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ITT: Things that almost became /tg/ memes, but never quite got off the ground.

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In my first ever visit to /tg/ there was a thread. An amazing thread about rpg experiences.

This thread had in it James Bond, the Crab.

I was awe struck by the awesome of this. This inspired me to drawfag for the first time. I did not do a good job of it, but it was passable, and it was James Motherfucking Bond. It was amazing, it was awe inspiring (it was accompanied by weary City Guard who also kicked ass).

But for /tg/? It was tuesday.

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Yes, he still pops up sometimes.
No, not nearly enough.

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Those two pieces of art sired the concept of a Rogue Trader player I'd love to play some day.

Praetorian Big Game Hunter (Arch-Militant), favored weapon a Nomad Hunting Instrument (a slightly more awesome Best Quality Hunting rifle, from Inquisitor's handbook). Also carries an Angevin Crusade era chainsword (hurray for random charactergen boons) he won from an Imperial Governor as part of a Hunting Bet.

Basically the cliche character type transported straight into 40k. I liked the idea so much I ended up having my actual character in the RT game I play in purchase a Nomad, which has served him handsomely (at least a half-dozen eldar aspect warriors, an Eldar warlock, a wytch, a daemonhost, and several other nasties killed by the weapon).

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>But for /tg/? It was tuesday.

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And that is all I'll say of the matter.

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>But for /tg/? It was tuesday.

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Crazy Hassan was the first epic thread on /tg/ that I read. I laughed my ass off for a solid hour.

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I make a joke character and /tg/ fell in love with him.

For like one thread. Then he vanished. Which was a shame, because it was quite handy having him around.

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Haggard IS a meme though.

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Oh shit, those things pissed me off in Demon's Souls

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>because it was quite handy having him around.

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well there was this one *CLANG* whatthefuckwasthat!?

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>"Oh hey, they made Ball Of Arms Man?"
>open picture
>see torso and legs


Oh come on. I promise things wont get out of hand.

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she so sad.
no one loves her any mores

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I gotta HAND it to you, with a little HANDS on assistance, we could turn this into something great.

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Unless there's an army of those things.

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No offense but I would rather keep these puns at arms length.

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The "someone requests .pdf, gets linked to renamed touhou futa zip"-meme.

Shit would be hilarious.

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Ball-of-arms man will never be great while he's always so handsy with the ladies.

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Well, I need to sleep soon. Can I hand this off to you?

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I remember this one, oh God I miss it too.

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Fuck you all and the puns you handle

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Especially when the butthurt Cthulhutech guy got linked to touhou futa. Good times, good times.

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Come, friend! I have such the deal for you!

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There's something strange going on in this thread but I just can't put my finger on it. Eh, I guess it can't think of anything off hand.

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Reminds me of a Crustae-Sin City homebrew that never made it...

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Sounds fun. Was it archived?

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I loved the time when /tg/ put googly eyes on everything. Googly eyed beholder was the best. Also, tophats.

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I think so. Try searching cthulhutech and riff through the oldies, I think it's been a fair while since.

Hmm... I wonder if I should make an attempt at reviving this .pdf trollery. Convert a suitable doujin into .pdf form, and rename and upload it whenever opportunity arises.

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Or something along those lines. Fuck, I even started it and I can't remember it correctly. Shit.

It was in a thread about FATALtech and someone basically made the above argument and then /tg/ proceeded to ridicule him for making a shitty argument. It was glorious.

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Oh god, The Mad Googlifier. Whatever the image that the man touched, the result was improved.

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Lizard of Guilt, anyone?

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Onii-chan buy me an ice cream

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>meta humour
This pleases me.

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ITT: Shit that's only a few months old.

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lol I remember this

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I remember a thread about shitty rolls in which OP told us a tale of his CoC Detective going mad at the sight of dog tracks.

He went insane at the sight of them and tried to incinerate himself in a fireplace because he rolled a 1 after realizing that these dogs...




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It's Pre-Janitor, it may as well be 1000 years old, since epicness like it will never happen again.

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rolled 3 = 3


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That's /co/ you tit.

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Because that's what people are most likely to remember?

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>will never be a meme

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I remember love can bloom

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I love ribbon so much, and I want as much /e/ that I can get with her in it!


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... aaaaaand here we go!

Also, I wonder if it was the touhou futa ambushes that eventually cost us our spoiler rights?

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Every time an anon tries to use spoiler tags on /tg/, a Bard lays a massive fart during a song.

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Oh boy, here we go!

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Oh god, is this a googly eyes thread? I fucking love these!

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Or was that from love can bloom too?

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Oh, silly ankheg, why must you look so silly?

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It is now.

Also, examine attached image closer at your own risk. May result in permanent ocular disability.

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bump for googly eyes

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crit so hard you fail was awesome, but I haven't seen it since

>I roll bluff to make the man believe I'm a city gaurd
>you bluff so well you believe it, you live out the rest of your days patrolling the city

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My god, googly has a strange effect on me. Once it starts, something just snaps, and I can no longer stop. Not before I am a giggling wreck of a man.

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Just another byproduct.
Love Can Bloom was the beginning of, to put it simple, ALOT.

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That last panel... I think I nearly wet myself.

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Pretty much every 40k meme that wasn't Angry-marine/Cultist-Chan, huh?
I remeber Pretty-marines, Angry-Marines antithesis. Saw a pic of them the other day, but it's been a while.

And where did the Drizzt of Necron go?

And as for OP's question
Slick-Tau, and no I did not spell that wrong.

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Good times, good times.

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oh god googly images oh god, i'd forgotten about them

>> No.13599755

Drizzt of Necron has his own DeviantArt profile.

I preferred fap-tau or ceiling -tau, but thats just me.

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Why are there no googly eyed beholder's?

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inb4 googlyeyed shoggoth

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Why is Krusk a barista?

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You'd think there weren't.

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If you remember it from more than a few months ago, it's a meme. This thread is for almost-memes.

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work ampoloyal
man, making googly images brings back good memories

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Truly, those were always our finest hour.

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A goldmine of reaction images.

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Your world would be doomed, if he only could focus his attention upon it.

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Wish somebody had saved some of those. The original was a guy punched a guy to knock him out, rolled a 20 and killed him. Best unintentional concept for comedy I had seen in a while.

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There is no escaping the googly plague.

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I lol'd long and hard.

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Oh god, that thread. That was glorious. Never saw it again, though.

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Beat me to it and better, dammit.

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I remember that thread.
>>Roll to remember thread
>>Entirity of memory overwritten by every single pixel of that thread

>> No.13599885

>Roll to understand what captcha wants me to type
>Gain symbiotic psychic link to the Captcha servers

Morplo etant!

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I'll never actually play Mystery of the Druids

some things are better left unknown

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>roll to revive meme
>nat 20
>every /tg/ meme in history has been revived, excluding this one

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laughing so hard right now...

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I don't want to play it either. Better that I leave it be. Why ruin the mystery?

Not sure if it's a failed meme or a dead meme, but pornbot spam threads girl made me come dorfs cat hiss at penis

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That thread wins a million points for introducing me to Oglaf.

>> No.13599943

trying to find the image i'm sure i saved, it's that 40k one with all the skulls, and the Inquisitor, ultramarine, IG general, tech priest and more skulls, that was googlied. EVERY SINGLE SKULL.

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Where's the CAD one with this?

SS13 had its chunks of Comedy gold of course.

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Good evening.

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i remember the first time i saw that comic.

oh god how i lol'd

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Why, hello there, esteemed gentleman! Have you seen a lot of rather uncouth adventuring types hereabouts, asking about some, ahem, dashing and handsome Elder Brain? Not that I'd know one even if I saw one, of course.

>> No.13600025


I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or not but I'm part of the group with the DM who started the thread that gave birth to Crazy Hussan

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>> No.13600035

follow the link.

looks like it says /tg/ to me.

>> No.13600040

Damn it, I can't find my pics of googly-eyed tyranids. Actual models. I'll just leave this pretty marine here instead.

>> No.13600041

This close enough?

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>> No.13600057


Try the stuff from the first year or two of /tg/ existence.

I miss all the trolling of Warmachine players

>pic related, YRETERY

>> No.13600063

isn't the googly eye thing basically the AIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR meme from /b/ a couple years back

>> No.13600064

You're smalltime. Bismuth master race reporting in.

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>> No.13600072

almost memes

>> No.13600076

I haven't hazarded on /b/ in years. And even if I had, I wouldn't admit I did.

>> No.13600079

I can't wait for Tarrasquemas

>> No.13600081

Pawn Stars fantasy edition

>> No.13600087

>I am so old I shit fossil fuels, also respect please
Get out, we're having fun here.

>> No.13600108

Tarasquemass is canon in my campaigns.
High-larious. "Listen buddy you have to understand there isn't much market for the severed hand of an ancient god of death and magic, if I'm going to make a profit, I have to buy that low, say 2000?"

>> No.13600109

That is one fucking awesome rock

This would be a meme if we talked about space pirates more

>> No.13600115

He's not a full meme yet... so i guess he's an almost meme.

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>> No.13600126

Akoogly eyes

>> No.13600129


Richard: Look, there just isn't that much call for the limbs of liches around here. This thing could be sitting on my shelves for months before I can sell it. Tell you what, I'll go to 4,000.
Adventurer: Could you do 7?
Richard: ...Nnnn...Well, I'd like to have this, so I'll go 5,000, but that's the highest I can go.
Adventurer: Boy...
Richard: Look, putting down 5,000 on an item like this scares me, that's the best I can do.
Adventurer: Well...
Adventurer:...Alright, you've got a deal.
Richard: Great, let's go get this written up.
>Cutaway, Richard: I'm thrilled we got this piece. It's part of the history of Oerth, and It'll look great in the shop.
>Cutaway, Adventurer: Well, I think I got a fair price. We'll only be able to ressurect one party member now, but the wizard was kind of a dick anyway.

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>> No.13600150

Tarquin you magnificent bastard, I read your strip!

>> No.13600183

That's nothing. Guy I know once put his seatbelt on, BAM, fridge fell on him.

Fucking 1's

>> No.13600184

I made this for last Tarrasquemas. I guess it's hard to keep a half-meme alive when it can only happen about once a year.

>> No.13600188

>Things that almost became /tg/ memes, but never quite got off the ground.

Planes... without mercs.

>> No.13600198

I loved this one so much.

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>> No.13600238

>implying Implur wasn't one of the best Almost Memes

>> No.13600251

Sometimes, He will googly things that don't even have eyes!

He googlied this cake! CAKE!

>> No.13600259

I guess you could say that...

*puts on sunglasses*

The cake is an EYE

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>> No.13600269

That was terrible.

>> No.13600277

forgot to delete the name

>> No.13600293

I guess you could say it...

*puts on sunglasses*

...wasn't punny.

>> No.13600295

I remember that!

I think it isn't so much that these things aren't Memes, it is just we don't abuse and over use them. If something applies to what we are discussing, we'll bring it up. Otherwise, it just sticks around in the backs of our minds.

For instance, earlier today someone was talking about making a barbarian specializing in knocking down doors and such. I commented that it was a ROOD thing to do...


>> No.13600298

WRYYYYYYYYYYY-Eversor is totally a meme

>> No.13600305


I fucking love General Tarquin, i cant really place it

just someone who has discovered how the world works, and decided to run with it.

>> No.13600307

now remembering the Metagolem

a golem made of golems

>> No.13600317

Actually, just Samuri Jack period.

>> No.13600325

Well, I guess one could say that a meme, by definition, is overused. But yea, I agree.

Also, I've been wondering if this (see pic) had anything to do with Crazy Hassan. Otherwise, it's a very troubling coincidence.

>> No.13600333

>Crazy Hassan
>only a few months old

Try a few years old you twat.

Sadly I was only in-thread for those two but I'm guessing some of these other memes are probably at least a year old or older as well.

>> No.13600349


Whenever me and my friends play Settlers of Catan I'm always Crazy Akbar of Crazy Akbars Sheep Emporium (You need sheep? I have sheep!), Crazy Akbar was modeled after that scene from Aladin.

Scarily enough my friends who are also avid /tg/-goers mentioned Crazy Hassan (which I have the misfortune of not having seen) the first time I adopted the persona of Crazy Akbar, so it wouldn't be farfetched to say that Crazy Hassan was inspired by said scene too.

>> No.13600366

Probably big enough to be considered a meme, but I haven't seen her in a long time and I miss her. Ribbon as well.

>> No.13600372

Two things stopped him

One: I felt that playing every part in a skit over /tg/ was wasting everyone's time.

Two: /tg/ believed itself to be /40k/ at the time I wrote it, and every third thread was a screencap of Dawn of War. Battletech was almost never discussed here, prior to this character's (or is it characters' caricature?) advent. It just acted as a sort of beacon to let people know that there were actually people that played Battletech on /tg/.

He floated around a bit, during the age of Jubblowski, but is now only brought up every now and again.

>> No.13600378

I don't miss either

they were borderline spam at times

>> No.13600382

Special delivery

>> No.13600402

>> No.13600418


>> No.13600425

I would take up 40kTT just to make and field that army

>> No.13600443

Yeah, there were indeed too much at times, but since I didn't lurk that often back then, I barely had time to get familiar with them. Next thing I knew Ribbon was nowhere to be found.

>> No.13600490

That one thread where people posted more realistic RPG session examples to put in books. For instance the players got through an impassible door puzzle by building a ram out of an animated skeleton and then used the ram for every other door in the dungeon.

Might have been copypasta from rpg.net, but was still good stuff.

>> No.13600494

Oh wait...

>> No.13600509


>> No.13600531



>> No.13600708


Kind of like the thing on /k/ for "MOTHERFUCKING DEFCON 1!!!!" that never took off.

>> No.13600820

/r/-ing Butter Golem

>> No.13600955


>> No.13600993

My first thread too. Good to know other people remember that. I've seen him pop up a dew times since then. Also his 1d4chan page is still up.

>> No.13601010


>> No.13601079


thing is, it took off, it was quite big for a few months as I recall it, it just sorta lost its way,

like lofn

>> No.13601107



>> No.13601176


What the fuck was that?!

>> No.13601240

Man, I was always hoping to see more of Psychosis Beholder.

>> No.13601255

I miss drawing Grendel, altough spamming it more would have cheapen him even more. The last threads were in that direction (being bros with a space marine called Beowulf and then being in the Rogue Trader canon)

>> No.13601270

You must be new here. A year ago there was cultist thread spammed to bumplimit every single day, usually several. And ribbonfag kept spamming his comics to the board every single day.

>> No.13601325

I joined about a year ago in fact, didn't take note of when exactly. As I said, I didn't come every day and while I did see the cultist spam threads fairly often, I only caught Ribbonfag a couple times, sparsely enough that it felt original and not spammy. At any rate, liking the characters doesn't mean I approve of their spamming and vice versa.

>> No.13601428

Immovable rods have always been a meme.

>> No.13601477

I have nearly all of them. I'm not sure why.

Do you want them?

>> No.13601552

Oh, is that the thing where the Earth would rotate around the rod and eventually get destroyed by it? I guess not, but that was pretty well-thought as well.

>> No.13601567



>> No.13601708

That was an awesome idea, but too many people ruined the joke with the unfunny and the hamfisted in the first thread alone.

>> No.13601765

Ball of arms man's daughter.

>> No.13601771

>> No.13601781

Now in illithid form

>> No.13601787

That's back from early '08. It's was memorable thread since I started lurking on /tg/, always fills with nostalgia.

>> No.13601795

Oh wow, animooted!

>> No.13602208

I preferred when it popped up in unrelated threads.
Like that Stargate thing, and later with Portal.

>> No.13602225

We can't forget this one.


>> No.13602253

>Roll to hide
>"You can't find yourself anymore. Make another character."

>> No.13602293

Oh god that thread was awesome. Fail 20 is too fun.

>> No.13602312

Hi guys... is... is this a meme?

>> No.13602313

I remember all the old stat me threads

So, Stat me /tg/!

>> No.13602318

No, but it was an awesome thread.

You better post the full set of images, too!

-Wait, I thought is was Essence of Spiders, not Sharks?

>> No.13602325


>> No.13602337

Almost, but not quite.

>> No.13602352

Someone has an image of the advice commissar girl or whatever the fuck was named?, its just a little girl riding a horse toy or something and she looks pretty angry.

I don't care if it was or not a meme but it was funny.

>> No.13602353

I don't have all of them, but this is the result.

>> No.13602360

I think Bricktown isn't a meme so much as the worst-case scenario for DnD.

>> No.13602365


>> No.13602368


>> No.13602378

May we finally reach our destination

>> No.13602379

Paladins cannot without Pool Noodles.

>> No.13602396

Somebody got that bricktown copypasta saved?
I remember it getting sort of weird and potentially creepy, but I can't remember how.

>> No.13602411


>> No.13602418


>> No.13602426


>> No.13602427

I'm not sure I get this but... Imouto-tep?

>> No.13602442


Thanks bro.
An anvil for your efforts.

>> No.13602446

>Dorf spousal abuse target
I lol'd. You're welcome.

>> No.13602455

There's a third part.

>> No.13602468


>see picture I made
>feels good man

>> No.13602479

Thank god this didn't become a meme. Sounds like he and his bro chose to be non-humans despite it clearly being a human setting. Then there's that bullshit about him and his bro defeating the rest of the party. Yeah right. If the rest of the party decides to suddenly attack the mindbender and the monk, they wouldn't stand a chance. Secondly, he's clearly glorifying minmaxing.

What a douchebag.

>> No.13602491

I kind of doubt the GM let anyone know anything about that setting, anon. Any halfway competent combatant could take up multiple opponents and judging from the thread, he was stuck in either fight or die mode from square one.

...wait. You're the GM from that thread, aren't you?

>> No.13602499

>whole party +4 LA
Uhhh... humans are LA+0.
Seems like the whole party is nonhumans.

>> No.13602504

Let it go, anons. Some douchenozzle just wants to hate on tripfags is all that is.

>> No.13602513

I just... need that woman.
So badly.

>> No.13602519

a) You don't think that while he was creating his character, the GM told him that he would be the only non-human? Why do you think that everyone else made human characters?
b) Two PCs could not take on 7 other PCs of the same level if they were attacked unprovoked.
c) His bro is a goddamn hipster asshole. His shirt is stupid AND unfunny and he wears shades all the time.

You're dashingbastard, aren't you?

>> No.13602530

Where does it say everyone was human? It says the town was all humans, not the party. You're reading a lot into this, bro.

>hipster shirt
Yeah. Just all out of argument, ain't ya?

>> No.13602535

Is there a way to make humans with a +4 level adjustment?

>> No.13602548

FUCK YES, JAMES BOND THE CRAB. And his buddy, the perpetually one day from retirement town guard who hates what having magical bishounen metahumans have done to the rest of the human race. Together they fight crime!

After that thread I added a race of genteel crabs to my fantasy rpg called the Jayb. I used your picture on the handout.

>> No.13602553

The bro is the most aggravating part of this whole thing. The rest of the story is clearly just fake. Whatever, there are plenty of fake stories on /tg/. It's the minmaxing fratboy that pisses me off.

Non-humans don'tt end to attack non-humans for not being human.

>> No.13602554

Luke, Plague Son of Nurgle. The man who stank so bad even Papa Nurgle couldn't love him.

>> No.13602565

Fake or no, still an entertaining read. You seem irate beyond reasonable measures.

>> No.13602586

>Non-humans don'tt end to attack non-humans for not being human.
Just wandering by this thread and trying to figure out what the fuck you're trying to convey here.

>> No.13602608

I would have enjoyed it just for the sheer absurdness of the setting (how the hell does the lack of toilets even come up?).

But the double-standard namefag and his fratboy/hipster bro just ruined it.

>> No.13602622

They're arguing that the rest of the party might not be human, but if they aren't human, why would they hate non-humans?

>> No.13602648

After reading the images they're referring to, the story is either sadly fake or horribly real and the DM is a miracle of idiocy. If the DM knew non-humans would be bad why would he even have a level adjustment at all?

>> No.13602653


There was a picture of Luke around all this time and I never knew? Damn.

>> No.13602718


>> No.13602752

You? With a woman?

You can't even catch a ball!

>> No.13602838


>> No.13602843


>> No.13602903

I really thought FUCK YEAH CAIN was going to become a meme.
Just another tuesday.

>> No.13602930

I still think DM Cat is awesome.
Awful, certainly.
But awesome.

>> No.13602937

Just another tuesday.

>> No.13602982


>> No.13603001

>I pinch

>> No.13603004

I loved those pics with the little girl on a plush horse and

>> No.13603017

post the rest

>> No.13603022

The ones with that one kid in marching band or whatever are similarly hilarious

>> No.13603032

only one i have


>> No.13603041

>I miss all the trolling of Warmachine players
I missed the opposite. Trolling the shit out of Warhammer players with Warmachine threads.

The rage would be glorious

>> No.13603044 [DELETED] 

...I miss Cata-chan...

>> No.13603050

Tangentially related, though poorly worded.

>> No.13603067


>> No.13603127

Oh yeah, that one
>They told me I could be anything I wanted to be
>So I became a God

>> No.13603654

Remember The Fall? The whole civilization living in freefall? That was some nice writefaggan there.

The unified setting was probably the most ambitious /tg/ project in a long time, sad it went down due to trollan.

Also, everyone was so pumped up for the touhou PnP RPG and when it got translated... well, for /tg/ was friday.

>> No.13603734


That made me reinstall ss13, only to realize later that I had been perma banned on every goon server. Fucking goons...

>> No.13604044

Heh. This thread's still alive. Sweet.

... hmm. All I can think of off-hand is Slol Sluxlöl. Oh, and then there's Old Man Henderson and Mister Bombardini, the twin gods of dramawhore derailment, of course.

>> No.13604107

>> No.13604137

There is a /tg/ server you know.

>> No.13604242

>> No.13604276


Clowns are still assholes though, no big surprise there

>> No.13604380

>> No.13604392

Anyone remember Kettle Orkz?

>> No.13604512



Thirty solid seconds of laughter, was it archived or was it capped? I can't remember. Someone hook me up.

>> No.13605010


>> No.13605057

Not so much as a meme, but I miss these.

>> No.13608946


>> No.13610717

glorious thread!

>> No.13611354

Wtf? What did he post?

>> No.13611381

Touhou character tits and something about milk. Ban twice now.

>> No.13611582

not a meme so much as a recent memory.

>> No.13611831

This could have been a meme. It should, even.

> but selfhank

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