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I like very much if some one post large size of top picture. Is very nice. In return I post best warhammer pictures in folder. thank you

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only best photos I post

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is very classic

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just noticed, is wraith necron on right of this or servitor?

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Servitor with back spiney thingies.

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Regrettably, I can only satisfy your request partially, as I have only the closeup on those two stylish motherfuckers.

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Also, postan more Krieg.

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is close but not quiet .

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Never realized I have so little of those guys.

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According to page 108/9 of Imperial Armour 6: The Siege of Vraks Part 2, the left figure is Commissar-General Maugh, the man next to him is Colonel Thyran, and the person on the far right is an Engineer Watchmaster giving a field report. All three are of the 143rd Siege Regiment, which is moving around in the background

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Sorry, mate.

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why make servitor look like necron though

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is okay, just need other half :P

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from the poster
"This picture shows the 143rd Siege regiment, 12th line korps, 88th Siege army, advancing in sector 541-455 after the breaching of the inner defence line of Vraks' citadel. Colonel Thyran observes the troop movements accmoanied by commisar-general Maugh, whilst reciving a report from an Engineer Watchmaster. Behind the Colonel stands a small security detachment and his ensign carrying the honoured regimental banner.

Men of the 20th company are passing-by in marching colums, whilst heavier equipment in the form of a heavy mortar towed by a Cenrtaur, a Leman Russ tank and a Gorgon heavy assault transport move forward behind these advance the imposing forms of two reaver battle titans from Lucius forge world's Titan Legion, Legio Astorum - the Warp Runners. The deployment of a Reaver battlegroup provided the Death Korp with its heaviest support and provided decisive in breaking through the renegade force's defences"

the poster is awesome, not put it up yet so I can feel like a boss when I swipe something(usually some models :P) off my table and slap it down, like i'm planing an attack

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Is no wraith necron. Necron are having larger shoulder platings.

Is servitor.

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colonel thyran is a Boss

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Can I help you OP? This is all I got.

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DUH, he's a Krieger

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very nice!! is larger than start but still small

any photo picture I post help convince others to post? this is from vraks poster also

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"Yes, my horse has claws.
Yes, my horse is wearing a gas mask.
No, I do not have a problem with that.
Yes, it is indeed, most awesome."

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DKOK thread in the meantime?

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Don't forget the combat drugs. You can see the injector cables running into its neck. That's a horse that doesn't wear armor but still has a 6+ armor save

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more photos for us in hope that bigger one is posted

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capchta make posting dificult

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Someone has to have a larger version of this poster

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Does anyone have this in a higher rez?

pic to bump

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Bump to see if, maybe, the night crew can fulfill OP's request

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