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Dear fa/tg/uys - I need pictures, pictures of AWESOME POSES.

Why? Because the Emperor mini needs a cool pose.
Pic related: this is what I'm going with right now.

Anything goes. Minis, sci-fi, fantasy, real people, whatever as long as the pose if cool.
Bonus points for space marines because it helps with posing the pauldrons.

Thanks in advance to everyone

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Here is your emperor.

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I absolutely had to

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Erm, ok, one bump, then I'll let it die.

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Oh hey, it's Scripty! Will any pose do?

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Sorry if some of these don't fit the bill.

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Workin through me marines in my 'unsorted' folder.

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Butt load of marines this one...

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Flipping hell, this thread suddenly took off!

Aye, anything goes and I'll see what looks good to me (and what looks doable at that)
That's quite alright, I can't know what fits and what doesn't until I see them.

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Here's my 40k image folder. It has a huge pile of awesome poses should you not find an awesome one here.

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Just a few wee little guidelines that might help the sorting process

-my Emperor has the usual claw/sword setup, so some poses wont work due to that
>sorry Randy, love your pose, can't pull it off with a sword and claw with a seriosu face
-commanding poses probably look best on him since he is the Emperor after all.

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Well, my guard folder is my largest, lots of commanding poses there, I hope.

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Origin of the picture?

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fuck yeah third edition!

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Deviantart, was looking for 15th through 18th century PC portraits.

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Thanks, amigo.

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No idea where this one came from.

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Guess I should go ahead and post the old Emperor model here for reference or something

Right now I like >>13542571 the best, please, keep 'em coming!

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>Right now I like >>13542571 the best, please, keep 'em coming!


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Aaand I'm out. Work beckons. Good luck Scripty!

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In other words I saw this pair of legs and thought "hot damn why didn't I think of this before!"

Submitted for your review: Emperor 2.0.1, first draft.
I would still add the SCREAMING KNEES, replace the chainmail with cloth or leather straps and various other things, but this is about the pose right now.
Yay or nay? Also ideas and opinnions please.

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I'm like it Scriptarius but I think the legs would need to vaguely match the style of the chestplate, ie. some musculature detailing. But nothing too detailed otherwise you might as well have used sanguinary guard legs.

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Tbh it kinda looks like he's dancing about because he REALLY needs the toilet.
But thats just my opinion, and I can't do model conversions without drilling holes in my fingers, so its your call man.

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Good point, I'll need to look into it
Hm, don't see it but that's probably because I made it.
Duly noted then

However the legs look a bit stumpy for whatever reason. Maybe it's the huge bluetac arms but I seriously fear the model might end up derpy like this.

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Emperor shouldn't hide behind a shield. He needs a proper come at me bro pose

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The shield was going to be hus power claw but now that you mentioned it I wonder if a non-silly COME AT ME BRO pose would be doable...

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Worse comes to worst, you tear him apart and start over again. Though I was of the opinion your last one was fine.

Where'd the Aquila on his chest come from?

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Dat trailer, oh fuck
But the Emperor should probably be posed lookind down rather than up since he is taller than most models.
The aquila is from a Venerable Dreadnought.
Regarding the old model, I just felt the pose was too boring, the breastplate sub-par and the legs far too un-detailed.
Those are the parts I set out to improve with the new version

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Shouldn't he have a clawed hand to project the image he's a holy fucking superpowerful psyker?

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Furthermore, how did you get such parts? Did you sculpt them yourself?

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It's all kitbashed because I suck at scupting

>half-assed COME AT ME BRO pose, and random CSM for size comparison

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Haha wow, nice.

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i'd say try to get space marine/sanginuary guard legs, and re-pose them to the same position as archeon's legs. somehow they just look wrong to me.

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I could recreate the pose out of some Terminator legs, it will just take some time, not to mention trial and error.
Archaon's legs are larger than terminator legs as well so pose aside I need to mix in another pair (like say, the power halves of some GK Terminator legs) to make up for the lost height, as well as sculp all new cloth/chainmail/leather parts. Also I'd have to recreate Archaon's knees, which I've had problems with in the past...

On the other hand, this IS the Emperor so why would I give up now?

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I've got a few to contribute

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What head did you use?

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Space Wolf
I think the wreath came from some Empire kit

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Thanks. The old SW sprues, I suppose, since I can't find it on the new ones.

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It's from the new space wolf kit, can't remember exactly where it was on the sprue though

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Ah, found it.

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some good poses in here

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it would be amazing if you could somehow pull this off

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i'm done

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I can't let go of an idea when I get it, but maybe if I sawed off the lower legs and kept the knees...

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