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I've been reading Imperioul Armour a lot lately, and it's inspired me to start a DKoK-themed Imperial Guard thread. Other themes welcome too, of course.

Anyone have a larger size of pic related? My scan is pretty crappy

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I've got lots of content to post, by the way, I'm just distracted with other threads, heh

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I'm actually debating about buying a krieg army, but I can't decide between a siege regiment or an armored company

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Go siege guys. All tanks is not the best course of action with all the melta nowadays.

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Does this help?

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Krieg dump engage!

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Well, I'm not concerned with tournament play so much, I guess. I don't know, it's the "feel" of the army I care about, and that's probably just going to involve a lot of soul searching. Hmmm, though I wonder, is a siege regiment really viable? Any experienced IG players able to tell me if you tend to move your artillery pieces around much? I'm thinking that static artillery could be a major Achilles heel

Very much so, thank you, TWSP

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Oh, good to know I'll always be remembered by that name.

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You know, I'm reading through Siege of Vraks 1, the one that introduces the DKoK, and I'm not finding any mention of the common guardsmen being more faithful than the commissars assigned to them, which is something I could have sworn I read on here somewhere

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NationStates will haunt you for the rest of your eLife

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>the horses feet

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Of course it will.

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I've got a bone to pick with the Death Korps. So the big appeal of the guard is that they're just men like you and me and not superhuman monsters, right? That kind of gets messed up when you introduce flash-cloned killing machines like the Korps. They're not really IG, they're just weak Space Marines

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That's not kriegers.

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I'll get to 'em eventually

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That's certainly not kriegers.

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OP said "Other themes welcome too, of course"

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I wish FW loved Elysians as much as it loves Kriegers.

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why are these all variations of the same picture?

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Krieg didn't get its ass handed to it in the IA books quite as hard as the Elysians

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Is the Gorgon a good tank/transport/thing?

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Because, once upon a time, it was OC.

Also, I couldn't post the Krieg version...turns out it's somewhere else on the board right now, so it called mine a duplicate.

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No idea, I'm too poor to afford kriegers.

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Elysians are the Forge World Whipping Bitch.

They died on Taros. They died on Beta Amphelion. They died on Kastorel Novem. They're set to die on Hoth in IA11.

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According to the IA books, Elysians do nothing but get their asses handed to them.

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See >>13561957

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Why? The Elysians have decent tactics.

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What regiment's the broad?

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Mordian Iron Guard.

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And as the ultimate insult, they're gonna die to Eldar, the 40k punching bags.

Watch as they get ripped to shreds by an Avatar so that a Space Wolf Blood Claw has to go out of his way to slap the thing silly before continuing on his mission.

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>They're set to die on Hoth in IA11.
This made me lul IRL. One of those, "Pahaha" laughs, too. I skipped IA4 and went right to 5, since I wanted to get into the Krieg books, so I only know about them from IA3. To be fair though, while the DKoK specializes in attrition warfare, but the Elysians are dropping into active warzones, surrounded on all sides, totally without support, and left to accomplish their goals. Both are very conducive to heavy casualties.

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Apparently, it seems that's the joke.
Lightning-fast strikes, heavy support in the form of Valkyries and Vendettas and Melta-Sentinels is a recipe for disaster according to FW.

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I'll cry if that happens.

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There ARE no women in the Mordian Iron Guard.
Nor, if I recall, in the Death Korps, for that matter, though I may be wrong about them.

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I requested that picture, and I asked for a female mordian and a male krieger, so there you have it.

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it's not that they are more faithful. it's just that rather than being there to keep the soldiers from running away, the krieg commisars are there to keep the soldiers from charging to thier deaths every other second

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>it's not that they are more faithful. it's just that rather than being there to keep the soldiers from running away, the krieg commisars are there to keep the soldiers from charging to thier deaths every other second
Where does it say this? I just finished reading IA5's campaign summary and the only mention of commissars in action with the DKoK is of several of them shooting Kriegers as they tried to TURN AND RUN. The DKoK troops then murdered several commissars in retribution, in order to flee back to their own lines.

I can provide page, paragraph, and sentence numbers for this

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urgh, less drawfaggotry and more real art, please

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Very well.

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but.. but.. I want to see the end of the comic

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Call me an idiot, and it may just be because i'm tired, but I dont get the "Later" frame.

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Normally this would be Heresy....

Lucky for you I'm not quite "normal".

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Keep reading.

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Obligatory Pius.

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Hey, don't blame me, Zalgo's the one who corrupted my request by telling the drawfag to add cloneraep!

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They were hot till they turned manly

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You don't say.

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>They were hot after they turned manly


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Dead Men Walking, as well as IA 6 and 7, plus 5 since you mentioned it.

I've read all of them

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I've read up to page 89 (PDF page 92) of IA5 and not seen or heard any mention of that, while I have found a plethora of them retreating, killing commissars, and surrendering.

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Ooh, finally someone who's read it.

How was Dead Men Walking, anyways?

Some of the IG books turned out to be greatly entertaining... though some required heavy suspense of disbelief.

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>though I wonder, is a siege regiment really viable? Any experienced IG players able to tell me if you tend to move your artillery pieces around much? I'm thinking that static artillery could be a major Achilles heel
wondering this too, is a series of static guns, a few tanks, and lots of footslogging infantry viable?

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sure is.

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I've been slowly building up a collection of Vostroyan models via ebay in the hopes of one day fielding them as a counts-as Krieg Siege Regiment.

I just don't know if I have the balls to cut off those beautiful lasguns to glue on shotguns for the engineers:(

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Despite Forge worlds whipping of the Elysians. They write it off as a lack of support from other units(Taros campaign). Or bad Intel from the Raven Guard(Kastorel Novem).

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