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>Going to therapy sessions/group for minor breakdown/anger management/brain 'asplosion
>Therapist says he'd like to try something to get the group of people to open up, asks us to bring a pencil or something to write with and something close to us personally next time we meet.
>Next time the group meets, he seats us at a long table and takes out some books, while asking us to take out our personal items.
>Have a slight inkling, but not sure what is happening until Therapist hands out paper and walks us through filling it out, though I already know how to
>MFW Therapist is having us play Don't Rest Your Head/Don't Lose Your Mind in order to confront our problems head-on.
>MFW I have a new gaming group

Our first session of DRYH went surprisingly well, considered how messed up some of the people in our group are. We filled out the sheets as ourselves (or as best as we could), and I seemed to be the only one who knew off the bat how to go about it. For the first half we spent most of the time getting acquainted with the rules, followed by walking around and roleplaying what our selves would do during a day, while the Therapist came up with scenarios for us to react to (which caused one of the ladies to almost have a panic attack as she nearly slipped back into a fugue when she started taking things too seriously).

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>plating DRYH with psychotic people
Oh boy, that can't possibly go wrong.

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We're not completely bat-shit insane. Most of us have minor stuff. The worst is probably the lady I mentioned; she has a problem with large crowds and goes into fugue, blacking out and lashing out/running and operating on instinct until she gets her senses back in some other place. Next most batshit (and not much, really) is an OCD guy/germophobe who's trying to break his obsession with cleanliness. There's 2-3 more, but they're just run of the mill minor breakdowns/general stuff, like me.

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Sounds like that chick's got a Madness talent.

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Holy shit that is awesome.

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I demand to know what their madness talents are.

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Also oooooh shit bitch, you're in for one hell of a game.

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They haven't actually worked on those yet; our Therapist is gonna work on them individually with each person to make it fit the problems they already have. So far we're just testing the waters to see how everyone reacts to the game. Everybody's been pretty receptive of it, which is nice.

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Well what's your madness talent going to be?

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>group therapy
As someone who has gone through that embarrassment of a treatment I can honestly say: you're making the best of a shitty situation.

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>playing DRYH with the already insane

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Its probably gonna have to do with the reason I'm in group in the first place; I have suppressed anger management issues. I get angry, but I don't do anything about it. I just swallow it and let it build up and up, slowly destabilizing myself, losing sleep, and feeling as if I'm swallowing a lead balloon. This all culminated in an explosive shouting match with a neighbor, followed by a breakdown which left me a gibbering mess for a few hours until my friend found me huddled on the ground in my kitchen with a box of orange juice and a half-empty bottle of scotch.

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i keep reading that as "the rapist"

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Its all in the group leader, anon. So far, our Therapist has been pretty good; he's been working with the worst of us even during his off hours, and we've grown pretty tight as a group.

Oh, I forgot to mention why he told us to bring the personal objects. He said they were going to be our anchors, the things that would help us get through the game in one piece. He didn't say more than that, but I'm speculating as to what exactly it'll be. Probably a DM Fiat thing where he intervenes with actual therapy/the group helps the person out if things get too hairy.

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>orange juice and scotch.
Ouch man. Ouch. Perhaps an ability absorb damage, only to dish it back out later on with insane effectiveness yet at the loss of sanity?

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>huddled on the ground in my kitchen with a box of orange juice and a half-empty bottle of scotch

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Analrapist - an Analyst/Therapist.

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I was fried for the next three days and could barely manage coherent thoughts; about all I could do was eat, puke, or go to the bathroom, all set to the tune of a pounding migraine that kept me awake and kept me feeling nauseous. I felt like I was dying, but apparently it was just all the pent-up rage getting out of my system in a very physical way, as afterwards I felt cleansed.

So Fridays, actually, but that's besides the point. Point is, friend found me, freaked, and got me help. I declined it, but when I felt myself slipping back into my old patterns of taking shit until I reached a boiling point, I voluntarily signed up for it. Plus, my insurance pays for it, so that's a plus.

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One would think Theralyst would make for a less innuendo-filled title.

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How's your Fight/Flight spread?

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Yes, but to what end?

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Currently, when Fight has me actually releasing my anger constructively (as dictacted by what action I'm doing); Flight's got me swallowing my anger again and turning tail, which is what I've always done and which (apparently) led to me literally becoming physically ill due to all of the pent-up rage and my stalwart refusal to let myself go off like a nuke.

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>The taxpayer is footing the bill so you can play PnP games

Man, nice.

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For one thing, patients with a history of rape/sexually-related problems might not be as willing to meet with an Analrapist as a Theralyst.

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So 1 Fight/2 Flight?

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>my stalwart refusal to let myself go off like a nuke
Hmmm. Notice how the subject glorifies its refusal to have basic emotions in healthy amounts, likening the idea of expressing the slightest bit of anger to an apocalyptic event

That is 100% normal in Sweden.

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I imagine he's from the US so his insurance company's paying for it. Just like he said in the post.

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>cannot into insurance

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Oh, wait, sorry, I was American for a minute.

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Now we only need to extend this service across all sectors of society!

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I'll take TheRapists for two hundred.

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I'm American and don't think that.

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...If your post didn't subtly imply you're from Sweden, I might think that was Mr. Davis. Goddamn.

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I do not say this judgmentally, but you don't speak for the majority of your country, either.

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You're American, you rarely think and when you do it's whatever FOX NEWS told you to think.

Stereotype stereotype cliche

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Take pics of your next session. We must see this group of dysfunctional weirdos, and you must chronicle their descent into madness.

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I'll see what I can do.

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>Playing DRYH in a therapy group that has actual psychological problems and EXPLORING those problems using the game as an engine.

I'm not sure if this is brilliant or destined to end in bloodshed.

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This is kinda funny. I was struggling with my depression until I got used to the idea that it is a seperate entity that needs to be destroyed, that's actively trying to bring me down and destroy me.

God how's that for a campaign? Our mental illnesses are goblins and spooks trying to kill us.

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Judging by the people OP's told us about so far, its up in the air.

I've met germophobes before, and they will fucking END YOU if you fuck with their personal space/germ issues.

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This is so fake. So so very fake.

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Its okay. I'm sad I can't play DRYH with anyone either.

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I'm looking to become a psychologist. I am VERY interested to see how this turns out OP

Please report back if anything happens in your sessions. Be like Planes and Mercs and do a session by session run down if you feel up to it.

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Same boat here. I'm also curious.

Hilariously, one of the most effective treatments of Compulsive behavior like obsessive cleanliness is to get them dirty and prevent them from cleaning for a while. It's based on a comfort pattern of Anxiety-Ritual-Reduced anxiety that you have to break by preventing the ritual. I can only imagine how fun those sessions are for everyone

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You wanna know the really amazing thing?

You're right.

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>writing story where a little girl's hat is actually a Lovecraftian monster, an utterly alien intellect from beyond the edges of the rational multiverse
>log on
>find this thread

Also, I now know for sure that insane people post on /tg/.

Besides me, I mean.

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What about the fugue person? That sounds like some hard-wired Flight response right there; assuming OP keeps us abreast of the situation, I'm wondering how it'll turn out.

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Dissociative disorders are always a bit odd, mainly because they're faked surprisingly often. I can't remember how you treat them though, we didn't cover them much in my Abnormal Psych class. I seem to remember that it's related to a flight response, but mainly as a means to an end. Most of those with Dissociative Fugue travel somewhere and assume a new identity after forgetting their old one.

I think the main problem with treating it is that it's not so much a behavior thing (like a compulsive ritual or paraphilia or similar), but an actual mental state, and because of this behavioral therapy doesn't do a whole lot. I'm curious to see if this actually helps her.

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As someone currently trying to get into grad school for psychology, I find this relevant to my interests.

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I'm working on my apps right now actually. Trying to get my Letter of Recommendation forms to the appropriate teachers, writing personal statements, and crossing my fingers mostly.

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>Hilariously, one of the most effective treatments of Compulsive behavior like obsessive cleanliness is to get them dirty and prevent them from cleaning for a while. It's based on a comfort pattern of Anxiety-Ritual-Reduced anxiety that you have to break by preventing the ritual. I can only imagine how fun those sessions are for everyone

My god... Could you imagine if OP's therapist made his Madness talent like the Ant one from Don't Lose Your Mind? With all the ants crawling under his skin?

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I was thinking about how people with actual mental disorders would do in Adeptus Evangelion. Some of the Third Impact stuff may cause an actual breakdown, especially if the GM knows how to describe it.

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Jesus, this brings me the fuck back.

Dissociative Fugue is probably the worst fucking thing you can have happen to you. Speaking as someone who suffered like fuck from it, I can tell you it's a goddamn nightmare.

What's it like? Picture losing long periods of time. Just losing them. Finding yourself someplace you have no memory of, talking to people who know you by a completely different name and mannerisms, usually a long distance from anywhere you recognize.

Years ago, my wife and I were in a terrible wreck. She died while the paramedics were still en-route. I managed to make it through the funeral and resume my life to a degree, but then about a month afterward, I got a call from my brother, who had been in some godforsaken African country doing missionary work, where he asked how she was doing.

Back then, the next thing I remember is waking up in a motel in Canada. I'd been there for two months, drifting around. I was scared, didn't have a passport, and was nearly completely fucked over. A few calls later, and my family found me, but it was bad.

I had a few more episodes, lasting from between a couple of days and a few weeks, before I realized what the fuck was wrong with me. Several years of therapy later, I could pretty much handle living without completely breaking when reminded of the memory.

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Yeah, when I was taking abnormal, the only two disorders that I found actually terrifying to think of were Schizophrenia and the Dissociative disorders. The thought of my mind lying to me or going inactive for long periods of time is horrifying.

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It's still a nightmarish process. There are some big gaps of time that are just missing for me. I've apparently interacted with family a bit during these episodes; apparently, I was like a different person.

It takes a while, and there are still some triggers that get me. I don't live in the same area anymore, because I know there's too many painful memories that would drag me back, and might cause another really bad relapse.

How is this /tg/-related? Based on the suggestion of my therapist, I did a lot of work on uncovering why I was having so much trouble with this. It was a desire to forget and move on with my life, to keep living without the pain of all the shit I'd gone through.

One of those things was getting a tattoo removed, because of the significance it had between us; matching tattoos, based on mutual nerdery.

There was a pretty shitty scar there, so I replaced it with something appropriate; the Symbol of Torment, with Deionarra still wrapped around it. It might have been a stupid move, because it could have triggered another episode if I got too deep into it, but I've always seen it as something else; a reminder that this happened, but I need to keep my life. Moving on doesn't mean I need to forget who I am; it just means I need to stop living in the past and letting this thing break me up.

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There are literally chunks of my life missing. I'm told that, with therapy, I might get some of them back. All I have are some secondhand accounts from people who 'know' me when I'm doing it.

Even have a forged driver's license from one period where I was especially obsessed with abandoning my life or something. It's kinda funny; the name is vaguely similar, but with a different last name and spelling on my first.

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Little late with that idea pal.

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I really don't know what to say to that whole tale. There's nothing to say.

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>my face when Suwako is who I'm writing about

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Kinda makes me feel better about possibly having to do some group therapy soon. Im meant to be doing single therapy or whatever the non group version is called, but im pretty sure they're gonna try me with group a little down the line.

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You're certainly in the right thread, you autistic anon you!

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>mfw this is fake but I don't care

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Yeah, there isn't a comparable amount of research being done on Dissociative disorders compared to Depression or OCD or other common ones, probably due to the sheer rarity of the disorders. As mentioned, we only spent like 1 class period on the Dissociative disorders before moving to the personality disorders. Still, I hope you're doing better and learn what you want to learn about those missing patches.

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Yeah, I'll admit it's not that necessary for more money to be pumped into researching this; there's a shit-ton more people suffering from depression, and the signs are a lot easier to spot for that.

It's a bitch, to say the least. I'm a hell of a lot better now, like I said, but I still avoid a lot of things that remind me. Moved cross-country, living near some family members who used to check in on me fairly often, and seeing a therapist to try and work out what the hell I did.

The hardest part with treatment is actually finding someone who knows how to diagnose and treat it. A few guys just told me that "You're projecting and have depression issues, you compensate by inventing these things", and it wasn't until I got referred to a specialist in the field that I started getting real treatment.

Seriously, the American health care system sucks, but that's neither here nor there.

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It also has a lot to do with the stigma associated with Dissociative disorders, mainly that people tend to fake them. Got pissed at your spouse and ran away from home for a few weeks? claim a disorder and it will smooth things over. It doesn't help that the worst offender (Multiple Personality Disorder) was reclassified into the Dissociative disorders (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).

It kind of sucks that people that are genuinely suffering can get lumped in with fakers, but that's one of the dangers of the field.

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>Seriously, the American health care system sucks, but that's neither here nor there.

The rest of the system is a lot better then the mental health portion; because the hospitals for such that ordinary folk could afford were run by the states, and most states shut them down to save money when the Great Budget Pinch of our times started a decade or two ago. Michigan shut down a MASSIVE mental-health hospital not far from me. They just locked the fucking doors, left patient records and even lawnmowing tractors right where they were, instead of having a liquidation sale.

Arizona did something similar.

Which helps explain why many psychopaths are never committed, so in turn their names never show up on National Instant Background Checks.

Fucking delightful, isn't it?

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Probably what I hate about modern media and publicity. People see that this exists, and don't think of it as a disease, but as an excuse for shitty actions and for abandoning their lives.

I may act differently while under these fugues, but I'm not like those assholes who run away from home for fun. Usually, I'll be up in a shitty motel that's a long-ass way from where I lived, minus the majority of my savings and with a few confused people.

Not to mention the excuses I've seen. One of the things I learned from the guy treating me; one of the genuine signs of this is behavior associated somewhat with your trauma, as a sort of masking/defense mechanism.

Back after the first one, I ended up talking with a lot of people trying to get pieces of my life back together. There were two things that I learned from a few folks who had semi-regular contact with me (apparently, I'd spent a month in one little town):
- I refused to drive or sit in a vehicle unless it was completely and totally important, to the point of walking/biking everywhere, off of major roads

- I avoided talking to women and tended to get agitated if they were flirting with me, even in jest.

I'm still not too comfortable driving, and I'm way too fucked in the head for dealing with women on anything other than a friendship level. Typical grognard in a way, but I'm old enough and fucked-up enough where it doesn't matter. Might get better someday, but who the fuck knows?

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Reagan started dismantling the mental health system.

>> No.13675545

In general, defense mechanisms aren't terrible to treat. We've had enough behaviorists to know how to work with them. The main problem is dealing with relapse, because behavioral therapy doesn't actually deal with the problem, just the symptoms. Still, if you're seeing a counselor and are trying to put things back together, you're in a much better position than most people with a mental disorder. Keep on fighting, and maybe you'll be as close to "sane" as any other human on this crazy planet.

Anyway, thanks for the story, and good talking to you. I always enjoy discussing psychology (which is how I know I'm studying the right field), but I gotta get to bed so I don't sleep through my History and Theory class tomorrow.

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Don't you mean the JOOOOOOOOOOOOS

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