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Does anyone recall the name of that Eldar craftworld which apparently makes a once per century trip through the sector? I recall it had exactly one mention in a 40k book out there somewhere, and since my DH players are going to be dealing with Eldar very soon I figured I might do well to learn that one's name rather than just use another craftworld which might just be abusing a webway gate or something.

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>Through the Calixis sector

I forgot an important word!

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Is there any updated fluff on the tyrant star?

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It's Kealor, as has been said, which is great because Kealor is awesome. After a massive civil war in which the nobles went basically dark eldar, the commoners rose up, and the aspect warriors stayed out of it, the craftworld is shattered. Only massive psychic effort from almost all its farseers is holding the place together.

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No, and their likely never will be. It is deliberately the great mystery of the setting, and the will almost certainly never give a definitive answer.

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That does sound awesome. Where's the info come from? Thanks for the name though, I seriously could not find the damn thing no matter where I looked.

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I'm 99.9% certain the Tyrant Star is the reawakening of the Harrowing.

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Iyanden are pretty cool guys too.

Almost extinctan
Not giving fuckan


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>Implying anything by C.S Goto can be considered canon.

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Yeah yeah, everything he has ever done is horrible and vile. It remains cool fluff, and has 0% multilasers.

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Oh cousins, the fact that you raise your beloved dead to fight for you just to keep you alive will amuse us to no end.

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>In 995.M41 another invasion of Iyanden, this time by Waaagh! Rekkfist, was imminent and so Iyanden preemptively engaged the Orks. Early battles successfully crippled the Waaagh!, but soon the Orks counter-attacked in force and managed to land on the Craftworld. Iyanden was forced to awaken even more Wraith-constructs in order to hold back the invasion. As events become desperate, a Webway portal at the rear of the Craftworld activated and Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Wraithkind and the Cult of the Flayed Hand emerged to aid in slaying the Orks.

I thought Deldar and Eldar weren't really allies. It does say they did it for the lulz, tho.

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No Eldar, you are the necromancers.

And then Iyanden was lost to the Warp.

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Deldar saving Eldar is one of the hardest "fuck yous" possible. Especailly if they left while trollfacing.

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Yeah, that one line at the end when they were like 'yeah, we just thought you guys having an existential crisis was too funny to let you die' convinced me that if I ever get into 40k TT that I'll play Deldar.

On a related note, can this be hijacked into a Dark Eldar thread? I know they're a hard army to play, especially for an absolute newb, but I really like their style.

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At other times Eldar and Deldar brofist too.

Namely when a world was becoming a daemon world and The Eldar were trying to seal the webway gates but they were being overrun, the DE show up and help hold the line then get dragged screaming into the warp.

Other time was when a Imperial lord took soulstones and made them into his jewelry.Eldar go "give em back or else". Imperial aristocrat goes "lol do it faggot" and the Eldar get pissed, attack with righteous wrath massacre all the guard on the planet take the soulstones, give the aristocrat to Harlequins who in turn take him to Commorragh to be tortured forever. The DE Haemonculi torture him to this day even tho the battle took place 3000 years ago

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I so want that Aristocrat extradition to Comorroagh drawfaged

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When the Murderval of Chaos was defeated upon the Eldar world of Lohiac, Ssair the Gleamling was in a serious predicament. The Dark Eldar had denied the Daemons entry to the webway, and left the host bloodied and humiliated. With Ssair's power and influence waning, it was unsurprising that a rival should seek to gain prominence in his stead - this was Corflich Loatheheart, a beautiful and cunning Daemon Prince sworn to Tzeentch.

With the deft manoeuvring so typical of Tzeentch and his minions, Loatheheart duped the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh into yielding power of the Murderval into his stewardship on promises that it would be returned once it had claimed its millionth soul for Tzeentch. Of course, the oaths of a Daemon Prince are a dubious thing and it was not long before Ssair found himself imprisoned within the Impossible Fortress, and the Murderval fully under new management.

The first act of Corflich was to strike out against the agri-world of Dortun, where the populace were eradicated in three nights of bloodshed and debauchery. Upon the Tau sept world of Vior'la they stole away three hundred Fire Warriors and deposited them within the Garden of Nurgle, much to his delight (and their short-lived horror).

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Grandest of all his schemes was the vengeance that he enacted upon the Eldar survivors of the battle of Lohiac. A band of Dark Eldar, enacting a precise and deadly raid deep within Imperial territory were mortified to find a raid upon the death world of Raith. The pickings were not quite as the Dark Eldar had expected, however, as they arrived to find the Imperial Guard garrison already slaughtered to a man. Sensing a trap they quickly turned to depart but their escape was blocked by the shimmering host of the Murderval. Nimble Dark Eldar Raiders duelled with winged Daemons while agile Wyches fought against the lithe fury of the Daemonettes. Vengeance for the Murderval's thwarted plans on Lohaic was taken in full as scores of Dark Eldar were cut down and dragged screaming into the Realm of Chaos.

The Archon leading the Dark Eldar force was finally run to ground within the thick jungle of Raith by Loatheheart, who swooped down from the trees to pluck her up like a bird of prey. Disarming her in a short and bloody fight, and having broken both her arms and legs, Loatheheart delivered her quailing form to Slaanesh's Palace of Pleasure, a token and tribute from the new master of the Murderval.

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I get the vibe that Deldar still consider themselves Eldar in every sense of the word, well aware of them being "fallen" but nonetheless ultimately loyal. Likewise, I can imagine the Eldar considering the Deldar wayward children.

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>place fire warriors in the garden of nurgle
>like a boss

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When push comes to shove, the differences fade away and they will stand united.

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That is distressingly noblebright for 40k. I sort of get the vibe that the only Eldar who really feel that are the Harlequins.

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2nd edition Codex: Eldar, p. 20

>According to tradition the Crone Worlds still preserve some of the Eldar's greatest treasures despite the changes that Chaos has wrought upon them. It is said that there are worlds where Eldar still live, the descendants of Chaos worshipping Eldar of ancient times, spared or re-created by Slaanesh to serve his evil purpose.

>Of all the servants of Chaos there are few as truly damned as the Eldar Chaos Champions, nor any as utterly at the mercy of their Chaos masters. They are lost to the Eldar race, unacknowledged and forever forgotten by their kinfolk, their souls eternally barred from peace.

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Kaelor huh? I wonder if they're the Eldar my group keeps bumping into in the Koronus Expanse.

>Other time was when a Imperial lord took soulstones and made them into his jewelry.Eldar go "give em back or else". Imperial aristocrat goes "lol do it faggot" and the Eldar get pissed, attack with righteous wrath massacre all the guard on the planet take the soulstones, give the aristocrat to Harlequins who in turn take him to Commorragh to be tortured forever. The DE Haemonculi torture him to this day even tho the battle took place 3000 years ago

I am now suddenly regretting letting the Navigator and Seneschal loot all those "pretty glowy gems" from all those Eldar Rangers, Dire Avengers and Warlocks we killed exploring a maiden world...

Eh, I'm sure we can just sell them to someone.

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So cue Ascension campaign to eradicate all the farseers of the Eldar craftworld thus leading to their destruction

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No need, the only non-slaaneshi farseer on Kaelor was a female child farseer who got tortured and her eyes torn out in the story she appeared in. In the end of the book a fat, drooling(!) old slaaneshi farseer took her hand and walked off with her

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Wait, what?


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...So cue the Ascension campaign to destroy the craftworld because clearly it is a threat to the Imperium....

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It's not coming to Imperium anymore, the Slaaneshi Seer Council wants to get into the Eye of Terror.

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Even so, a bunch of Chaos Eldar is bad nes.

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Although the chaos pedo farseers are C.S. Goto's work, dunno if FFG's Kaelor is different.

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How many craftworlds are there in total?

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According to Goto, Lelith Hesperax worships Slaanesh and has scared Ulthwe into submission.

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>According to Goto

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No set number, new craftworlds often get introduced (especially to use for the Worf-Effect).

In addition the size/power of each craftworld varies greatly. Some are the size of cities of space, others are small moons in size.

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>I am now suddenly regretting letting the Navigator and Seneschal loot all those "pretty glowy gems" from all those Eldar Rangers, Dire Avengers and Warlocks we killed exploring a maiden world...

I have some Acolytes who stole some from a trio of rangers they offed and an ages dead Dire Avenger they found. The Interrogator they met with to explain the next mission, since the big boss was off being busy and doing Inquisitional things, almost took them off of them. He then realized that he liked living and let the cell keep the stones. I'm going to have fun with this in the future.

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There are five major Craftworlds - Ulthwe, Saim-Hann, Alaitoc, Iyanden, and Biel-Tan - that are the massive ones, the true worldships. There are an indeterminate number of smaller Craftworlds, whose sizes range widely - like how GW will never officially name a thousand SM chapters, this is precisely so that new Craftworlds can be introduced as needed, and leave hobbyists free to create their own.

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>(especially to use for the Worf-Effect).

So they introduce new craftworlds just to blow them up?

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Pretty much. See Spess Mahreen codex, Nid codex and Daemons codex. The Avatar of Khaine gets shit on on a regular bases as well.

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Several times recently.

Malan'Tai by the Tyrandis, Idharae by the Invaders Chapter in Codex Space Marines, and a third one, I can't remember details though, so I could be wrong.

Incidentally, Malan'tai's destruction happened only a few years previous in the years Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch are set in (815-817.M41).

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Ulthwe says hi.

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I really hate the way GW keeps shitting over craftworld eldar.

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The thing I find funny is they never mention scale with craftworlds, some could be as small as a space station, hell there could be a couple that only count as craftworlds because of their population and the fact that they can dock only one or two ships at a time.

The ones the space marines and nids took out might have only been slightly larger than a battle barge itself.

There should be some kind of size scale, but on second thought if that happened then the space marines would be blowing up the larger sized ones all the time to prove how badass they are.

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Hi Ulthwe! Have you come to help us fix our crippling social problems resulting from our civil war?

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The problem is that the last codex was written to have awesome fluff and a decent playable race... which would be awesome if we were playing a game other than 40k. New eldar writer understands that there is a huge powercreep in the game, and if he does the new eldar codex I should imagine phoenix lords cutting planets in half and an avatar of khaine slaughtering an entire smurf world in vengeance for the defeat of its weaker shard my caligar.

Also Eldrad would come back and be awesome as fuck, perhaps the phoenix lord of farseers?

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Fucking matt ward and his fucking fake writeing name... all his shit is shitty anyways.

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Why are the Eldar still in this galaxy? Would't it be safer to get the hell away from a place with so much chaos activity?

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1: possibly pride, this is THEIR universe and THEIR gods are still in it and etc.
2: not all is lost yet, they have a chance for redemption
3: they are, but their ships move slow as shit. For all we know the craftworlds are on an escape vector so they can leave the galaxy, makes more sense to leave the galaxy with a sustainable planet-like setup rather than a bunch of small vessels that will run out of support in a couple thousand years. I mean a couple thousand years is like the next generation for the eldar.
4: There be nids out there, perhaps the nids are all around us and if the eldar try to leave they will get nomnomed.

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Dem craftworlds slow, yo.
Because of this they can't get to another galaxy, and they are too big to go through webway.

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There is no where they can run that could save them.

They still believe the galaxy is rightfully their's and all it should take is a little bit of gumption to get it back.

The Eldar are defined by the knowledge their race, their culture is doomed. When they die they will cast into a living prison of crystal or devoured by a god they sired. The only thing that prevents them falling into utter depression is by holding onto the deluded fantasies that somehow these past glories could be reattained, with just a bit more effort and just as planned.

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because it's their home, and it would make for bad plot to have them just leave.

Seriously, it's not like people haven't made that statement before.

There needs to be a new "how would you publicly murder Matt Ward" thread.

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>Why are the Eldar still in this galaxy? Would't it be safer to get the hell away from a place with so much chaos activity?
How? And to where? They only built the webway around this galaxy, if they want to get anywhere else they'll have to use STL. And the nearest galaxies are tens of millions of light years away, it's unlikely a Craftworld can survive for that long without *any* form of resupply.

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>The ones the space marines and nids took out might have only been slightly larger than a battle barge itself.

Except that Iyanden was described as one of the "largest and most populous of the Eldar craftworlds" in the Tyranid codex.

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Send smaller vessels that are FTL, then use the webway to send supplies. I find it hard that a race so advanced can't terraform the shit out of any piece of rock they can find.

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It's not hard, dumbass. It requires some planning and timing, not that I'm advocating murdering someone but you don't need to collaborate to make a plan on how to kill a single man.

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Didn't Yriel succeed in protecting Ilyanden? I could have sworn he did seeing as he took a doomed evil spear in order to protect the craftworld, are you sure you aren't thinking of all the exodite worlds that died to the hive fleet?

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ITT: Heretical aliens

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> ITT: Heretical aliens
> Posts a GK instead of Deathwatch
> Laughing_Elf.jpg

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Oh you're right, Iyanden is one of the primary craftworlds.

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Eldar FTL = the webway.
The webway that only exists within this galaxy.

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Well, it's still alive (kinda).

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Hey OP.

Just FYI the folks at Fantasy Flight changed the ending of Eldar Prophecy around a little to be less wrist slittingly terrible. Or mabye just set it before the novel I dunno, but check out Edge Of The Abyss for more on Kaelor.

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How did they change it? I always assumed that the new eldar god of death would kill slaanesh, rescue the lost pantheon including Isha, and then restart the eldar race with all the souls they have now.

Remember that in the beginning Eldar and certain other races(human shamans) would not have their souls rejoin the warp, instead they would wait around to be reborn.

Also that makes me wonder if another reason the eldar are a "dying" race is because normally their brightest and best would be reborn to guide them again, but now they are stuck in the circuit or nomnomed by slaanesh, so they are Guide-less compared to their former selves.

I know that the farseers can speak to the dead and keep other farseer's soulstones to guide them in life, but compared to having a bunch of flesh and blood people it is a far stretch.

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