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>Go to bookstore
>Pick up some D&D books for myself
>Cute girl at the register
>"Do you need a gift receipt?"




>feel like a dirty hypocrite for hours afterwards

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>just proves that even we ourselves realize we are social degenerates because of our hobbys.

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I don't get it, she's not gonna fuck you no matter you say, why bother lying

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>Should've hit on her

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>Don't proudly announce no, they're for me
Wow OP, you're a pussy!

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Dude, her boss probably told her to ask every customer that question.

Stop being such a hyper-defensive douche bag.

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>Go to Borders
>Pick up some WoD books for myself
>Cute girl at the register
>"Do you need a gift receipt?"
>Play MtG with buddies that same night.

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You should..

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I miss /r9k/ :(

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>go on /tg/

>/soc/ thread

>report it and move on

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>pirate books online
>forever alone

Really, though. If the girl knew what they were she's probably got an inner nerd anyway, and if she didn't then it doesn't matter. Truth be told, it doesn't matter anyway, but I'm banking on you suffering from social anxiety like half of us.

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yeah me too, if only there was some other place for you fucking retards to go talk about yourself

have you tried /soc/ ?

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Reminds me of a time I was at the supermarket with my flatemate. Woman at the checkout scanning everything, one of the items being a box of condoms. Scans them and gives us a sort of sideways glance. I immediately turn to my friend and in a fairly large voice announce that he forgot the lube. Both he and the checkout lady turned beetroot red. Good times.

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I love pulling shit like this. I live to put people in awkward spots and see their reactions. Feels great, man.

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America hates nerds.
America defines nerds as smart people
God I need out of this country.

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>go to borders to buy books because they be havin' a 50% off sale
>see DH core rulebook
>$30 at half off
>tell cute girl at register there must be some mistake
>she says there isn't, it normally costs $60

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>>Has gf
>>She knows I play DnD
>>Doesn't give a shit

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Dude, the only thing nerdier than buying D&D books for yourself, is to buy them as a gift for someone else. Even if she cared about the books, you didn't do yourself any favors.

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>Have girlfriend
>Plays D&D with me
>Feel like a boss

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>go into FLGS for Magic cards
>see 9/10 girl
>sees me buying a booster, asks me if I want to have a draft

got an Emrakul and a date. I think it's funny how I was more pleased with the Emrakul :V

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>Go to Suncoast videos
>Looking for Yu YU Hakusho Ch. Black Saga
>Can't find it so ask the female clerk
>"Do you guys have the Yu Yu Hakusho Bible Black saga?"
>Face was red for the rest of the trip to the mall.

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>Have gf
>She regularly attends all game sessions, and even GMs from time to time
My gf trumps your gf.

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what does that have to do with ANYTHING that we're discussing in this thread?

stop trolling, you're a terrible person

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If I was buying something /tg/ related, and someone gave me shit, I would tell them to go eat a bowl of dicks. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

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>have girlfriend
>she plays dnd
>i tell her i don't like it and i'm breaking up with her if she doesn't stop playing
>she's beta as fuck so she complied

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..It has everything to do with whats going on. The OP is shamed by his choice in hobby, because America sees intelligence and concentration as a sign of weakness.

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This. Considering there are so many larger money-sink hobbies as well as pretentious and douchebaggy hobbies about (pimping out your car and Golf come to mind), painting and playing wargames with little plastic men or storytelling isn't that bad.

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12/10 Yes, I mad, would rage again.

>U hav a fetish. 4 MEN LOLOLOL Itrollu.jpg

Now go away

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My wife came to terms with my hobbies long ago. We've been together for 11 years. She plays from time to time, but she prefers video games such as BG2 rather than pen and paper.

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I may never have a girlfriend, I may never be popular, but god damn it, I'm going to enjoy what I do.

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>meeting some mates in the morning
>they're late
>me: where the fuck were you guys
>cute girl: sorry, I was playing DnD
>me: ha ha very funny, you don't have to make fun of me all the time
>cute girl: huh? no, I tried it for the first time with Ryan
>me: oh

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why do you assume that people who play dnd are automatically smart? it's not like everyone who plays dnd is also great in school and loves to work on computers and shit. hell, i've met some incredibly lazy dumb fa/tg/uys. hell, i'm talking to one right now (that's you if you couldn't figure it out)

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If you're lucky you'll get a popular girlfriend who games. I kind of did, she makes friends easily and I've slowly corrupted her to the ruinous/tentacally forces of darkness.

It works out in the end.

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People see DnD as a nerdy thing, and associate Nerds with being smart.

Case in point, Big Bang Theory.

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>buying dnd books

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You forget that you can be lazy AND smart. Which rather describes my group and I.

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Can you read? Do you know what Polymorph means? Prestidigitate? Teleport? Telepathy?

Can you do math? Can you play 3.5 D&D? Do you know what a bell curve is?

Are you able to imagine concepts that are not physically in front of you? Can you work out solutions to complex problems?

Congratulations. you qualify to the American populace as a nerd.

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I hope you mean *Case AND point*. Not case in point. This isn't fucking Inception.

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I mean, I tried to get my last girlfriend into tabletop gaming, and she only liked it when I let her do zany off-the-wall crap. Also, she hated DnD. Don't know why, she just did. She got up and left in the middle of a session.

Actually, come to think of it, she only liked games where she could play some kind of weeaboo character...

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good riddance then

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You may want to try that one again.

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There's no fucking idiom called "case and point." There IS an idiom called "case in point," you goddamn retard.

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Oh, I probably won't ever have a girlfriend for a variety of reasons unassociated with tabletop gaming. I am a very hard person to like. Girls around here tend to find my numerous angry rants unattractive.

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your and idiot

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Have you considered not ranting, then? It might help.

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The D&D players being smart is an old stereotype and it was actually quite accurate back in the days of OD&D and AD&D. I don't know how it is now since I have played with the same group for about 13 years.

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I've known many the bitchy aspie to get a girlfriend. Keep looking.

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i'm pretty sure that people who can read aren't viewed as nerds in america...

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But not ones who have all those abilities. But then stop, and look. There is a goddamn "Evolution is only a theory" thread going on next door.

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I helped run a D&D summer camp. We pointed out how it involved logic, critical thinking, math, reading, vocabulary, and all kinds of things that 10 year olds try to get out of, in a delivery system they beg to do more of.

co-ed magazine listed us slightly worse than hilariously gay fashion magazine and slightly better than religious fundamentalist "Warriors of God" brainwashing camp.

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No, it's people who ENJOY reading. There's plenty of literate people, they just hate reading. I say we lock all those people in a room and force them to read Beowulf in Olde English.

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>In fact, scientists and engineers are celebrities in most countries. They’re not seen as geeks or misfits, as they too often are in the U.S., but rather as society’s leaders and innovators.

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Not read, per se, but if somebody is to actually understand the words then they are immediately Nerds. It isn't the reading, but rather it is the comprehension. Most Americans cannot make head or tail of a sentence.

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Can we not take this into other threads? If you can't prove it then there's no point referencing it everywhere as though it were some indisputable fact. It's a clear there's enough dispute over the truth of "evolution" to make it even less clear-cut than say, optimisation advice for D&D or netlists for 40k.

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>We pointed out how it involved logic, critical thinking, math, reading, vocabulary, and all kinds of things that 10 year olds try to get out of, in a delivery system they beg to do more of.

Hey now, that's actually pretty damn cool--

>co-ed magazine listed us slightly worse than hilariously gay fashion magazine and slightly better than religious fundamentalist "Warriors of God" brainwashing camp.

--No words can properly describe the rage I'm feeling at this very moment.

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Well, there's that and I genuinely don't find most girls here attractive. Physically, yeah I suppose, but mentally, there's just nothing there.

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the sad thing is i've actually known girls who have stopped playing games because of their boyfriends. they'll try to bring him to a session, and he won't talk to anyone, and just text on his phone the entire time. them the girl will stop coming as frequently to sessions, until she stops altogether.

i've met many lesbian gamer couples though, they seem to stick with campaigns pretty well

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It's a big world

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That and several other issues culminated into our inevitable split.
Learned that "nerdy" is such a wide concept these days that it's really not something to desire in a mate.
"Plays video games" or "Has an interest in scifi and fantasy", maybe, but "nerdy" is way to ambiguous, imo.

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