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Praise Chaos!

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If this is the face of the Ruinous Powers, I think we're gonna be alright.

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suddenly I decided letting my interest 40k be publicly known is a shameful, shameful thing indeed

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nah, they are just the door to door agents

>harress 1939
Yes captcha, exactly since 1939

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It's not that bad. See the guy with the bible? Even the chaos worshipers left him. He is completly ignored

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This what happens when you combine urban exploration and Warhammer 40k.

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I think the guys in the left are just turists. Or the one with the black robe(?) is a fellow cultist from another hive

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derp... at the right

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Oh. I just assumed so given the condition of the building they're in.

Or maybe there had just been a skirmish that left Cultists dead and their fortress damaged.

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well, a hive is a big thing there are badly maintained parts, a lot of 'em.

But that guy with the bible is truly sad. I mean think about it. Even the cultist can laugh at him. His God less real than the emperor which is just a corpse...

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Cultists are the bread and butter of every selfrespecting power.

This is enlistment desk.

To the right of the picture is a long line of eager adepts

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That or its the entry to the "House of Chaos" theme park,
Horrible death or your money back.

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wait. It's the gate to the eye of terror, the other side of Cadia!

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Could work in Japan.

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Guys Guys! It's not anything but a Celtic Cross. The arrows merely symbolize the ever expanding influence of Christ's love.

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nice try tzeentch

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C'mon guys, you know you wanna try some Chaos...

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sorry I have a different approach for chaos

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I'm not falling for that again, Slaanesh.

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You joined Chaos just to be the little girl?

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you've got a problem with that? because I see that you have a lot of blood

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But Chaos!

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Why would Khorne of all gods make you the little girl?
Try Slaanesh or Tzeentch.

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Look, sometimes...

sometimes they collaborate. Try to wrap your mind around that one.

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Praise K-OS!

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What the hell, internet

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Chaos undivided. Ever heard of it? And lets say it's have something with chopping things...

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Khorne would do it because THE BLOOD MUST FLOW.
Nurgle would do it if it made one of his followers happy.

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>collaborate with Slaanesh
>make one of his followers have -4 STR, thus interfering with his ability to KILL MAIM BURN

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But how else do you explain Cultist Chan?

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Fap fodder made by ronery neckbeards.

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Tzeentch prolly wanted cultist to be female since they're inherently illogical and chaotic.

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>Implying Khorne would not be pleased by the "weak" woman spilling blood in his name and becoming stronger because she is truly a chosen of Khorne

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Since when is Khorne actually the Shredder?
It would STILL interfere with his blood spilling, as he would never be as strong. Not gonna happen.

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since November 22, 2008

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Ohhh... Someone got turned down by a girl?

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khorne doesn't want to see a woman overcome adversity and prove that she can be just as good of a killing machine as any man... he'd rather just have the man

khorne doesn't give a shit about "she's trying her damnedest and she's doing a good job" he wants more "MAIM KILL BURN" and if a man is naturally stronger than a woman then he will get more MKB from a man

there is no logical reason for khorne to bestow a gift in the form of a sex change on one of his chaos marines

I would insist you look at slaanesh and maybe, if you stretch it a bit, tzeentch

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>logic in chaos
>implying Khorne gives a fuck who spills the blood and whom
>implying khorne can't just make a girl which is stronger than a man if he wants to
>implying there is difference in gene-engineered beings

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But what if Khorne's a girl?

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What then indeed?

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well... he... she is always rageing, can't buther with plans and such. And there is only half female against three and half male chaos gods. Somehow GW has to balance this.
Nurgle is papa nurgle not grandma so he is a mle surely.
Slaanesh is half male half female so he/she is good
Tzeentch is always planning and everyone know that females can't think straigh. So he has to be male too.

That leaves only Khorne...

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Guys, I'm just saying that someone like Khorne needs more bitches

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>khorne cares not from where the blood flows

>girls make awesome khorne followers once a month.

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Dear Haters:

Fuck your shit.

You jus' gonna hate.

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Slaanesh is half male half female and half other.

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>implying that their is a single female space marine

go ahead and try to find one

for him to have a female chaos space marine he would have to consciously decide to make the marine a female (not to mention that the marine would require new armor to fit his/her new form)

it only makes sense to keep his csms male


look at slaanesh

it makes way more sense

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no difference means they are as much males as females. with genetic engineering you can get fun things.

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