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I need scantily armored women pictures for an up coming character.

She's an armor bard.

race doesn't matter too much I don't mind photoshopping.

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this sorta stuff?

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For fuck's sake.

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less gratuitous please

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more gratuitous please

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more like this then?

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Why is she holding the sword like that?

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Yeah that's more like it.

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I fear for this thread, but I'll try to help.

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Will this work?

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I'm not sure, I just saved the picture, I didn't take the picture or pose in it

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> rainbow offictu

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> cafe prodlly

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I fear for the Islamic fundamentalists who're getting out done by the attitudes of /tg/.

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Aaand that's pretty much it as far as "scantily armored" goes. I have some who have arguable "scantily protective gear", if you like.

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go for it

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All are welcome.
Femanon here, planing on using my feminine wiles to screw with the local misogynist's ways. Who says we cant be sexy and in control?
Neckbeard in question plays a White Knight type, but is terribly stuffy about it.

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more of a barbarian but still. . . .

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Looking for a specific class, ca/tg/irl? I have a few of the sorcerer type that could fit.

Goddamn captcha is becoming a pain in the ass lately.

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I was thinking bard, due to versatility and viability of stats in becoming a seductress type later (and initially).

Got any better suggestions?
3.5 BTW

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What level are you starting as? Also, do you think your DM would let you roll a monster PC? Succubi probably have a player option.

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Bard does seem like the obvious choice, but I'm not an expert of the variety of splat books that have been published, so there may be other interesting options (stuff like sword dancers or swashbucklers, I don't really know). Rogue could do as well, it's mostly dependent on where you put your skills, but the bard's illusions will certainly come in handy.

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A more elaborate kind of beauty.

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Lvl 4 and no I'm pretty sure there's no succubi allowed, if mostly to avoid party conflict.
My other thought was taking either a wizard or sorceress and specializing in charm type spells.

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What is preventing you from playing a Beguiler?

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Then I'll post a few of the magic types after these.

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Who draws these?

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Subtlety would be wasted around here, I really thought about the female half-orc barbarian approach, but it's just not as: Hah I fucked you in ways you hadn't even thought of, and I'm "just a girl".

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Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me.

Currently posting some from http://dark-spider.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/
You should probably have a quick look at the whole 3 pages there, ca/tg/irl.

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A lack of splat-books, which is beguiler in?

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A few more from Shiramune while I'm at it.

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Some armor (lol).

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A little flavor from Asia to conclude Shiramune's contributions.

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Alizel, a shame she doesn't make more fantasy art.

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The following few may be more suitable for NPCs, but whatever.

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Book of Erotic Fantasy, if you don't mind tipping your DM off to what you're doing. As long as subtlety is wasted, anyway. I have no idea what might help you in it, I've never actually looked.

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I would definitely avoid that book if you don't want your game to completely turn to shit, though.

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Suitable if you disregard the jeans.

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That would only push the boys over the edge, and probably make my DM more than a little uncomfortable. Though I'm sure I could do it if it's not gratuitously in your face, this warrants thought, is it an actual WOTC book?

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what the fuck is with that dress

is she supposed to be shitting a waterfall or something

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>>13624066 is it an actual WOTC book?


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PHB2. It's for 3.5, so it'd be legal for Pathfinder too.

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Shows the state of my reading. . . . Thanks for the info I may have to read some stuff then.
It didn't sound legit, is why I asked, thanks for the clarification, to that end no such thing will be looked up.

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Jason Engle is fucking awesome, by the way. Just sayin'.

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I... don't THINK so. My group (understandably) avoids it like the plague. I don't think I've ever even seen the cover. I would advise not using only that for your character. Maybe just a feat or a spell or two, and the rest out of normal books.

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A Beguiler is essentially a Rogue/Sorcerer gestalt that was made into a base class. It focuses on Charm/Enchantment and Illusion magic, and can wear light armor, use most simple weapons, and gets plenty of spells per day without the need of a book.

Sounds right up your alley. They make great seductresses and spies, etc.

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Captcha ate my pic.

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Saehral, amazing comic artist and writer.

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I guess I'm spent now. Another not really related one from Saehral 'cause she's awesome.

Any other questions or requests?

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this was a good thread so i will help some

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>the realization i dont have very many scantily clad women
well shit eh?

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Thanks, you're off to a good start.

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well damn, i got dwarves and shit but no ladies. go figure.

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I'm imagining a spin-off of Assassin's Creed with this as the protagonist. I wouldn't even be surprised.

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FUck year dragon lance!

I am not ashamed that I knew what that was before looking at the file name.

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To be honest I didn't know even though I'm the one who posted it. Guess I should pick up some Dragonlances someday, I've always stuck with Forgotten Realms so far.

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Dragonlance is a totally different beast, but it is enjoyable until you get to the 5th age, the fuck it.

start with The Trilogy then branch off from there

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Bard? Sounds like fun. Here's a few suggestions from what I've had fun with.

Headband of the Lorebinder (MIC p110) +4 to Bardic Knowledge checks. Be Hermione, basically. Know the answers and show the foolish boys that knowledge is power. Only 1600gp, let's you open plot device doors. Better with Obscure Lore (CAdv p111)

Any Bard spell from Spell Compendium - this book is why it became Caster Edition.

Be the Face. You are cooler than anyone else in the party, every villager you meet will know this by the time the conversation is over. Don't be afraid to have a crazy hat, rent out the nicest room available, act like you're more than just an adventurer - you're a legend in the making!

Battle Caster from Complete Arcane will let you wear medium armour with no spell failure - be an even more armoured armor bard! Not as cool, since the difference between a chain shirt and breastplace is minimal, but... why not, right? Our DM says the scantily clad ones get attaced first, because they look like soft targets compared to a dwarf in full plate with a shield taller than they are.

Lastly, Paragon classes from Unearthed Arcana (WotC book). http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/racialParagonClasses.htm#halfElfParagon
Half-elf works well for what you're looking for - you sacrifice a bit of spellcasting for other abilities, including extra feats and a stat boost. I personally love paragon levels, they add a lot of fluff to your character, and some cool traits that you won't get anywhere else. Again, personal choice and you might just want to stick to core.

Also, pic from my wife's character portraits - could go rogue, or bard, or whatever. A pirate could spin a tale and raise the call to arms with the best of them, yes?

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Tome of Worldly Memory on top of that would be super.

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>>Not as cool, since the difference between a chain shirt and breastplace is minimal
Mithril fullplate is where it's at, baby.

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Level four is about 5400 starting gold, Mithral Fullplate is 10,500gp.

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get that armor glamoured so you can still look scantily clad

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helping out some.

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Something gratuitous.

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Wow, she made herself an underwire pushup bra out of sticks.

Mind = blown.

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That's pretty awesome. I'm too lazy to look up "jubilo", do you have some source or context?

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Sorry got it right here

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