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What? KT made a picture last year that I missed? How is this possible!
It was even on elfwood! It's mindblowing!

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ain't this the guy who does that fart fetish webcomic with the demon chick?

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.... pretty sure that it's not a fart fetish thing.

just has gotten stopped on a big ass shit.

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Who is 'he'?

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That fucking bard will tap anything.

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Except the Elf chick, which is why she is so damn angry at him all the time.

She wants his dick, and he can't see her as anything more than a companion.

So tsundere

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Parker I want more! More pictures of this guy!

More pictures so I can fap!

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Is this... Is this based on a real campaign?

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he also thinks she is a dude elf.

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You fap to bards?

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This is truly THE Bard, the Platonic Ideal of a Bard against which all others are judged.

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>Dat Elf.

I'll just be saving this.

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It's true. He will, and usually does.
It's kind of funny when it's not totally mind-boggling.


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>I... owe you what?
So tsundere

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..Is.. is that a human back half with a horse front half?

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So... would that be bestiality?

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Yes. That is, in fact, the joke.

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I always assumed in that case, he didn't do anything, but the rest of the party just jump to conclusions. Part form, and everything.

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Yes. Yes it is. Now the question everyone wants to ask:
"Which half-horse,-half-woman creature did he boink to make the other?"

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Oh god I didn't even see that

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rolled 9134, 2960, 267, 2209, 910, 6308, 3128, 9595, 410, 7684, 4901, 8127, 4615, 5757, 6026 = 72031



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Oh god, wait, I never noticed that before.

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To those that didn't notice before, you are welcome.

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That is some freaky shit.

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And here I was thinking he fucked the horse...

and yet this is somehow worse!

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Wait, so who IS this guy?

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So, does Spawn still exist?
And for that matter: is there anything new since... oh... 2008?

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Ok, that's some fucking creepy shit...
I'ma gonna steal that idea for my next RPG round... holy fuck...

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Excuse me while I stat that monster out right now.

>Captcha: system onedity
Never heard of that PnP system, Captcha. I'll look it up.

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Must... steal...

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Critical Thread Implosion via reverse centaur AVERTED by CARCASS CENTAUR DEMON.

Thank you.

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I love his DUUUUUUH face...

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Oh, it's a fetish thing.

I get it now.

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No relevance, I'm just out of his material

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Oh wow. Nice progression.

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I imagine the girl still having control of her mouth screaming things like "Help me!" or "Run! Save yourselves!" while it runs at them hacking away. If the heroes kill the body enough to get the girl out from it, would she be partially digested for it's nourishment? Or maybe she's already dead and the things she was saying were just a form of trap to help the monster's survival.

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It's Pawn.se and yes, there was an update.

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Well... if it would feed on her, it would need to replace her soon, so there are several possibilities how it could work differently, actually...

For instance, the Centaur-thing controls her and eats. So it uses her digestive system. It's unclear whether it will then wait till she poops/urinates naturally and feed on her feces or (the much more possible thing) it could introduce some sort of tentacles into her orifices until it reaches her bladder and bowels and then sucks out half or fully digested matter. This way the organism would actually need a lot of food as the digestive system would have to work for both bodies.

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I want some of them lychees.

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Wait, what? Please, explain it to me using small words.

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It would be simpler for it to feed on her eternal fear, desperation, humiliation, and lust for death

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If you can't life in a house of dreams, you can't feed on humiliation, fear and deathwishes either.
So I will stick to my theory of the feces munching centaur body snatcher, thank you very much.

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I thought maybe after it eats everything up to say, her ribcage, it spits out the rest and hunts down another dinner. I thought that could also cause problems with the monster's neck being too long to hold her head in it's own as she gets shortened up. Your idea of using her digestive system would avoid that problem although it'd have to eat a lot if it's food has already been stripped of a lot of its sustenance... I dunno. I like to scare my players and TMI is an easy way to unsettle people. :P

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Its undead, go fuck yourself.

Of course, the shading on her chest makes me think its dried blood from where the skull crushed the back of her head to "fit"

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Wait. You bring up two of his undead beats... but not the bull? I'll dredge it up and post it then

And yeah. There is lots of fetish-y stuff in his works. Mostly crossbreeding though.

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lol Good point on the blood.
I would like to see a character start to go crazy trying to find a way to rescue the victims of these things and see if he eventually passes a huge test to finally say "fuck it".

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Ah. Here it is

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would be great if one of these things eats a party member. Oh. Or another bad ass monster. Trolls regenerate, so have one stuck in one of these guys and when you kill it the troll is grateful and going to kill you. Especially if it lost its head in the centaur. body is being controlled by the undead thingie and after you beat it the troll's head grows back, hopefully after everyone stops paying attention to it.

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oh my holy crap.

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Crawling chaos! Who is this 'he'? Where does this stuff COME from?

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Ain't it wonderful? :D
He is a Swedish fantasy/sci fi artist named Fredrik K. T. Andersson. He also has a webcomic going. It was on a hiatus for a long while, but it seems to be active now again.

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I'm both like and hate parts of his gallery.

I have yet to come to a conclusion on the comic.

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