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sup /tg/ I have a beef to lay down. it involves a THAT GUY at the LGS. He prides himself of his Pre-Heresy Blood Angels army and you know, kudos to him because that's awesome...

However, he insists on using the current Blood Angels codex, which strikes me as odd because a lot of the rules for Blood Angels couldn't possibly apply to pre-heresy marines(No Black Rage, Red Thirst, Death Watch etc.). So I called him out on it, and he completely avoids the main question, gives a scowl and says "OTHER PEOPLE DO IT TOO" as if that made it less retarded. Is it just me being anal or is this as stupid to you guys as it is to me?

ITT: THAT GUY general

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It's defenitly jou being a whiny faggot. It's not like there is a pre-heresy blood angels codex or even a pre-heresy marines codex to use, is there? Besides, it's a game, he has a Blood Angels army so there is nothing strange about his codex choice. Unless you have a better codex for him to use or you're leaving out facts on this guy it seems like YOU are "that guy"

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Sounds like he might just want to win and use the pre-heresy thing as an excuse or just to show off

I dunno I usually keep my themed army pretty legit, I don't use more powerful units from the codex if they don't fit

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Not OP, but Pre-Heresy or Heresy era armies are best represented by the Chaos codex. They don't have any Post Heresy Tech (Assault Cannons, LRCs, not even Storm Bolters). It uses heavy use of combi-weapons and heavy weapons that were in large use back then, such ass Autocannons.

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I have a player who doesn't always show up, and I haven't DMed with him yet, but he's REALLY predictable in what he makes: a halfling rogue or bard.

And he always does stupid crap. For example, he once paid an assassin who was after him to tell him where his hideout was (the assassin lied to him) and then let him go.

Another time, he derailed an entire adventure by stealing crap from other players.

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Umm vanilla marines codex? It would fit better than all of the special rules Blood Angels have that are connected with the death of their primarch.

Sure, he can do what he wants, and I'm not taking that away from him. I'm just saying that using those rules isn't an accurate way to represent pre-heresy blood angels.

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I don't see the problem? Unless he prides himself on following the fluff to the letter and really roleplays his army, it's pretty natural to use the blood angels codex for a blood angels army. I assume that the army being "Pre-heresy" means that it's painted/sculpted different than vanilla blood angels.

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That sounds like kender bullshit to me.

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The game isn't accurate to fluff at all and the regular marine codex contains post heresy material as well.
The game stops being fun if you start to care about fluffBesides, maybe he can claim that this special detatchment of blood angels are extra bloodthirsty and kind of looses themself in battle or something? In any case, not caring about fluff details =/ "that guy"

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OP here: I'm not saying that this is his prime example of a that guy. He IS one, if you can trust me on that, and this is just a particular thing that he does that irks me personally. I could go on about the powercreep lists that he makes and shows off to other people in the store. Or I could go on about how he plays against kids who are starting the hobby with said lists and then brags about those wins for the next few days. I could even talk about how he constantly criticizes other people on their choice of army or army selection and talks about how he knows how that army works and oh here this is what you should really take. But this is just the one thing that I wanted to get off my chest.

Hell, if it was someone else I might not even be giving a shit about this. It's just his attitude about it that really grinds my gears.

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I understand!
You are the new guy, that decided to start a Tau Army and got utterly destroyed by the Pre-Heresy Blood Angels in your LGS.
After that he tried to help you to improve your play because your army selection was terrible and u were just too pissed to take advice!

I Remember you!

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bump for interest

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that picture just made me like Blood angles

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