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So, we will have Imperial Guard led by a female Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus...

And dont forget; Noise Marines!

Can it be more awesome?


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They could fucking fire that hack piece of shit Steve Blum and his 1 fucking boring ass grating voice that he does FOR EVERY SINGLE GAME HE'S IN. And it's a lot. because dumb fuck companies keep hiring him to do his 1 voice.

I hate that cunt.

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Also; awesome mustache Lord General.

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If I could pick any voice for her it would be Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

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Land Raiders. I cant wish for more.

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I am sort of excited about this

Not because I think the game will suck

But on Steam, if you pre-order a certain one you get special units/armor for a faction.

I wonder if they'll be important or it's just fluff for your favorite army.

Not forking over 30 bucks PER army, for the same game

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I would much rather have lascannons on the sides with a heavy bolter on top than flamers

but I guess having amazing anti vehicle and personel weapons would be too powerful

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you could buy the pre-order pack from thq that has the wargear pack for each army

you still get all of the different army campaigns regardles of which pre-order pack you get. The bonus wargear is just a little something extra.

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fairly certain the collector's edition has all of them included

however, the wargear you get from it will inevitably be useless halfway through the game

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It IS just wargear, thank you for cofirming.

I was told it would include units or something, too.

thanks again, anon

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With the Cadians, I hope the game mechanics will improve a bit, and so the maps.
Maybe we can get a CoH-styled gaming with this expansion in multiplayer...

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fuck i read it in there voices. CURSE YOU

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They said they're really lowering the number of melee units.

The amount of melee in DoW 2 almost killed it for me in multiplayer

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>Noise Marines

Sauce please

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inb4 female inquisitor/noise marine fapfiction

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At first I was excited that each race would get a campaign, but I knew something would go wrong, OF COURSE.

Naturally, I soon discovered that it was the same generic campaign with minor differences for every single race.

"We wanted to do a unique campaign for each race but we just didn't have the time!"

They say this every fucking time a new DoW comes out and I am tired of their bullshit.

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Are there going to be other Guard regiments?

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They's in the trailer

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But that hat is for male inquisitor.
Female Inquisitors wear battle wigs!!

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The Speess Murreen campaign would be quite funny, with Apollo Diomedes as your force commander, and Indrick Boreale as your venerable dread, while the rest of your original team might all be away in the eye to make up for their sins. Completely new cast here.

Also, Eldar became gayer than ever

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Except its not exactly the same for each race, they're just using the same maps. Storyline and ingame objective will be different, just in the same places.

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Apparently there's some confusion on that. Some reliable sources claim that although the missions use the same maps, each one is scripted very differently for each race and although some races have more "skirmishy" campaign dynamics, others don't rely on it as much. Of course, with all the rumours flying about, it's probably just a matter of waiting for release to find out what's true.

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no problem


from what I have heard there is supposed to be some minor base building elements added in this new game (no source on this just what i've heard)

remember that this is a standalone game completely separate from the originals (its nt even on gfwl anymore its run entirely through steam now)

Although I hope that we get some sort of artillery option like in CoH. Like using a whirlwind artillery tank to bombard blobs.

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It could be more awesome if they had added Striking Scorpions instead of the Autarch, if we have to have only one addition. Would prefer both, but Striking Scorpions first and foremost imo.

>McIntosh wheaker
PC is strongher!

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I fucking hate the look of that model, which is a shame because her artwork looks pretty good.

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I'd really like to see them include every Faction in the Dawn of War 2 series.

So far so good, but if this one is as it seems; it could lead to some Tau/Necron/Inquisition-Daemonhunters or something we haven't seen yet

Also, I'd like to see Relic pick up the WHFB and make the first good WHFB game.

ALSO, inb4 tl;dr; has anyone played Blood Bowl?

I really, really like how it turned out.

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>every Faction

fuck no.

every faction =/ good balancing.

they should rather change the gameplay mechanics.

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>Elf with tits
>Looks gay bro


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You mean it isn't a dude?

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Get rid of the Bloodletters and put in Raptors.

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Man after watching all tose trailers i want to get the chaos pack.

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I wonder why the witchhunters always have these cowboy hats....

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#1 rule in Warhammer: If you do not know what something is, assume it is a weapon.

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Box art of her.

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Unit: Noise Marines

Availability: Tier 1

Cacophony – The Noise Marines become stationary and produce huge sonic blasts in their vicinity, knocking back enemy and friendly troops.

Blastmasters – A powerful sonic weapon with excellent range. The Blastmaster is effective versus all armor types and will knock over units in its firing line. Noise Marines upgraded to the Blastmaster lose the Cacophony ability. Squad is immobile while upgrading. Requires Tier 2.


And I thought the Plasma dev knockback was troll worthy

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Wait, chaos pack? What do you mean?

How will this expansion work??? :S

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Choose your digital box art and SP wargear bonus

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The problem with adding striking scorpions is that they already have howling banshees. You would need some reason to justify a faction having two dedicated melee units, and I don't think a nob/slugga comparison really works here.

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Pre-order it and you get free DLC single player wargear for one faction of your choice (although the wargear itself will probably be about mid-tier compared to some of the more powerful normal wargear). Get the Collectors Edition and you get all the DLC wargear and some posters and shit.

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Isn´t that the default aproach to everything? It´s mine...

Don´t know a type of car? Must be a Tank. Never seen someone smoke? Chemical weapon.

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>Eldar in Dawn of War

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Yeah, they could give us an alien race instead of Guard and Inquisition, which is basically "MOAR HUMANS!"

I'd have liked to see Necrons or Tau.

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Note the one time he's done a different voice (Megas XLR) the result was awesome.

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>Eldar in Warhammer 40k.

That's actually pretty accurate to how they operate.

Although the Spess Mehreen fap-fest of DoW tends to resemble something written by Matt Ward...

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Scorpions would be the heavier guys, like Assault Termies to Assault Marines.
The banshees get in faster and hit hard, but the Scorpions hit harder, stay standing longer and open tanks like a can of beans.

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its kinda like this

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That´s more the Arbites Modus Operandi. They are the law after all.

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Don't forget that, somewhat absurdly to common sense, these heavily armed and armored motherfuckers are one of the Eldar's *stealth* troops.

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>cowboy hats....
Really? You think that's a stetson? Or even really looks like one?

Say er, ever seen any pictures of pilgrims or stereotypical witch hunters or puritans from the 16/17th centuries?

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I can take the Spesss Mehreens, in the whole series only once the Ultramarines were there. They were not boasting shit like "WE ARE SUPERIOR THAN THIS LITTLE SHIT SANGUINIUS OR LEMAN RUSS, OUR PRIMARCH SINGLEHANDEDLY SAVED THE WORLD! WITHOUT HELP FROM HORUS'S BITCHES THE EMPRAH AND SANGUINIUS!"

They actually seemed decent guys, you know, the standard Space Marines. Still, they could never be Black Templars.

Btw, /tg/, how would you react if the makers of DoW included Squats in their games?

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Hi, I'm your spiritual liege.

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Those aren't.. they're not cowboy hats..

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Commander... I...

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To the people hoping for more DoW 2 races;

Relic/THQ said that they had started production of DoW 3 which focused more on the mechanics of DoW 1 (Source was from a PC gaming magazine).

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Those, however, were Alpha Marines posing as Ultramarines.

So yeah...

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Common sense is a mutant ability in the 41st Millenium, mutants must be purged, thus common sense is in rather short supply.

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Inquisitor Gaga?

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Oh... oh... my. I'd let her... Inquisition me... any day... if you know what I mean...!

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Don't forget Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop. One of the few anime where the english dub is better than the original japanese.

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I've buggered an Eldar.

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What? Weren't Scorpions more like Fast-Hitting Shocktroops?

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Hope you like the Iron Maiden.

And no, I don't mean the band.

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damn I listened to the original japanese that the weeaboos claimed was better... I was apalled

you are correct the English dub is incredible in comparison to the original japanese

of course the is only one of a few different animes I've seen

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He was also Grunt in ME2.
It was fine for Spike. But he does that same voice for pretty much everyone else he plays and it gets old.

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He also used a vice much like the Spike one for
Roger in Big-O.
Hard to imagine it's the same Steve Blum that did the boring generic voices in FONV.

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Oh I'm not saying that Eldar stealth troops being heavily armored troopers is stupid, I think its fucking awesome.

Everyone always thinks of stealthy dudes as light weight sneakers. Not the Scorpions, these fuckers wear the some of the heaviest power armor the Eldar produce, and they still sneak around a stick their Chainswords (such an un-Eldarish weapon IMO) in your back before you realize they're there.

They're my favorite Aspect Warrior.

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I wish the Scorpion Claw counted as a Lightning claw instead of a powerfist. (Or let you choose round by round)

That way it would not waste the high I value and people would have more reason to take it, because nothing is better than a Pincer with a gun built in.

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Same here, bro. Used to be in love with Banshees, because, well, they're Banshees after all. But then I found the Scorpions and was greatly impressed. First time I really saw them in "action" was in Firestorm over Kronus, and man did they kick som major fucking ass.

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god the farseer death is so anticlimatic, she just stands there babbling and then tarkus kind of bops her in the head with a clenched powerfist. it's almost like she did the punchline on some running gag

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The Eldar are the punchline of all background in the last 5 years.

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>Bopped with Powerfist
I see what you did there...

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>>13544754 anime-esque picture makes me think of how awesome a 40k animation by a reputable animation studio would be.

Srsly, it would be delicious and the only way to get the silly violence and ott character designs to work.

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Y'all Xenos and Heretics posting on a Inquisitor thread.

>> No.13544866

I now know what to request in a drawthread. I wanted a good image for another Inquisitor the Acolytes in my DH game are going to meet.

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>Sergeant Merrick

Wasn't he from the Angel Gate mission in Vanilla DoW2?

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But Tarkus's entry was epic

>Idranel, having thought all the time that Tarkus would rather stay with the artifacts, having forseen it all, believing herself thus in obvious advantage.

>Tarkus never leaving the artifacts, instead WEARING them, teleporting in, laugh about Idranels 'Impossible!' by saying

"I stand with my brothers, Eldar Witch!"

Crowning Moment of Awesome

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58th Vendoland!

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Here. Let me fix that for you...

>Y'all Xenos, Heretics, and dumb Spess Mehreens posting on a Inquisitor thread.

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Eldar farseers are famed in ability, but even the lowliest grot or Commorite scum know their gifts of prescience are but empty ramblings in comparison to the crystal-clear prophecies of the legendary Varro Tigurius, Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines.

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Not entirely true.

Some months ago a THQ guy let it slip that Relic was working on Dawn of War III and that THQ wanted it to be similar to CoHO.

Later when Relic learned of this Egon Spengler said that work on DoW III had not started yet, but that they were definitively talking about it, he also said that they were talking about further expansions after Retribution.

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wait, so is the mustache guy the main hero of the imperial campaign?

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Fucking Guard fags and Tau cunts.

>> No.13544952


>THQ wanted it to be similar to CoHO.

this would be plainly awesome!

It would be DOW1 just in CoH engine.

>> No.13544957


God I hope so. I would follow that Mustache straight into the Eye of Terror if he wished.

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Obviously, the race is the IG why would General Frederick Castor Mercury NOT be the protagonist?

>> No.13544968

Err, guys? Look in the upper right corner, the guy there, his icon

His name.

"Lord General CASTOR"

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>implying it wouldn't be DoW II O.

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We've known his name for like 2 and a half months.

And he's General Frederick Castor Mercury for you you stupid xeno.

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But seriousely, don't you guys remember VOCKS CASTOR?!

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But There are Vox Casters in Retribution.

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So... Your Lord General is Freddy Mercury?
*anoher one bites the dust...*

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you sir, just earn all of my hate.
all of what you just said is heresy.

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I'm not sure how to make that 40k flavored

>another one tastes the emporers fury

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We will, we will Purge you! We will, we will PURGE YOU!

Imagine it as a marching song for the guard.

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Charge the tank! Bring the doom! Burn to ashes xenos and witches, if you'd be so kind.

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I really face palmed when i played the Imperial Guard after the Eldar in Winter War.

The Eldar want to destroy the Necrons. In order to do so they reactivate a downed Titan, however since they can't operate human technology they have to use some special device and move it to each of the Titan's working support cannons at a time to fire them. In the end, after a devestating fight the Titan explodes.

So much, so understandable.

However playing Guard, you bring technicians to said Titan, they menage to reactive ALL of the Titan's support cannons at the same time, making the fight quite easier, increasing the odds to destroy the Necrons.

The Titan itself has no other meaning for the Eldar, so it's destruction is meaningless to them.

So why not just fucking tell the Guards that some evil technology is hidding near the Titan to increase their awareness and play the strings to ensure they get the technicians there?

Just avoid calling it old technology (which would quickly make the mechanicus intrested) and just call it Chaos technology.

Result, the Guard uses the Titan's cannons to destroy the necrons, they mop of the Orks there and you have enough time getting the shit out of there before the Guard might want to remove the "other" Xenos there.

Why can't the Eldar show more wisdom than that?

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"Idranel of Ulthwe," they all heard Sergeant Tarkus say, when they were close enough to kiss. His deep voice boomed within the helmet. "I killed her screaming lackeys." He thrust his free hand into Yriel's unprotected face, pushing plasteel fingers into his eyes. "Then I broke her spine." Tarkus slammed his fist into the Autarch's mouth, making splinters of his teeth. "Then I smashed her head in. Like this." As he drew back his huge fist, the blood on his gauntlet seemed to smoke in the cold down air. There was a sickening crunch.

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I haven't played DoW2 or its expansions, so lemme axe you: are there berzerkers in the game?

>> No.13545139

I don't know. Could be very interesting.

Remember, most C&C games had the same idea, you fighting mostly the same battles for either side.

But it always gave me interesting points of view. Personally.

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Go back to bed Goto.

>> No.13545158

Possibly. The Inquisitor is most likely on the cover in order to show that the humans also have female authority persons.

Since so far only the Eldar had those in the Dawn of War series.

>> No.13545159

fuck year Sergeant Merrick, that fucker is STILL alive.

>> No.13545174

>Relic's face when he dies in the final mission.

>> No.13545179

Hubris. Arrogance. It would never even occur to the Eldar that the humans could use THEIR OWN technology to beat the Necrons.

>> No.13545194

Do you have to have chaos rising to play as chaos in Retribution?

>> No.13545205

Nope. It's standalone.

>> No.13545232

But it shall be an epic death for a guardsman whos been fighting in the aureila sector for over 10 YEARS (if narrator Angelos is to be believed)

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And Eldar are not the best tacticians either.
Codex: Space Marines p.34-35

>It was Calgar, and Calgar alone, who directed the overall strategy. Yet he never once yielded his position at the gates to better command the wider battle. Even as Calgar's armoured gauntlets cast the foe from the steps of the sepulchre, his voice directed the Chapter with every iota of strategic and tactical experience his august mind possessed. So deftly did Calgar direct the Ultramarines that the Eldar were opposed by equal force wherever they struck. Fire Prism grav-tanks seized vantage points on the scrubland north of the sepulchre, yet were assailed by fast-moving Tactical squads before they could fire so much as a shot on Calgar's position. To the west, bellowing guns of Predator battle tanks drove Warp Spiders scuttling into the dead forests and ambush at the hands of Ultramarines Scouts. Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies, cannon and missile searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings. Bike squads of the 6th Company prowled hill and crag, percussive bursts of bolter fire hammering Eldar Vyper squadrons. A lesser man would have been unable to direct such spiralling chaos, but Calgar's will prevailed in every corner of the battle. A word here, and a strikeforce manoeuvred clear of an incoming Eldar assault wave. A command there, and Ultramarines on the far side of the battlefield intercepted and crushed an isolated Eldar force.

>> No.13545288

Eldar do acknowledge, even though bitterly, that human technology was very much formidable.

It's more a case of weighning pro's against con's. Should they let the Imperials help them, sure they get some of the workload taken off their shoulders, but that means they gave extremely superior firepower compared to what they have on the field to a race of trigger-happy fanatics.

Besides, Winter Assault's reason why the eldar wanted to co-operate less with the Imperial's was because of Space Marine presence and time. They could barely relocate their webway assembly through the shielding to the downed Titan before it closed again, and had they let the Guard and their Marine convoy get through the highly zealous Ultramarines would have goaded and downright forced the Guard to focus solely on the Eldar first.

I can see why they made the best of the situation, given the circumstances. Rather face as few enemies at the same time as they can, to ensure the primary objective is accomplished and SOME get to go back home.

>> No.13545297

no, thats the Matt Ward talking. If you've ever played against Eldar, they HAVE to be good tacticians to win a battle. If not, theyre always screwed.

>> No.13545307

One Imperator Titan isn´t going to make all that big a difference in the scheme of things. Especially not since it´ll be busy reclaiming Lorn V for a good few years.

Besides, the Imperium has LEGIONS of the things. And what do the Eldar want on Lorn V other then fuck up Necrons?

>> No.13545320

They weren´t Ultramarines btw, they were Alpha Marines posing as Ultras. They wanted to take over or corrupt the Titan, not entirely clear on that one.

>> No.13545329

Eldar craftworlds have great manufacturing capabilities. Why don't they make suits of power armor for their soldiers that are as good as space marine armor? That would solve a lot of problems for the Eldar in battle.

>> No.13545354

Because that would mean practically power armour for the entire population of the craftworld, cuz remember eldar citizen=guardian. They do make power armour for most of of their dedicated aspect warriors though (like the striking scorpions and the fire dragons).

>> No.13545362


Because Eldar wouldn't make armor their own weapons are super effective against.

That's the reason why they don't get higher armor than AV12 (as Lances would grant bonuses against anything higher than that), even on their super heavy vehicles in Apocalypse.

>> No.13545378

Sure, one titan here or there won't topple the balance.

One titan in the extreme vicinity of their current field ops means situation FUBAR on ground zero.

Because Games Workshop. One of the main things that describe the Eldar race is their extremely advanced technology. Codex and novel publications boast about this on and on, yet the way Warhammer background has been flowing for the past couple of years explains why not:

"Let's give humanity SOME sort of schticks so that people are more attracted to the game."

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Most people recognize with humans, ergo, got to make the humans options seem attractive.

>> No.13545382

>implying all Ultramarines aren't actually Alpha marines in disguise

>> No.13545399

>implying the Alpha Legion isn't just a front for the Ultramarines

>> No.13545414

A titan that will need a good while before it can do more then lie down.

And the Eldar have the Webway.

It just doesn´t make sense on so many levels. Especially when you consider that Eldar dislike open warfare and try to avoid having their people killed.
"I know! Let´s fight the guard, then fight the Necrons! That will spare men! Haho!"

>> No.13545423

10+ years I might add, without a promotion.

>> No.13545441

Relic scriptwriting in the Dawn of War series has never been anything but "Eh."

But now we would delve into a whole different subject about Game Development studios having almost a tradition of building a game first, writing a script later.

>> No.13545449

Gaunt > all

Search in your hearts, you know it's true.

>> No.13545492 [DELETED] 


I thought it was Canon that Sturnn and the Eldar fought together against the Necrons but that Sturnn was killed by the necrons.

>> No.13545496

yes. As far as a human who has a better brain for tactics and inspiring his men, as well as fighting shoulder to shoulder with them, none top Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt.

>> No.13545518

The Eldar are retards, they had 60 million years to kill the Necrons in their sleep and they didn't, i mean, why? did they just like, forget that if the Necrons woke up they would skullfuck them? Did they think the Necrons left the galaxy or were killed?

I mean we know that the Eldar are terrified of the C'tan, especially the Outsider so why the fuck did they just stand there building their empire and doing nothing about it?

>> No.13545546


That looks horrible.


There are, but not Khorne Berserkers, Chaos Marines can be upgraded with the mark of khorne which gives them plasma pistols and chain axes, the aspiring champion gets a melta pistol instead of plasma pistol.

>> No.13545560

You answered your own question: because they are retarded. And have the attention span of a Raven with ADD.

And then there´s the arrogance. That must have been a factor as well at the height of their Empire " We are to strong for the Necrons to take on, we´ll just wait for them to come to us" sort of attitude.

>> No.13545564


>> No.13545583


>The Eldar want to destroy the Necrons. In order to do so they reactivate a downed Titan, however since they can't operate human technology

Why the fuck not? fucking Eldar, for such an advanced race they can't do jackshit.

>> No.13545634

You ever take a city dweller and throw them in the woods and tell them to make a fire/survive the night?

The Eldar use way more advanced technology and have forgotten how to make fire from sticks

>> No.13545686

I think its more the fact that the eldar technology isn't so much based on science like most of human technology, but that eldar technology is more inately psychic in its manufacture and function. Its all wraithbone. eldar basically follow their own tech tree.

Also you need someone to interface with the titans machine spirit.
Perhaps it purges Xenos who try to operate it.

>> No.13545689

For a technology that's so much more advanced, it sure is shit.

>> No.13545706

Actualy there is a whole gang of Eldra who have decided to live in their remaining garden worlds and defend it. While they still have access to the old Eldar weapons, they prefer simpler methods of life.

>> No.13545712


>> No.13545718



Eliphas is going to become the new Gorgutz, leading Ultramarines-esque Black Legion troops to certain death, before he himself dies again and is respawned as a Thousand Sons loony.

>> No.13545719

Yep, their technology is basically fuelled by mindbullets.

>Perhaps it purges Xenos who try to operate it.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure any titan machine spirit would actively try to crush a xeno's mind that tries to interface it.

>> No.13545721

I hear IG will get vehicles in first tier.

Which makes me think, will this be balanced properly?

In Dawn of War 2 at the moment, surprisingly for relic.. the game is pretty balanced and only slightly leaning in favour to Eldar... but with Vehicles in first tier... that seems like it could screw things up.

>> No.13545725

>States Eldar are bad tacticians
>References Space marine codex.
Oh you!

>> No.13545738

I bet Sentinels are the first tier

Good for scouting but easily brought down by anything heavier than basic rifles

Either that or chimeras

In the other tiers you got russes, bassies, and a BB.

>> No.13545740

>only slightly leaning in favour to Eldar
Is that what you think? Orks are the best in 1v1, except when they're not, and Space Marines are weak all around, Chaos is weak all around, Eldar are victorious in 3v3 with unbeatable banshee spam, and Tyranids are Tyranids.
Dawn of War 2 is less balanced than Dawn of War. Relic doesn't know how to balance games.

>> No.13545744

>Machine Spirits

Dem Ai how does it work

>> No.13545747

It'll be a sentinel, armed with some heavy weapon. Ain't no way anyone would get a transport in T1.

>> No.13545749

The fact that it pretty much crushes the mind of most humans who try to operate it makes this not so far fetched either.

>> No.13545752


>> No.13545758



There's no Basilisk, the Manticore is the IG's artillery in Retribution. Their confirmed units are:

Guardsmen, Sentinels, Heavy Weapon platforms, Commisars, Sarges, Vox Caster(dunno what role if any they play, but we've seen them in pictures), Chimera, Sentinel, Kasrkins, Manticore, Catachan Jungle Warriors, Ogryns, Leman Russ and Baneblade.

>> No.13545772


Funny thing is, in Battlefleet Gothic three Eldar weapon batteries on average are as good as four human-built weapon batteries.

Lance of human tech is worth three human weapon batteries at 30 range or less, a Dark Eldar Phantom Lance is worth five WB's at that range and a Craftworld/Corsair Eldar pulsar lance is even better, worth four *Eldar* WB's.

Eldar torpedoes and bombers are harder to take out and reroll hits, so they're easily better than their Imperial/Chaos counterparts. So there's the superior weapon technology, firmly outside the main Warhammer game.

>> No.13545787

Chaos is also confirmed to get Noise Marines and Changer of Ways for new units, and plasma guns for Heretics as an upgrade.

See? I can make up stuff too and claim it's confirmed without citing a source.

>> No.13545796

Lol no

>> No.13545816

Right, Anon. Relic isn't one HUNDRED percent retarded, to think that IG regiments can call on Catachans like Space Marines could call Grey Knights in Dawn of War.

>> No.13545822

>>13545787 Changer of Ways for new unit
Where the hell are you getting that from? I've been following Retribution fairly closely and this is the first mention I've heard anywhere of Changer of Ways.

>> No.13545824

Take anything written by Matt Ward with a pinch of salt.

First Eldar are the best tacticians in the galaxy and due to well staged ambushes can essentially wipe out entire companies with a handful of Eldar warriors.

Ward-Wank has made Eldar into Worf characters, people who are shown to be absolute badasses... but their purpose is to get their asses kicked by someone else to show how much more of a badass that other person is.

The Second War for Armageddon was fought so the lives of a few thousand Eldar could be saved, millions of Humans and Orks died in that war.. but alas.. a few Eldar lives were saved.

Do you really think Eldar would fucking run thousands of their soldiers into mindless slaughter like the Imperial fanwank implies? No fucking way, at most the largest Eldar battles that are not in defense of a Craftworld would have probably 50-100 souls at most.

>> No.13545834

Fluff precedent for that exists. From current Codex: Imperial Guard:

>A surprise assault by the Eldar of the Saim-Hann Craftworld threatens to annihilate the forces of the Mortant VII ‘Headhunters’ during the Sacking of Colonia. The Eldar retreat after a single squad of Catachan Devils, led by Gunnery Sergeant Harker, emerges from concealed positions and heavy bolter fire kills the warhost’s Autarch.

>> No.13545846

One lone isolated incident that was written only to make one of the Codex's ICs shine and look cool does not make a valid fluff precedent for IG commanders crying "we can't do it! We need...the Catachans!"
>hurr durr I can't read

>> No.13545856


To add to this, the Planetstrike book has a fluff bit where Yriel and Iyanden warriors cull an Ork uprising by killing the Warboss and his groupies.

Without a single casualty.

>> No.13545860


Actually it does. If it's in the codex, it's canon, and the galaxy is a big place. Perhaps this particular general has a special team of Catachans for tough situations, like taking out a Farseer, Avatar, Greater Daemon or a Space Marine commander.

>> No.13545868

Mustache General. So good.

>> No.13545874

Hmh. I see.

>> No.13545876

Actually if there were any reason to believe that we'd get Catachans it would be because every race has to have a melee specific unit [since the game revolves around hard countering]

Commissar and sarges just sound like the upgrades for different units already.

Albeit he also listed Ogryns, so I would think its one or the other, not both.

>> No.13545885


Hey fuck you man i'm just trying to be helpful and you act like an imbecile, go fuck yourself, want proof here:


There's also the Pc gamer magazine, now go fuck yourself.

>> No.13545902

>PC Gamer magazine
>Something written in German

>> No.13545904

Mustache General FREDDIE MERCURY?

>> No.13545905

Planetstrike has a lot of cool stuff:

Incidentally this reinforces the competence of Catachans:

>972.M41 Catachan bites back.
>Chaos Lord Ratathrax of the Night Lords invades Catachan. By sending vast anti-plant barrages onto the planet, Rathatrax denies the Catachan Imperial Guard their most natural defence before systematically bombing their bastion networks into rubble. Ratathrax makes planetfall to enjoy the butchery first hand. Unfortunately for him Colonel Straken, lying in ambush in a quagmire of toxic sludge, waits for Ratathrax to remove his helmet before throttling him with a poisonous barb-root.

>> No.13545908

Vox casters and commissars confirmed. But commissar is a hero unit.

>> No.13545918

Hey, Pred Annihilator in the bottom pic!

>> No.13545919

Catachans have been confirmed. As well as Sentinels and BB.

>> No.13545920

>Getting trolled

>> No.13545924

The IG's Stealth hero.

>> No.13545929


>> No.13545933

>Night Lord

So much bullshit. GW should really be ashamed.

>> No.13545940


>> No.13545946


I'm an IG player but dude what's wrong with Lemans for fuck's sakes?

Even if it were a superheavy, I'd welcome something like a Valdor or Macharius. The Baneblade is just too big for DoWII...

>> No.13545947


>vox caster, sarges and commisars in picture
>not reliable
>german magazine, pc gamer and finish magazine confirm ogryns and catachans
>not reliable
>pc gamer and finish magazine confirm manticore
>not reliable
>even though pc gamer confirmed the autarch, battlewagon, swarmlord and land raider months ago
>not reliable

>> No.13545960


That's not new, it was introduced in Chaos Rising.

>> No.13545978


>hur dur i don't follow the development of the game so i'm going to call anyone who knows more than i do a troll even though he cites sources

The flying fuck is wrong with you you stupid fuck? are you from /v/?

>> No.13545981



>> No.13545983

Russes will be in too.

The IG is very very vehicle heavy.

Probably the new noob race.

>> No.13545985

They shrank it

Its like the size of 2.3 russes

>> No.13545997


Russes are in, you can see them several time in the gamestar video. Also i thought there were fake mini baneblades in fluff too.

>> No.13545998


Night Lords don't have much better track record than Eldar do.

>921.M41 Calgar ambushed.
>Marneus Calgar is ambushed by Night Lords whilst enroute to the Darkhold battlezone. The Chapter Master's crippled vessel makes planetfall on Barathred. Several hundred Chaos Space Marines make landing shortly after, but Calgar rallies the planet's feudal population to defeat them.

In Codex: Space Marines the Ultramarines also blow up a bridge, destroying greater part of a Night Lords armored assault force crossing it.

>> No.13546004


>Fucking Lord General running in front of his troops to tackle Orks in close combat while his guardsmen are stuck behind a blubbery wall of friendly fire and unable to shoot anything by the furthest sides of the oncoming tide of greenskins.

Imperial Guard tactics everybody.

>> No.13546007

Goddamn it.

Also, if nothing else, DoW II threads always inspire me to build terrain. They're very inspiring in that regards.

>> No.13546011

>The IG's Stealth hero.
So...we're getting to use Commissar Cain?

>> No.13546013

Well since everyone is gangbanging that idiot, here's the leaked picture of the chimera from Pc gamers magazine months back before the IG were confirmed.

>> No.13546018

>rallies feudal world

wow calgar must be a god of tacticians if he led people using swords and arrows against csms and won

>> No.13546027


>> No.13546029

>The IG Stealth Hero
So just like in the tabletop then? Fookin' Camocloak Commissar.

>> No.13546030

Manliest Imperial Guard general yet.

>> No.13546036

Nah, somewhere along the lines, the Chaos Space Marines ended up being replaced with Imperial Stormtroopers. You know, the ones that Ewoks could defeat.


>> No.13546038

There are fake Baneblades, but not 'mini Banes'.

IIRC the Macharius was based off of a similar chassis but that's as close as it get.

We are the Raven Guard of Chaos. Considering Chaos is the Raven Guard of Chaos, it's pretty sad. Luckily we have the best novels, but that's about it.

Hell, wasn't Perclitor originally a Night Lord and not a Word Bearer?

>> No.13546039

That's from my screencap in an earlier thread.

>> No.13546040


Hell yeah motherfucker, also he has a bionick arm and laslock.

>> No.13546042


Feudalism was a form of government, not a level of technology. It's entirely possible that one could have a feudal society with technology far greater than ours today.

>> No.13546044

Some translations from the article:

>Guards get a Tier 1 Vehicle.
>Female Inquistore (offensive ranged hero)
>Lord General (defensive healer hero)
>Lord Commisar (melee hero with support abilties)

>the other stuff is some general fluff that starts the story, the authors experience in the first few missions and the fact that a squad of guardsmen costs 280 req.

>> No.13546050

Wrong version.

>> No.13546055

It has been observed amongst the Imperial Guard that Commissars sporting facial hair have nearly twice the average statistical survivability rates than those without them.

This has led to a prevailing theory that facial hair, especially mustaches, are favored by the Emperor.

>> No.13546061


That's a cruel joke to play on me, Anon.

>> No.13546064

I always thought those fake baneblades were just inferior system-, armament- and armourwise, the size remains the same.

Anyone has a source on them being smaller? Pictures I remember show them equal in HUGEness.

>> No.13546068

>Mfw you're spouting nonsense.

>> No.13546071

>power armour, bolt weapons and chainswords

Right, feudalism isn't a technological level.

>> No.13546082

Marrick is the stealth hero

From the previews

>Lord General Freddy Mercury
Defensive commander "speculated"
Offensive commander "confirmed pc gamer"
>Lord Bern Commissar
>Sargeant Marrick
Stealth hero "confirmed pc gamer"

>> No.13546085

>/tg/ confirmed for second to lowest sense of humor, the lowest being /int/.

>> No.13546091

Feudal Worlds in 40k are always in reference to the tech, since the entire Imperium could be considered a feudal system.

>> No.13546092


The true face of the emperor.jpg

>> No.13546101

Don't you mean... FERAL?

>> No.13546103

>/tg/ confirmed for second to lowest sense of humor, the lowest being /int/.
>MFW you don't get the irony of my reaction image.

>> No.13546104


No, that's just what you've assumed.

Case in point, Ultramar is referred to as feudal.

>> No.13546107


But those things(offensive, dfensive, stealth) refer to the MP, and Merrick is not a hero in MP.

>> No.13546136


Wasn't Castor Mercury confirmed to be defensive and the commissar stealth in the german magazine?

>> No.13546144

Yes he is...

We are getting 4 heroes in multiplayer now

>> No.13546170

The wording is kind of vague in that article. They mention that Castor can both be defensive but also employ very powerful offensive abilities. Bern was confirmed for melee hero.

Marrick was confirmed for stealth in the pc gamer interview.

>> No.13546173


True Baneblades are rare, and not all forgeworlds get the STC pattern required to create them.

This has led to attempts of creating a replacement. These are usually inferior in size and capability, but passable in the role. According to the Imperial Armour books Lucius pattern Baneblades weigh 319 tonnes, and a Macharius is 175 tonnes.

>> No.13546174


Not trying to troll, I haven't been following the game closely and I genuinely want to see a source on this.

Because the Eldar Autarch is called in using the Global Resource. If he's not the Eldar fourth Commander unit, what could it possibly be?

>> No.13546175

Nice Gregor Clegane reference bro

>> No.13546178

I had an image in my head of a defiler getting crushed between two suspended tree trunks, thanks.

>> No.13546180

I'm pretty sure the Autarch is a normal hero, and by Skyleaping you get a cost/cooldown reduction for the call-in grenade bombing run.

>> No.13546186


I guess that's why marines, chaos and orks are not getting a new hero and why the Swarmlord is a T3 super unit and the autarch is a t2 global call in ability.

1/10 made me reply.

>> No.13546193


Oh snap, I totally missed that.

Although now I know why I hate both Martin and Goto; they have a lot in common (besides the fact that Martin is, TECHNICALLY, a good writer.)

>> No.13546212

>post information that you heard
>you are trolling

Sorry you feel that way man. I heard we were getting 4 heroes and thats what I heard.

Aint even trolling

>> No.13546214


Relic makes it confusing by calling him a 'powerful commander' but he's not a Commander Unit.

"The Autarch is quite a unique unit in the game because it is not trained or created as other units are. It is actually called upon from the global ability bar, where you can call in game changing powers like the Eldritch Storm."

>> No.13546215



>The Autarch is quite a unique unit in the game because it is not trained or created as other units are. It is actually called upon from the global ability bar, where you can call in game changing powers like the Eldritch Storm.

>Availability: Tier 2

Stop trolling, you ain't even trying.

>> No.13546222

>The Autarch is quite a unique unit in the game because it is not trained or created as other units are. It is actually called upon from the global ability bar, where you can call in game changing powers like the Eldritch Storm.

>> No.13546235

>post information that you heard about a game that isnt out yet
>lots of speculation
>get told to stop trolling

Its like im on /v/!

Nothing is confirmed till we get the game you niggers

>> No.13546236

No, I don't.

Feudal Worlds
These planets are populated by folk who have lost access to all but the most basic of technologies. Farming, simple machines such as pulleys, windmills and the like are known, but propelled flight, automatic weaponry and even powered vehicles are likely to be rare or non-existent. These worlds are often said to be the most politically harmonious of all the planets of the Imperium, because their peoples know their place.

Feral Worlds
These worlds are populated by tribal peoples largely living without the assistance of maintained technology. This may be due to a failed colonisation project, religious preferences, cultural choice, environment or some other reason. They may be aware of the Imperium in some fashion but are unlikely to know much more than something about a large group of distant people living in the stars. These planets are frequently unsuitable for later colonisation, either due to the circumstances which drove the natives feral or because the natives themselves actively resist new people settling on their lands. People of feral worlds can range widely in culture, from Grox-hunting tribes of ancestor worshippers to wild-eyed, post-apocalyptic road warriors, fighting endlessly amongst the toxic, sand-strewn ruins of their civilisation.

>> No.13546240



>Availability: Tier 3

>The Swarmlord isn’t going to be on the field until late in the game, given its cost and the Tier 3 requirement. The Swarmlord’s status as a powerful late game unit results in it being nearly unstoppable in melee combat, wielding four bone sabers, but it also increases the movement speed of all Tyranids within range of its synapse.

Are you now going to tell us that the Land Raider and Battlewagon are hero units?

>> No.13546247


>nothing is confirmed

>except that the autarch is a t2 unit
>the swarmlord is t3
>and the ork and sm new units are vehicles


>> No.13546265

He'd be a great writer if he actually...y'know..wrote instead of FOOTBALL

>> No.13546267


>> No.13546275


Feudal is a fucking system not an age or level of technology, Caliban was feudal and they had power armor.

>> No.13546277


>> No.13546278


Fine. Then explain how Ultramar is feudal.

There are Feudal Worlds and worlds with feudal governments. Calgar doesn't rally a Feudal World, he rallies feudal people.

>> No.13546312

Jesus christ get off your highhorse. I dont follow this game 24/7. I have the pc gamer mag right in front of me and it talks about how Marrick is a stealth hero and now you have 4 heroes. It doesnt say its campaign or multiplayer. Just says 4 heroes.

All I was doing was posting the information that I had on the game. Just because its wrong doesn't mean im trolling, it just means its fucking wrong.

You want me to troll? Because if you do prepare your body
Not only is DOW2 a giant piece of shit game, with zero tactical gameplay. The lack of base building takes every ounce of stratigic elements away from it. It becomes a by rote ring around the rosie shit tastic spam game. Where you constantly cap and recap the same points over and over with zero combat. Not only are traditional RTS games far superior to the in truth laughable "RTT" genre, DOW1 was far superior to DOW2. The IG will certainly be presented shitily because DOW2 was made solely as a space marine wankfest with no regard to other races.

There. Thats trolling.

>> No.13546330


>The lack of base building takes every ounce of stratigic elements away from it.

Well no, actually, but it does remove the LOGISTICS elements of most RTS games.

>> No.13546345


>Jesus christ get off your highhorse. I dont follow this game 24/7.

Then stop acting like you do.

>> No.13546350

I'm just repeating what 40k has said over and over.

I'm not surprised that they're inconsistent.

>> No.13546377

I made 3 post so far in this entire thread.

Thats all iv done. Not one was anything but what I knew of the game. I think you need to calm down and be far more civil. This is /tg/ not /v/ or /b/ we dont just run around here and claim everything is a troll.

>> No.13546383

Ultramar isn't even a planet man

I dont feel the need to argue with somebody that has no knowledge of the fluff

>> No.13546391


Fair enough.

To be honest the idea of swords and arrows beating Chaos Space Marines because of the glorious strategic and tactical prowess of MARNEUS CALGAR seems so much like something Matt Ward would jack off to that I have trouble arguing against it with a straight face.

>> No.13546407


No, it's a system. A feudal system containing planets and the Ultramarines.

Therefore, the term "feudal" does not denote medieval technology.

Did I give you too much credit that you'd be able to figure that out on your own?

>> No.13546413

Not interested in this game until they fix the Army Editor.



>> No.13546422


In addition there is the Malcador, a very old tank design whose most variants are generally considered too weak and unreliable to fulfill adequately the super-heavy tank's role.

Some rare variants like the Valdor however have archeotech weaponry that makes them valuable still.

>> No.13546439


But... There IS a blank one.

>> No.13546453

Ultramar is only "feudal" when viewed from the point encompassing the entire Imperium which is divided into mostly locally ruled sub-realms like the feudal realm it is.

Internally Ultramar is ruled like the Roman republic, and is extremely well-off in comparison to most of the Segmentum.

>> No.13546454


Rumour is that Microsoft wouldn't let Relic do custom badges after a bit of controversy when people started using swastikas and shit in DoW. We might see more customization options since Windows Live is gone, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

>> No.13546455


Not when I played it there wasn't.

>> No.13546460

Not sure if troll, since everyone knows about the blank option. But I WOULD like to be able to use our own badges like we could in DoW 1.

>> No.13546464

so should i complete the chaos rising campaign?

I've been putting it off for a while

are there any missions where the davian thule, thaddeus, FC and avitus combo doesn't work out?

I've hated the librarian since I first used his squishy ass and tarkus seems like he isn't worth the spot on the team due to how davian can put out a lot more damage in a shorter amount of time

tarkus can take fire like none other but he doesnt seem worth it

oh and some missions say that I should go for mobility

does this mean that davian could hurt my team more than harm it?

>> No.13546482


>> No.13546491

I'd take Tarkus instead of Thaddeus for any mission involving a large unit (Avatar, Great Unclean One) but apart from that, yeah you should be fine.

>> No.13546501


You... Don't like the Librarian? That guy is a fucking monster in high levels. "Look at me, all my super abilities are default attacks now, u mad?"

And Tarkus is awesome when he turns into a Plague Marine.

>> No.13546505

You mean you haven't played through six times to see everyone's traitor ending?


Well, Thaddeus dies a lot. A lot. But melds tarkus is better. Never dies (because tarkus) and all enemies engage in melee (because taunt).

>> No.13546509


Dunno, i never used Thaddeus, hate that faggot.

>> No.13546516


Oh, and don't overlook Cyrus. His abilities get pretty broken later on. I know some people find the Librarian pretty useful after they get past the initial squishiness, but I've never had much luck with him.

>> No.13546537

>His abilities get pretty broken later on.
>pretty broken

He can destroy two predator tanks and two squads of infantry with one click. And without ever leaving stealth.

>> No.13546542

Yeah. He could be a male Inquisitor.

>> No.13546561

>Bitching about the Inquisitor's gender.
Go back to /v/ please.

>> No.13546575

>implying no one on /tg/ ever talks about character's genders

>> No.13546590

I always used thaddeus in terminator armor against stuff like the avatar of khaine as a person to step in when the fc got low on health... my fc is melee so him being a solo tank against enemies like the avatar would get him killed all the time if he couldn't tag out

the first level I had him he died about three times... the only reason I didn't get a perfect score on that level

the failure still haunts me

oh and i was planning on doing a pure run the first time no corruption

>melds tarkus?

>stealth mode
>run up to blob
>deploy explosive
>run away
>activate explosive
>blob dead

yeah he's pretty broken but his uses are too time consuming and ruin any sort of speed I want to use in a game

thanks everyone

>> No.13546602

But you're complaining, that's not talking about the subject. Talking involves discussion.

>> No.13546607

meant melee* tarkus.

>> No.13546626

>implying this isn't a discussion

>> No.13546635

Stupid sexy Inquisitor.

>> No.13546639

Also the reason why davian thule is a favorite of mine is because he proved his worth without a doubt.

during the final mission of vanilla DoW2 he was able to defend against entire waves of tyranid scum on his own. It was fucking ridiculous just how good he was in that final mission.

>> No.13546650


I carried over a previous game (had weapons like the neverending hail of destruction from vanilla that i wanted to keep) and in my previous game my tarkus was ranged support not melee.

although i might consider statting him as a melee if i make an entirely new game

>> No.13546652

>>implying this isn't a discussion
Everyone else is having a discussion, you just popped in to bitch about a characters gender. The only discussion you're participating in is in discussing how you are having a discussion, not in the genders of characters.

>> No.13546673

Only make him melee in Chaos Rising. Don't do it in regular, that'd be death to you.

So what difficulty does everyone play on? Primarch is stupid.

>> No.13546676


Thule is my favorite because he defeated a necron lord in melee combat(unlike Sicarius who was owned in one hit), nuked their world, made his company use the necron skull instead of the imperial skull, got a new motto for the 5th company(victory over death) and then became a motherfucking dreadnought.

>> No.13546677

Female characters are almost always paper thin and generally boring. It's like you can't justify having a female character unless she ends up falling in love or having a period or something.

And the noise marines will just be Havoks that do less physical damage but break your moral faster.

Personally, I want a 40k game with Dark Eldar that doesn't suck ass.

>> No.13546682

I like this explanation and shall adopt it into my databanks.

"That's telekinesis Kyle!"

>> No.13546688


sarge iirc, the medium difficulty one. The point of the campaign is supposedly to enjoy movie marines so what'd be the point of playing on a difficulty setting? There's the Last Stand and MP for difficulty.

>> No.13546691

Christ, when you say it like that, he's the best Space Marine who ever lived. They should make a couple models of him with rules.

>> No.13546696


>> No.13546702

>And the noise marines will just be Havoks that do less physical damage but break your moral faster.
>ahma hurr
>ahma durr
>I think morale is in dawn of war 2 hurrr
>i don't bother checking my facts durrr


>> No.13546708


Read the community site, Noise Marines make it so that ranged units can shoot(if Noise Marines are shooting at them with their weapons) they have an ability that knocks everyone around them so they can disrupt melee and run away and can upgrade to an artillery like weapon in tier 2, which knocks everything it's path when it fires but only deals damage when it hits.

They also have bonus damage to buildings to fill the genbashing role that Chaos lacks.

>> No.13546720

>Female characters are almost always paper thin and generally boring.
>Implying this would be any different than their male characters.

>> No.13546729

It can always have more dakka

>> No.13546733

I wud loved to see a Tau Cadre as the new race instead of the Imperial Guard

>> No.13546734


>Christ, when you say it like that, he's the best Space Marine who ever lived.

Second only to Gabriel, who wins bonus points for charisma and pure awesome.


>even the gods know my name!
>Fuck you no one will remember you

>> No.13546760


>look at him, now back at me, now at him, back at me
>my plasma gun is a boltgun
>it's a plasma gun


>> No.13546764

Oh, the Damnos incident?

Sicarius only pretended to be wounded so that the Necrons would believe they have a chance and fight harder giving Ultramarines some practice.

>> No.13546782

Gabriel, official old spice guy of 40k.

>"If you have it, you don't need it. If you need it, you don't have it. You need it to get it. And you certainly need it to get more of it. But if you don't already have any of it to begin with it you can't get any of it to get started which means you really have no idea how to get it in the first place do you? The point is, if you've never had any of it, ever, people just seem to know."

>> No.13546810

read it in his voice

>> No.13546823

I see 3 commissars in that picture, 2 of them are not heroes.

It's likely that there will be both squad leader commissars and a hero.

>> No.13546838


Just fyi, it was the second company not the 5th that bombed the necrons and adopted the Victory over death motto and the necron skull as their insignia and heraldry.

>> No.13546852


There's six commissars on that picture, look carefully... FOR THEIR HATS!

>> No.13546855

The tau can't be in evey game or it would make no sense (fluffwise)

They never state where aurelia is but if it isn't within a close vicinity to the tau empire then i see no reason to have tau in any of the games

>> No.13546873

>They never state where aurelia
Yes they do. It's on the border. Listen to Dawn of War 2's campaign intro again.

>> No.13546875


GW should just have the Demiurg hand their warp drive tech over to Tau in their next codex, and spare everyone a crapload of trouble in making up fluff for why they'd fight someone.

>> No.13546918

it says edge of the imperium

I didn't see any mention of where the aurelian sector actually was

can you give me an idea of whee it is I just watched a video of both the vanilla and chaos rising intros

>> No.13546925

Whoa, don't get too angry, my neckbearded friend.

>> No.13546932

The border of the Imperium? Oh well then, that clears that up then.

It doesn´t even mention which segmentum! Ultima? Pacificus?

>> No.13546941

Considering Blood Ravens have fought Tau twice before, it's safe to assume it's on the eastern edge.

>> No.13546963

Fair enough, I only really wanted to find enough to get my point across, and I appreciate your hot spotting abilities.
But my point still stands.

>> No.13546993

they've fought them surely

but the thing is that the blood avens could be deployed anywhee. They aren't restricted to their own sector so that means that we could also assume that the planets on which the blood ravens faced the tau were very far away from their home sector.

Not to mention that every planet so far in DOW2 has been within sub-sector aurelia which houses the recruiting worlds of the blood ravens. The tau are bold but they dont have the balls to take on a space marine chapter in their own sub-sector and on their own recruiting worlds. The tau are too smart to do that, they know that they would lose.

anyways the tau have no major presence anywhere outside the ultima segmentum so unless aurelia sub-sector is inside of the ultima segmentum then the tau will be a no show

>> No.13547002

my r key is sticking

so many typos

>> No.13547007


>Anybody find MEEEEEEEEEEE
>Somebody tooooo
>piano intro

None of this makes me long any less for the actual squad tactics of DoW 1. Fuck this narrow scope shit...2 squads and a force commander is intended as a minimum, not a fucking campaign. I wan't half the fucking company on the ground like in the old days.

>> No.13547012

Tau are faggots anyway, iirc Relic said that when Dark Crusade came out the vast majority of players chose Necrons over Tau.

>> No.13547013

Unless they're first founding, Grey Knights, or Red Scorpions, no chapter is going to throw its marines border-to-border across a galaxy.

>> No.13547014

I regards to Calgar rallying a feudal world. He's not the first. A Ecclessiarchy Preacher rallied Medieval Knights in order to destroy chaos marines.

Apparently Blessed Lances work damn well against Chaos.

...Damn that would be a cool addition to the next witch hunters codex...

>> No.13547046

Typos are against the Rrrrrruuuurrrs!

>> No.13547074


BR are rumored to be first founding.

>> No.13547077


So they spend the first turn praying to the emperor and gain a 5+ inv save on top of their 2+ armour save.

>> No.13547079

I pride myself being a tau player.

NOT because i'm one of many, but because i fall into the 1% of tau players who aren't fucking retarded. The other 90% being fucking morons, with 9% being "average".

>> No.13547130

So long as you dont parade the tau as being good guys then I'm ok with you

>> No.13547142


>> No.13548053

Blood Ravens are first founding.

They are Thousand Sons that escaped the Space Wolves attack and did not fall to Chaos.

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