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ITT: Post your space marine pics

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Female Space Marines allowed, so Sisters of Battle allowed?

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whats wrong with female space marines?

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There aren't even really male Space Marines. They have one gender and that gender is Space Marine.

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Oh god not this again

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Technically: Nothing. The idea is pretty cool.

Canonically: Everything. GW nixed it by claiming the Space Marine making process the Emperor created - and thus the only way that will be tolerated - functions by relying on some male-only glands.

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But what if they found a female-gland thing!

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I want male Sisters of Battle, is that too much to ask?

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that's a really small flamer

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See my last post

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>implying progression of any kind in 40K.

That and it really doesnt matter due to the way marine recruit. They take the hardest children in all of the Imperium, they then make them do other fuck hard tests that will kill 80% of them on average. Then they are intiated with some similarly **** hard tests on the battlefield as scouts. After about 50 years+ of that they become space marines.

Still if you wanna make "Bolter Bitches" go right ahead.

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That would be Tech Heresy. Technology not gifted by the Emperor is Heresy when used by anyone other than the Admech, in private, with candles, nice music and a lot of breathy sounds.

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I guess that might work on a dickgirl, but mutations like that tend to attract promethium.

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Tell more more...

"Hail Battle Brother..."

"That's Battle Sister..." Removes helmet.

"Pardon me, do you wish to procreate?"

"Of course." Remoins loin plate, all man flops out.


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oh god I justed lol

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I like the way cultists squish.

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This thread is troll.

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I really want some dickgirl space marine fap fics right now...

>mfw strangest boner right now

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But I like the way it is going.

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No, this thread is full of funny. Go be a no fun zone elsewhere.

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..and then they're gonna troll me!

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I'd like to see a female sister first.

but knowing GW, that's never going to happen.

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They've provided a lot of art for female sisters. Its not their fault they are unwilling to hire sculpters to make models that look female to match.


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