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Hey there. I'm going to run Kingmaker and I was hoping you could help me find a good picture.

In the beginning of the game, the PCs meet Oleg and Svetlana, who run a trading post in an isolated region of the Stolen Lands. So far I have a good Oleg (picture related), but I'm wanting a good picture of Svetlana as well. I like to photoshop NPC portraits for the players, after all.

She's not a classed character (Expert 2), and is pretty much a frontier wife -- cooks, cleans, helps Oleg with some of the rebuilding of the trading post. From the book's text she seems to be a bit younger than him as well.

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Here's the picture they give for her. Ugh.

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Closest I've gotten to a complete NPC handout. Picture was from Kingmaker.

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Bump in a jar.

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My players got really protective about Svetlana because she was so fucking nice to them. And then Happs came by and was a lecher and an asshole who said some very crude, explicit things about her. Which caused a lot of player rage and the ambush happened earlier than was originally planned.

Can't help you with the picture, though. I just used the one from the pdf. Consider this a bump.

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I hate GIMP so much :_:

Every time I try to do something I have to relearn how I did it. "Do I ... Open as a Layer? No, it won't let me clear the white. Did I copy-paste? No, once It's a floating selection it won't let me modify it. Do I Open as a separate file? That wasn't it. Oh, was I supposed to create a new layer then ..."

mai raeg

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Lou Lynx? Seriously?
What's your username on LL, OP?

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Ack, pixelation.

Who says I'm on LL? Or even on our secret~ D&D board, for that matter? [Too lazy to trollface.jpg]

For serious, go to board 9999.

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I'd imagine someone more... thick.

My cleric freaking LOVES Svetlana. She's delivered all three of her and Oleg's children personally, and has also baptised them all. Svetlana even made some of the more potent moonradish Spanish fly for personal use, and gave her the recipe as well. Yep, because of Svetlana, my cleric is responsible for a moonradish spanish fly population explosion. *giggles*

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That picture's definitely on the right track.

The pictures I have just aren't quite IT. The women tend to be a little too youthful, and while it's possible to get kinda woodsy with my Ranger pictures, a lot of the depicted have very solitary looks about them that don't lend well to a wife.

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excuse me? they're living in the fucking stolen lands. they deal with trappers, hunters, rangers, and bandits on a daily basis. what the fuck were you expecting, June Cleaver?

Yeah, Svetlana's better than average charisma likely means she's fairly "hot" for a frontier wife, but she's not some simpering housewife.

You sure you really know what you're looking for?

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Svetlana's one of those ancillary characters that really grow on you. My players will bend over backwards to do pretty much anything for her.

They had much more important things to do than to get soup ingredients to cheer Oleg up, but fuck all if finding that shit didn't become priority number Goddamned one.

One the way they ran into Bokken and met Pongping, who they accidentally startled to death. They took that very, very poorly. Everyone was laughing and having a great time and then all of a sudden:

"Wait, what?" And the mood took a complete 180.

Except he wasn't actually dead. And then they were happy again. Though slightly annoyed at me.

God I love my PF group.

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Your group sounds exceedingly fucking gay if they're doting on some housewife and those who know her.

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Around here we call that roleplaying and getting into character. But you're welcome to think what you want about it.

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They 'deal' with bandits by getting robbed every month and approaching traumatization. Svetlana isn't coming off as any kind of stone cold marksman.

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