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Posts ending in doubles are now canon


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Horus was/is a woman

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Kill yourself.

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Necron will never get another codex

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OP is cannon-fodder.

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/tg/ was never good. It was just a different flavor of shit.

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For fucks sake people, we have a dice roller!

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Stephen Colbert is the 20th primarch

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Kanaya marries Nicholas Cage.

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Rule One: We don't care about doubles. At all.

See? See this, OP? THIS is better. Somewhat.

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Creed is Creed

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when every single eldar dies they become a new "god of the dead" and they finialy kill slaanish

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Elves are superior than the other races

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sigmar turn out to be the emperor

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Drows are all secretly chaotic good

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HA. Nice.

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thread minimized.

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Kendar are not canon

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fucking fuck.

Where are the mods when we need them. Somebody get rid of this /b/ shit, please.

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Son of a BITCH

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The Janitor will delete this thread.

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Shodan is the Omnissah

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For the love of all that is tiggers don't start that here.

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Guess it's just a matter of time.

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rolled 13 + 0 = 13

Alright motherfuckers, d20 rolling system, DC is 10.

Everything over DC is canon now.

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It's the same shit as rolling

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Iron Giant is a Necron Titan

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Fuck yeah

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The two missing primarchs were female.

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only a tactical genius could have....


also Macha looses her virginity to cultist-chan

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>The two missing primarchs were female.
that one needs seconding.

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The two missing Primarchs were Gork and Mork.

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Ok, that's pretty awesome.

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fun fact: those cannon balls are too large for it and were made much later as a decoration.

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Gork and Ork are female
And are the last 2 missing primarchs.
I think that is the reason this thread exists

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Oh no.

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Shit? ! ?!?


also Macha looses her virginity to cultist-chan

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I really don't care.
I doubt that it really matters

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Eldar will never get updated again

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OP is a titanic faggot of epic proportions and loves to take donkey cock in his ass and mouth.

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These aren't doubles.

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rolled 39 = 39

Nothing is canon, everything is fanfic.

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The Squat codex will be released in December 2012.

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There is such a thing as too much dakka

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space lizards are goin to rule the 40k univers and destroy terra

>> No.13583855

The Squat Codex will cause the world to end

>> No.13583856

not really, no.

well, unless you try to fire them from it.

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please let this be true!

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Everyone in 40k actually just really enjoys killing and dying. It's just such an accepted truth that nobody really talks about it, which is why things seem so grimdark.

This is canonical whether I get doubles or not. No other explanation of 40k is remotely rational.

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I guess 2012 conspiracies were true

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oh god what

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And will then be discontinued within two months.

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turns out the 40k universe is actually controlled by a higher power spieces. turns out they are 40 year old fatguys named gork and mork.

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only in the sense that the gun becomes to heavy to be man(or ork)portable and thust cant be enjoyed in person.

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Macha and Cultist-chan make Eldar/Human halfbreeds to fight necros and chaos gods.

And they win...

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(I'll probably get double sevens and continue the pattern)

>> No.13583887

Planescape: Torment

Bah, who am I kidding.

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Star Trek takes place in the Marvel Universe.

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oh gods... not this shit again
>sheetio consisted
yes captcha, this does consist of shit

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and the dark age of technology begins

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The world will be saved by another Ultramarines codex.

>> No.13583900


I didn't think that would work!

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WotC will drop D&D, and Paizo will take it over in 2017.

New SoB in 2011.

New WHFB race in 2012: The Swarm.

Matt Ward is gay.

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It's alright. Ward's got our back.

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What a waste of triples, that was already canonical!

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Don't worry, >>13583899 got this.

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we accept matt ward as our spiritual liege

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urgh. im not sure whether or not i prefer destruction to that.

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>the Swarm

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This thread is full retard.

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ultramarines are only marines

also, cultist-chan is now god emperor

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Despite the thread being /tg/ related, the janitor will still delete the thread

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Maybe that's what triples mean. Doubles become canon. Triples are horrifically ALREADY CANON!

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Craftworld Eldar and Sisters of Battle get wiped out by the Chaos Squats.

>> No.13583964

we kill ourselves because we are not ultrmariens and we will never be able to accept matt ward as our spiritual liege

>> No.13583965

The ultramarines kill the squats.

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>> No.13583973

Commissar Fuklaw is now officially the God Emperor of Mankind.

>> No.13583976

It turns out the Tyranids are running from Veger.

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No Matt, you are the squats.

>> No.13583982

Well fuck that means your right. What is with all the doubles today.

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And yet! They will become the last two primarchs again!

Wait what.

>> No.13583986

They are NOW.

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So this means there are Orks that canonically venerate Marneus Calgar as their Spiritual Liege?

>> No.13583993


Why would you do this?


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>> No.13584002


Orks are born with Calgar in their hearts.

>> No.13584006

well it is now..

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>> No.13584010

I guess so.

>> No.13584016

Apparently so.
One question who let Ward get control of the damn orks

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Ward is the God Emperor. He sees all and controls all. This is why so many people worship chaos or go renegade.

>> No.13584029

The Emprah is secretly a polar bear.

>> No.13584033



Their is a chapter of half-faery space marines called the Fey Reaver's

>> No.13584037

I guess /tg/ is the best place to talk about this.

>> No.13584045

Wait... Does that means that the said Ultramarine codex who will save the world is just Codex: Orks Painted Blue

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Creed was really a traitor. He's just trolling Abbaddon cause Abbaddon is a faggot.

>> No.13584049

Every tripfag on /r9k/ was actually the Emperor.

>> No.13584052

Victory at sea.

>> No.13584054


No, Creed's a Squat.

>> No.13584055

I'm making this whole thread canon all at once.


>> No.13584059


Well played.

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The empra is a superhero

>> No.13584066

no, no. the emprah is clearly a giant chicken

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Samefag here again. FUUUCK YESSS!!!

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Haha, just kidding. Only doubles are canon, and trips are already canon, and already have been implemented

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dubs you say

>> No.13584084


I can see an episode of Chicken Boo revolving around this.

>> No.13584090

Let's praise the emprah for not letting this shit go down.

Also Borial is now the ancient

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>> No.13584093

This man is herald Slaanesh.

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Also all Disney movies are actually set in WH40 universe.

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After >>13584055
this thread will never recover

>> No.13584136

FATAL replaces DnD

>> No.13584144

it all makes sense now

>> No.13584149

All that is canon shall be not canon, what was not canon shall be forever canon.

>> No.13584150

Samefag, Shall I FUND IT???

should reflear
Not the question capctha

>> No.13584161

Daft Punk are now the most well known and successful tech priests who re-discovered the ancient Terra music of electronic rythmed beats and use now techpriest litanies are to be read in the rythmn of one of their songs.

>> No.13584163

It does now...
Kate Bush Is now Horus

>> No.13584166

This thread here features the method GW uses to write their fluff.

>> No.13584172


You heard it.

>> No.13584173


I always suspected as much.

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