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Leman Russ is my spiritual liege

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Flood detection? In during my tyranids? Well played

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captcha: Oublet appears

/tg/... who is Oublet?

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Looks like all Primarchs prefer hand to hand combat

Captcha:and mbergart

Mbergart too.

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Here have a look at these cool squ-

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Has anyone got that looted Carnifex picture?

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Yes, when I get to orks


WOOPS oh and I got more, when I get to orks.

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thought those were Ewoks form the thumbnail.

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captcha: some Repsh


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the loyal ones

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Oh look Squ-

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correct me if I've accidentally put traitors within my loyal folder

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obligatory? I guess...

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pre-heresy terminators are way cooler

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just look at that puny little terminator to the right. tsk tsk tsk

also; source of the pre-heresy space wolves: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?autocom=blog&blogid=610&&st=0

going to do something similar myself

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Holy shit Robot Gorillaman is Michael Ironside.

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venerable as fuck

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I love the custodes, they got pointy helms, protects the emprah and doesn't afraid of anything.

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captcha evaher Labora

more like Labora Minimalis eh? EH? ehehehehe eeeeeeh

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I remember that at one point I really wanted to make Afro Marines. Where bigger 'fro-mmanders led lesser battle 'fro-thers to battle. Obviously everyone would have afros.

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What's this from?

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orks time

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If only there were some sort of interconnected network of computers where we could look this sort of shit up.

Google the company, find it on the website.

Hint: http://migproductionswebshop.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_89&products_id=499

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Oh my god its so wolf it hurts.

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I'm seeing a big ass motherfuckin ork dreadnought here

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I'm reminded of a sumo wrestler for some reason

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The question was more directed towards what army/game. Not what site can I buy this from as it's not really an interesting model. In my opinion of course.

And I'm too busy doing my captchas to google. Totally.

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Could it be the pose?

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also, your kind is my pet peeve

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I want to play against a 5th ed Squats army so hard now.

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I don't think that has enough dakka. Somebody find the Mekboy who put that together and give him a good thump.

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What are you talking about? What is this squat thing you mentioned? We all know the "squats" got eaten by the tyranids. Hehehehehehehehehe

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too much fly gubbinz too little dakka

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Clearly some escaped, and I have been tasked by the Ordo.... Xenos? Sure, why not.... to eliminate them before anyone finds out.


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I don't think I have the picture with all the other black orc "necrons". I think it was the necrorks or something.

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I like this because it's cheaper.

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silly orks loosing their legs

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Inspectork Gadget?

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I love this.

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i c wut u did thar in tht last panal

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isnt that from this company that got sued by GW because of the similarity to there stuff?

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I had a similar idea, but when I saw this. Man I want to make it very much the same.

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That would make me play Space Marines.

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oh someones actually interested

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You got an army shot?

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I knew this pic would come in handy.

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Adeptus Orkus bro. Adeptus Orkus.

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I actually have that, but I didn't post it during the muhreens part because I'm not sure if he's loyal or flamboyantly heretical

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So many users from Da WAAAGH!.com

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oops forgot image

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Yeah, when I was new to the game I went there for inspiration and saved some of the stuff I liked.

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If I'm not wrong this was also from da waaaagh

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Some of their stuff deserves more appreciation

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I'm Boss Gobbstompa on Da WAAAGH!.

I've got some tutorials for magnetizing if you're interested.

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I'm still saying the sneakiest of orks are the ones who paint themselves pink. Ever seen a pink ork? Thought so. That's because they're so ded sneaky

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derplec social



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I would love you forever

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the only ogre kingdoms I have

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Necron monoliths, posted them two days ago or so together with the steampunk necrosn

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Here you go.


It's got several different articles, some for magnetizing, others for GoMo.

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i don't even have a face for how awesome the major part of these models are.

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Thank you.

Instead of dumping all the necrons whoever is interested can just go to the original thread

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They look like this.

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Imperial Guard

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Damn that one is awesome.

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What are the heads from?

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Those are Forge World Traitor Guardsmen.

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Duuude...where are those bears from?

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Oh. Thanks.

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Wish I knew.

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Quite possibly my favourite model ever.

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Eldar 1/2

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Now a small collection of daemon prince color schemes and not your average bloodletters

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>not your average bloodletters
cthulhu f'tang?

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this one is pretty cool

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chaos space marines

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oh yeah and this

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and this

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And I'm done. I enjoyed dumping this.

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>church of S&M

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If I ever end up playing Daemons, I am so copying this guy.

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One day I will be worthy of having my models posted in threads like th-

>Contributin' with a Horus

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Those models. All of them. Bow the fuck down right now.

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>Play Slaanesh
>See these
That is awesome, I would love those.

Off topic: I was planning on getting a chaos lord with Terminator armour and Blissgiver, but the Terminator Model doesn't look sexy enough. Any thoughts?

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I'd like to see an Obliterator fused with a Dreadnought

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>Chainsword knees.

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I would love to find a better pic of the Night Lord Daemon Prince in this picture, but I don't know where to look.

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Its a full sized Titan, baked.
The structural design alone has to be appreciated. Not to mention how fun putting ingame damage marks on it will be.

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Or how tasty.
I bet they ate the thing as it was slowly destroyed in game.

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Does that face look kind of like Billy Corgan to anybody else?

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"" -and into the eyes of the Jackal, I say: ka-BOOM!"

works for me.

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I haven't even eaten the spare parts yet, let alone touched the main titan.
And I probably never will. The only way it's getting eaten is if someone buys it off me.

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Oh shit they have countermeasures!

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some inspiring models in there

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