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Don't discuss the shitty artwork.

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>/tg/ dating sim
No. Just... no. Why? Why would you do that?

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You can't tell me what to do with that kind of shitty artwork

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Can you date my balls?

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Needs Reasonable Daemonette.

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It's not a worthwhile dating sim unless I'm the protagonist.

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Or one of the datable characters.

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I like the artwork. Needs to be finished though.

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I miss the Janitor.

Of course! Still in prototype, though. Messing around with the dialog box, mostly.

And, sorry, I didn't mean the shitty artwork, which, is great artwork, but the dialog box. Shitty dialog box.

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I want to at -least- be a date location.

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Here's the original artwork, as well.

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...Hmm. Bernie's Bar and Grill? I think that has a ring to it.

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dating sim? /tg/ related?

It needs 2 things
and Twins

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Protag in this pic better be that SoB, what was her name?

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Tankred, you bitch, endure.

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1d4 says "Rengarde"

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Why is she wearing sneakers?

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I dunno, lol.

Time to dump future datable girls.

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better have some radiation slime girl

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It's not a reasonable date-sim unless I'm the amateur gynaecologist.

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Sorry, just noticed I'm dumping a lot of 40k stuff...

Let me find some /tg/ general.

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First attempt:

Second attempt:

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You get me art, I'll make it a final attempt.

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Fuck it, 40k dating sim is what ya'll want.

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How do you program this? You pre-script everything and then you make conversation trees?
Or it's like a VN where there are some fixed narrative paths with some variations?

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I think this would be a great idea.

I mean, not great as in an actual good thing for the world to have, but really more of a nice little trophy we can add to our shelf of greatness as a board.

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As I said, it's still simply a prototype right now. In the end, though, it all depends on the quality of the artists. Visual Novel or Traditional Dating Sim are both fine, but one requires more artwork then the other.

And I'm out of pics, I can't find any more 'tasteful' ones.

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I remember both attempt.
The first one is create because we're jealous of /a/ dating sim.
The 2nd one is create because someguy just want to.

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Any love for the Taucron?

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Needs some motherfucking Heavy-chan.

You get Heavy-chan in it and I will fucking lick your boot heels.

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I agree, the art will be critical.

Honestly, if there is any momentum why not just create a drawfag thread specific to the topic at hand. Obviously we will need to prove that its worthwhile to attract decent artists to it.

also, Idea:

Since shit art, (or art that seems less fappable then we "deserve" ) What if there was an item in game, or perhaps a trigger which dropped you into shittier-art mode. Like a punishment until you send that bitch a smiley face.

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Ringarde. With an "i"

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Get me an artist willing to create a bunch of portraits and several scenes, and we'll talk.



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No, fuck you. Fuck you and everything you stand for.

...I'll find a motherfucker to make this a reality if it's the last fucking thing I do.

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I'll make a giant green square to replace her portraits until you do. It'll be pure dialog sex, okay?

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These. For something like this, art is CRUCIAL. That, and getting any verbal things associated with the character right. For instance, Cultist's accent. Honestly, if you're unable to find people who can make you some decent art, then just make it a text game, /maybe/ with an occasional picture or backdrop. As long as you don't overly describe specific characters, and leave it mostly up to the imagination of the player (again, with the exception of specific, character-centric things like accents, and other things that people will want to hear to let them know that yes, this IS the person they are imagining), then it could easily work. Though then things become more reliant on your ability as a writer.

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That's all I ever wanted, man.

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It'll mostly be logic and core interface coding for a while. A good time to use test dialog and beautiful coder art.

I figure I'll ask, Overworld or Point and Click? Probably one of the bigger questions, do you want to explore, or do you want a Visual Novel?

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Maintaining stylistic coherence would be difficult, now that I think about it. Either it'll all have to be done by the same guy, or we'd end up with an ugly mess of dissonant visual styles and preferences.

... Actually that might be interesting. Say if you could get one artist to do everything needed for a character, you'd walk between different art directions, maybe different levels of cartoonish, to suit either the "native" style of a character or their personality.

Sorry, putting too much thought into this before we even have one person who's agreed to do any artwork, I guess.

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Of course, the art will be important, but I think we need to hammer the plot first.

I saw some guys trying to do this for a /v/isual novel, when I asked them about the plot, they said first they wanted the drawings.

Maybe I'm being a colossal faggot but I'd seriously like to see some sense of direction on this project rather than "we need drawings". Having the plot you can then plan about which drawfaggan you need and backgrounds, and then you have a nice layout for whatever code monkey interested.

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Whichever will be easier for you and less likely to make you give up out of frustration, really. Though personally, I think exploration would work best with overwork. Maybe it's my nostalgia showing, but walking around with a little Ringarde sprite on a SNES map then shifting to the actual art for anything/one important that you're interacting with strikes me as being cute and fun.

If you really cannot decide one way or the other, just go with the /tg/ way- roll a die.

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No, artistic coherence is the hardest thing for artists to do these days. But, I figure, if each locale and character had their own artist, (maybe artists who enjoy the character they are drawing,) it would allow a unique art style for each of the artists to contribute to.

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Not to mention, if art is unavailable, it can be turned into an artless game fairly easily. To satiate us ravening neckbaerds who crave to imagine themselves as a SoB and have sex with Cultist-chan.

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This is a big problem. I say we recycle, recycle everything. get the most art of the less drawfaggan.

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Of course, give me a week, and I'll try to have a document written up. If that's too much wait for frothing neckbeards, I'll get something written up by tonight.

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Isn't "dating sim" just an other word for "porn game"?

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i like the idea of assigning an artist to a character, myself. don't know how plausible it would be, but if coherence becomes an issue, you could get multiple artists doing drawings, but a single colourist. colour really helps smooth things over to a single style a lot of the time.

anyway, if anything comes of the project, i wouldn't mind lending a hand. no hard feelings if someone better gets attached.

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Speaking as a codefag (the first half of my multiclassing) an overworld is yes, harder to program, but a lot more rewarding to the fa/tg/uy.

My humble suggestion it's to make this HEAVILY moddable. reskin the girls, add new modules, new areas, etc. It'll be faster if the codefags just jump on this and add one thing or two rather than rely on the good will of a couple of guys

But if we go the VN route, we'll need some good writefaggan. And I think it'll be harder to get than drawfaggotry.

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Nope. Dating Sim is like VN that you can choose the girl and ending. The porns is optional.

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That's probably a good way to approach it. Find someone who's willing to draw one or two favourite characters in whatever variation you need, and at least some hints of surroundings. Either give them a script to work with or just let them jam and come up with something that suits their strengths, then come back and refine.

You should be able to find someone who's enticed by the call of "we need you to draw a character you like several times." And then you have a starting point.

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Overworld isn't going to be as brutal as modding. Now, you'll all scream and shout and abandon me as I say this: I'll be doing it in XNA. Flash and Java don't cut it for me, anymore, not when I have the power of XNA at my fingertips.

With enough hooper and hollering, I may change to Flash. But, I am very positive that XNA is my strongest suit for this.

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A week is good considering I have lots of drawan to do. So far we need to outline this frist, isn't it?

Cool. I tink if we can get a workflow going we can nail this. From your drawfaggan I can say you have great movement, altough the line it's hard to work for a game.

Also puting my robe and drawfag hat

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Saged, reported, hidden.

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thats the only choice? wow... talk about railroading...

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Truth be told I'd play a /tg/ dating sim but only if a turn-based tactical war game occurred between dates.

Successful dates increase combat effectiveness, fulfilling certain objectives in combat will give you gifts or outfits for the target of the date to wear, and everyone can send Cultist-chan to her death every mission.

Yes I'm aware I've aimed higher than anyone will achieve.

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derp forgot to namefag

I have like two or three ranks on AS3 and a Flex feat, but that's all. I think I can learn XNA in a month. I can take out the burden to debug/make this shit mod-able, so you can focus on good codan.

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If a game had two options for every break, and the game was only 30 splits, that would be 1073741824 pieces of dialog.

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We should get greenmarine on this, since he is quite fond of drawing tits.
Everything is better with tits

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>only if a turn-based tactical war game occurred between dates.
Like Sengoku Rance? It's a whole different animal. I say we aim small first and then we'll add features over features like a fellow grognard called toady did.

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XNA is easy shit to do 2D stuff, and a simple 3D overworld with 2D sprites wouldn't be horrible. I'm not much of a teamplayer, though, so I would probably keep it to myself, and if I ever 'gave up' I would willingly release the code to the public.

We'll see after I get a quality Alpha released.

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>Oh look it's this thread again
Don't get me wrong, but we have tried this two times already, and the idea is so old that Chink himself did artwork for the first dating sim attempt.

But if you feel like you're ready and willing to do it, it's okay, I guess.

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I have no idea what XNA is, but I have a question: will it run on a mac? Because if not I will be very sad.

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w/e man... if you think taking the ez way out is how you do it... guess some ppl gotta like jrpgs

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Let's optimize dis shit. Program identical dialogs BUT include variations to the wording according to some variables. You can have something like:

"But anon, this is happening so fast"

"No anon, this is happening so fast"

"anon, this is happening so fast! I can't do this!"

"anon, this is happening fast."

If we get enough noise and variation on the lines, we can program pretty much a small fraction and then generate stable variations according to some parameters

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No, and it will be an .exe, so there will be an uproar over virii.

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Look let's just send Cultist-chan to her death and call it even.

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Kay, you create a variable bank of suggested sentence structure based on personality, I'll sit here and roll in my grave when you are done.

Dating Sim with emergent gameplay? Now we're just talkin' crazy!

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I'm not asking for a teamwork. Just send me whatever code you have working and I'll work on optimization and shit. I like to do that.

xna is microsoft propietary. For mac compatbility we have Flex, Java and some C implementations, but libraries are going to be a bitch.

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I'm all for sending Cultist to her death, but only if she eventually reappears cheerfully as if nothing at all had happened. Whereupon you can send her to her death again. Make it a possible running gag.

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I am working on one with Dranon.

Right now it's 4 daemons only though, and I don't think I can easily convince him to do more art in a while, so yeah.
I'll put a demo up on /f/ when I get the art and iron out the few glitches it has.

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Then I am sad.

>> No.13565265

What level are you? I've seen you do every thing from cosplaying, baking, cooking, painting and now coding?
She'll come back as a 7 Year old. And it will all start again.

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And, I guess it's best to say this now: We probably do not need art yet. As in, probably = no.

Don't make up any art, unless you want to do it in your freetime, let me lay out a codebase first and get the prototype working. I don't want someone to create an elaborate sequence of character portraits, and then feel slighted, if anything. If you want to do that and share it with the community, go ahead. Pretty much all artwork will be posted on /tg/ anyways.

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>Dating Sim with emergent gameplay? Now we're just talkin' crazy!

I am a crazy crazy man. I have this fascination with emergent programation.

Again, start small, build over features. Let me set up a goal/challenge to myself. Name a cross platform language. I have one week to learn it code on it and build a 40k waifu generator. two weeks to give it grafics. It will only generate an image and a description. Complicated but feasible.

>> No.13565272

Trying to work with Dranon, eh? Good luck with that worthless hack of a bum.

>> No.13565278


XNA is free, man. I don't have to illegally obtain anything, no Abode Flash Creator or crappy C++ OpenGL cross libraries.

It'd be best to punish any /tg/ player who uses a Mac/Linux anyways.

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Art always come at the end, I'm aware of that. But I'm realizing we are getting disperse. We need a strong focus or this will sink. What will be your focus anon? So I can play support or develop another area.

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Anon, this is all happening so fast. Just give me a week to write something up, then we can delegate and send out the hounds. I'll try my best to get something up by tonight, just a quick overview. Summary of requests and implementation ideas.

So, I guess start flooding the thread with what 40k characters you would enjoy courting, and what features you would like to see.

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XNA then. I'll focus this week on text-generation.

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brainstorming tiem? sounds cool.

I need to start googling and get the XNA SDK to mess around tough. Hello World and all that shit.

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Cultist. In after some haters mention wanting her dead. Also, Xeno. Pic related.

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I also do game design and acting
Really I just picked up the coding so I wouldn't inconvinience anyone else with my constant nagging and demanding of progress reports. And it helped me pass my qualification test finals thing at school.
Yes I handed in and demonstrated a 40k dating sim as a finals project in school. And yes it passed.
The bald bear is my oldest friend from /tg/, he holds a special little place in my heart. You all do. But his special little place has a service stud.

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This is some sad shit right here

>> No.13565343


You arn't interested in exploring the 40k universe through a point and click adventure medium, written by fans of the series, and fans of the culture surrounding it?

Bad /tg/, bad.

>> No.13565346

40k dating sim, we can hope forever

>> No.13565352

But one of the central concepts will likely be romance, and even explicit sex with the intent of being used as a masturbatory aid! Clearly this is wrong for some reason!

>> No.13565354

/tg/ is more than 40k. It's a pretty crazy idea to wrap your head around, I know.

>> No.13565358

You're doing this for fapping and fapping alone. You're limiting yourself with a pathetic goal.

>> No.13565364


I apologize, I understand that everyone loves Goo Girls, but instead of creating a hodge-podge /tg/ twisted universe, we can stick a bunch of different characters, (that appeal to a bunch of different fetishes,) into a single, potentially cohesive story?

I'd take the latter.

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Yeah no /tg/ dating sim is complete without dorf women with beards that come down to their knees.

>> No.13565373

I probably wont even fap to it.

>> No.13565385

Remove the "dating" and we have ourselves a good game.
You lonely virgins can handle the no dating right?

>> No.13565393

Actually I'm excited at the idea of learning a new programan language, the delicious enviroment variables and how they may affect storyline paths.

>> No.13565399

Good, but you're still limiting yourself.

>> No.13565401

Indeed. Just get to the fappable stuff.

Seriously dude, you walked right into that one.

>> No.13565422

To be honest, that was my motivation behind the crazy proposal of modding. Vanilla game is a 40k fangame. Then you can go the oblivion way and add all the loli futas you want.

>> No.13565428

Care to elaborate?

>> No.13565435

Read my previous post again

>> No.13565440

If the dating is intended to be a mod-added portion of the game, what is the meat of the base game going to be?

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Well, this has quickly devolved. Apparently a fapping game is too low brow for /tg/ these days. I say let OP do his thing and we'll see what comes of it. I know I for one eagerly await the wrteup he promised and will be keeping an eye out for a thread similar to this next week.

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A /tg/ dating sim... i would be all over it... to bad it would be 60%men, 35% men in female disguise, trollin... and 5% females that are lesbians

>> No.13565497

>Apparently a fapping game is too low brow
You say that like its something you didn't know

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Hmm... didnt read the thread, thought it was something like second life, /tg/(4chan) edition.

>> No.13565509

I ran a datesim quest here.. Didn't end very well...

>> No.13565535

From what I've seen, most quests don't really "end well".
On the other hand I didn't really ever end Rowdy so there is still a chance it would turn out fine...

>> No.13565550

A /tg/ dating sim?

It would mostly be brief flashes of 40k girls who don't really have much in the way of personality, Cultist appearing every two seconds trying to capture something for chaos, some nameless monster girls who you get banned for trying to date, and then the seven or so failed attempts at pushing forward a character in /tg/.

>> No.13565560

It ended?

>> No.13565567

Wasn't it the one where almost everybody went "durr hurr lol chaos derp"?

>> No.13565569

Sandwich the Drow

Do it

>> No.13565587

datesims doesn't quite work well on /tg/. Last time I had trouble getting people interested.

>> No.13565653

Well, I'm about to pack up and leave. I'll probably leave the concept of dating out of it. While there will be elements of it, I figure there is a possibility of creating a game whose core characters are those based on /tg/'s 40k-fan creations. Now some of you will say, 'but, the pooper!'

And to which, I reply, of course. If I can create a mechanic that feels '40k'-esque, and provides a medium for progressing a story, while enabling the player the choice of an ending, I will seek it out, and with the opportunity for a player to enjoy the true purpose of the game.

My idea, while I was off doing other things, was to follow a Sororitas through the progression to a Canoness, maybe even a saint. But, I'm unsure of where exactly each potential character will fit in, and how the male users will get the satisfaction of hetero encounters, without it all being yuri, and without the main character being on the receiving end.

Just some flashes that went through my brain as I considered the possibility. Keep up the ideas. I'm also worried about the creators of the people that will be represented, e.g. Cultist-chan and others, is it proper to portray them in a medium, a game none the less, that they may consider offensive?

Or are they 'public domain'?

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Perhaps I should get with the times a bit better but I, for one, am still motivated to do it just so I can say it has been done and put it behind me. I hate that nagging feeling of not doing what I can when I could.

>> No.13565671

Its sad seeing people actually discussing about working on a date sim seriously
Its so pathetic, and such a waste. Like an artist drawing furry porn.

>> No.13565682

Given all the different art of Cultist done so far, I'd guess it's safe to use her. As for other people's.... no idea.

>> No.13565693

It really depends on where you are situated but usually you can do about anything with the characters as long as you don't make any money with it or claim ownership of the characters..

>> No.13565715

Hey, furry porn's pretty good, brah.

It's furries themselves that are the problem.

>> No.13565762

So an adventure game/visual novel? sounds cool.

About likeness, well. Colossal faggot doesn't mind as far as I know, and neither Gannadenne.

>> No.13565777

It's sad seeing people that have nothing better to do than spout insults in threads they don't like.

Please, hide this thread and go do something that interests you.

>> No.13565865

Also, OC is great too, I guess. No reason to limit ourselves to previously created memes. There shouldn't be any problem with unique butterflies, instead of the generic, shy moe.

Also, please keep the suggestions coming, just don't get too crazy on them, like, half-bred Tyranid/Guard women with two tenta-dicks and large, transparent breasts.

Just give me some lists of common personalities you'd like to see.

>> No.13565931

Well, there are all the old drawfaggit characters like the ronery wych, the do'myr fuk'myr twins etc.

>> No.13565945

>half-bred Tyranid/Guard women with two tenta-dicks and large, transparent breasts.

Well does she have a nice personality?

>> No.13565977


Depends on the cycles of the moon.

>> No.13566003

Yup, ended. There was a large number of guys going "yay Tzeench". So I felt, yeah, let's give them chaos, then the Imperials went "baaaw chaos".

While, in fact, I was intending to give the guys some Malal, so they can be chaos and also fight chaos.

But the subtext didn't work and I couldn't get the plot to move on.

>> No.13566072

Anyways, thanks for all of the comments, support, suggestions, and ideas. I'll be stewing over them for a little bit, and popping this thread in bookmarks. If I get back later, and theres updates, I'll take note and be off for a while. Thanks again, and continue the suggestions.

>> No.13566077

Where's my tsundere Krieg-chan?

>> No.13566127


This image is barely PG-13.

But, noted.

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