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How about a space viking thread?

Please try to keep the WOLF WOLVES WOLF WOLF at a minimum.

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Black Templar are better.

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It will be hard.

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What made people dislike the Space Wolves in the first place?

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Black templar are overly zealous, even by spess mehren standards.

Space Wolves don't give a fuck as long as they get to fight and drink and fornicate, in any order.

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To be fair, the Black Templars don't give a fuck about the codex either.

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>overly zealous
>we've been on a crusade since our inception ten thousand years ago, proving our loyalty while at the same time flaunting girlyman's edicts in the "big book of ultra tactics".

You say that like it's a bad thing. One one hand you have hardcore, pretty bad ass knight templar. Full on sword, chain and tabard theme. On the other you have the wolfs, with nordic viking themes and all that.

I just happen to like my fanatics less shaggy, is all.

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It's just trolling, as I see it.

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There will be wolves.

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Somewhere along the line wolves got associated too much with furries and weirdos who wear wolf t-shirts to be in touch with their 'animal-spirit.'
Unfortunately this made some people forget that wolves are pretty awesome animals, and that space wolves are more than just dudes with wolf skins.

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Because wolf wolf wolfity wolfy wolf wolf.

Seriously, go read their codex, wolf is every other goddamn word.

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The broken codex. Marines are for dummies or 'easy mode'. SW are 'very easy mode' or SM for dummer dummies

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The wolf wolfing wolf wolf codex.

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The new Prospero Burns novel has a very, very strange take on Space Wolves. More 'viking' than wolfy, in fact. I rather liked it- Admittedly more than the guilty pleasure of the Ragnar books.

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Wolf Wolfborn mostly. That, or the Space Wolves being a rather point-efficient codex which makes it easy to powergame with.

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So uhh... Leman Russ...

Do you think he'll be coming back?

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Immature neckbeards-in-training and 15 year old /b/-types like to associate "wolf" with OMG FURFAGGOTRY. This is really a small minority that "hate" the Space Wolves.

The real hate for the Space Wolves, as far as I've gathered, is because they're not really BAD at anything. They're not bad at range, or close-quarter combat, or psyker powers (Even though supposedly they hate, just HATE, psykers). They're an imbalanced chapter.

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come at me bro

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>Do you think he'll be coming back?

Of course he's coming back! Just like my Dad's coming back! With that Ice Cream he said he was going out to get... 17 years ago.


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He'll come back with the head of Angron, which he ripped from his still living body.

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Fuck you Space Wolves

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Anon, I have a secret to tell you.

I... AM.... YOUR FATHER! And though the journey has been fraught with peril and much danger, I have returned with the ice cream. I hope you like strawberry, son.

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The thing with Wolves is they're really point-efficient, and their close-combat capabilities are better-distributed throughout their army, and they can do a rather good all-foot army too. Vanilla Marines suck at assault outside of a few units (which usually can pulp most anything else, so it's a wash. Also, Null Zone), and they are pretty terrible on foot.

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Angron, as in the Daemon Prince Angron?

The one that ushered in the Dominion of Fire? Yeah, good luck with that.

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For fucks sake! I said chocolate Dad! Fucking hell, can't you do anything right?

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So... i heard there are wolves on Fenris.

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You were misinformed. There are no wolves on Fenris.

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Except for the wolves, you mean?

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If everyone on Prospero were dicking around with sorcery and psychic powers, then how come it wasn't a demon infested shitfest? I mean the planet seemed pretty cool til Leman Russ came and fucked it's shit up. I mean they didn't even use the sorcery for evil.

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What is this I don't even

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Are Space Wolves the new Ultramarines?

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No. So far their chapter master hasn't defeated an avatar in single melee.

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>That song

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Because they're niggers who made the Thousand Sons go Chaos. Magnus was trying to help, but no, Russ has to call him a heretic for being big, red, and having one eye.

Fucking Russ should have been smacked for his jackassery.

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a) the planet was pretty sh%tty before Magnus in some regards; there was a reason as to why previous civilisation perished
b) It is Magnus who started developing psychic potential of remaining denisens. And he did it in quite orderly fashion
c) and by that i mean his subordinartes were trained in ways of Warp and how to use it without being posessed. Discounting when they were posessed, mutated and put down.

By the way. What is the difference between sorcery and regular psykery?

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>What is the difference between sorcery and regular psykery?
What a dick.

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Imperial propaganda. Also, sorcerers occasionally work with daemons.

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Sorcery is power granted directly by the chaos gods, while psyker powers use the raw psychic power present in the Warp itself.

If I remember correctly, that is.

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Don't remember seeing anything that would imply that the space wolves hate psykers.

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Pretty much this.

If a loyal imperial servant is doing it, its a psychic power, (but they're still a filthy witch who needs to be spit upon and beaten so they wont forget their place.)

If the guy doing it is also being shot at by you, its sorcery.

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well as far as I understand, you dont need to be a psyker to use sorcery. Sorcery is using/communicating/summoning daemons with the help of spells that are chanted, waving hands in the air and such, often with the help of books, artefacts, sacrificing people and such. Whilst normal psykery is using your mind to direct warp energy into the physical universe.

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But they hate all sorcerers and their warp-tainted guts with passion, do they not?

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In DH, sometimes sorcery is associated with demonic/heretical pacts. Like in one prestige class out of the Radicals Handbook, a Cleric can gain sorcery.

It works a lot like psyker powers, but involves a lot of grimdark situational aid (like one spell has makes a magical flaming flail from skulls, which HAVE TO BE NEARBY or the spell doesn't work because there's nothing to make a flail from). This sort of sorcery, because it uses some sort of forbidden magic and not natural psyker powers, tends to incur Corruption.

If you're a psyker though, I guess being a "sorcerer" is just where you are standing with the rest of the Imperium, as to whether or not you're being a bad dude, or a living weapon.

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yes and psykers are not sorcerers
not a sorcerer

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A Psyker named something else so the Yiffs can go back to being faggots.

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Haha! My sons channel the storms of Fenris through them! - Leman Russ, Hypocrite and Douchebag Extraordinaire

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Fucking Wolves.
I bet they claim to hate mutants too.

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Wait, I thought everybody hated mutants. Like, even mutants hate mutants.
Nobody likes mutants.

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So much jelly ITT

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But what are so-called "wolves" of Fenris if not a mutants?..

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I am making Slaaneshi space wolves to piss off a Wolf fan boy. Is that wrong?

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Native fauna of the planet, "tamed" for battle purposes.

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it is never wrong to intentionally piss off a fanboy.

unless they're an Iron Hands fanboy in which case FUCK YOU I'LL MURDER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

everyone else is fair game though.

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There are no wolves on Fenris.

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Is that a fact?

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>Iron Hands

I refuse to believe GW designed them seriously. I mean, their chapter master is named IRON HANDS OF THE IRON HANDS AND HE LITERALLY HAS IRON HANDS.

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you should go and find out for yourself

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They got to be the initiates that failed.

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Raven Guard and Space Wolves, Mutant Bro's fo lyfe!

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What were the Dark Eldar doing when they were stealing spacewolves?

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Yes it is. There is no conspiracy.

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>implying that all space marines aren't abhuman mutants

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The same thing they do with everyone.
It involves inserting certain things into certain places (that are not necessarily holes).

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>Implying that though they are not the Abhumans we Want, they are the Abhumans we NEED.

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etc. are forgetting that the Emperor told the Space Wolves to do it.

in Prospero Burns, there are a shitload of them hidden by the Sisters of Silence at Nikaea "in case Magnus doesn't take it well". which meant the Emperor had made his decision before the whole thing went down, held a mock trial to create the illusion of fairness, and had the Space Wolves (and Blood Angels and Emperor's Children) ready to RIP AND TEAR the Thousand Sons if they didn't say "yes daddy".

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>cheesy metal guitars
>wolf howl sample

fuck you dude I'm going to my local GW for a copy of the space wolves codex and a battleforce now. I'll listen to the rest of the song later.

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>like one spell has makes a magical flaming flail from skulls, which HAVE TO BE NEARBY or the spell doesn't work because there's nothing to make a flail from
>no skulls nearby

..Is that actually an issue in 40k?

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Dark Angels here......Space Wolves are fags. Trust us, we would know......we are based off of a poem about being gay for fucks sake.

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the Beauty Relinquished and the Ork parts are funny.
Though, why are the Dark Eldar getting smacked in their own codex as much as they "win"?

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In light of Prospero Burns, the Wolves don't have a problem with psykers, they have a problem with those who go too far. Sorcery is too far. Honing your psychic powers in a safe fashion is alright. Hell thats even why the 13th company Runepriest used a teleport power in the SW omnibus, because he had time to master it fully before using it in a regular fashion.

Magnus and sons just rushed headlong, taking on new powers and new ideas before they had mastered the old ones. Its alot like the AdMech handles things. They research new tech, they just do it at a very slow and cautious rate.

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(I'm not joking, that's how is written on the codex)

Bunch of filthy, animal-fucking barbarians. Pretty much all other SM chapters are better.

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So how the fuck do you even create a psychic power? How the fuck do the librarians/rune priests/whatever make the powers look the same all the time? I mean most librarian should have it in their interests to make the powers they use look the same as when the rest of the chapter uses the powers, so as not their battle-brothers suspect any foul sorcery.

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Vylka Fenryka up in this bitch. I prefer the 31st millennium Rout to the 41st millennium Space Wolves, but I do like both. easily my favourite chapter.

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So the Dark Eldar were trying to create obedient Russ clones right?

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I have to give Abnett credit, he actually made the SWs a worthwhile Legion that wasn't boring. Too bad it's the one book vs the six that King did that fucked the fluff up so badly that no one can take them seriously.

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Protip: Angron can take Russ.

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Apparently the writers of the next Wolves book are going to be using Abnett's take. Battle of the Fang I think its called.

Am I the only one that would love to read a book about the battle between Lukas the Trickster and Duke Sliscus?

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No, because we already know how that one goes. Sliscus is the reason Lukas loses at marathons.

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I just want a book about Lukas really, and I'm curious as to why Sliscus spared his life.

Hows about a rematch instead? Would you read Lukas vs Sliscus: Round Two?

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I'd read that one. Lukas goes to get his heart back. Might be cool, except pinning Sliscus down in one spot long enough for such a meeting would be a hard thing to contrive without it being stupid-tier.

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Lukas did it once, he can do it again.

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Lukas got caught the first time, was a random happenstance that he was on the ship that Sliscus raided. I doubt Lukas has the kind of time to hitch rides on transports in the hopes that ONE of the corsairs that will rape his ship MIGHT be Sliscus deciding to come out of Commorragh for his once a millennium anniversary raid.

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Lukas is a pretty rebellious guy. If he decided he absolutely had to fight Sliscus again he'd go out and do it, regardless of whether or not he permission to go. Grimnar would probably let him leave, considering the Wolf Lords actively hate him and avoid having him around if they can help it.

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Lukas was only once bested during an abortive attempt to cripple the flagship of the Dark Eldar Prince Sliscus, wherein his heart was cut out as a souvenir and he was set adrift in space - an ordeal that only Lukas could laugh about. Lukas later had a stasis bomb wired in place of his secondary heart so that when his primary heart stops beating, he and the one who finally bested him would be frozen in time as a gruesome and eternal monument to his own glory.

From the Wolves Codex. It doesn't say anything about being ambushed or caught by surprise.

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Bigger version

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>mfw when there is a 1k sons song as well. not quiet the same effect as SW, but awesome none the less.

>captcha: cruican *torah

crucify the torah? captcha, thats definatly not kosher

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Superior Space Wolves music.

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Space Wolves are incredibly lame.

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Haters gonna hate.

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Help me out here I'm not that familiar with Warhammer though I like the setting

Arent the Ultramarines the best of the best in terms of fighting?

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They're good all-rounders, and efficient tacticians, but the Wolves and Blood Angels are better in close quarters.

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The fuck you say boy? Ultramarines ain't got shit on other chapters. They just happen to have the best damn PR department in the whole Imperium.

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Now now the Ultramarines are perfectly good at what they do best - accounting. You think those bolter shells pay for themselves? There are forms to fill out man! When it comes time to resupply you better hope there's an Ultramarine close by, because he will handle your resources like a mother fucker and save you money in tax.

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What about ranged combat?

I like bullets and bolters.

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