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new thread

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>menancy accepted

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As a typofag, this always crack me up
>should be koblique, tough...

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my groups average campaign

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Also, did we ever found sauce on this?

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Makes me laugh every time.

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I have threatened my PCs with this before.

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If I remember correctly this came about as a result of people actively trying to derail a troll thread (with obvious success), rather than on-topic discussion heading into odd areas.

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Needs more HFY

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LMAO I did something to that effect once. The model was a Rubik cube that had a random gravity shift every time you went through a different door, so on top of being lost theres a chance of taking falling damage. That was ridiculously hard to manage, I couldn't imagine actually playing a teseract. I'm also not allowed to write dungeons anymore.

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sums up /tg/ pretty well
captcha: common comenry

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still, this is our Skill Focus.

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sup ho

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Fuckin' Necrons

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I don't understand that at all.

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i don't think anyone does

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>Implying that's not a loyal worshipper of Implur

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Never change

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was this question ever answered

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my fave

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Yes. It was a rather dissapointing number. We even calculated that without looking preggo, she should only get 40 daddy-long-legs in there, and maybe 5 tarantulas.

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Love it so much.

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that is a sad number, would still be hilarious for someone looking to rape one.

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And that's when we were talking about STUFFING the things in there.
Though, to be fair, we did decide that if she was looking preggo due to spiders and viginas worked like they do in hentai, then she'd have a much greater number, though no accurate measure could be used, as all woman can stretch different amounts during pregnantcy.

Also, I'm out of /tg/ pictures. Have this campaign idea chart as a goodbye.

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Did you take into account that if a spider curls its legs tightly against its body it occupies significantly less space?

The average female Drow is about, what, 5'3"?

...I'd say about 30 Black Widow sized spiders could fit in there.

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It's a dissapointing number indeed. How about stuffing a baga of holding there?

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Anyone have the rest of that?

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I think I just found a loophole.

What if the spiders were all pregnant females carrying young on their back, which, due to some sort of enchantment instantly reach maturity after exiting the orifice?

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True, but the spiders are supposed to crawl out, not fall out when she spreads her legs because they're crushed.


Living things don't go in bags of holding. I can't remember why, but it's a bad idea.

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is it possible to stick a living creature in a bag of holding?
if it is, then that is obviously an awesome plan

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That's a favored soul retard.

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moar derailan

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Seems like I'm the last one posting here, might as well take this unto image cap

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This is about all I have to share.

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It's an issue of air.

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unless i am mistaken bags of holing are nothing but a dimentional pocket, once closed only the air remaining in the said pocket would be the air source for that creature, id see it as doable, if dangerous.

we once stuffed corpses in a bag of holding following the nth time we save our rogue from the authorities, dm ruled them has not having decayed.

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Googly was comedy gold.

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i also take it that you can only put solid objects in the bag. saying that i would wonder if in that pocket of space if they would keep longer. if you gave the living creatures water breathing inside the bag filled with water.

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I saved quite a few googly eyes I could post later on if you want.

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Request picture of female tech priest worrying people will find out her boobs are unaugmented.

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If anyone remembers that goblin who wanted elf milk.

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I'm playing Oblivion right now.
I'm the Daedric Lord of Madness. I'm archmage of the Mage's guild. I'm the hero of Kvatch. I'm the grand champion of the arena. I'm wearing daedric armor stripped from the corpses of vile dremora that I defeated in their own hellish plane of Oblivion.
A goddamned bandit ran up to my character and demanded 100 coins or he'd kill me.
Holy fucking shit. Is that guy retarded? My character is world famous and looks like Sauron. I wish there was a 'are you stupid or something?' option on the dialog for that bandit.

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> doccoid otherwife.

I bet that means something.

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I think I've got a few

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i feel the same way. fucking idiots asking moronic quests after you saved everything.

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Pay him. Then kill him.

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Oh fuck I do. Wonder whatever happened with that. What if an apricot was the answer.

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Not specifically /tg/-related, but useful for certain writefaggotry and tales.

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Is there somewhere I can go to get all these comics?

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Got some new stuff, fresh drawn from the new guy in our gaming group.

I present, how all dwarf parties to diplomacy/stealth.

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That's a dude's face.

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That could have been so much win, but alas it was not to be.
>b4 dislac
Is that Rusky for "paint thinning"

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No surprise there, I guess.

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That cultist is a dude?
Or that someone bad at modeling wrongly put a dude's head on her body?

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what a good tavern looks like.

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Looks like an Eldar head. That & crappy, unthinned paints make it horrible.

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Given the subject matter, I parsed that initially as "Vag of holding"

Carry on, citizen

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Damn straight.

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One thing that always bugged my about this one was the lack of Sisko.
Why no love for Sisko?

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I just thought you should know:
In reading this thread and it's predecessor, I have cried tears of laughter and pride.

I salute you, /tg/.

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because captain sisko ascends stereotypes
except being a black man of course.

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Because he relied on worm hole alien Deus ex Machina to get him out of a mess when he couldn't do it himself.

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He's twitching because he's got my AXE in his SPINE.

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then the guard put his axe in the hero's head.

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The last panel. Perfect in every way.

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my contribution.
I made it myself, I hope you like it.

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and part 2.

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Nice to see that "memes that never got off the ground" thread gave Haggard a second chance. I believe the memescape is better for it.

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Weird, all the Rule Thirty-Horror pics have been my doing since the first time we ever witnessed Haggard. (That is, that Sonic connect-the-dots thread).
Have some more.

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can i has original nurse pic plz?

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Meh. It's late/early enough. Here you go.

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you sir win the internet forever.
Ill make a dump thread when i wake up in your name.
anything specific you might like? (i have mostly fantasy)

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Find me a decent Vampire Counts or Daemons of Chaos wallpaper. And could you do this thread after 2pm EST? I need my rest and it's 4am here. Only reason I'm still on is because a damn Lexi Bloom video is taking so damn long to download and I'm on my laptop.
Have some Quorra

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Well, my warhammer-fu is not the strongest, but ill see what i can do. Itll be a thread with vamps and abominations if i cant find any. 19:00 EST, possibly. it migth be before, it might be later.

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Dese fukken birds

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The little touches are one of the reasons I love Ganassa's work.
Love the expression here.

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>other Thuntion

Captcha has just come up with my next sci fi locale

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Alright, I'm gunna suck it up and be That Guy that asks you for the originals. Please?

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>check file
>haggard dreams

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Sauce found! Its a collection of shorts.

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I had to think about this post for a second; it seemed like you were implying that the Elf Dreams strip was done by Ganassa.

I was about to nerdrage.

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Some of the pages from>>13651551 this collection are on that artists DA page.

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And here I thought that was just the name of the meme they had been edited into. Cool.

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Also guys, better sage the thread so the janitor has a harder time finding it.

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All the cool kids stealth sage, man

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Didn't you get the memo? There are no more janitors, that's why the applications were run.

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sauce of the original?

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I love you /tg/

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wait...guys I have an idea... what if we took... guys listen, waht if we took Haggard... and made him have Googly eyes?

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Really would like the original of this. For research purposes.

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That's the manliest Drow ever, in the right top corner.

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goddammit, tineye can only find tiny versions of the original of this and its links are all broken.

Sauce plox?

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Let's see what's in my bag of goodies for /tg/

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