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It seems there are TWO skin colours in RPG's.
white and green.
So did your game or character ever have a different skin colour? like, proper minority?

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In one campaign setting I played in, humans mostly came from the desert, and as such were nearly all black or brown. There were a few white humans, but they were by far the minority.

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That sounds cool, and full of conniving sand mages.

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I played fantasy arabs.
In a setting where they had an empire.
They weren't the majority nor the minority.

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At he moment my players are facing, what are essentially, Somali pirate dorfs.

Skin colour varies on where they travel, obviously they meet travellers of varying skin tones and races.

Funny story was that in the beginning, every time i would mention someone had a different skin tone, the players would befriend them and follow them around thinking it was a plot hook. They bothered a poor old dark skinned fellow at a fruit stall for several days once (They had been sent to a small town to find a "unique looking gentleman", it was actually a halfling pimp coated in body piercings they were supposed to latch onto).

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The WoD universe is very melatonin friendly. I played a mute Aboriginal assassin for my Mokole Gumagen.

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In a GURPS vampire game I played a Asabonsam. A african vampire.
who WOULDNT want to be a tall, scary black man with iron teeth and giant hooks for arms!?

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You're playing a doubled Candyman with braces.

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Pic related: Candyman.

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right, now imagin him with a beartrap for a mouth and huge iron hooks for hands

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so do you know what my favorite part of the whole thing with the avatar movie and failing at casting people of color was

it was when they were "oh shit people are upset we made all the protagonists white, better add a colored dude... OH I KNOW, THE VILLAIN, HE CAN BE BROWN."

>So did your game or character ever have a different skin colour? like, proper minority?
Yeah. Osric Masterson, the Power of Technicalities, in a Nobilis game. He was born in Elizabethan times and became a Noble through the Red-Tooth Rite (i.e. eating the heart of the previous Noble).

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Also, I briefly played a pseudo-Indian effeminate prettyboy Jade Phoenix Mage with gender identity issues because at night he was reliving the life of his (female) first incarnation--complete with identity and attractions and everything.

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The setting I'm currently running a game in has a mix of humans of all different skin colors, new races of humans that have evolved over the millennia as well as many other sentient races from alien worlds. Sofar, the campaign has focused on human nations.

Recently, the party went to a country in the middle of the desert near the equator so most everyone there was a shade of brown or black. Then they went to a place that was basically soviet Russia with run by werewolves. The soviet werewolves attacked the desert country while the party was there celebrating national orgy day.

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ive never played a white person, or a green person... or a black person.

always brown... always... i love me some brown

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In the campaign I last played, a good chunk of the dwarves were East Asian.

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hipster detected

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I played a Cleric from Tallarn in DH for a year. So you could say I played a Space-Arab Mujahideen replacing Allah with The God-Emperor of Mankind. I even picked up an old textbook for learning Arabic so I could say shit in very debased Low Gothic.

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Usually, I imagine all the non-human characters as white skinned, and the human characters as a mix. I just have a hard time imagining brown elves and black dwarves and Asian halflings.

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I played an arab in DnD once...but that kind of fit since it was Al'Quadim

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Just think Japanese people but like a foot shorter, done.

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>It seems there are TWO skin colours in RPG's.
>white and green.

What about drow?

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drow dont appear in every rpg evar
orcs and humans almost always do

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Orcs aren't green in every setting...

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You forgot "weeaboo mary-sue pretentious MMORPG fag".

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>implying orcs are green outside warhammer and the ripoff called warcraft

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but ask yourself this... do you really wanna sit here and argue over something OP said just to make a point?
no, that would be boring and silly.
Lets stay on topic instead

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my skin colour is bark, actually half my skin is just bark

exalted, yeah.

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>green outside a few franchises
Wanna ring me by that one more time?

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Actually he's
>implying only white skinned people count as humans.

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I played an African-American medic, with a side of telepathy and mad gambling skills, in near-future game a friend of mine ran.

...He kept getting hit on by shark women. It was pretty awkward.

In another near-future game, the previously-mentioned-game's DM played a native of Sudan.

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>Lets stay on topic instead

With that picture you're kinda telling us not to stay on topic.

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Orks are green.

Orcs aren't green.

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That sir is a half-orc.

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I was kinda trying to say "look, this is what we're sliding towards, back on track guys...."

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And no part of him is green, but a different skin colour altogether that is most definitely not the same as a normal human.

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looks green to me

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My feral worlder had mexican like skin and our techpriest was a down right negro.

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Err, sorry, but WHFB orcs are spelled with C and are green.

Well, it didn't work.

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do black people even play rpgs?

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Yes, actually, Im playing with one and have played with another.

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Do they create white charactes most of the time?

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Got a black chick in my group. She's playing a flashy sorceress and is GREAT with snappy one-liners.

Her and one of my bros are actually playing a married couple, he's playing a wizard. They make a really great team.

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Well i gues every black fa/tg/uy is playing black characters. From time to time.

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>She's playing a flashy sorceress and is GREAT with snappy one-liners.
Ugh. Sounds bad.

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Yeah. A semi-homeless boozeamancer in Unknown Armies.

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...what? Why? She's a great player.

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Well one of them only played in a one shot BESM campaign so he made the stereotypical anime black man with bulging muscles and a gun the size of a car. The other in a campaign I'm in was and elf who we forced to be black cause it entertained us, but to my knowledge he has no skin color preference.

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I saw a black larper once
was some kinda...x-files-ish thingie

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Maybe. I dont know her character.
But you said it in such way that something like pic comes to mind. With spellcasting abilities.

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Her character is classy. She just likes being witty after blowing up enemies that her character's husband herded together for her.

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>>like, proper minority
In Harborhead, non-brown people are a minority, so I guess some of mine don't count.

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gaddamn these minoroties in my waterpark!

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Interracial marriage?!!!

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Black woman kiss white homosexual on national TV!
White male caught in between!

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Shit yeah, bro.

They do it really well, too. The guy essentially got kidnapped last session. It's gonna be interesting to see where this goes.

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In the last campaign we played, I ended up becoming the King of a Moroccan styled kingdom which was predominantly black or other dark colors. Also our Elven nation was Han dynasty China, with an emperor and the everything. We even had a black paladin who had a personal vendetta against vampires. We never figured out if this was done to represent some repressed feelings of racial hat or if he hated Twilight.

>dialmemy given

dammit capcha stop giving away my dialmemy

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Dude just hunted Blackulas, man. Ain't no thang.

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No see the pc was a black man playing a black man killing white people

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white VAMPIRES. vampires hardly count as PEOPLE.
pluss, not his fault Dm only have white bad guys

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wat pic?

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In an nWoD game set in Afghanistan, I played pic related.

I got all paranoid because the creepy CIA goons with us were obviously behind the mind-fucking, apparently reality-warping effects of the place we were in. Then I got transformed into a horrendous monster and sacrificed myself killing the last remaining human so that my fellow horrendous monsters could go off to live in horrendous monster heaven.

Shit was awesome.

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Played on of these guys once. Lot of fun.

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Nope, because most my characters are from European style Countries, so they don't fit.

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Played one of these in my first campaign, so much win.

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I'm white, and I play white characters and at times Green characters, because Green is the best color.

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My Dark Sun game straight up doesn't have white people. White skin = dead under the sun. Humans have largely Arab/Indian skin tone, elves are bronzed - the only pale people are Villichi and they're weird outcasts.

My Dark Heresy Feral Worlder is Asian, based on the Urals.

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Game is low-level euro based, so no wacky skin colors, but ethnic groups, yeah. Anything past fantasy-Rhine is a clusterfuck of insane politics and border skirmishes. This actually counts for both sides of the Rhine. Yeah.

Also there's a fantasy mid-east and deeper south some darkies, if you insist.

There's fantasy robots in fantasy scandinavia. I think metal qualifies.

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>The WoD universe is very melatonin friendly.
Everybody wants to sleep a lot?

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My Tactical Marine in my friend's deathwatch game is black.

And not due to black-carapace mutation - just a black dude.

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there are no skin colors of any kind in our RPGs. We are germans, so the sheer idea of refering to skin colors is like asking be called a nazi.

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Eberron has brown people. In fact, one significant NPC is a little brown girl in charge of a church.

>not Hunsum
That's because Jaela is a cute girl.

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I'm running a chocolate-colored Aasimar Paladin in the Pathfinder game I have on Saturdays.

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"Proper minority"? Uh...

Well. I had one that was Asian. ... Not actually from Asia as there was no Asia. Also it turned out I was actually a minor deity who'd forgotten I was deep undercover.

As for other characters in online stuff, I know I have a smattering of nationalities. One of my characters is half black, half Asian, and a mutant. She likes to say "If I was gay, I'd be a minority unto myself."

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>mfw I only now understand the pun
>mfw I have no face

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There's also 'Jaelbait'.

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>"The WoD universe is very melatonin friendly."
So is that why WoD is such a snoozer?

*Badump-ump CHING!*

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my current flamespeaker was born int he desert, so he has bronzed skin

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