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/tg/! Let's pretend.

Games Workshop has decided to give you freedom to REPLACE the Black Templar, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, AND the Space Wolves codices with whatever army you want instead.

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Okay. I roll them into one variant Space Marine Chapters codex, I guess, just to prevent butthurt.

Then I introduce a major Lost and the Damned codex. Then I guess I magically speed up the Necron codex so it is released quickly.

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>Black Templar
>Dark Angels,
Zoats/Jokaero/Other races
>Blood Angels
>AND the Space Wolves
Can stay but toned down in power

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I replace them all with Tyranid variants.

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Oh, I get four. Okay... Nekulli, or a combined minor Xenos codex.

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Can we replace the Superblues?
Also, turn the Wolf Wolves into less a less wolf-ish chapter. Wolf.

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Well I replace them with craftworld variants.
A craftworld and and avatar die in each one.

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I would replace the space wolves with the mentor legion

the rest of them can stay the same though

they are ok chapters

although if I could save bjorn the fell handed from the space wolves I would (but he is an acceptable loss.)

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The way codices should be imo:

Imperial Guard
Marine Basics (Ultras, etc, codex chapters)
Marine Variants (sw, da, ba, bt)
Eldar Basics
Eldar Craftworlds
Chaos Basic (Red Corsairs, BL, IW, etc)
Chaos Marked (Khorne Slaanesh Tzeentch Nurgle)
*daemons go in either marked or basic book depending wether they are lesser-greater unmarked/marked
Tyranids (with rules for variant lists/hives)
Other Xenos
Dark Eldar


Phil Kelly, Gav Thorpe and Matt Ward are banned from codex writing.

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Dogs of War 40k book

All in one space marines book

All in one chaos book

uh..that's all I'd want. Updating out of date books > introducing new ones

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Kroot Mercs, Lost & the Damned, AdMech, and... Harlequins, maybe?

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>Black Templars
stay, they're one of the better fluffed chapters.
>Dark Angels
stay, they're one of the better fluffed chapters, if a little gay.
>Blood Angels
I don't hate them, but I'd prefer an Imperial Fists codex and there are enough melee-centric marines codexes as-is, never mind melee-centric armies. Fists win this one.
>Space Wolfs
I replace them with a viking-oriented army. They'll have Viking runes on their power armor, name themselves after Vikings and fight with combat shield walls with power axes.
Very points heavy, but their elite soldiers should balance the game out.
I just don't like furries, guys. Sorry about that.

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>Chaos Basic (Red Corsairs, BL, IW, etc)
>Chaos Marked (Khorne Slaanesh Tzeentch Nurgle)
>*daemons go in either marked or basic book depending wether they are lesser-greater unmarked/marked

This is entirely retarded, all you're doing is taking how the two current codices are and then completely ruining them by splitting them in half and adding half of another on them.

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I'd Replace Black Templar with Space Sharks.

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Roll them into one or two variant marine codexes. Maybe BT and DA in one, BA and SW in another. Fanboys will be fanboys.

With two free codexes, replace with specialist Chaos Legion book

And Kroot Mercenaries. They SO deserve their own codex

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Adeptus Mechanicus gets a book!
Ecclesiarchy gets a book!
Orcs get a book!
Kroot get a book!



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Who gives a fuck about chapter fluff? There's a fucking thousand chapters in the Imperium, quit worrying about Team Plot-Centric.

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Main codices first (Spess mahreens, IG, Eldar, Chaos, Orks etc) with subsections of each force following in PDF format if they show enough potential to warrant it.

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Oh yeah? How about I replace them with the Innuit Wolves!

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Scratch that, Kroot Mercs and Admech. Chaos can just wait for a better codex.

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Alternately, add in a new deep-one-esque zenos race with lots of warp-sorcery and magitech.

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Adeptus Astartes (generalist SM book)

Everything Chaos (with the shunted chapters now being CSM, Templars for Slaanesh, DAngels for Tzeentch, BAngels for Khorne and Wolves for Nurgle)

Tau + Kroot + Fire Guard (Gue'vesa IG)


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If we're talking about replacing them with other factions that aren't space marines, then I'd replace the black templar for Adeptus Arbites and the Dark Angels for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
How do you like them apples?

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Roll all marine codices back into one. Introduce Trait and Flaw system cept more expanded. Allow for options to change format of organizational chart. Done. All marine chapters fixed in a certain book.

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It's weird too, they managed to fit like a trillion Imperial Guard units into one book, but each fucking space marine chapter needs its own jerkoff handbook so they can talk about how great they are.

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Maybe because Space Marines actually sell and people actually play them, instead of talking about how people love the Guard so much and playing SM instead because they can't afford to buy over $9000 worth of models, and don't have the time to paint ten thousand army men?
Maybe it's because the Guard really suck and even GW thinks they're nothing better than dogshit on the bottom of their boots?

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>implying guard isn't the best codex
enjoy your shitty space sues

AdMech needs a codex

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Nah. Guard are one of the three Flagship armies, the other two being SM and 'Nids.

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Thanks, I quite enjoy playing Guard. It's great to just be able to mech the fuck up and have people fold before they even put models on the table.

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Codex: World Eaters
Codex: Emperor's Children
Codex: Death Guard
Codex: Thousand Sons
Codex: Iron Warriors
Codex: Night Lords
Codex: Alpha Legion
Codex: Word Bearers

Pick any 4

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Games Workshop has decided to give you freedom to REPLACE the Black Templar, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, AND the Space Wolves codices with whatever army you want instead.
Replace with skinks.

But really, I think that Space Lizardmen is just a completely untapped market right now. Granted, I guess I could see how they'd sort of just be Tyranids, if they were Space Marines.

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>The focus on Space Marines sure is annoying! Let's DOUBLE THAT SHIT

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I want to say that Aztecs in space is a dumb idea, but that hasn't stopped GW before.

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The servants of the Old Ones, the Slann, no longer fight.

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No, it's a fantastic idea. We could have power maquahuitls cleaving the heads off thunderwolves in a single stroke, and an Old-Blood eating the fiery heart of an Avatar of Khaine he bested in battle, to absorb his courage.

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yes but that's boring

nano-augmentated lizards or something would be awesome

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I think it could go well.

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They exist and no longer fight. You cannot change that.

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>power maquahuitl

My brain exploded from the stupid.

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This. Hell, if they really want to release Marine armies, they should at least have a different focus. I'd like to see a Shooty or Mechy Marine army. Fists and Iron Hands could fill that void.

Or a Mechanicus army, for further Imperial Wankery.

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>You cannot change that.

>Pre-5th edition Space Marines, the Mentors Chapter was well-known throughout the Imperium as a chapter that, in addition to testing newly discovered technologies for the Adeptus Mechanicus, sent squads to many different war-zones at once, in order to aid and teach the Imperial forces stationed there.
>Post 5th edition Space Marines, the Mentors Chapter is a super secret group that does super secret things, and not a lot of people know anything about them.

GW can change whatever the fuck it wants to, so why can't we in this hypothetical situation?

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The Dark Wolves, Black Angels, Space Angels, and the Blood Templars of course.

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>implying that that changing anything but how well they are known

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Spooky Marines
Space Wolves but vikinger
Heck Imperial Guard are pretty cool lets give them another one
And then because Spooky Marines is a ridiculous suggestion more Tyranid

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1) Variant Astartes Chapters (incl. Deathwatch)
2) The Lost & The Damned
3) Adeptus Mechanicus (incl. rules for Dark Mechanicum)
4) Inquisition (all 3 branches; Grey Knights and SoBs have their own codices)

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This is how the codicies should be organized:

Space Marines, with variant rules for the different chapters, akin to chapter tactics with IC's, but optional (and free) for any army.
Ordo Hereticus
Ordo Xenos
Ordo Malleus
Adeptus Mechanicus
Tau and friends
Kroot Mercenaries, because they're awesome
Dark Eldar
Crafworld Eldar
Chaos Space Marines, with variant Legion rules
Lost and the Damned
Rogue Traders/Dogs of War

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No Exodites?

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>Tau and friends
Comedy show.

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Grey Knights codex and Inquisition codex, which are coming out.

Adeptus Mechanicus.

I play those and dark eldar, and IG.. so I can't really name anything else. And so I'd just say update the other stuff.

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Do want 40k Dogs of War book, poss. even book which adds special rules for combined forces (Ex. here's a chapter called 'IG allies' which give out a couple bonus rules for running a squad or two of Space Marines in your IG force- or a Tau ruleset for running Gue'vessa guardsmen with updated Tau tech, you see)

Much more interested in having more variation among armies of the same type on than more types of armies.

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>Let's shrink down the SMs to one codex.
>Let's expand the Inquisition to three full codexes!
one step forward, three steps back, friend. If anything, we need one unified codex for the =][=, one for marines, and need to expand further upon the enemies of the Imperium.

That and the Orks dex needs to be expanded to include klanz rules and many more fluff-oriented choices. It's great the dex has some powerful options, but I started Orks for all of the awesome conversion opportunities and fluff-based shenanigans.

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>Black Templar
>Dark Angels
>Blood Angels
>Space Wolves

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Craftworld Eldar with 90% of the options taken away.

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Single Inquisition Codex would end up being massive if you want Grey Knights, SoB's, Deathwatch, and Inquisitors with retinue. Better to split it up into three.

>> No.13536717

Include rules for custom chapters in the Codex Astartes, same for custom IG regiments, custom Tau units, and so forth. Kind of like a highly simplified version of creating a character in an RPG.

And say that the Tyranids retroactively ate all the greenskins in 40k.

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Ad Mech
Dogs of War / Merc
Chaos IG
Chaos Tau

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Can I just say fuck it and blow up half their line? Something like...

Space Marines (and variants)
Chaos Space Marines (and variants, includes god specific daemons)
Imperial Guard
Tau Empire

6 factions should be more than good enough. Cut the marine line of chapter specific boxsets, and release specific chapter upgrade kits. BA, SW, DA, BT. Dark Eldar become just variant Eldar and Necrons and the Inquisition are demoted to chapter approved and specialist lines. Mostly the get rid of old stock and gauge interest for an actual codex release. They would be tournament legal, but their codex would be akin to the WD Blood Angels ones.

Re-boot the fluff. Lose Matt Ward. Have a lead designer, and a several teams working under him for each codex. Keep the fucking things balanced.

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Space Marines would end up being a massive Codex if you wanted to include the other four derivative armies. Best to make five.
See what I did there?
Organizing this dex wouldn't be hard either. Simply write up one chapter of universal =][= troops, then write up each chapter's unique units for the unit-fluff pages. It'd be big for a codex, yes. But manageable if it were organized well.

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Ward can stay. Just keep him away from the fluff. Kick Jervis out though.

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>Implying space marines are that diverse.

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I like what you have to say about Space Wolves and I like you.

Also, remove retarded ice world, hate for sorcery and general stupidity. And then make them really good at anything associated with space craft.

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I change the space wolves codex for... get this... a chapter of space marines based upon Norse Vikings! They will have some wolves and etc, but they will focus on the awesomeness that is Viking dudes!

They will have a group that actually goes berserk dressed in bear skins. They will have a group that rides around on bikes with large mugs of beer and ale frothing off their side, and their other hand will either have a bolter or a huge axe or spear, no hands for driving because ale comes first!

Also the commander will have a retinue that includes some wenches that serve no purpose except to allow him to recover 1 wound at the end of battle. Also they stay in the farthest corner of that player's control since wenches are not for the battlefield.

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>Implying Space Marines are more diverse than Inquisition.

>> No.13536860


>Flagship armies

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Here's how GW should have their codexes:
Space Marines and variants
Inquisition including grey knights and SOB
Imperial Guard (with machine cult units)
Chaos (including marines, traitor guard and daemons)

Should be easy enough to keep balanced?
Update two-three armies a year every four years and release a new edition on the fourth year

But this will never happen because GW is dildos

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Codex: UNSC
Codex: Covenant
Codex: Forerunners
Codex: Flood

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That would be awesome, but the space marine book would cost a fuckton because it would have to be the size of 3 or 4 other books.

actually I could see them making a vanilla space marine's book and then releasing mini-books that are based on fluff surrounding each chapter.

If you ONLY had the basic fluff of the space marines and a bunch of stats separated by chapter a space marine book would be fairly small.

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Chaos Legions/Cultists.

It's like IG but with Cultists and huge Legions of people and actually balanced. Also has the various symbols that the current Chaos Marines codex has

Also some sort of Space Ogres with a huge toughness and wounds count, but not part of the IG codex.

And if not I would like to see seperate codexes for Chaos Marine types too. Like a seperate codex for Death Guard, World Eaters, etc.

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>>Implying Space Marines are more diverse than Inquisition.
I actually implied the opposite, reading comprehension, you are in dire need of it.

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why do you aspie mehreen fucktards keep saying 'any one codex for marines would be XBOX HUEG' when the chaos marine dex covers the same number of legions and chapters as there are loyalist, and is normal sized?

tl;dr you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, your army is made of the same shitty plastic as everyone else.

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Codex: Banpresto

Failing that, Codex: Irem

In fact, put both out.

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Enjoy never having you army updated ever


Yeah they used to do this! it just messes with the update schedule though because you end up getting
>other army
>other army

Which is why I wanted a big marine book

They could always just make the other races more diverse for their books, or, heaven forbid, write more interesting fluff.

Imperial guard could have rules for different regiments + their forgeworld stuff included (they do already but like, MORE)

Tyranids could have their forgeworld units and hive-fleet specific things, also genestealer cults

Tau empire could have demiurg and more kroot/vespid units, as well as new XV suits

Eldar as one codex, with rules for different craftworlds, dark eldar, corsair and Harlequin armies

Orks is harder, but they have Feral orks I guess, and the different klans

Necrons are the least goddamn diverse army out there, so maybe a smaller book

inquisition seems fair

and there you go, every faction gets a diverse and awesome codex with lots of variety, with obvious restrictions on what units can be fielded under what army (no dark eldar hellions and eldar banshees, for example)

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This anon speaks truth, BUT in the CSM codex there isnt rules for the legions. But one page to each legion would solve that. Same for loyal chapters.

>> No.13537020

the previous codex had rules + fluff for the legions, their units, their powers and their special characters

it was awesooooome

>> No.13537028


And it was smaller than the current piece of shit! GAV THORPE!

>> No.13537035

Gunforce II and In the Hunt, given 40k stats? *squee* Might as well do a Metal Slug one while you're at it.

>> No.13537048

Remember the old space marine codex with chapter traits?

The chaos one was way better though! and it had daemons! what the fuck are GW doing these days

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>Games Workshop has decided to give you freedom to REPLACE the Black Templar, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, AND the Space Wolves codices with whatever army you want instead.

With whatever army?

Hrud and Umbra codex.
Admech Codex
Harrowing Codex
Squats are back baby codex

With other Marines? BT and DA stay, BA and SW replaced with Carcharodons and Minotaurs.

>> No.13537183

Instead of a number of standalone codices, I'd publish a core army book for each race and then publish small "splat codices" ala WoD expansions in order to provide moar details. It lessens the amount of codices yet gives more customizing possibilities, and ups the sales, yes.

Generalist Space Marines (basic everything + fluff)
-Space Marine chapters
-Geneseed (custom chapter rules)
-Ultramarines (derp matt ward)

Imperial Guard
-Adeptus Mechanicus
-Notable Regiments (Cadia, Catachan, Korps, etc)
-Mercenaries (Rogue Traders, Freebooterz, Kroot Mercs, etc.)

-Grey Knights/Daemonhunters
-Adeptus Sororitas
-Ordos (all the ordos)
-Officio Assassinorum

Chaos Undivided (cultists, daemons, Traitor Legion)
(all Chaos God codexes come with their own CSM chapter rules)

Craftworld Eldar

Dark Eldar

-WAAAAGH (kustomize your own orkz)


-C'Tan (rules for necrons clearly led by one of the Star Gods, includes rules for fielding the Void Dragon and the Outsider themselves)

-New Breeds (expanded nids +custom fexes)

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No wonder GW's doesn't flesh Malice, no one even knows he exists.

>> No.13537214

Space Bretonnians would make me cum. If they have old tech from before the Imperium like STCs and Iron Men, I'd squeal like a little girl while doing so.

>> No.13537241


Oh holy fuck, chainfist lighting claws, we are so fucking fucked.

>> No.13537265


They existed, i can't remember how they were called but i remember an Inquisitor throwing a comet at them and killing them all.

>> No.13537272

So they rape everyone in every battle until their AIs kill them. Brilliant.
See above, sans AIs.

I am so glad none of you work for GW.

>> No.13537281


They're called Hunger and Slake just fyi.

>> No.13537283

should just reboot everything as a direct rip of WHFB IN SPACE without halfassed attempts to hide it

>> No.13537299

They weren't Bretonnians, though.

>> No.13537319


>implying the Harrowing wasn't skullfucked by the Imperium

And the Imperium was in a worst condition back then, the Harrowing didn't do more damage than a Hivefleet, hell Angron's Dominion of Fire probably did more damage.

>> No.13537343

The hell are you people trying to INCREASE the amount of different codexes and miniatures that need sculpting for?

y'all retarded?


Looking at yoooou

>> No.13537345


No those guys were attacked by Horus not an Inquisitor, the guys i'm talking about had just one planet, and an Inquisitor on a crusade wanted to retake it, they refuced and the Inquisitor's forces couldn't even land on the planet because of the Human's tech so they somehow diverted a comet to their planet.

I'm sure there's an entry in Lexicanum but i can't find it since i don't remember the name of the inquisitor or the human faction.

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>implying the Imperium would have won had they not busted out the tech-heretical technologies and Warp sorcery, among other completely proscribed arts
>implying idiocy

>> No.13537459


Irrelevant, point is they won, besides they did win without that, they pushed the harrowing back to their hell hole, the magitech bullshit was only to seal them.

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