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'Oh.. You have a demand. Demand of surrender to save some troops and avoid needless fight. Is that for what did you came to us? Is that all, you have to say, human? You won't try to say something else, more exacting from us? So, if that's all human, you shall listen to me now.
You can feel offended after that I would say to you. You can order your troops, here and now, to attack. You can send an orbital bombardment on a base behind me. You can deep strike your deadly dreadnoughts, terminators and the rest of your brothers. You can hit me now with your sword. Or you can just send whole your forces to charge my troops. But I'll tell you something.
Before you will send bombardment, your force commander will be lying on the ground, deadly kissed by Harlequin. No, she'll be too fast for your fire. Before your deep striked forces will react in the situation, your Brothers will be killed by our incredible fast Warp Spiders. You have dreadnoughts? Don't lie, Space Marine, I've got scouts anywhere, I know everything about your forces. Shall I give you name of any of your seargants..? Before your charging army will aproach our gates, we'll be ready to strike hardly and deadly. I think that about a half of your troops will be only stunned by the attack's velocity, while the rest will be lying in their blood. Oh, you've got terminators with their armours. Well, you forced me to preapare my Vypers. What a waste of more your troops. And... before you feel offended, think twice before you will act against us. No, do not try to hit me. You will die faster than you are able to blink.
We are here and don't want to taste your blood. Respect our privaty, human, or you'll regret that you didn't choose a better place for your troops. You can't see it, but our Fire Prisms are ready to strike at any time.
That's all, human. What is your choice?'

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I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture

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Attack, brothers!

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Look up and listen.

For the Emperor!

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Eldar translators aint what they used to be.

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>ela ashbel

Didn't your eyes get gouged out and the socket penetrated by an old, fat Slaaneshi farseer?

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the eldar stronghold in dark crusade wasnt shit and you know it

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>'Oh.. You have a demand. Demand of surrender to save some troops and avoid needless fight. Is that for what did you came to us? Is that all, you have to say, human?

Not anymore.

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Retreat for now. Ready the ordinatus, and set up firing postions.

We would have let you go peacefully, had you not been such a bitch about it.

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>Bowling his opponents clear with one mighty sweep of his armoured gauntlets, Calgar moved to challege the Avatar himself. Many Eldar stood between the Master of the Ultramarines and his target, but Calgar would not be stayed - those his gauntlets did not crush were smashed aside by the sheer bulk of his Terminator armour.

>So it was that Calgar fell upon the Avatar before the other was aware of his presence, and smote the creature a dolorous and terrible blow. Bellowing with fury, the Avatar turned to face its new attacker. Its first strike missed the Chapter Master by a hair's breadth. The second tore a great wound from Calgar's armour. A third drove deep into his shoulder, cleaving the pauldron and driving the Chapter Master to one knee. But the fourth, intended as the coup de grace to sever Calgar's head from his shoulders, slammed into the armoured palm of Calgar's left hand. The armoured glove charred and warped as Calgar closed his grasp about the blade. No other gauntlet could have withstood that mighty blow nor the furious heat behind. But the fabled Gauntlets of Ultramar were of older and sterner make, crafted with skill and technology long lost to the race of Man. For a moment, mortal and god strove for control of the incandescent sword, and in that moment the Avatar was defenceless. Rising up, Calgar struck with all his strength, bringing his other gauntlet around in a mighty arc. The Avatar roared in pain and fury as the power fist punched clean through the molten ichor of its torso. With a final bellow, the Avatar exploded in a white-hot flash that showered cinders and molten metal all around.

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Nah ma'am, i'm a guardsman, try that shit with the sergeants I dare ya...

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You just made me angry!!

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Kill the alien before it can speak its lies.


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Death before dishonour, alien.

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Moment-to-moment command of each strikeforce lay with the captain or sergeant at its head, but it was Calgar, and Calgar alone, who directed the overall strategy. Yet he never once yielded his position at the gates to better command the wider battle. Even as Calgar's armoured gauntlets cast the foe from the steps of the sepulchre, his voice directed the Chapter with every iota of strategic and tactical experience his august mind possessed. So deftly did Calgar direct the Ultramarines that the Eldar were opposed by equal force wherever they struck.

Fire Prism grav-tanks seized vantage points on the scrubland north of the sepulchre, yet were assailed by fast-moving Tactical squads before they could fire so much as a shot on Calgar's position. To the west, bellowing guns of Predator battle tanks drove Warp Spiders scuttling into the dead forests and ambush at the hands of Ultramarines Scouts. Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies, cannon and missile searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings. Bike squads of the 6th Company prowled hill and crag, percussive bursts of bolter fire hammering Eldar Vyper squadrons. A lesser man would have been unable to direct such spiralling chaos, but Calgar's will prevailed in every corner of the battle. Through it all the Ultramarines stood firm, stalking through the smoke-clogged rubble like vengeful nightmares. The Eldar mustered every arcane science at their command, yet their impossible technology counted for little in the face of the Ultramarines' determination.

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The stage has been set. The courtains are open. You'll die by mi kiss, human.

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i drop pants, turn and spread


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Meanwhile, two miles from there.

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Did someone mention a 5000 Templar crusade on a Craftworld? Because I could totally go for one of those about now.

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843.M41. Three Companies of Blood Angels are sent to Dalaric in order to halt the predations of the perfidious Eldar. A series of victories is all but swept away by a disastrous ambush in which the Eldar slaughter more than a hundred Battle-Brothers. Fortunately, in the darkest hour, the Sanguinor appears, striking down the alien Avatar and driving the surviving Eldar to flight. ~Codex: Blood Angels, p. 14

And that's what happens here as well.

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"Tehre is noh time to beh lohst!

Battle Brothars!

Spehss mahreens, todeh the enemeh is at oua doar! We know oua duteh and we will do eet. We fight for our honor as Blod Rehvens,
as SPEHSS MAHREENS, and we fight in the nehme of the Empra!

And if we die this deh we die in gloareh, we die heroes' deffs, but we shall not die, no! It is the enemeh who will tehste deff
and defeat!

As you know! Moast of oua battle brothars are shtehtioned in SPEHSS, Pruhpeared to deep strike! Oua perimeter has been
pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and so foolish. We have plehced numerous beacons, allowing for
muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive deep strikes

The Codecks astartees nehmes this maneuvah Steel Rehn. We will descend upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave none
alive! Meanwhile oua ground fawses will ensue the full defense of oua headkwaters

We are the spehss mahreens! WE ARE THE EMPRA'S FUREH! "

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Sure, why not?

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>Implying I didn't deploy my baneblades while you were doing your speech.

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Taldeer stood bolt upright with her hands
pressed against the lintel and her feet braced against the floor. The sinewy muscles in her slender limbs were taut and bulging with
exertion. Her neck was knotted with protruding veins and her mouth was stretched into a contorted, rigid and unnatural cave. But
it was her eyes that commanded the scene: they had gone. In their place there were simply two gaping cavities, rimmed with a
thick, bloody ichor.
She was screaming.

After a sudden, gurgling pause in her screams, Taldeer yelled something incoherent in a tongue that Gabriel did not know. Her
voice was shrill and wracked with pain, but there was a new quality to the sound that even Gabriel could recognise. She had been
As the psychic screaming commenced, slightly weaker than before, Gabriel ripped his chainsword into life and whirled it around
his head, clearing a moment of clarity in the mists of Chaos for him to assess the situation. A gaping wound had appeared in the side of the alien's abdomen, as though she had been shot at close range by a bolter. Judging from the position of the wound,
Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys.

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>That's all, human. What is your choice?'


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>implying 5 eldar can't kill a Landraider
>implying anyone ever takes Calgar, the overcosted understat'd Papa Smurf

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Nevertheless, that's what happened in the universe. Gameplay and story segregation.

A Space Marine army with Calgar will still kill all but two or three best Eldar lists, and the actually optimized Marine lists will rape them all.

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>That's all, human. What is your choice?

>implying i'm a human
>implying there aren't five thousand necrons beneath your feet

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Men! Today the enemy will tremble before the march of the Imperial Guard. They will fall before us as all xenos will.

Why, you ask? Not only because of our immutable faith in the Emperor...

But because our shipment of 100 baneblades has just arrived.

Lets see those fire prisms survive one thousand barrels of fury!

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My choice is moar corpses

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>implying that we will die
>implying it is not the enemy that will taste death and defeat
>implying most of our battle brothers aren't in deep space, prepared to deep strike

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heh I have a 3000 point armada waiting to rush into orbit as an insurance plan. I bet you don't see many of those around :p

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"Sah! Our shipment of 100 baneblades was accidentally sent to the other provinces in the region!"


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Why can't we get along, do we have to waist reasources, men, time, effort, etc. Fighting the Eldar when we don't have to. And those boys from Saim-Hann, there pretty sweet. BTW I'm Imperial Guard on table

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>pretty sweet
>not just heresy, but GAY heresy
purge the fag

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Then you should know the only one who will be wasting* resources* is the Eldar

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>mfw you get executed for heresy.

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>Implying every eldar on the planet is not actually a baneblade

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"Enemies of the Imperium hear me, you have come here to die, the immortal emperor is with us and we are invincible. His soldiers will strike you down, his warmachines will crush you under their treads, his mighty guns? will bring the very sky crashing down upon you. You cannot win.


@45 seconds in.

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I'm surprised you know this much witch, but i'm dissapointed, for all your milenia of training and experience, with all your psykers and your divinations of the future, you seem to have neglected one thing.

Blood Ravens Witch don't charge the enemy, Blood Ravens strike from the heavens, as you know most of our battle brothers are in spezz! Multiple simultaneous decisive defensive deepstrikes were launched against you... 35 seconds ago.

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Hey when you hang out with Saim-Hann it al.......I cant do it its way to cheezy

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If the Space Magpies are involved, chances are the Fire Prisms have been "gifted" to them already, the Warp Spiders gave their weapons away in a "friendly exchange" and the Vypers have been just plain stolen, and then offered to another chapter as a gift.

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The Baneblades are currently being driven by FC Vanilla

The Defilers are being commanded by Tarkus

Cyrus is riding a Squiggoth

Thule is surfing on a Hammerhead

Avitus is riding the Immolater screaming MOAR CORPSES

Eldar are fucked.

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Well Eldar seems like no one is listening to me about not fighting you. You have anything to say on the matter before they drag me away and BLAM me for heresy.

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>'Oh.. You have a demand. Demand of surrender to save some troops and avoid needless fight. Is that for what did you came to us?

No, i have come to exterminate the witch and purge the Xeno. LET'S PUT THAT SPEED OF YOURS TO THE TEST WITCH! DIE!

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"Ever entranced by their horrific xeno engineering, Theifpr, er, Techpriest Alkalinemetaliusfakeltainus entered the mighty Craftworld, where in their horrendous and loathsome generosity, the Blood Ravens were gifted the Craftworld.

Oddly enough, the Eldar have no records of this transaction."

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Sorry, I was distracted by you tasty soul stone

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Grey Knights Land.

Grey Knight: We have arrived to aid you brothers, THIS IS JUDGMENT OF THE RIGHTGOUS!


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>Ela'Ashbel: Child Farseer of Craftworld Kaelor. Sister of Naois Ansgar and daughter of Bedwyr. A child seer of incredible power known for her unusual and startling sapphire-blue eyes. Also referred to sometimes as 'The Ehveline' or the lost daughter.

See the bit about the eyes?

Read "Tears of Blood" by C.S. Goto.

Kaelor, her craftworld, is damaged, steering directly to the Eye of Terror on behalf of the Council and has a kind of civil war. The Farseer Council is under siege of the Aspect Warriors. Almost the whole Council is secretly worshipping Slaanesh and doing perverted parties. Ela'Ashbel is a child Farseer not involved in this. She and her friends suffer alot, all her friends get massacred, she gets blinded and in the end the old drooling Farseer takes her hand: "Too weak to say or do anything else, she simply nodded and let him lead her away."

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And the this happens.

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You mean the Blood Magpies drop from the sky and kill them all? I can live with that.

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I see no one else giving you love for this response, so I will.

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More the first bit, getting his shit stabbed and all.

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>Grey Knights going after Xenos.

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>Cyrus is riding a Squiggoth

Hello brothers. Look at your scouts, now back to me. Now back to your scouts, now back to me. Sadly, they aren't me, but if they stopped using other chapters and switched to Blood Ravens, they could scout like they're me. Look down, back up, where are you? You're on Kaurava, with the scouts your scouts could be like. What's in your hand? Back to me, I have it, it's a Vindicare sniper rifle with 200 of those bullets you love. Look again. The rifle is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you join the Blood Ravens and not any other chapter. I'm on a squiggoth.

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LCB man, LCB all over again

>> No.13656187

Wait, My Lord Primarch not that I don't love you for coming to are aid but why are you, aren't you, you know, dead.

Farseeer: SHIT, quick everybody run.

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>You're on Kaurava, with the scouts your scouts could be like.
>90% of the Blood Raven scouts died on the making of this commercial

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You do know that there's specific reasonings and fluffwise logic as to why Grey Knights would ever fight Xenos right in the back of their own damn codex, right?

>> No.13656211


Which means the ones that survived must be more awesome to survive the massacre. That said, most planets featured in the DoW games tend to involve a lot of dead Blood Raven scouts...

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Sanguinor.... not Sanguinius

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I'm not a Tau, human.

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Codex: Daemonhunters p.53

>The webway portal is allowing the Eldar to bring reinforcements to a hotly-contested warzone, and the Daemonhunters must seal it since it is obviously utilizing blasphemous warp-spawned magicks to operate
>The Avatar is pretty much a daemon when you think about it...
>Having seen Warp Spiders in action, the Daemonhunters are under no illusions that the Eldar are utilizing blasphemous magicks and should be eliminated
>It is rumoured that the site of the Warp gate leads to the Black Library itself. The Daemonhunters wish to capture this gate intact.

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Now be reasonable Taldeer, you get tortured and your eyeballs are ripped from their sockets in Dawn of War: Tempest.

>> No.13656318

>The Avatar is pretty much a daemon when you think about it...

You are now imagining some grey knights sitting around a living room, smoking some pot when one of them says "Woah... dude... now just stick with me for a moment man but... when you really think about it... the avatar of khaine is a demon right?" followed by all the other grey knights going "Dude" or "Woah"
And then the eldar were purged for heresy.

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>>Ela'Ashbel is a child Farseer
>>she gets blinded and in the end the old drooling Farseer takes her hand: "Too weak to say or do anything else, she simply nodded and let him lead her away."

To fap or not to fap, that is the question

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Come to think of it, why aren't the grey knights burning Eldar craftworlds when they use warp magic for everything? Maybe they're actually xeno loving heretics, or Alpha legionares.

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lol'd so hard.

>> No.13656362

>Oh.. You have
instead of
>Yes, my liege
She did not choose her next words carefully

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what the fuck? this can't be real-

>>consults google
>>Female Farseer Taldeer is tortured and mutilated for 180 pages in "Tempest".


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>why aren't the grey knights burning Eldar craftworlds when they use warp magic for everything?

Grey Knights primarily tackle Daemonic phenomona - Eldar technology doesn't really have much to do that. There's a small amout of overlap, but really, it's still more the Ordos Xenos and the Deathwatch's portfolio.

Also, the Grey Knights normally have better things to do than go chasing Craftworlds.

>> No.13656394

Just wait. In the new GK codex, there will be fluff of them RIGHTEOUSLY SMITING Avatars in the thousands and singlehandedly trashing entire craftworlds.

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Just in case anyone had doubts, Relic confirmed Taldeer is dead:


>> No.13656443


Then why aren't the Ordo Xenos doing it? Seriously the Imperium would have conquered the galaxy again if it used it's god damned specialist troops and focused on one enemy at a time, instead of >Ordo Xenos go investigate tyranids, Ordo Xenos 2 go kill Tau. Seriously.

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You may have a point, if not for the fact that so-that called Alpha Legion doesn't exist. As every believer in false Emperor knows, it was cut down to a man by His Beloved Son, Roboute Guilliman.

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>Relic's face when.

>> No.13656482


Robot Girlyman is a cunt, your deceptions wont work on me heretic.

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So good, soaking in the delicious tear of nerd-rage of a hundred LCB-faggots...

>> No.13656490


Tyranids are understandible, WW2 wasn't waged with Special Forces either.

But why are Tau (upstart empire landgrabbing) or the Slaugth (infiltration of the Calixis Sector and extremely advanced tech) or Fra'al (highly psychic race, piracy all over Segmentum Obscuras) or the Church of Dracolith (upstart empire landgrabbing) spared? The Traitor Legions have the Eye protecting their strongholds but these other races or Craftworld Eldar don't have such an excuse.

>> No.13656492

Oh come on, shit was SO multilasers.

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>your face when coolface will be a widely used badge now that custom badges are back in retribution

>> No.13656535

>Then why aren't the Ordo Xenos doing it?

Because in the wider scale of things, the Eldar are not a huge threat. They're certainly responsible for a large loss of human life, both due to their own attacks and their redirection of threats into the Imperium. But the Eldar have neither the means, nor really the desire, to actually try and destroy the Imperium. It's far more useful to have humanity around to act as a huge sponge to absorb damage that might otherwise hit Craftworlds, than it would be to try and overturn the Imperium and rebuild the Eldar Empire. While some Craftworlds such as Biel-tan certainly have dreams of doing this one day, it's a fool's errand, and the best they could hope for would be for someone else to destroy the Imperium, then for the Eldar to swoop in, finish the third party off, then begin colonisation.

Compared to the relentless advance of the Tyranids, subversive expansion of the Tau, or constant Orkish attacks, the Eldar do not pose a huge threat to the lasting survivability of the Imperium. So they're more or less just left alone - their attacks will be fought off, and the occasional punitive attack launched if a vulnerable Craftworld is detected (as was the case when the Invaders destroyed a Craftworld that was rebuilding after participating in the destruction of a Hive Fleet), but the Ordos Xenos has more immediate dangers to take care of.

There's also the fact that the Eldar tend to ally alongside the Imperium against Chaos, which I imagine means more radical members of the Ordos Xenos will be loathe to wage war on useful allies.

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Jesus Eldar, all those years and you can't into human spelling or grammar?

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>Robot Girlyman is a cunt
No, Anonymous, YOU are the heretic

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And so, the Running Bear Legion traitor marines shall be back.

>> No.13656560


How large is the Eldar population anyway?

>> No.13656571

Because the Eldar are not anywhere near the top of the list of priority targets. And how can they focus on one enemy at a time anyway? The Imperium goes on a crusade to exterminate the Edlar, and when they get back, the Imperium is destroyed from without and within by Chaos, or an Ork Waagh, awakening Necrons, or one of several Tyranid Hive Fleets. Great.

The whole point is to contain the threats. The Imperium can never win outright again - the Great Crusade is long over. What they can do is try to stay alive.

As far as the Eldar go, the Tyranids and the Orks are much bigger threats to the Imperium as a whole than the Eldar. The Necrons are also much more of a threat. The Ordo Xenos logically focuses most of its efforts on holding back these races. The Ordo Malleus rarely gets involved with fights against xenos. The Grey Knights are not numerous, they are a very rare and valuable resource to the Imperium. They are used only in campaigns where Chaos influence, forces, or artifacts are concerned - and even then only when there is a danger of demons and warp portals and such. To do anything else with them is a waste of their abilities. Against demons, Knights are the most effective tool in the Imperium's arsenal. They don't have time to play around with stopping a Waagh or exterminating and Eldar raiding party. The only reason they would be fighting these aliens is if they are in the way of their objective, such as destroying a Warp Portal.

>> No.13656590

I believe we call that the "Mark IV Goto-pattern"

>> No.13656627

It's hard to tell. It certainly isn't tiny - Craftworlds each have a fairly large population and there's a good number of them around, plus the Exodites.

Exactly. The Imperium, quite frankly, has far more pressing things to deal with than the Eldar who are just looking to keep themselves alive, not try and bring humanity crashing down.

>> No.13656647

The RT game I'm in has Magos Goto as a major heretek, responsible for such blasphemies as the Astartes CS-Pattern multilaser.
I'm not sure wheter to strangle the gm or fuck him.

>> No.13656795


How are you going to defeat him if he has that multilaser tho?

>> No.13656821

I don't get why multilasers are a meme. What did Goto do with them that makes them so reprehensible? There were multilasers in a Ciaphas Cain book.

>> No.13656826

How does one defeat a rarely mentioned piece of background? Yeah.

>> No.13656833

He stuck them on everything, including individual Marines.

>> No.13656839


Space Marines wield them in his books and put them on all their vehicles.

Also, multilasers "bray" (as do Space Marines, and Eldar and Dark Eldar).

>> No.13656849
File: 9 KB, 185x208, wraithguard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such movement seems... inconsequential.

>> No.13656858


Well that's not that big of a problem. Even normal people can carry multilasers.

>> No.13656895

>Even normal people can carry multilasers.
Confirmed for Goto.

>> No.13656903
File: 170 KB, 600x1000, Kharn_the_Betrayer_by_slaine69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.13656929


Aha, okay. 'Cause, yeah, in the Cain book, it was mounted on a fucking Chimera, I think. And while my knowledge of Warhammers Vehicles is pretty much 'whatever', I'm pretty sure a Chimera is big.

>> No.13656935
File: 19 KB, 544x489, Dafoe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13656950

Multilasers are sometimes carried by heavy weapon squads in the same way you'd carry a lascannon or a heavy bolter. Get a couple of guys, a weapon on a tripod and a power pack. Go set up, etc.

>> No.13656954

A multilaser is essentially the Chimera's main armament. It's basically the 40k equivalent of the 25mm chaingun M2 Bradleys pack, and those things are nowhere near man portable.

>> No.13656955
File: 31 KB, 300x444, simmer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13656961


Space Marines don't have multilasers for the same reasons they don't have Baneblades or Titans, it's forbidden in the Codex Astartes or not allowed for some other reason like Admech not handing them the technology.

>> No.13656972


>> No.13656981

Confirming that the Alpha Legion has been exterminated to a man and that we are all loyal Ultramarines around here.


>> No.13656983

There are no multilaser HWTs, ever.

I'm surprised they made it into the Inquisitor's Handbook tbh.

>> No.13656985


In Codex: Ultramarines (6e) we will be introduced to Guilliman-pattern Astartes Titan, the largest model yet made by Games Workshop!

>> No.13656987

Not to mention statwise, multilasers suck balls to what the Astartes can pack onto their vehicles.

>> No.13657002


Multi-lasers are available as a heavy weapon in the Inquisitor's Handbook for dark heresy. It is a heavy weapon, yes, and that really isn't a problem. Normal people can use it braced, people with Bulging Biceps can hold it and fire, and Space Marines wouldn't even be inconvenienced. A man-portable multi-laser weighs 50 kilograms.

>> No.13657068

So yeah, now that everyone marine carries a multi-laser as their side-arm of choice, how can anyone win? Except the immortal dudes (Necrons, I think daemons can only be banished). Does this mean Goto has eliminated every side but three?

>> No.13657093

Don't even need multilasers to deal with Eldar (if they even have kidneys). Angry children with sticks and fist-sized rocks are more than enough to knock out Falcons and Wave Serpents.

>> No.13657098


In one Goto book, a Terminator marine and a Striking Scorpion Exarch also have a Neo vs. Smith style duel with the Terminator backflipping and all, the terminator wins.

>> No.13657109
File: 57 KB, 613x473, spacewolves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HhhahAAgH. GghaAH, Guhg HGAh gHhhaa-HHGUA!!

>> No.13657112


Not everybody is carrying multilasers, only the company that was in Goto's books had that habit. Also, Heavy Bolters are better than multilasers anyway.

>> No.13657122

Assault Marines, detach your jump packs to destroy the xeno skimmers!

>> No.13657155

With a blinding blast of red light, the Assault Marine's jump-pack went critical and its fuel cells detonated, firing him down
towards the ground like a giant bolter shell. Even from where he was standing, Gabriel could see the Marine working to release
the grenades that were clipped around his belt, flinging them down into the formation of eldar below him even as he rocketed
down towards them. The disciplined aliens seemed unphased for a fraction of a second, holding their firing vectors until they
realised what was about to happen. Then, as the xenos creatures began to scatter away from the Wave Serpents, the string of
grenades smacked into the ground and detonated all at once, blowing a huge crater into the desert and rocking the nearest Wave
Serpent. In an instant, the Marine's jump-pack roared down towards the vehicle, spiralling on its axis now that it had been
jettisoned by the Marine himself, until it punched heavily into the gunnery cockpit on top of the Wave Serpent, blowing it clean
off the vehicle and engulfing the whole thing in a giant red fireball. The Marine himself ploughed down into the desert nearby.
With a roar, Gabriel snatched his attention away from the heroics of his Marine and spun on his heel, always inspired by the
exploits of his men. Bringing his chainsword around in a wild and wide arc, he expected to feel the thick resistance of alien flesh
at any moment

>> No.13657169
File: 47 KB, 361x487, nicetomeetyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh honey, the things I could do to you with a coat hanger.

>> No.13657188

And let's not forget about all of the implied Eldar rape that Goto manages to write into every. single. book.

>> No.13657208


You mean the Exarch is doing the backflipping, right?

>> No.13657213 [DELETED] 
File: 80 KB, 720x387, why the fuck would you do this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seriously why would you do this are you some sort of super retard?

>> No.13657235

In Goto's "Warrior Coven", Lelith Hesperax worships Slaanesh and has scared Craftworld Ulthwe into handing Eldar and Space Marines to her for daemonic sacrifices.

>> No.13657239

You could... hang up my coat so i don't have to iron it!


>> No.13657259


No, that's the terminator.

>> No.13657271
File: 50 KB, 762x428, 1292704711485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think about other things while she describes her recent past: air, water, sky, time, a moment, a point somewhere when I wanted to show her everything beautiful in the world. I have no patience for revelations, for new beginnings, for events that take place beyond the realm of my immediate vision. A young girl, a freshman, I met in a bar in Cambridge my junior year at Harvard told me early one fall that "Life is full of endless possibilities." I tried valiantly not to choke on the beer nuts I was chewing while she gushed this kidney stone of wisdom, and I calmly washed them down with the rest of a Heineken, smiled and concentrated on the dart game that was going on in the corner. Needless to say, she did not live to see her sophomore year. That winter, her body was found floating in the Charles River, decapitated, her head hung from a tree on the bank, her hair knotted around a low-hanging branch, three miles away. My rages at Harvard were less violent than the ones now and it's useless to hope that my disgust will vanish - there is just no way.

>> No.13657274


Oh holy fuck, are you fucking kidding me? I always thought that people were overreacting about him but Jesus Christ, seriously?

>> No.13657358
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> Lelith Hesperax worships Slaanesh
What I wouldn't give for a knife and 5 minutes alone with this mutilator of canon and paper....

>> No.13657364
File: 8 KB, 196x257, kestion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a question.
Who are you again?

>> No.13657391

>Eventually, a vague shape started to form in the mist. It was little more than a suggestion of a body with no face, just vapour. But Lelith recognised the shape at once and, despite her suppressed rage, her soul thrilled for a moment. She had not been expecting to see this body yet. The previous messenger had told her that she had not yet sacrificed enough souls to earn a glimpse of the princess. Clearly, something had changed — the campaign of raids on Ulthwe was paying off. For a delicious moment, Lelith wondered what she would see if she sacrificed the hundreds of souls that she kept stored in the spirit pool, hidden deep in the heart of Sussarkh’s mountain.

>The indeterminate figure in the warp vortex emanated an indescribable violence, as though it represented merely the tip of an entire universe of pain. There was also an ineffable beauty in the air which momentarily confused the wych queen — was the daemonette attempting to seduce her, or was it the other way around?
>"I have come to offer my thanks, wych queen."
>Lelith watched the vaguely defined lips with fascination. >They emitted no sound, but the words
caressed her mind with silky and treacherous affection.
>"There is no need for thanks — we have a bargain. Fulfilling it is an obligation, not a favour."

>> No.13657402


How is it possible for a terminator to backflip? They can't even move beyond a walking pace.

>> No.13657447


Each armour is different. This particular armour probably has some sort of super jumping devices. Or a very excitable machine spirit, whichever you prefer.

>> No.13657475

I wrote two terrible novels. Please disregard every word I put on paper or screen.

>> No.13657494

ONLY two?


>> No.13657517


How about Eldar Prophecy?

>> No.13657544


Moar slaaneshi Farseers!

>> No.13658958

Relic, GW, and THQ can go to hell for letting Goto get away with his fap fantasy shit.

>> No.13658992

Funny since in fluff the GKs and Eldar get along fairly well.

The Ordo Maleus gets into the Library on occasion with the Eldar being OK with it.

>> No.13659051
File: 54 KB, 321x362, Garrosh_comicwatchyourclevermouthbitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic Related

>> No.13659238


>> No.13659289

christ garrosh

that shit is like, fuck I don't know, some kind of tooth-cancer

>> No.13659493
File: 94 KB, 600x1084, garrosh2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe you're referring to this.

>> No.13659511


You god damn bastard! You post the original picture! Do it! Do it NOW!

>> No.13659549


Here's the link. I'm pretty sure that linking to things isn't against the rules for SFW boards.

>> No.13659869

Ahahaha, this is brilliant

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