'm not expecting tournament level awesome, I want something that's competitive on a friendly level.

Posts incoming.

>> No.13718463


Shouldn't Tyberos have an Iron Halo, or is that so recent tech that the Carcharodons wouldn't use them?

>> No.13718478


Hell yeah. I agree. If I was to make a sharks army, I'd try to make them little head fins too for the Mk VII helmets.

>> No.13718510


The Red Wake doesn't need no pussy Halo.

>> No.13718900

>Making fun of the Ultramarine cult

Take THAT, Matt Ward!

>> No.13718977

The "chimeric" gene-seed used in the Cursed Founding to make the Minotaurs and their strange behaviour hints towards traitor gene-seed.

The paranoia and obsessiveness of the Minotaurs combined with the spitefulness and "siege mastery" would hint towards Iron Warriors, while the brutality and their rampaging in early history is reminiscent of World Eaters. The disappearence and re-emergence of the Chapter could mean that there was some secret program where the elements of Minotaurs affected the most by Angron's gene-seed were purged, and the rest were re-educated and trained into the High Lord's private shock troops.

>> No.13719037


SO not like the grey knights at all then.

>> No.13719202

Hrud migrations are that dangerous?

The Ultramarines face a whole hive fleet together with PDF....and they barely survived.

>> No.13719278

So, consensus is that the Sharks and Minotaurs are awesome for being total bastards?

>> No.13719304


Ultramarines and Battlefleet Bakka faced a hive fleet, Star Phantoms were alone against the Hrud migration.

Planetstrike and Guard codex have instances where Hrud migrations are cleaned out, you just need numbers and firepower to take them out before their entropic fields fuck you up.

>> No.13719324

>>Battlefleet Bakka

Was their special weapon a hammer that materialized from nowhere?

>> No.13719339

Grey Knights are incorruptible because they become the anathema of the demon.

Exorcists are incorruptible because they´ve already been possessed, and through special techniques were able to banish the demon out of their body without dying.

Once you get possessed, you can´t get possessed anymore.

But exorcism usually ends with death. Apparently the Exorcists found a safer ritual, allowing the creation of them.

>> No.13719368

So you basically prevent them from building up in number? This migration must have huge to generate a field of the magnitude where it ages the very SUN.
I meant more that they have no problem working with deamonhosts.

Which I now realize was utterly retarded on my part.

>> No.13719384



That was bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.13719424

S-stupid Ultramarines!

It's not like I wanted to sacrifice an ancient battleship just to save you or anything, I just happened to be ramming that hive fleet anyway.


>> No.13719428

>But exorcism usually ends with death. Apparently the Exorcists found a safer ritual, allowing the creation of them.

Or, they just recruit the 1% of people who actually survive the process.

>So you basically prevent them from building up in number? This migration must have huge to generate a field of the magnitude where it ages the very SUN.

Considering that I'm pretty sure the Ultra's and the Star Phantoms are the ONLY known examples of someone surviving a Hrud Migration then yeah it's pretty bad.

Whilst I'm not entirely sure what the general theme of the Star Phantoms is now, I do like the colour-scheme, I especially like the fact that they quote Vigo the Butch, and I'm REALLY liking the chapter symbol.

>> No.13719439

>Battlefleet WHAT?
Well they must have been THA STRONGEST!

>> No.13719492


Where to they reference the Ultras surviving such a migration?

Also, most of the new chapters have gotten pretty cool new designs. The Sons of Medusa colour scheme is such an improvement. And the Carcharodons image of rising from dark space and tearing the Emperors enemies to bloody chunks before descending once more is just great.

>> No.13719494


What? Ultras weren't hit by a Hrud migration, and there's many instances in fluff where they're cleaned out.

>The Infestation of Ursula Spinal 783.M41
>The agri-world of Ursula Spinal drifts into the path of a Hrud migration, It quickly becomes infested, its hydrocrops crumbling to dust and its defenders ageing fifty years in the space of a few months as the Hrud's innate entropic fields take their toll. Six regiments of Valhallans make planetfall and purge the infestation with fire and fury. A full half of the Valhallan regiments are later declared unfit for duty due to extreme premature ageing.

Guard codex
>A Hrud migration is halted due in no small part to the courageous efforts of the Cadian 8th, a campaign in which the tactical abilities of Ursarkar Creed proved instrumental.

You just need tactical genius.

>> No.13719509

Jokes on you, I ALWAYS feel bad.

>> No.13719536

I can see the Tau's response:

"Ah yes, Charcarodons. Ancient space marines rising from the void to ravage our Empire".

"We have dismissed these claims".
Thank you for that, it will now haunt me for ever.

>> No.13719613



Quick, made codices for them!

>Codex Carcharodon
>Codex Minotaur

And the non space marine players wept for 30 fortnights.

>> No.13719623

>A full half of the Valhallan regiments are later declared unfit for duty due to extreme premature ageing.



>> No.13719640

Imagine meeting the 'nids, whoa re not designed to live all that long anyway.

>> No.13719663

Warp shadow may fuck with it.

>> No.13719676


Oh and why do the Hrud migrate.

>> No.13719677


Possibly, but I don't even want to think about what would happen if the nids adapted to it.

>> No.13719682


That's why people don't mess with things made by the Old ones

>your face when you realize necrons are inmune to this entropy fields anyway

Whelp, when you think about it the Old ones were really shitty scientists considering nothing they ever made worked. I bet they were like the Eldar, they reached lol warp science and made the webway, then they spent the rest of their lives drunk and being flayed by the necrons.

Remember how the Orks say that they were created in a belching contest between Gork and Mork? It's true, the Old ones were just drunk and someone got the smart idea of making orks.

>> No.13719691


They're vermin.

>> No.13719702


I seriously doubt the Hrud Entropy fields are biological in nature, no way for the nids to adapt to it, just like they can't adapt to Father Nurgle's warp plagues.

>> No.13719713

Might not be that. Maybe the orks evolved in a diffrent way to be more brutal. They used to be called korks and they did create a technolgy mimicing race to counter the necrons so they weren't that shit.

I imagine the Kork to be more tatical and maybe as civil as the eldar. Just as numerous and strong though.

>> No.13719725

They were made to fight the Necrotyr, who were famously shortlived.

>> No.13719748

The hive ships are most likely effectively immortal.

They most likely flew here from another galaxy at a very slow speed.

>> No.13719750


It still doesn't preclude the nids retooling their stuff to have longer lifespans.

>> No.13719751


Besides being a nod to the "worm that walks" trope, the Slaugth are interesting in that they seem to follow the tech progression of the Necrontyr with their non-warp FTL and whatnot, although they use vat-grown constructs instead of living metal and don't have gauss tech or phasing.

All other civilized races we have more than a cursory mention of seem to utilize the warp instead, even the Tau do so to the degree allowed by their low psychic potential.

>> No.13719758


Actually, the Eldar and their gods, Orks, Hrud, Jokaero and whatever else the Old ones made were made after the C'tan made the Necrons.

>> No.13719765

>get turned into a necron

>> No.13719781

I forgot to add
>get turned into a necron to counter ageing.

>> No.13719794


Well that's just stupid then.


>> No.13719805


Well, a massive horde of Hrud should be able to deprive a C'tan of energy and force it to leave its necrodermis body or starve to death.

>> No.13719828


Uhm, wouldn't the C'tan just eat the Hrud then?

>> No.13719888

Tyberos would just rip and tear those necrons, tear them good. Actually now that i think about it, a book of Necrons vs Carcharodons or Tyranids vs Carcharodons or Tyranids vs Necrons vs Carcharodons would be awesome.

>> No.13719896


Considering that they emit entropic fields, eating Hrud might be a bad idea.

Besides, eating energy of lifeforms isn't very sustaining to C'tan, they're just addicted to the taste. In the Vaul vs Dragon story, when the Dragon itself joined the battle it drained stars to fuel itself. The C'tan are fundamentally junkies, getting high on the living is their primary motivation but that doesn't mean they subsist on it.

>> No.13719901

Wouldn't it hurt their appeal somewhat if you got their point of view?

>> No.13719913


I seriously doubt Gods age, besides the Hrud don't emit their entropy fields after death(right?) so it would stop working after being eaten.

>> No.13719927


Did we already get their point of view when they told the fire falcons or hawks of fire bird something to leave the Badab war on charge of not being grimdark enough?

I don't think it'd hurt their appeal, either way i'd settle for the Minotaurs, they're cool too.

>> No.13719942


C'tan are not "gods", they're energy beings and fully subject to (40k's) laws of physics. Therefore the Hrud fields probably are effective against them if strong enough.

They stop working when the Hrud are killed, that's why you need many Hrud.

>> No.13719952

What's that image from?

>> No.13719964


It wasn't the Carcharodons' PoV, it was the Fire Angels and they weren't told to leave, they themselves asked permission to leave rather than work beside the Carcharodons who routinely butchered civilians.

>> No.13720029


i would argue that C'tan are far removed from what we know as physics and natural laws but i can't find it in me to be that big of a nerd. instead i'm off to play DoWII

>> No.13720051

Retribution allows custom badges.

Carcharodons all the waaay!

The whole point of the C'tan is that they are a counterpart to the gods of the warp (though not as powerful).

>> No.13720129


So you're saying that entropy>energy?

Either way the Hrud failed big time considering their creators were fucked over by the C'tan and they were forced to go underground where they became the weird things they are now, and to make things worse their protector was killed by Slanesh.

>> No.13720172


The Hrud wouldn't work against the C'tan because it's easy to just sic a bunch of Necron Warriors to wipe them out.

All creations of the Old Ones were failures against Necrons anyway, especially Eldar.

>> No.13720281


Tyranids are the only species capable of non-warp FTL along with Necrons.

Look it up.

>> No.13720301


Slaugth at least are capable of that as well.

>> No.13720342

Dark Eldar too, they use the webway exclusively.

>> No.13720397


If the Webway counts, all Eldar are capable of non-warp FTL. They avoid normal warptravel whenever possible for obvious reasons.

>> No.13721470

Now that I think about it... how the fuck do you pronounce Carcharodons anyway?


>> No.13721492


4th one

>> No.13721555

Fourth or final.

>> No.13721595


Cool. Thanks. Might opt for seventh one in a pinch though.

>> No.13722098


>> No.13722181

Is this thread even bumping any more, or are we now autosaging?

>> No.13722210

It autos at 300, so this one has forty something posts left.
Bumping for space marines that let you play the Jaws theme during your assault phase.

>> No.13722291


What about this theme tune?


>> No.13723697

Bumpin again for the night crowd.

>> No.13724029


Hi. Me again. This is the list I came up with. The specifics are in there for the list:

My thoughts are:
Infiltrate the scouts/infiltrate shotgun scouts
Deepstrike first turn the Ven. Dread, who pulls fire like a motherfucker and immediately throws himself into the largest amount of units out there into CC.
Outflank with the remaining two scouts.
Plink with scouts.
Pour in the rest as possible when reserves allows.
Get stuck in.
Dread, Devastators, and Tyberos rock any armor. Otherwise, just cut through infantry like a buzzsaw.

Librarian powers are probably going to be Gate of Infinity and vortex of doom.

I am a guard only player (up until now) who has only run against orks, tau, and demons. I'm looking for friend-level playing advice and fluff advice for if this seems "Space Shark" enough. Assistance, /tg/?

>> No.13724079

Fuck, the pastebin doesn't include the devastators. My herp.

Devastator Squad 90
5 Additional Space Marines 80
4 multimeltas 60
Drop Pod 35

265 pts

>> No.13726565

Big thanks for the pics spread sheet dood.

>> No.13728218

Moving here >>13728189

>> No.13728405


Convent of Hell

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