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HELLO /tg/!
I've been looking into 40k more and more as of late, and am actually considering purchasing an army.
SO, FELLOW FA/tg/UYS AND ELEGAN/tg/EMTLEMEN, What would you recommend?
I'm really interested by Grey Knights, Chaos, Dark Eldar, and maybe (after a new codex) Necrons.

I'll probably dump a little bit of miscellaneous stuff feel free to help out.

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If you want to play Grey Knights, wait until April when they get a new codex and plastic models.

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Chaos are interesting but some people dislike some of the changes to the 5th ed codex. Dark Eldar aren't the easiest of armies to master for a first timer, and the necrons don't have as much customizability in the armory. Regardless, all of those armies are fun to play and look great (well, maybe necrons look less cool because each unit looks the same as the other of it's type). I recommend space marines for starters since they are very versatile and stuff, but if you desire another army that's entirely your choice.

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Valid, but I've heard it's hard to play them. If that aspect remains, I'd assume that it wouldn't exactly be a great idea to start out with GK.

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SM seems to get a _lot_ of hate though. And in addition to that, they always sound as if they're OP'd. Which, though good if I decided to play them, makes me think I might be crippled if I move on to play a "harder" army.

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Wait for Necrons.
Punch Marines

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Nah, it's plausible to start with marines. Saying "you'll be crippled when you want a harder army" is like saying "If I learn to swim in the shallow end, I won't be able to swim in the deep end".

Space Marines are good for getting to grips with the game, because there's no one thing they do exceptionally badly. Jack of all trades.

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Honestly bro who gives a FUCK what other people think of the army you play? Play what you think will be fun and looks cool and if anyone does not like it they do not have to field their army against yours.

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Chaos Marines are almost the same as Space Marines, only cooler-looking.

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How long'll the wait for that be though?

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How long is a piece of string?

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Which is one of the reasons I like them a bit more. At first I was like: HAHAHAH Spikes. That's cute.
But now I'm like: THE PERILS OF THE WARP.

It's all just part of the over-the-top-ness of the entire 40k fantasy, really.

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Current rumors say october/november

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Anywhere from one to four years, I'd think.
Too long, too long.

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Op, I hear nobz with trucks are a pretty easy to run.

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OK, OP, I'm going to impart to you the best advice you'll ever get.

Better than the best army list.

Better than the best rule loophole.
Play the army you like the most. Fuck how "uncompetitive" they are. Fuck how much people whine about them. Just play the shit you want to play. You will enjoy the game so much more if you just play what you like.

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Oh really?
That's not too terrible.
But how do they play presently? Out of all the armies, I think I know the least about how the Necrons play.

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Shooty as fuck. Second only in ranged power to the Tau, except the Tau are fragile as fuck. The monolith is damn near unbeatable by conventional methods.

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Chaos has been a great army for me, and it wasn't my first choice. I've been paying 1500-2250 pt games for about two years, and have been painting the army for four.

Pros- Resiliency of SM, awesome specialist troops (troops choices tend to be more elite), a lot of freedom for conversion and paint schemes. Interesting special characters, and a lot to choose from. Best heavy support infantry choice (obliterators) in the game, and you can add daemons as allies (albeit, generic, BUT they can assault out of deep strike)

Cons - Codex is five years old, and needs some updating. Some units look really cool but are overcosted (Possessed, Thousand Sons) or are of limited or no real usefulness (Spawn, Dreadnoughts)
Legion specific stuff like Dark Apostles for Word Bearers, cultists for Alpha Legion, and basilisks for Iron Warriors are gone; but may be back in the next update - which could be a while, they were the last to get updated last edition.

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So I guess that means that Necrons are gonna be nerfed come next codex?

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With Matt Ward writting them? When he likes them more than Ultramarines?


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But that's a very at the moment sort of thing for me.
Necrons were, believe it or not, one of the first things I saw that involved 40k back when I was still in high school and I pulled a "GOODGOD, ROBOTS, I FUCKING LOVE ROBOTS". Then, later, I found /tg/ and lexicanum, and spouted "FOR THE EMPRAH, SPESS MUHREENZ", which lead to a bit of a fervorous period in regard to the Grey Knights, and as of late I've been admiring the DE and Chaos's model designs. So I really don't know which I would chose, if left to my own devices. And I don't really want to sink money into an army I won't have fun actually playing with.

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Probably not. Because of power creep, nobody ever LOSES power over successive codices. From what I've read on /tg/, Necrons are actually significantly underpowered.

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Dark Eldar, especially Imperial Guard, and shooty Marines/Wuffs are much better in the dakka department than Necrons.

Many Necron players hope that Matt Ward spazzes out, writes into the codex "With a Necron army, you get to be the ultimate bad guy" like he did in Fantasy Daemons book, and makes an army that stomps everyone until next edition is released.

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Oh, shit son! I forsee some chaos fremen space marine resulting from that picture.

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I see, I see.
If anyone cares to explain this well for Grey Knights, It'd be much appreciated

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>Enjoy having your 4th ed chaos codex necrons.

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PROS: Resilient, as you can field an entire army of at least power armour, if not termi armor. Some bitchin' weapons and wargear.

CONS: You will -always- be outnumbered. Like 3 to 1 isn't uncommon. At the moment, every model is metal, but that will change in April. You lose the functionality of some gear if you don't fight Daemons.

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Is being outnumbered bad (I.E. you're effectively fucked), or do you just have to be more conservative with your choices(I.E. TACTICOOL JENUS)?

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Creedus Sapiens

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TACTICOOL JEENIUS really. Just gotta learn to pick your battles. But when Grey Knights are given a weak link in the opposition, they can FUCK SHIT UP in the way that only space marines (possibly) made from the Emperor's genes can.

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as IG i have played games in which i had more lascannons in my army than the other person had models. pretty easy win

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>>space marines (possibly) made from the Emperor's genes
>>You double heretic.

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Not technically 40k, but, y'know, a little baroque/Gothic never goes unappreciated.

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It's never been outright confirmed.


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The Imperium is Gothic architecture incarnate.

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So just to clarify,
GK=Powered as fuck, but outnumbered
Chaos=Like SM, but... better (daemons, obliterators, etc)
DE= NOBODY HAS MENTIONED THEM. But they're fast and melee oriented, right?
Necrons= New codex, gonna have to wait.

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>Chaos=Like SM, but... better

Whoever told you this deserves a slapping. With a bat.

They're infinitely worse than normal SM.

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Here, since you gaiz mentioned IG

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DE can be melee or shooty, but really, they're fast, glass cannon-y types. Wouldn't recommend for a beginner.

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Did I misunderstand?

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He just didn't expand on the cons, and exaggerated the pros.

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Could you, perchance, explain the cons?

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Really, nowadays, if you play CSM, you either stick to the same cookie-cutter list everyone uses, or you lose. A lot. They're shockingly bad and would recommend you pick anything else.

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Sure thing. The most obvious is a mostly useless fast attack selection. Poor internal balance in troop choices is another (Plague Marines and Berserkers>>Thousand Sons/Noise Marines in 99% of situations), lack of efficient long-range suppressive fire outside of the Heavy Support slot (when you're relying on plasma to deal with vehicles, something is wrong with your army), no psyker defense (this part is relatively minor), and Elite choices which tend to be used for "suicide" roles rather than as...elites.

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Cool Abbreviated reason bro. Now please explain WHY someone needs to use a cookie cutter listening or they will lose a lot.

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I see, I see.
What do you play/what would you recommend?

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Because such a small amount of the units in the codex are actually worth using. Plague Marines and Berzerkers are the only useful troops, there are no useful fast attacks, termis are too expensive for what they can do, heavy support is usually either obbies or land raiders because the rest are useless...

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Okfine, could EITHER of you?

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Once again, I recommend Space Marines to start out, they're incredibly versatile. Shooty? Can be done. Melee? Can be done. Mechanised? Can be done.

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And the Chaos land raider is pretty bad too due to lacking Power of the Machine spirit. As a dedicated gun platform land raiders of any sort are, of course, never good.

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IRL, I have a mishmash of a lot of stuff; started with DE, swapped out to Guard->Lost and the Damned, before that army got squatted, and while I traded a lot of them to start up Orks...

So Orks are my main list. I still have enough guys to restart Guard if I wanted, and enough metal boxes to build a Marine army on the cheap (that, and I ended up buying a marine dex at about 33% price at a con so...yeah). And I have a "Count as" Nid army planned out. Think B-movie aliens, war-walkers and UFOs and rayguns.

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Just wait for Necrons you you DOUBLE HERETIC

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You're my favorite.

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Murmer murmer spess mureenz.

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Swinging in here again to restate the point.

Just because other people have fun with a certain army doesn't mean you will. Hell, I started a Witchhunter army a few months ago. I've not won a game with them yet. I will continue to use them. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING FUN.

Srs OP, just pick the one you want and run with it.

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Tau are the best.

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