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/tg/, I need some help!
To cut to the chase, I need some location art for a campaign / general inspiration- it needs to be a city in a foresty-snowy mountainous like area- sort of like canada, I think, except medieval fantasy.

In the meanwhile, I will dump some of my own location art, and make this a general thread for such things. Something to give back whilst my request is hopefully fulfilled.

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Does it all need to be snowy?

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Not especially cover head to toe, no. Its a mountainous region with a fair bit of snow and forest. To broaden my search a bit, pictures of towns and such in such a region would also be gratefully appreciated. Most of the architecture is mostly wooden with some stone walls, etc, if that helps at all.

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Cave in the mountainside (From within) full of fresh meltwater.

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Abandoned chapel is lit again, are people trying to find a place to stay warm, or is it something worse?

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Farther along a possible coast?

Perhaps looking to the start of the range from a distance?

(Mountains in the back.)

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Looks like a fancy Russian church or something.

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Good strongpoint, may need to be captured from occupants of ill repute.

May have a friendly group there already, most likely does not have much of an open yard in the back,

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I KNEW I had thus baby around somewhere!

Seems like a meeting place for fey or druids of the cold.

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Cool stuff

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I do so love the MASSIVE FORCES OF NATURE! that a norther area can showcase.

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>there will never be a fifth campaign for guild wars in an aztec setting.

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A civilization thrives on the lower tiers of a mountain where a great clash of deific proportions occurred.

The magitech spires the demigods were n the brink of using as weapons have become the source of the resident's prosperity, allowing them to warm their immediate area.

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Closest I've got, I'm afraid.

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A small, plain, but well built entrance in the side of a natural feature leads to this area of recreation, sounds can be heard in what one might gather is a the ballroom through a wall.

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The players encounter their angry landlady, she demands they pay their rents.

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This is ostensibly Rohan, though it seems a bit too close to the mountains.

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Dinky little fort.

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Old ruins on a cliff are still a place of worship.

Many are drawn there as it is the site of a brave stand against evil.

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Another awesomely run down fort.

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What good trek in the northlands is complete without a sulfur pit?

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A sister to the previous shrine

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A fortress grander than any in the region, halls are dreary and bleak, there is always a draft, and it is a place of great toil.

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A great wide valley likely carved by glacial action.

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A local lord for a lesser farming village lives here.

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This looks great, thank you. Not exactly perfect, but it is certianly on the right track and can be used as such.

Also, has anyone got some pictures of a run-down sort of dungeon? Its a locale I think I might be sending my players into. To be specific, its an old Dwarven mining town inside of a mountain that got raided by monsters, the dwarves forced out of it. Should have some good architecture, but with the cracks beginning to show from the battles that raged within it- broken pillars, crumbled walls, broken objects, stuff like that.

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And here is something you may like.

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So, Moria?

Here's the Lonely mountain, or maybe the Misty Mountain goblin cave.

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I got another good town.

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definately inspired by Moria, yes.

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