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what does /tg/ think of the hell pit abomination, just got one a few days ago but havent started on it yet

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I like it. it's not exactly wht is was expecting, but it's very good nontheless.

it really looks as horrible and nightmarish as its rules suggest

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i know, when i first read the rules for it i knew i had to have it, gonna customize it for my pestilens army

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what are the rules for it?

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I'm trying to think of ways to work it into one of my 40k armies, both model and fluffwise. Of course, I do that with any models I like - Hell, I'm trying to figure out a good use for the Furioso Dread that's due out next week.

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impact hits(D6), large target, regenerate, shambling, close combat attacks, stubborn, terror, too horrible to die

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hmmm Furioso Dread what is that

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>Never damn dies,
>Really Never fucking dies,

Better than DE Hydras, which add
>Able to ignore half the rules that might have taken it out.

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some gay shit the sparkle twilight marines have. it can fly.

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ah i see nice

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And, erm, if one did not play this game, care to explain what the individual abilities entitle? I'm just curious because of how bitching the model is.

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ya but it would be a pain in the hole to roll that 6 to revive it

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no, it can't.

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Your tears are delicious.

I bet you think it's overpowered too...

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basically its a raping machine that regenerates health scares other units and can be revived from the dead and it costs around 500 points if i recall

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>implying it ever gets hurt that much
Fucking regen, T5, W6, No S&S, hits with 1D6 S6 before you can do shit, then at I4 gets one of:
>Everyone in Base contact takes S6, no save, Multiple wounds(D3)
>3D6 S6 attacks that give the opponent -1 to hit
>I test or S6 hit for everyone in base contact, then 2D6 S6 Auto-hits on the unit.

NOW your standard troops get to attack back, and the 2 remaining flail ineffectually at it as your shooting couldn't kill it before it raped them.

Then, to finish ass-raping anything left, it gets 1D6 auto-hitting S6 Thunderstomp attacks just in case.

All for a meager 250 points.

Fuck. You. Skaven.

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It's okay just throw Mephiston at it.

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Fuck. You. Skaven. And. Blood. Angels.

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mfw a perfectly good fantasy thread gets derailed with 40-gay shit.

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It'd still rape him.
>No invul save lol

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I wished they had gone with the giant tunneling naked mole-rat from Storm of Chaos instead. Not that I'm complaining about there finally being a big Clan Moulder beast.

I wish GW was a little more consistent with their big beasts. You get crap like the HPA and the Hydra, and then you get awesome concepts for monsters like the Ghorgon and the Jabberslythe who suffer from 'meh' rule.

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I especially like the Too Horrible To Die rule :D
roll a dice, on a 1 the bastart raises from the grave, and on 2-4 you gain D3 rat swarms :D
Only one time though has he gotten back to life, and boy were those wood elves pissed xD
I especially like to eat Dwarves with it, they're not really tasty, but they are ugly and its nice to rid the warhammer world of small uglies like Dwarves...

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im so happy to play skaven :3

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the Hydra owns the HPA any day of the week since the Hydra has Hatred, and cost almost only half of the HPA, so dish out 2 Hydras at 1 HPA and see what happens...

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Get out.

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go away you furry fuck

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seriously. Dark Eldar Warriors maybe throw in sliscus' buff. They'll rape him with poisoned.

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Lets see... 20 flaming crossbow shots, long range, BS3. 6.67 hits. T5 vs S4, so 2.22 wounds. No armor save, and Regen is down for the phase. Fire 2 cannon at it (100mm base, aim 10.5" from the back), about a 75% chance of hitting it with each one. Wounds on 2+ (S10 vs T5), 1D6 wounds (3.5 average). Assume 7 wounds between 2 cannon, then multiply by .75 to account for miss chance. 5.25 wounds. Total wounds: 7.47. Killed in one phase.

Cost required: 200 (cannon) + 160 (crossbows) + 90 (BSB with Flaming banner) = 450 points. Repeat next turn, earn points back.

Empire: If you can't solve the problem with guns, you don't have enough guns.

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must... not... provoke...
40k sucks - only idiots play this crap
oh darn it, well its true :/
Tried not to speak the truth since it will provoke some lowlife kids, but now its been said :S
So go fuck yourselves 40k suckers

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fantasy is the way to go really

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>States 40k is for lowlife kids
>Uses emoticons

You're 40k's target audience.

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That's still 450 pts. to kill ONE, and if you're unlucky enough not to kill it in one turn, you don't get to shoot the other one.

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wait i can hear it, keep playing 40k and youll then turn into an overweight american

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what anon says must be true

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how did you know? :S

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It's Super Effective!

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ITT: retards who don't know common magic items

Seriously, the banner of eternal flame is ten fucking points. Stick it in a unit of infantry, send them straight at the abom. Dead in 1 combat or I'll buy you a steak.

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divine intervention from god-bear led me to know this holy script

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buy me the steak

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Only useful on a unit with high enough strength or a large amount of attacks, and I4+, otherwise you still won't dent it.

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>Implying you'll have enough infantry to attack back with if you aren't fucking Elves or Chaos.

Fucking standard I3, how does it work?

Ok, for example, let's take 45 bare-bones empire halberdiers with full command. 250points. Assume that they can get the flaming banner for free somehow. Assume horde formation for attacks.

Assuming middle result on the chart, an average of 7.291 Halbs are killed before they can attack. Doesn't change the attacking ranks though. Assuming chariot base (and 50mm frontage), 4 files are in contact, so 12 attacks. 6 hits, 2 wounds. Halbs lose another 2.9 to Thunderstomp, so assume +11 CR for HPA (with charge). Halbs get 6 (3 ranks+ 2 wounds+ banner). Hlabs are stubborn, in BSB and genneral range, and hold. It will take them 3 turns to kill it, by which time the rest of the skaven army will have arrived, removed the rank bonus, and wiped out the halbs.

Yeah, the banner auto-solves the problem. SURE.

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Bitches don't know bout my three great cannons. Have fun not getting across the board, you monster!

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Assuming Chaos warriors though, things go different. Assuming Khorne, halbs, and the banner, you get in 4 guys wide (so 17 attacks with champ), and you get an average of 5.67 wounds. Warriors can kill it easy.

Lizards, nope, I2 fucks TG over and standard saurus are ever worse.

Dwarves: See lizards

Brets: Ineffective cav charge HO!

DE: 40 spearmen, horde, banner. 4 files, assume champ, only 2.51 wounds (S3 vs T5 sucks). See empire from this point on.

HE: Like DE, but you don't have enough points to get a horde large enough to get 5 ranks. See DE exactly then.

WE: no. Just no.

Vamps: Spawn zombies, feed, don't give a shit
>feels good man

Tomb kings: Not sure, haven't seen them in a while

Beastmen, OK, and Deamons: see TK

Kislev: You have BEAR CAVALRY. You win due to awesome.

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>HE: Like DE, but you don't have enough points to get a horde large enough to get 5 ranks. See DE exactly then.
SOA means that you can slap it on a unit of White Lions or Swordmasters and beat it to death.

>Tomb kings: Not sure, haven't seen them in a while
Best bet, hit it with a Screaming Skull shot. Otherwise, you can take Queen Kalitha and spam poison arrow shots, I guess.

>Beastmen, OK, and Deamons: see TK
Beastmen: Use minotaurs to slap it around with a shit-ton of S5 hits... if they survive to attack back.
OK: Ha ha, good luck.
Daemons: Just match it with their own under-cost stuff, a unit of Flamers rapes it for slightly less points.

Otherwise, yeah, that's pretty accurate of the situation.

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So out of 14 armies (not counting HOLY FUCK BEAR CAV THIS IS AWESOME), only 4 can beat it with standard-ish troops, and 1 can delay it forever in melee. Dwarves and empire can kill it with shooting, assuming no Stormbanner bullshit. TK might be able to do it through OUR ARROWS WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN. Lizards have the slann grunt and it goes boom, assuming you have the right lore. So, counting dwarves and empire as half armies, you have 8 armies able to deal with the thing, and 6 unable to do shit. For 250 points.

Yeah, GW needs to THINK from time to time.

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I'd count Empire as a whole, since their access to all the lores helps, too. But yeah, its a badly designed unit. Then again, the entire Skaven book is badly written. When it takes 7-9 pages of fixes and FAQs to make it playable, there's something obviously wrong.

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So do to the book what you do the the HPA: Set it on fire.

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I'm WE. There are a lot of Skaven players. A lot of players will be running with this (can you have more than 1?).

Do I just try to slow it down? How many arrows do I need to kill it?

>> No.13648706

Competitive players will be running 2 in 2k pts. battles. I honestly can't think of something that the WE can use to deal with them, but its been a while since I've seen them on the field. They need an update almost as badly as TK and Ogres.

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I'm a Tomb Kingfag and I approve of this magnificent post.

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It needs fire to really kill, something that WE don't really have. Assuming S3 bow shots...

6 wounds, need 12 successful to-wound rolls, need 72 hits. Need 144 shots to kill it with 4+ to hit.

>> No.13648875

Yes. We need a update. Until then I'm satisfied being the prettiest army.

For 250 points I can get:
- (240) 20 archers.
- (260) 4 Treekin.
- (240) 20 Dryads. (Skirmish).

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Just looked at the book, honestly the best bet is a character with the Spirit Sword. And even then, you still have to wound it. So try to get in in a unit with the 10 pts. Flaming banner and then in combat...

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I'm sorry to say it, but you are fucked. I legitimately like WE. You're the only group of elves that doesn't have both the bullshit rules (Hydras and the inverse ward save on one hand, ASF and I5 on the other) and really stupid backstory (EMO elves vs MARY SUE elves.)

I hope you get a new army book soon. Followed by TK and ogres. Then a revision of the overpowered armies to get them in line.

>> No.13648990

Anyone else think its kinda bullshit that O&G are getting a new book first? I'll admit they need one, but not as badly as TK, Ogres, and WE.

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Bretonnian player here.

Are ineffectual cavalry charges my only option every time?

>> No.13649081

You do have the Trebs and massed archers that can buy flaming attacks. And Heroic killing blow on a character that you can get Savage Beast off on (+3 S and A). Those are your best options. Plus, the knight killing it in one blow gives an awesome mental image.

As to infective cav charges, the cav charges are kinda the bret "thing", and when 8th ed came around... yeah.

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Does no one here actually use tactics? In my Empire army I use my pistoleers to kite scary monsters, the abom is no different. If they get caught, oh no, I lost 100 pts on a throwaway unit the game is lost!

Wood elves have glade guard
HE have reavers
DE have dark riders
chaos have hounds and horsemen
orcs have goblin riders and fanatics
ogres have gnoblars and the hunter
lizards have skink skirmishers
dwarfs have runes and slayers
and finally brets have vows to kill monsters and peasants with flaming arrows

It doesnt seem to hard to kill the abomination with these "shit tier" armies to me.

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Actually, due to the latest versions of the Brett FAQ, you can make a cheap character that rapes the HPA better then anything else. Just take the virtue that gives you the Heroic Killing Blow, Virtue of Heroism, and charge it. You just need to get one 6 to wound and the fucker is gone.

>> No.13649153

It is in my opinion the 3rd hardest model to put together in the GW line and the 1st hardest plastic model.

>> No.13649163

The hardest part of kiting it is you don't get to flee from it as a charge reaction. Its not impossible, its just harder than with the other big monsters. Its like how big fliers used to work. You could have it so the charge away from your line, but that 20" meant they're still going to end up hitting your line.

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Mos Def. We're kinda faggoty but it's the good type of faggotry. DE and HE are all manner of suck, they are both packs of dicks.

A4, Hits from the Spirit Sword auto-wound, so that's the T5 vs lolWEStrength dealt with... WS7... I4 is easy to deal with, Ld 10 +d6 vs 8+d6. Probably ends up dealing 2-3 extra wounds. Big unit of Eternal Guard...

I dunno, 250 points is hell cheap but it's not game over as soon as the HPA is placed down.

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Huh, mis-read it, thought it auto-hit. So yeah, its one of the best bets for killing it.

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since Dwarves are fucking homo gay fags and have runes in their war machines, they ignore Storm Banner since they then are magical.
OP dwarves need nerf
Dwarf tier 1 hands down, since the new charge rules and their insane ability to out shoot elves (yeah... they do that now)
Is there a single tournament that does not allow special characters that has NOT been won by a dwarf player? Their unkillable lord combo is just too much for the game. If someone says "lets play, I'm gonna play Dwarves" I'm like "ok, you win, wanna play a new game with some other race plz?" and he goes "no I want to play dwarves again" - "ok, no why, how come you won again - oh oh, well, this saved us some time."
You don't even have to try, just shake the guys hand and don't unpack your stuff if your opponent wants to play dwarves...

No down sides
Out shoots everything, magical everything, amazing horde scout groups cheap as hell with s5 throwing axes that if I charge I take 20 s5 axes in the face and great weapons that noone can kill without suffering more themselves point by point, true unkillable lords, destroys all spells in 4 magic faces - gg
oh wait, not gg, its fucking BAD GAME! GW needs to be slapped for this outrocity... Grml

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nowhere in the rules (unless FAQd) does it say you cannot flee, it turns on the spot, rolls 3d6 then moves if it hits a unit that unit gets a charge reaction as normal. Kiting is a valid tactic because you are getting hte abomination to move out of sync with the battle line (more than it already does)

>> No.13649353

It was. They changed it to use the standard random movement rules in the rulebook, with the exception of berserking and smooshing your own troops, so it doesn't allow charge reaction.

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