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The geth might get me, but I'm not going to die from an infection in the middle of a battle. That's just insulting!

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fuck yeah kal'reegar

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We shall RIDE into battle and THIS will be our horse!

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Stay down Kal'reegar, I need some paragon points.

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Was going for full paragon on my first run through.

Figured he was a professional soldier and the cover fire would help.


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Option on the bottom is always renegade; option on the top is always paragon. No exceptions.

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I tried going full paragon once it did not turn out well I wasn't able to get options I had when I was doing both evenly somehow and ended up pissing off a bunch of characters in their arguments

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>Played through and made the choices based on how i would react in that situation
>ended up full paragon

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is it just because i was on insanity the only time i chose to let him help or is he completly useless and dies after like 3 shots?

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Man, fuck Kal'Reegar. I spent like 10 minutes fighting across that area to flank the Colossus, get into position to start attacking it, and Kal just blows the fucker up. I don't know why he let me waste so much time trying to help when he could do the whole damn thing on his own.

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you made a fine distraction if that's any consolation

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Was anyone else pissed off that they got Adam Baldwin to play Kal Reegar.

And Kal barely does anything in the game besides get shot at and defend Tali's honor?

I wanted me, him and Garrus to be big damn dirty harry heroes.

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CAN NOT HAVE makes him even better.

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Not without you clearing out all the mooks.

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It's not the same without the accent, Adam Baldwin or not.

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Kal'reegar should be a romance option for male Shepard come Mass Effect 3.

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>go to /tg/
>scroll down page
>Two videogame threads

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pfft, I got the nuke cannon and took that fucker out in one shot, BAM mission accomplished

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Is it wrong that I wanted FemShep to threesome with Kal'reeger and Garrus?

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Only if she isn't dominating both of them.

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It's possible to keep him alive on insanity but I wouldn't recomend it without a soldier with tons of upgrades and the nuke cannon.

the Geth spawn indefinately so the trick is to sprint past them on the left path, nuke the colossus and burn the rest of its hit points down before it has a chance to fire on him.

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>end up distracting the thing in ten seconds
>best class ever

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