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Sup /tg/, i'm in need of some DM advice.

We just had a first session today (8 players, and me as DM), and like many first sessions it revolves around the PCs meeting each other, agreeing to work together for whatever reason and then going on their adventures. How I started it was with them meeting one another throughout the city (there were two groups of PCs that met each other prior and joined forces), and having to band together against a group with the intent of wanting to kill them. Basically to help solidify the group together in knowing that, without each others' help, they'd be dead.

This went horribly, horribly awry.

The plan pretty much failed as one PC saw through a hole in my plan, and got advance warning that shit was about to hit the fan. He proceeds to warn everyone, and the person who can't fight at all stays behind (obviously) while guarded by the other three PCs of that group. The other group managed to fight off the attackers due to incredible dice rolling luck (one PC was near death), and then proceeded to reunite the entire group and try to get somewhere to hide and collect themselves, and also try and solidify the party.

Primarily, it was two PCs (we'll name them George and Ryan) that were trying to solidify it all.


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Eight is a lot of players. To control them you may have to use a more aggressive event-based plot rather than character driven. Think about making a timeline of events, starting with a bottle episode, meaning all the PC stuck together. Having a night on the town and all waking up in jail. Or maybe something more mystical like a field of dark energy surrounding a portion of the city or the town they are in. Be imaginative.

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So they arrive to George's home in the middle of nowhere (he essentially was a good-hearted hermit for a while, think Obi-wan from A New Hope), start eating dinner and conversing. And here's where it turned for the worse. During the travels to George's home, one of the PCs from the other group (we'll name him John) pulls his traveling companions aside and points out how he doesn't trust any of the other group. He's paranoid that he's being led into a potential trap or what have you, ignoring the fact that George and Ryan fought to save them, and is relatively antagonistic to George, Ryan and the others. This already puts a bad taste in my mouth, as well as George and Ryan, since it basically means "Oh boy, inter-party conflict".

And, when they reach George's house, another of George's party (we'll name him Bob) insults another of John's party accidentally. And it keeps escalating from that point, but I won't go into details.

What ended up happening at the end of the session was that Ryan and Bob was relatively pissed from that point onward, as they tried to patch things up and try to PC sense the players so they could work together but their every attempt failed since everyone was roleplaying incredibly well, instead of using PC sense knowledge to work out their differences.


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1. What was your plan?
2. What was a the fault?
3. How did they find it?
4. What did you do to prevent it?
5. What are they planning?
6. What are you planning?

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So, here's the dilemma that I have and need advice on. While nobody is really at fault since after game most everyone was chatting up about random things, Ryan and Bob didn't really enjoy themselves at all since they couldn't help get the ball rolling and practically wasted everyone's time (since, as mentioned, woohoo inter-party conflict and arguing). It also doesn't help the fact that Ryan has some heavy anxiety, and John is a very loud talker which gets on his nerves. So, I've come to two conclusions and I don't like either;

Either I drop Ryan and Bob, or I drop John. The three of them don't really get along irl, but in character it became a shit storm that I really summed up. I really don't know what to do here, as my only real option aside from those two (that I can think of) is to just cancel the game and start a new one with a group of players that get along.

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I would've asked John to make a Sense Motive check as soon as he had said that. Knowing that the other player's would not be attacking them, set the DC at 0, arbitrarily setting the character at ease. Yes, he could roleplay being a little bit uneasy as these people were recently strangers, but he would also have no reason to have been hostile.

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Who would you enjoy playing most with? I, not knowing these people, would drop John. He sounds like an ass.

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Well, for a bit more detail, we're playing Exalted. Their opposition was a force of 200 immaculate soldiers led by 5 dragon-bloods that were part of the Wyld Hunt (if you don't know exalted, just think of 200 regular people led by an air bender, fire bender, etc. Crazy fuckers.) It was an attempt at the party being somewhat forced in a work-together direction and being more plot-driven instead of player driven, but it didn't work.

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I wish I thought of that before things were getting out of hand, it probably would have fixed most of the problems.

I think that's part of the problem in my head. John's a really cool guy, and so are Ryan and Bob. However, John generally plays characters that require people to earn his trust, which really bit the game in the ass when this all went down.

There's also the problem that John's fiancee plays with us, so if I dropped him I'd have to drop her, and she didn't cause any drama at all. Hell, she tried to help solidify the group as well, but it didn't really work. Although, i'm leaning towards dropping them because, again, Ryan has heavy anxiety and John's just loud and it gets to him.

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bump, because I'm looking for a bit more advice.

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Talk to John about this. Let him know that you won't be kicking him out of your games, but if the group can't get along you'll have to split gaming times.

Or don't game with friends.

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Next time your players fight like that, make them play Bunnies and Burrows.

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Or threaten that you'll make them create characters for FATAL.

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OH NO! Not a shitty game that ends in character death about 30 min into any and every game.

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yeah, I probably will have a chat with John about it. We'll have to see how it goes.

Oh, don't tempt me

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Sit down with EVERYONE and talk out the issues and problems.
Boot whoever gets more butthurt.
Surprising how often this gets the players to realize how they're acting and fix it. Public humiliation is a wonderful goad.

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What? That's nothing compared to what I had to go through with my Dwarf Ulfgarr.

Trust me, tension got thick at times in real life.

But yeah, with eight people anyway, you should probably drop someone just for the sake of brevity.

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What this guys said, although I'd be hesitant to play up the humiliation aspect. It's not like you're on another plain, these guys are human beings too, and they might be able to realise what they're doing wrong.

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I posted that, and it's not playing up anything, Im not one of those DM VS PLAYERZ guys. But getting called out by your DM in front of anyone of being anti-fun is pretty humiliating. You've messed up a game of pretend, ouch.
OP: Be cool, professional, and NO BLAME. Just state the facts, state your feelings, and make sure everyone knows that you're willing to boot people to make the game work.

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Mistakes made:

1. Running more than 6 players
2. Playing with people that you know don't get along too well with one another
3. Setting up a situation where you have two semi-functioning small parties allying rather than one cohesive whole
4. Playing Exalted

Your DM license has been revoked. The RPG police will be by your house shortly to liquidate your books, dice, and any miniatures you may have. Do not attempt to resist, or you will be coup de grace'd.

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1 bad idea does not a DM unmake.

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