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Starting an in-house OpFor for my Imperial Guard (that is, another army to collect, and to use to show new players (and since I'm an adult, that means friends: other adults who are new to wargames, not little kids) how to play teh 40 kayz.

Tyranids or Orks?

(I'm 99% sure Orks are a better training army than Nids, but I wanted to get /tg/'s approval.)

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Ban for being a 12-year-old on an adult board.

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You will never be an Ultramarine.

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Id go with nids, the only real special rule is synapse, and its easy enough to explain, "Keep a few of the big ones near the little ones. Otherwise the little ones will run," to a new player. Plus if you're training them you can run a sub optimal list for them that dosnt use all the bells and whistles, and still have them not lose horribly.

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Fair enough, but my thinking is that the Orks are more of an all-rounder army and would give the player more of a feel for all the phases of play?

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With the new codex nids can shoot really damn well, between trygons and shooty raveners and hive guard theres a fair amount of dakka. Assault is pretty much a given. I guess the only thing lacking is Armor Values, but he does get to understand MC's a bit better, and you can always field vehicles for him to deal with for that facet.

In all honesty either army will be fine. Orks are kinda goofy and fun, which is cool. While nids are scifi staple of huge alien nomming bugs. It really boils down to personal preference seeing as you are the one collecting them.

I just have a huge hardon for nids, so take my advice with a grain of salt. They will be my next army after i paint all my guard and finish repainting my rines. Which is to say never.

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I will warn you about nids is that a working army is a bother to paint. I sunk most of my xmas money into a battleforce and god is there a lot of work.

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Given that I have a great paint scheme for the bugs in my head, I think I will go with them.

Closing thread, /tg/, thanks for keeping the faggotry to a minimum.

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The real question is, given that my IG's are Soviet-themed, how do I make Nids look like Nazis.

Turning this into the Tyranid Thread, I guess?

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